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Convertible Production Numbers

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1988 and 1994 were the only year for those. 50 in 1988. 1765 1994 convertibles had the 3.4 and HUD.


1764. I took my HUD out because the adjuster for it never worked. I'm using a 95 console for the cup holders and I swapped the warped dash to one without a HUD cutout so that HUD has no change of coming back... ever. lol

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21 hours ago, John M said:

I know the last 6 VIN numbers, If your vert was made in '95...







Mine isn't even close to being last. Although it's a '95, it has a build date of October 18th, 1994. The last digits are 324532.

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Thanks for doing this, it's a lot of fun to dig into!  Mine is one of the 342 triple white '95s. and it has the LQ1.  It must be one of the early 1995 convertibles - built 8/15/1994 VIN ending in 301870.  There can't be many of these left. 


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