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Found 17 results

  1. Looking for a set of 91-93 cutlass coupe or convertible seat belts for the doors. The plastic belt retainer cover on the bottom of the door has ripped on both doors and I'd like to find ones in good condition and in charcoal. Also looking for door mounted speaker mounts with covers in charcoal as well. shipping is to 18704
  2. WTB!!!! 1st gen rear fiberglass leaf spring or just the 2 center isolator bushings. I don't care on what it looks like I only need the bushings which have to be in decent condition. Ill pay for a whole leaf I dont care.. got to mount my Birchmount rear leaf asap. -Jarek
  3. I literally just need a few small parts to have 100% everything I need to do August's 5 speed swap. I need: clutch fluid reservoir, preferable with hose, but I can take care of that. Rubber grommets to go on the firewall plus the metal retaining ring, this is for 282. the grommets for a 284 are probably not compatible due to the larger shift and select cable sizes. I'll have to 100% verify that. 284 retaining ring is the same part. let me know how much shipped to 16001 Thanks -Chris
  4. Guys i need an aeroforce with green display. Let me know Can text me to 7879552743 or email me at
  5. Anyone have a left clear corner or a set they can part with? Busted mine in an accident. Even a stock lense would do and I can make a new clear marker light by combining parts. Thanks. Oh, yes...& headlight covers! My left got busted and my wife digs them. Thanks.
  6. I bought a 93, 3.1 long block with 19,633 k from a Lumina for my 93 GTP and now I need the remaining parts such as module, etc. So if you have a bad 3.1 or know of some one please contact me. I would like to find one source with all the parts. thanks
  7. Hey all, my door is making that annoying creaking sound when I open it (94 cutlass supreme), does anyone know if anyone still makes the door check valve? Don't see it on Rockauto and the dealer definitely doesn't have one. Is it the same on later model W's? Or am I stuck with raiding junkyard cars?
  8. If you have some for sale please post up some pics, a price and if they are off of a 2dr or a 4dr. Thanks.
  9. Hello from a new member and new owner of an older grand prix. I recently bought a 1994 se coupe for my 18 yr. old daughter after she totaled her 2000 saturn. It is a work in progress but I really like the car and would like to get it in better shape. I have posted in the WTB forum and would like to hear from any one who can help me out with parts. I enjoy seeing all these fans of the w body.
  10. This topic has been moved to W-body For Sale or Trade / Wanted. [iurl][/iurl]
  11. This topic has been moved to W-body For Sale or Trade / Wanted. [iurl][/iurl]
  12. guys help me out here, my buddy with the GP that WAS two cars and is now one needs a CD player, his tape deck finally broke and is up shits creek without music. Anyone have one i can buy from you pretty cheap for him?
  13. This topic has been moved to For Sale or Trade/Wanted
  14. Hey, i am on the look for a gtp/tgp setup for my gp se, umm looking for either the 3.1 turbo, or 3.4 DOHC. lookin at paying around 200-300 bucks for complete parts car with reasonable body parts on it(side skirts fenders ect.) thank you for all your help.. Josh
  15. This topic has been moved to W-body For Sale or Trade / Wanted. [iurl][/iurl]
  16. Guys in my quest to create the perfect set of headers for the LG5 I need to buy a set of exhaust manifolds to mock-up a jig and header flange alignment tool. If anyone has a set please let me know. I am not looking to spend top dollar so if they are cracked or whatever no long as they have their original form. Thanks much and I hope someone is willing to help me. I would be willing to set you up with a signifigant discount on a "production" set of headers for helping me out here. Only problem is I do not have a date yet for the release...but to say July 2006 would not be far off.
  17. THIS IS NOT A WTB THREAD my rear view mirror has the fade of death around it, so its dieing My question is do i need to get a specific one, or will one from a 2000 work (with onstar, even though i dont got that?) IF not guess im going to keep looking I found two so far, one has onstar, one came from a 99 but it looks like its leaking? Onstar: one from 99 (leaking?): John
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