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W-body Toledo 2016 Date voting thread - Vote inside!

June 2016 meet date voting  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. June 2016 meet date voting

    • Weekend of June 4
    • Weekend of June 11
    • Weekend of June 18
    • Weekend of June 25

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Ok guys please vote for your most preferred date for This year's June meet. I left it multiple option so choose whichever dates you are ok with and most will win!


I'll keep this open for a little while, spread the word!





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See if Saar will design an artificial intelligence to drive one for you.


easier plan would be a datalogging/transceiving setup that monitors exactly what car#1 is doing and mimic it via servo motors in car#2.


in theory, it would follow the exact path and speed of car #1, so until you have to park, you should be okay. give it a trailing distance based on vehicle speed and no one would know any better.

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