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NAIAS Detroit January 18th . . . .

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Sorry for the late notice.  There's a small group of us (at minimum) hitting the Detroit Auto Show on January 18th.



if interested in meeting up with us at the show please respond below.


We're attending on a Monday hoping that the crowds are down as these Saturday visits have been nothing short of chaotic in the past years.



We're hoping to make a relatively quick exit from the show, but if you're interested in sticking around for a quick bite to eat locally we might be up for that.

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I will be working... which puts me a full 3.5 miles from cobo. Sneaking out a little early is not out of the question.


Edit: Also, I recommend pizza poppalis in greektown if you want food. They have Chicago style pizza but better... One large is something like 30 bucks but feeds 3-4. And if you already parked then reachable by people mover.

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Leaving pretty early this morning.


ETA 10-11am @ Detroit.



Weather is NOT very ideal so might be slow 'n steady to get there.  Will bring phone, contact on FB is easiest, we just hang and run around the show together for itinerary.

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