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Found 402 results

  1. As we discussed in the last thread regarding how much wattage you can run on a factory system, we noticed that our factory 105 amp alternators are not capable of producing enough power to feed a JL Audio 1000.1 amplifier, with wiring and the alternator being the two key issues. To resolve the alternator issue, there are, fortunately, factory replacement options that we can embrace. Fortunately for us, GM used the same mounting points for multiple alternators . The common CS130 and CS130D used in many of our cars can be replaced with the GM CS144 (or CS-144). The CS144 amplifier comes in varieties that produce from 140 amps to 200 amps, with supposedly a 250 amp model also available. These can typically be found in larger cars and SUVs. The following link will outline the available models: If anyone is considering running over 500W of amplifier power, you will certainly need to consider upgrading your alternator. I will be doing more research in the next few days on which cars you can pull these alternators from at a junkyard for cheap. If anyone has any particular range of models off the top of your head, please list them.
  2. Ok I have a 99 Lumina 9C3 and it's brake time. What other W body rotors will swap right onto my car? Reason why I'm asking is it will allow me to find out if I can take advantage of another cars rotor upgrade package. Car has the 9c3 brake package (4wheel disc).
  3. I have a 92 Bonneville SE. I have steering wheel controls, tape deck, and not enough power. I want to install a factory GM radio (that I won't have to go to the dealership to get reprogrammed) that still uses my steering wheel controls, has a cd player, and had some power. Any help is appreciated
  4. Hey all An upgrade to the most recent version of VB has broken the original default visual theme we had. The company that created the theme is no longer in business, so we must find a new one. In the mean time, this dark colored theme is the only one I had installed that worked properly, despite some visual kinks that I've found. Please be patient as I work through these problems. Luke
  5. So looked but cant find a answer. Will a gen 2 cradle bolt in to a 95 vert? I wanna upgrade suspension and brakes and would be alot easier with the gen 2 cradle? Anyone swapped them? Whats needed? Assuming cradle, and everything attached, struts, control arms, etc? They are plentyful in the yards even the aluminum ones just wondering.
  6. Finally found a good '96 MC donor in the junkyard, and I completed the spindle/brake upgrade I've been contemplating for the last year and a half on my '92 GTP over the weekend. Pain in the ass, but a noticeable improvement going from 10.5" to 11.25". Now that the groundwork is laid, what's the story on the Camaro caliper upgrade? Just need the caliper and bracket from a '99, and redrill & tap the bracket for W bolts, and use 13" rotors?
  7. hey, anyone know how to disable the auto door lock 'feature' on a 96 cutty? I found a few threads about doing it but they're all 93-94 specific, and I read the manual which tells you which fuse to pull but that only stops the auto-unlock (which makes it even More annoying!) If the solution is the same for 96 (pull the chime module) does anyone know where it is? BTW, did the search feature get better with the last site upgrade?
  8. For those of us that don't have the option of installing a CS 144 without an engine swap this may be the next best thing. i just got of the phone with Brady, a tech with Powermaster Performance. He said they don't make a factory replacement, but offer two upgrades. The all new alternators are a direct replacement that use 1 internal and 1 external metal cooling fan (not a plastic fan like the factory CS 130). Option #1 p/n 7860 80amps @ 800rpm with factory pulleys, 105 amps Max - $149.97 at Summit Racing. Option #2 p/n 47460 95amps @ 800rpm w/ factory pulleys, 140 amps Max - $ 185.97 at Summit Racing. These may be cheaper elsewhere, I haven't checked yet, but wanted to post what I found. i will be replacing my alt. soon, hopefully before it fails, more than likely with option #2.
  9. Has anyone ever tried to upgrade the 4T60E to a 4T65E while keeping the twin cam? I ask because of my issues with my 60 have been brought to the conclusion that I need a trans rebuild, but the fuckers in my area want $2000 for a build... so while the 60 is hard to find in my local yards, the 65 is as common as the "Smith" last name. So I came to wonder... can it be done with a twin cam on a 1G using the same way people do it when they upgrade to a 3800? As always, help is appreciated.
  10. So I just picked up a set of retrofit headlights today, and I think I should upgrade my fogs also. so here is what I've narrowed it down to im torn as to which to get as I want the pilot due to the fact they look like the limited edition factory blue fogs, but at the same time I feel obligated to match projectors with more projectors help lol
  11. So In a few days I'll be looking at getting new injectors for my 95 vert to finish off my fuel system upgrade. Im stuck on which flow rate should I go for, what's the difference between more flow per hour compared low flow rates. I certainly dont want to loose my mileage plus I also want optimum performance What do you guys think?
  12. I am wanting to know what body panels from what cars I can put on my 95 Regal. Like for instance cutlass fenders and what not. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hey guys, I've been taking leaps and bounds ahead with my car, so I'm starting to plan a pulley drop now. I'm kind of up in the air with which size though. I have Gen V supercharger, so from what I've ready the upgrade of going from a Gen III to a Gen V is like a 0.2 inch pulley drop in itself. For example: Gen III w\3.6 inch pulley=Gen V w\3.8 inch pulley, Gen III w\3.2-Gen V w\3.2, etc. When I ran an HAI, stock exhaust, and stock tune, I very rarely had 1 degree of knock retard. I now have SD headers, the same HAI, and still have a stock tune and since installing the header I haven't seen any Kr at all. I will be getting a tune before the pulley drop, I'm not too sure who to go with and there is NO ONE even remotely local to tune it in the car. So, I'll have to with a canned tune of some sorts...Anyone recommend a box tune? Also, I'm up in the air on which pulley I should go with, a 3.4, 3.5, or 3.6? I'm wondering if I could get away with a 3.4 without any intercooler. Thanks guys!
