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Found 126 results

  1. where would i get the mounts for a 2nd gen w body i pland on fixing my 1st gen lumina and just cutting the old mounts boxing in new steel around the mount on the frame section and get the bolt on style and place them on
  3. Hey- I just bought this 1998 Monte Carlo Z-34. It's driven great for about three thousand miles, and still runs OK. It throws a code for a small leak in the evaporative emissions canister. Probably the line is rotted. Where, exactly is the thing? It's not where my 1996 W-body manual says. My Buick GS rotted out around the right rear trailing (holding?) arm. No one would fix it. thanks for any replies, I know it's been a long time since I posted last. Mike
  4. Both strut bolts broke after soaking the threads on the inside of the trunk with PB Blaster for 2 days. Previous owner ignored broken strut, which chewed through the mount and even cut a notch into the 3/8" thick steel in the tower. This will not be corrected as the new mount holds the rod in place. I will have to paint the stripped paint on the wheel well. The trailing arms are getting replaced, severely rusty. Should I replace the lateral link bushings? Does it effect ride quality much? Tons of new parts on order, will update when done.
  5. i have a 90 lumina coupe base model and the rear trailing arm mounts are starting to rust away they are still solid but are getting bad is it worth fixing this (cutting the old mount out and making my own and welding it all up) or should i say goodbye to the old girl
  6. Do these ever go bad? Most of my suspension noise is gone from the new struts and the leaf spring pads, but I am still getting a bit of a squeak that sounds an awful lot like this Youtube video when I press down on the rear: [video=youtube;M3OWr1vvy7E] Its far worse on the drivers side than the passenger side, but present in both.
  7. So I have been working on my 2004 Imp aka the Sh1tb0x or moving forward: SkImpala Budget is about $200 a week for parts, I do all my labor with a jack and stands. So far I have Installed: -Solid front Swaybar 35mm doorman product -Vented front Rotors -KYB Strut plus front 4002 (wish i coulda had bilstein or even the adjustables, but 75 a peice was irresistible) I want to Install -17 or 18" wheels, steel with centercaps or aluminum WRC rally style wheels -Larger Rotors 12"+ -Dual piston or 4 Piston Caliper (possibly F body Conversion, or looking at Bonneville fronts) -Steel braided brake hoses -Steel Brake Lines (would love to find someone that bends and flares seamless stainless tubing with fittings to factory contour instead of bending some up myself.) -Strut Tower Connector front and rear -Solid Trailing Arms in rear -Solid Rear Swaybar and Links -Rear coil over struts (going with the KYB 4003 4004) I am Also Interested In -Possibly going with a larger Brake booster/master cylinder to move a larger amount of DOT3/4 Looking for some expert advice setting up a plan for the braking and suspension, I REALLY want to be able to slam the brakes and stop ASAFP PDQ Additionally, No ABS on this Imp for some reason.
  8. So I bought another Grand Prix. I've loved these cars since my aunt bought her white 90 Se brand new when I was 10. I've owned an 88 Se, 90 Se, 97 Gt, 95 Se, 05 Gt, and now this 91 Gt. I was going to sell it because it has a lot if underbody rust but I've changed my mind. It's not going to be used as a daily driver so I can fix a little at a time. The main thing I have to get fixed is the drivers side trailing arm. The mount has rusted off and it's just sitting there. Taking it to the body shop who welded my shock mount on my fiero and hoping they can do something about this. While it's there I'm gonna have them check the front cradle. It's been replaced but not sitting right as the dog ones aren't straight and the motor looks to be sitting down more on the drivers side. Wish me luck with this huge project I'm undertaking. I can't see this car going to a junkyard!
