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1992-1997 Cutlass LH Spoiler Tail Light Lens

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Looking for a good driver quality LH Cutlass LH Spoiler Tail Light Lens. Good to really good driver quality (no breaks/cracks/huge scratches, etc).


Last year I did such a great job packing away the set of these that I have, that I can't find them now. And here it is almost JULY and my spoiler still sits in the box waiting to be installed as the tails are still somewhere.........


I've secured a RH but I would be interested in buying a LH-RH set if you're not wanting to break a set up. Everyone out there has my word that if and when I do finally come across the set I so securely stashed somewhere, I will re-sell the extras here on this site first.





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I do but not of the complete project, will post 'em when the spoiler is installed. I've installed the tails and the NOS back up light bar though. Actually the car looks like it has horns with the spoiler not yet fitted in. But I'll get tired of that look soon enough.

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Man, I can hardly believe the time that has passed since my last Post on this topic. This year seemed to have a bumper crop of car shows, and then throw in a few vacations and here it is, October already.

Anyway, I did find time to complete the lip spoiler project, j-u-s-t before taking the car out to the 2018 Olds Nationals in Gettysburg, PA. My wife and I lined up the 4 bolts that were attached to the spoiler to where they should go on the trunk lid. We placed on a bit of black Testors model paint to make a mark on the trunk to where the 4 holes needed to be drilled. Not very scientifically done, but good enough. I made the first indent using a punch and then to drill the proper size hole I used a Step Drill Bit being careful not to go past the correct size hole/step. The finished product lined up perfectly from side to side and came out nice and dead level, but my heart did sink a bit when I saw that the spoiler did mount up a slight bit low as compared to the location of the flared tail light tips. But there was no way I was about to drill 4 more holes into the trunk so it is what it is. I will say though, I looked at every Cutlass that had one of these spoilers at the Nationals, I think there was a total of about 10 or so of them. I noted that no 2 were exactly the same; some were mounted on the high side, some were on the low side, in fact there were 2 that were mounted even lower than mine. Really glad I went to the Nats this year, that made me feel better in that my spoiler is going to stay put. That task is done.

For those of you looking to do this same project, one item of note is, have you ever heard of Flex Tape? The same company also makes Flex Seal, and it comes in white. Since my car is white, I used some of this Flex Seal between the 4 bolts and the trunk lid as a sealer (gasket). It sealed nicely and so far no leaks. I WILL be watching.

I'll be posting photos of the finished project soon, hopefully before it snows, the way this year has been going. At any rate, a big THANK YOU to all that helped me out with parts and/or advice on getting this done, it's made the car look a lot sportier. It really did do a lot to change it's complexion from being a Granny Old (the prior owner by the way) to Classic Cool, or something like that.



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