  14. i was wondering is it possible to swap the rear drum setup on a 95 monte carlo to rear discs from a 95 regal? would I have to replace brake lines along with abs sensors? or would it be a more of a bolt on project.
  15. Looking to upgrade my brake lines to steel braided lines. I know a couple places will make them custom for your application, but I want to save a little bit of money. The main issue I have is are the 94-96 GP brake lines a 3 or 4 AN?
  16. Okay starting this post to be more on the point of suspension issues with the w body regals and our options on what to upgrade. Please school me if needed and i do need some. I have in boxs kyb gr2 struts. Should i buy new stock springs? If i do go with lowering springs are the zzp ones a good option? I am only looking for the 1inch drop they advertise. Let me know what you think. I may be re-using the old springs depending on what you guys say.
  17. Looking to upgrade my brake lines to steel braided lines. I know a couple places will make them custom for your application, but I want to save a little bit of money. The main issue I have is are the 94-96 GP brake lines a 3 or 4 AN?
  18. So i want to upgrade my brakes.. I have access to a 2006 monte carlo. Will the front and back brake brackets and calipers bolt right up and will i have to get steel brake lines?
  19. Key word here is "thinking". I know this is gonna be a lot of work, but I figure why not ask? Don't lose anything right? Anyways, as some of you may know I have a 94 CSC with the LQ1. I'm not satisfied with the engine, I feel it's giving me more problems than what it's worth. The engine itself runs perfect, but with the vacuum lines, the complicated way of working on it, the fact that I can't figure out why it cuts off when I first start it, then stumbles to "normal idle" and temp, it's really got me thinking... How hard would it be to swap a Series 2 3800 in the CSC? Here's what I know... S2 would require OBD2 more than likely. I can more than likely get a PCM/ECU from a 1994 or 1995 Buick Regal BUT it would mean that I would have to settle for a Series 1 L27. I could easily settle for a L27 and simply swap the subframe of a Regal into my car and call it a day... but that would be switching from one bad situation to another... I still wouldn't get the availability of parts wherever I go. I would more than likely have to upgrade the trans and the axles... I know the axles have to be changed for sure. So anyways, I guess what I want to get to is... Is the swap worth it? Has anyone done it and felt good about it, or was it a waste of time? I know the logical thing here would be to supercharge, but I rather swap in a L36 and do a top end swap if I really want the S/C... plus I'm not too thrilled about pumping 93 octane. One of the main reasons I'm considering this is because of space.... yet I look at the pictures of Regals and it seems that both engines were cramped in the car... I don't like to deal with cramped engines because that means cramped working space... does this hold validity or am I just annoyed by the FWD downfall? While on this subject, would it be worth to even consider "downgrading" to a 3400 SFI from a M/C or GA? I'd really like to hear your opinions and experiences if you've done this yourself.
  20. I've tried searching on google as well as this forum without any luck, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I've got a 3100 SFI (95 GP) with the stock injectors currently (17 lbs hr). I was wondering if I could upgrade to the 19 lbs hr injectors without washing my cylinder walls. Currently it has a soft cam in it with 3400 heads. I will be porting my upper intake manifold to fit the LX5 throttle body onto it. I will also be adding a second pump (Walbro inline) as well as an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Which herein lies my next question, what's the max psi the 17 lb or 19 lb injectors can safely handle? Thanks.
  21. Is there any kind of jy available starter upgrade for a 3.8? Thanks
  22. I want to keep the factory cd/cassette radio with the steering wheel controls in my Cutlass Coupe. I really like the stock look, but I definately want to upgrade how the stock crappy system sounds. Obviously I want new speakers, but I want some more power too. Can an amp be mounted in the trunk, routed to the factory head unit, and work ok? I don't want to get crazy with subs, and additional speakers. I just want it to look stock inside the car, but sound a bunch better. Any thoughts on speakers?
  23. I would like to get a round about of how many pony's I have. I have a 2001 Lumina with the LG8 3100 V6 backed by the 4T-65E with a ZZP shift kit. I also have the ECM tuned by Milzy Motorsports, High performance air filter, New AC Delco plugs, New fuel filter, Flow master muffler, hollowed out CAT, and a 56mm Throttle body form a 3400. I would also like to know what octane I should run? They offer 86, 88, and 91 octane here. The exhaust smells rich so I'm wondering if I should run different octane fuel, upgrade the ignition system or both? I'm at an altitude of about 3,500 feet above sea level. Also, what else can I do to improve power without a serious tear down of the engine or transmission. Thank you in advance
  24. Hi everybody, I'm Intrigued but you can call me Luke if you want. I'm a soon to be W-body owner in CT. I've owned a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor for over a year now and it's really fun, but aftermarket options are really slim for it and it's incredibly expensive to fuel. My girlfriend's dad has a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue with 173k on it and all the luxuries put in (not that I care much about those) and he's giving it to me for free because he likes me ! I'm going to sell the Crown Vic and register the car really soon. It's not in my possession yet because he's so nice that he's having the car get looked over by a mechanic to be confident that it will treat me well. I think I might be picking it up tomorrow. Some people my age go the direction of putting in a fancy stereo and doing dramatic things to the body of a car, those look cool, but I really don't care too much. The first thing I'm going to do with this car is work on upgrading and replacing steering and suspension parts to improve handling. Eventually I'd love to upgrade the engine to be either turbo or supercharged, and of course give it the HD transaxle. But first things first, I'm going to just enjoy having the car and cleaning it up I'll keep you all posted!
  25. So i'm looking to upgrade my interior on my 1993 Z34. I've seen it done where the seats are installed, but I don't know if the power hooks up, but I want to confirm. Is there a power plug under the seats to hook up power seats or not? Also, can I tap into the blue/white wire on the stereo to make the factory amp run with an aftermarket deck? Any help appreciated!
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