  9. It's been three years since I was active on the forum and although I still have my handle and login info, my history and posts are gone, so I might as well be a newbie. I worked on the original W-Body Advanced Design Team at Fisher Body in '82/'83. My first W was a red '96 2-door Cutlass Supreme S which I loved. Ended up dropping a 3.4 (not an LQ) in it, but then one of the trailing arm anchors rusted through and I stupidly got rid of it. The I got a 2001 GPGT which has been nothing but trouble (and all but killed my enthusiasm for Ws) and I hope to be rid of it this year. i've had my eye on a car in town for a while. It's a 1st Gen 4-door GP in bright blue. I believe it has under 100k miles. It seems to be in very good condition inside and out but I haven't had a chance to go over it with a fine-tooth comb yet. I heard the guy wants. $3500 for it! I thought I'd offer $2000. That's what KBB says it's worth.
  10. Im not too sure if these parts fit but according to their website they are for 96-06 w-bodies? Isn't the suspension on the 95 the same as a 96 GP? Or are these parts only for 97 & up GP's and their website is wrong? If they fit, are these parts a nice upgrade to my 95 GTP? TCA011-Trailing arm rear TCA012-Trailing arms, adjustable rear, Foward mount TCA013-Lateral arms adjustable rear, rearward mount
  11. Greetings all, new to the forum here. I will apologize in advance for not doing a search, but am typing this at work and can only spare a few min. My rear crossmember turned into 3 pieces from rust and now the car is parked til fixed. Got a used one with both trailing arms and all 4 control arms for 200 from the junkyard. Can someone please give me a quick step by step on instructions to replace? Maybe pictures? Heck I would even be thrilled with a link to another thread with step-by-steps or even a simple "good luck." I am thinking it should be kinda straight forward, if not a pain in the butt because the bolts won't wanna break easy. Dealt with those things before so am not too concerned. I have done some things like this before. I do my own front brakes, replaced the front struts myself (went very easy once bolts where broken) and worked on the shackles on my wifes SUV. I will be poking around more on the forum tonight after work. Cause with my luck there is a sticky out there with all of the info. Thanks in advance!
  12. One fan works the other does not, pulled the non working fan and connected to a spare battery and it does work, so im guessing its the relay for the one of them but my question is which relay is for which fan the fan that does not work is the one on the passanger side so im guessing its considered fan 2 when it comes to the relay, anyone know this for sure? Also off topic a bit, theres a real nice regal coupe with 70,000 miles near my house, green,column shift, trailing arm mounts look perfect, paint is pretty good, and the interior is nice but needs a cleaning, have yet totalk to the owner but if everything runs good what price range should i be looking at?
  13. I don't know if this is already known but I searched the forum and didn't see any threads on it. I found some stock replacement tubular trailing arms for $15.95 on summit racing!!! Seems to be correct part and maybe a better replacement than the stock pieces???? I think I'll be getting these when I replace the driver knuckle that is trashed on my car Anyway, I hope this is a good find if everyone didn't already know about them!!!! -Deia
  14. Well after a underbody inspection, the trailing arm mounts on the olds seem to be in worst shape than i thought, so i am brainstorming ideas for a future car of course though it WILL be a W. I'll try to figure out how to create a poll.
  15. I lost control the other day and ended up spinning out and doing a 360. Strut was torn from its mount and the trailing arm was twisted. Looking at roughly $750 in repairs through a local shop. Me and my dad did the front struts, cv axles but is the trailing arm something we could manage? Looks like my car is bound to have a whole new suspension system virtually..has new front bushings, struts, axles, soon to be rear struts and trailing arms..
  16. Sorry for the newb questions. My brother sideswiped a light pole and messed up the rear suspension on the '97 Cutlass Supreme that has been in the family for the past 13 years. Since I'm the car guy I've been elected to fix it, but I don't know much about the W-body. From searching I think the lateral links (I think thats what their called, four total) are bent to hell and it could use a new trailing arm. I think I see the trailing arms on websites, but can you buy the links new?
