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2016 Fall W-body Meet - September 16-18 - Maumee, OH INFO THREAD

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This is the very first time that they did the rooms right. We had 5 or 6 rooms side-by-side and as a result absolutely zero noise complaints, and we weren't talking softly or anything, and were outside till late hours of the night.

Wow! That's totally impressive! Glad to hear! :)


Someone suggested Akron for a meet. I live very close. Anyone else live close that we can brainstorm & see if it will work for next fall?

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Sorry we couldn't make it. Carri had really bad chest pains the night before and we spent the night at the hospital fearing heart issues. They ran a shit ton of tests and found out she may be having esophageal spasms causing the symptoms. Scary stuff for us.


I want to see pics. We will definitely be out in June, or maybe we can set up a mini-meet soon or something.

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anyone want a single crosslace wheel?

GP spoiler?

Grand am sc/t spoiler?

cutlass lip spoiler?

Vert top of windshield metal piece?

tinted GP taillights?

GP cluster?


3rd gen leather steering wheel?

3rd gen 3 button DIC (with bezel, rubber key bumper thing intact!)


I'll check and see if I have anything else, but if any of this is of any interest let me know. I'll let most of it go for anywhere between a taco and a meal (literally)

Matt, I could really use a spare x-lace wheel for a road trip spare tire. can you bring it to our June meet?

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