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Found 665 results

  1. I haven't been around in a while but while I'm here...does anyone need switches for their vert dome light? I've still got plenty of new ones - $8 per pair, $2.50 for shipping.. oh, and my paypal is
  2. I brought this up in the 2018 Meet thread and wanted to make a separate thread once I have something. Back in 2016 I talked to a Steele Rubber Products spokesman at a car show about manufacturing brand new Convertible exclusive seals for our Cutlass Verts. I wrote a professional looking email to them mentioning that I could get a spare set to them and would be willing to lend the research team the vert for a short period of time if needed. Today I received a response and they are sending the message on up to be reviewed, while its not a yes its also not a no either. Maybe if there were enough requests for the parts they might be more inclined to reproduce them, also if you guys come across any other rubber seal companies that seem like they could make the seals let me know and I`ll handle the correspondence.
  3. what all will i need to convert a 95 monte ls to OBD2 so i can actually tune the motor? i dont care for ABS, and dont have cruise control if it makes a difference. if you could, list a good estimate on price and how hard its going to be to do this. and are there any decent, cheap tuners out there?
  4. 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 102,500 miles, Triple White. Email at I bought this car in Texas and drove it back to Cincinnati in February 2012. It was in Florida originally then Texas. Since I've had it: 4 new tires and alignment, New Valve seals and Head gaskets, New timing belt, New spark plugs and wires, New Ignition switch; the old one quit detecting the chip, New Radiator, New Thermostat, New Serpentine belt, New Alternator. It's due for a new top, but the curtain is still good. It does have the boot. Of course it has minor paint issues all over and the worst of it is a scrape over the fuel filler door. I've never really had any issues with this car, I just don't drive it enough and don't have time or money to do the restore it deserves and I no longer have a garage. It's time for it to find a new care giver. I have lots of random extra parts for it. I had a parts car that I got what I thought I might need and then sold. All included if you want it: -Entire frame with pump for the top, the end of one of the pistons is broken, otherwise it's all good, -Window seals for the rear quarter windows from a Camaro or Trans Am that you can cut to fit, -Right front fender (red), -Front bumper cover (red), -Headlight assembly, -Transmission, -Random parts from the engine including the block, overhead cams, and other stuff I'm sure, -Another spare complete engine that I believe has a broken rod (from a friend's 1993 vert, he replaced his engine) -Full set of original wheels that were painted to look like the original finish, I never used them because I wasn't sure what kind of paint was used but they look pretty good, looks like a professional job.
  5. looking for the getrag 5 speed tranny for a 3.4 DOHC. Wanting to put one in my 95 olds cutty vert. My auto trans fading and really want a 5-speed
  6. Hello Vert owners. Can anyone tell me how and where to purchase the best repair manual? Also, my left side convertible top latch mechanism is stripped. Does aanyone have any ideas on how I could repair it? Thanks!
  7. Shirts / hats / jackets by gryfan
  8. Ive passed on a few of these over the yrs, but this one is a 1 owner , old lady owned it since day 1 bought here in Tucson. Other then some minor wear and tear, its a well kept CSC for the most part, that runs great and seeing as its been an AZ car since day 1... zero rust I have some plans for it to make something different with it but keep it like factory too. chances are though Ill be selling it in a few months, I buy and sell classic cars for a living from the 80s on back
  9. Hey guys, 95 vert 3.4, 172,000 miles usually runs pretty good. The other day I started it and it shut right off. Started it again and it revved up to 4000 rpm and slowly died out. Started it again and kept my foot on the gas and it wouldn't rev higher than 4000 rpms and started to sputter if I tried to go higher. Kept foot on gas steady for about 3 minutes, then slowly let off and it was fine. It seems to only do this in the morning or after sitting for a few hours. It runs fine after it stays started. Btw..where is the fuel filter on this car. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  10. I have a 94 Culass Convert with ultra low miles, its loaded with the 3.4 engine, and it is a jewel, but it was driven by the previous owner's 16yo son, and he allowed a lot of things to go haywire, --I have been addressing the flaws one at a time and the next item on my list is to fix the driver's seat cover. It is showing very little wear on the usual spots on the edges of the bolsters of the seat, but oddly the small horizontal seam at the top of the seat-back has come unstitched. What I'd like to do is separate the seat back from the seat cushion. I presume the hinge can be taken apart or separated in some way. Once I have the seat halves separated I want to remove the leather seatback uphostery, turn it inside out and re-stitch the seam by hand (many years ago I was a leather worker hobbyist and made many nice items by stitching by hand) So who can tell me how to take the seat apart to that point so I can work on the seat back itself? Can I remove it from the seat cushion by simply prying the hinge apart, leaving the lower cushion bolted in place? I would go out and try to figure it out myself but its raining and the car is in a garage elsewhere. I hope someone has taken the upholstery apart and knows how to do this job. Any advice will be appreciated.
  11. Help! I'm looking for a headlight switch for a 94 vert. Seems none are available everywhere I looked.
  12. Anyone put bonni gxp rims on a vert? If so any pictures..was looking for some 18s for the vert and I like the gxps and the 077s which I cannot find. Just not sure of the offset..I have bonni gxps on the gtp and didnt get a chance to try them.on the vert before winter and both the rims and the vert were packed away.
  13. does anyone know the best way to update the sounds for a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme??? has the stock AM/FM/Cassette and my nephew just got it (although he has no license as yet... few months off still) and would like him to be able to hear his iPod if it is feasible I made the mistake of asking him if he might be updating the radio to one that plays CDs and he replied he didn't really listen to CDs...I feel old I think he needs to do this on the cheapest but best route he can do and I have no idea how to do this as I have not updated my radio's from stock in a long time...(I remember 8-Tracks ) Any help you could provide would be appreciated...I've tried Google search as well as here but most seem to convert CD players to iPod use... Thanks, Bill
  14. So took the vert out and tried to.lower the top, but only one side would work. The passanger side is not really moving. Does this sound like a cylinder went out or is there something else to check. I hear the pump and the driverside works. Thanks.
  15. I can't seem to make the 'search' work, so I'm asking for a way to make my door hinge quiet--passenger side makes a loud clunk-cluck whenever I open or close the door. It is not either of the hinges making the racket, its the door-tensioner spring-thing near the bottom hinge. Driver's side is nice and quiet but the pass. side is loud and obnixious. Must the door panel come off? Is that a hard job? I have broken many plastic pieces when taking off door panels. Suggestions? BTW, its a '94 Cutlass Convert.
  16. TravisP