  17. Welp the time has finally has come to build my coilovers. I have been seaching and searching and hopefully I have the parts i will need. Car is a 96 9C3 Lumina and plan is to AutoX/road race alot. and DD it till i buy a DD for next winter. the build wont take place till march tho. This is the list of parts I have come up with From 4x coilover sleeves p/n a1-12452h 4x adjusting nuts p/n a1-12460 4x upper seats p/n a1-12470 Summit Racing 2x front springs hal-12400 2x rear spring hal-12350 Rock Auto new ball joints, inner and outer tierods. front kyb GR2 strut cartridges Rear Kyb GR2 struts BXX front and rear strut mounts Energy Suspension LCA bushings p/n 3.3156 Anything I am missing? Yes I do plan to do rear trailing and lateral arms but that'll be down the road a little and I am still not sure what I want to do with those.

    Held motorsport

    Hey guys one of the discussions at the fudruckers meet was about what hppened to heldmotorsports? Well I found my old email contact from when I bought a set of trailing arms for a tgp, and asked if they where still in businesses. Well I got a response back:thumbsup: They are now HT Motorsports. Ill get a link up on the forum when I get home from work.
  19. The rust is back on the TA mounts. They aren't holey, but they are starting to pit. Last summer I wire wheeled them, rust primer'd, then grey primer'd, and epoxy'd, but obviously that didn't help. I was thinking about 'boxing' them with some steel plate, would this be a good idea? Or should I just give up and start looking for a shell?
  20. Every type of vehicle has common rust spots, what are the w-bodys? I know the trailing arm mounts like to rust, but what else? I have seen rear quarter rust on a lot of verts just behind the rear wheels, but what other areas should i pay a lot of attention too? What do others do to help cut down/eliminate rust?
  21. urbex


    So I'm going to repaint part of my rocker panels this weekend. I also have some POR-15 left over, I think I'm going to put some on the trailing arm mounts. It was a kit that has all the prep cleaners that you're supposed to use before you use the actual POR-15. I have a question though. Will it still work if I don't use the preps? Only reason I ask is I'll probably prep the TA mounts, but there's random rust spots I'd like to probably hit up (like lower rad support, engine cradle... I wouldn't prep those areas since they aren't too much of a concern, but I didn't know if the stuff will even stick or not if I don't? Another thing I wondered...I've heard conflicting opinions on sanding. I thought it says to sand down to the bare metal (and remove all the rust) before applying the stuff, but someone told me the stuff works better if you put it directly on rust. Opinions? Please and thank you!
  22. Noticed, my wheel had some play in it, took the tire off, and the trailing arm was literally snapped in half . Pics to follow
  23. So I'm trying to redo the rear suspension and have a couple bolts that just wont move. The chassis to trailing arm bolt I think is seized into the arm itself, the passenger side came off just fine but not the driver side. And the spring retention bolt is stuck as well...thats in much worse place. Ideas on how to get pass these two? I'm trying loads of pb blaster, I'm thinking to take off the whole spring/lat arm assembly I wondering if they'll be seized as well. I dont think these have been touched since it came out the factory.
  24. Ok, I am doing my rear suspension swap........ I cant get the left strut out. I have not even tried the right yet. I have the rear lateral arm, trailing arm and swap bar loose. I have both nuts loose. I cant get the bolt through. I have: Hammered Heated with small torch pry bar screw driver What do I do?
  25. Hello I am a long time GM guy but have owned other brands. Currently have a '00 Olds Intrigue GLS I got used after owning a '00 Maxima SE 5 speed we bought new for a few years. Owning the maxima made you appreciate the Olds believe it or not. The 3.5 "short star" engine (was derived from specs of Northstar) is a gem! Too bad GM quit making them (said it was too costly to produce, that after just spending $ developing it - typical GM). Its been rock solid, revs freely. I have not done anything but change oil and it now has 155k on it. I'm avid DIY mechanic and am just am in process of replacing my lateral links in the rear end which the adjustable one BENT! It had a bit of rust on it, but nothing scary I thought. Bought a new rear end a salvage and replacing everything. Looked to see if that was a common problem and only saw the aftermarket trailing arms not the lateral links.
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