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GOT2B GM Billet Aluminum Dogbone engine mounts w. ES bushings 2.8 / 3.1 / 3.4 DOHC

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Now available!


These are essentially a reverse engineering version of the now long defunct FFP Performance front engine mounts (dogbones).


So far I have:


3.4 DOHC mounts which will fit 1991-1997 w-body applications, and


2.8 / 3.1 / 3.1 Turbo mounts which will fit 1988 - 1993 w-body applications


These are CNC machined from billet aluminum stock and will come equipped with Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings (better than what the FFP mounts came with)


They will come with my "GOT2B GM" logo CNC engraved into them.


Comes with your choice of red or black Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.


Prices are as follows:


$99 USD shipped for a 3.4 DOHC mount


$189 USD shipped for a pair of 2.8 / 3.1 / 3.1 Turbo mounts



For custom engraving please contact me with a detailed request. Price will vary on a case by case basis depending on the complexity.





Now for the eye candy....


3.4 DOHC









Longer mounts are for 2.8 / 3.1 / 3.1 Turbo








CUSTOM dogbone lengths available upon request.

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Sounds good John and yes if I get enough interest I can have the 3.1 ones done as well.


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FYI 3.1 mounts will be higher priced because of over double the material, double the bushings, double the labor and over double the shipping weight.


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Ok, the initial batch of 3.4 mounts are made up. Pricing is up $9 to help cover shipping / material costs.


I have 4 mounts currently available.


2 with both sides engraved with "GOT2B GM" logo and 2 with one side engraved with "GOT2B GM" logo


$99 USD shipped for either style. I can engrave your SN into one of the one-sided ones for the additional $20.




A few pics.


First off the custom aluminum sleeves for the ES bushings


Turned down to diameter.




Faced off and drilled.




The mounts drawn up on Mastercam




For the mount itself, starts out as a block of aluminum, squared up and touched off with the 4" cutter




Load A: Pockets milled out, one side






Exterior radius milled off.




Load A completed.




Video of Load B and engraving coming soon.


Line-up of newly finished mounts.




I have ES poly bushings purchased, they are currently at Chris' house, as shipping here to Canada is $$$.




Now accepting payment for the first batch of mounts at


4 currently available.

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Cheese rolls are equal to canadian dollars, pepperoni= us dollars, supreme = brit pounds ;)

3.1 mounts will be more you say... how many more pizza rolls we talking? i have a limited supply and they are cheese...

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Paid! I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna hang onto my FFP one or not now...


I said this in my PM response to Matt, but I'm wondering if it's a set font, or if we can choose, because I think it'd be neat to have my SN in the pontiac font. Also, I think it'd be neat to number them, regardless of SN engraving. That way if anyone ever finds one in a JY or anything we will know where it came from :lol: just a goofy idea


One final thought, since some of this is going toward the website, will contributor status be added to my SN?



Anyways, I'm excited Matt!

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