    Steering Wheel

    What year did the Lumina get the steering wheel with the radio controls on it? How hard would it be to convert one that doesn't have it if I can get the wheel and wiring harness?
  17. I've had a Zendar screen-tronic inside glass mount antenna in my Grand National for 20 years with great success. I've been looking for one for my Cutlass vert. I found this website that may or may not sell then, I can't make heads or tails of the language. Can one of our overseas members or anyone please interpret / Order (2) of these for me? Thank you
  18. So looked but cant find a answer. Will a gen 2 cradle bolt in to a 95 vert? I wanna upgrade suspension and brakes and would be alot easier with the gen 2 cradle? Anyone swapped them? Whats needed? Assuming cradle, and everything attached, struts, control arms, etc? They are plentyful in the yards even the aluminum ones just wondering.
  19. So moved the vert out to see how new rims fit and I noticed that the exhaust only comes out of one side of the dual tips on each side. It comes out the outer most tips and nothing comes out the inside. Never noticed it as I only drove it when warm and in the 10degree cold I could see it. Are my mufflers messed up or clogged? They are the factory ones. Just wondering
  20. Hello, I know my stock tire size for these 5 Spoke Olds Wheels is 225/60R/16 but has anybody put anything wider on these wheels without them rubbing? I need as much rubber on the ground as I can get because of the L67 Motor. Had these wheels powder coated to go on the Black 95 Vert.
  21. I picked up a 1993 3.4 Cutlass Convert from a neighbor and it has been a great car. Red body, gray interior and black top. But, the car has suddenly gone crazy. When I start the car, it goes thru a sequence of tests quickly checking all the dash lights, radio and climate controls. The sequence just continues round and round. I pulled the fuse that stopped it, but now I have no climate control or dash gauges (except fuel). I searched threads on the board to see if someone else has experienced the same problem, and I could not find one. I disconnected the battery and checked all the connections. No improvement. Electrical is my weakest area and I need some direction. Any thoughts?
  22. Fall has finally arrived in chicago so the vert is getting packed away..2 things should I store it with top up and down...? Also went to put top up and only one side seems to be going up..does this sound like a ram went out? Probably wont look at it until spring but crazy how it happens on her last ride Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  23. It's a 1993 cutlass supreme convertible with the auto climate controls. Now, for the story... When heat is set to 90 the passenger side blows hot and driver side luke warm. The actuators are all working properly. The climate control has no error codes and tested good. The following items are new: New water pump, Thermostat, radiator, and heater core. Knowing that all these items were new, I started looking closer at the heater box. I removed the both lower underdash panels, as well as, the lower part of the dash where the ash tray is. I then removed the lower heater box cover exposing the heat core and bottom blend door. I started checking the actuators one at a time verifying that they are work properly. The last thing I checked for was the operation of the blend door from heat to cold. This is where things get interesting. When I start adjusting the temp from 90 to 60 the blend door opens and closes. The problem is that when I set it to 90, the blend door comes down and instead of closing completely flush against the 3 x 8 opening, the blend door closes on the passenger side but closes at an angle and the drivers side has a one inch gap. Therefore, the luke warm air on the drivers side and hot on the passenger. So the question is, has anyone ever run into this problem? is the door broken or can something be bent or is something installed improperly? I know the answer is anyone of these but I wanna know if anyone has ever run into this problem before.
  24. I currently have a 94 Cutlass Supreme convert and my rear side windows go up and down beautifully. It's got a Its got 125K miles on it and I put 81,000 of those miles on it, so believe me those rear windows have been used! Prior to this car I had a 93 CS vert and the side windows would hang up, badly. My sister recently picked up another 93 CS vert, and her side windows hang up badly also. They get between half & 3/4 down and hang up (actually pitch forward). I can help them get all the way down , then I need to help them get back up, too. The roller connected to the window motor is forward mounted on the window, so I understand why its doing it. I'm just having trouble correcting it. Does anybody know if there was an improvement to the rear window mechanism in 94 or am I just lucky (this time), and my sister isn't. Thanks, Dan
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