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Found 213 results

  1. Hey guys! My radio controls on the steering wheel on the 92 are completely non-functional. original radio and all in it. i'd love to have these buttons work because my volume control knob on the radio wont do anything and i'd love to have volume control. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I am wondering if anyone can direct me to where the rear power window fuse/relays are? I knew that the passenger side rear windows motor was probably on its way out (it was going up and down slowly), the drivers side rear window operated very all of a sudden neither window will go down no matter if I push the main controls near the drivers seat or the controls for each window in the backseat...I'm not sure what the issue could be...Iocated the fuse panel (inside the glove box) and also both fuse panels underneath the hood, however, I am not seeing anything in regards to the rear power windows. Is there any other place that there may be a fuse box located? When I push the buttons from the drivers seat all I seem to hear is a "clicking" sound and that's it...I'm sure that both motors couldn't have just gone out at the same time without I missing something? Thanks in advance. Trey
  3. I just got the original boot. I have never used one so I am not really sure how it is suppose to fit. So I thought I would take some photos and get your opinions. The front of the boot to the interior made sense with the Velcro and 4 buttons. But the rear, I really have no idea. Thanks for any guidance!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm Trey and I came across this site via Google, so I joined. I currently just picked up a 1992 Cut lass Supreme Convertible (or vert as I've learned). This car drives excellent to be 23 years old, no rust on the body, with only minor interior repair (buttons for Windows, some leather repair, etc)...I'm convinced that because there were so few produced that this car will become a collectible, considering that the Cutlass was a great seller for Oldsmobile, and the fact that it is a convertible as well...I might be wrong though, just have to wait and see...right now I'm looking for replacement parts to get her restored, but have learned that they are hard to find...but that won't deter me from getting her right. Red vert, with a black top that does work...anyhow...I'm glad to be a part of the W-body community...
  5. I know, there's tons of threads regarding replacing the turn signal switch, but I couldn't find one that answered my particular issue. I had the all to common issue with a dead right blinker unless I held the switch just right, so with safety inspection almost I decided to replace the switch. Not bad job really, and now my blinkers work in both directions. The car will pass safety now which is good. Since replacing the switch though, most of the time the blinkers will not cancel. Sometime it's the left, sometime the right, and sometimes neither will cancel. Sometimes wiggling the switch stalk will help, and sometimes if I hold a little pressure against the switch (as if to help it), the blinkers will cancel. Equally obnoxious, the volume buttons (and actually the balance button as well) act like they get stuck sometimes. I'd say about half the time I press the volume up button, it will shoot the volume up a full 25% without stopping, instead of just one click. Same thing with volume down. I could live with the volume button quirkiness if I had to, but the non-cancel issue has left me driving down the road with a stuck blinker several time already and that drives me nuts. The trouble is, I can't figure out how the cancel mechanism works! Since I can't test the cancel function with the wheel off, I'm kinda guessing blind. Before I admit defeat and and replace the switch again (this time with a Delco and not an off brand), does anyone have any pointers on either of these problems? Or even how the cancel mechanism works so that I can see if there is anything I can tweak to get it right?
  6. I believe this is the 4th summer I have had my 90 Grand Prix. I've noticed beginning last summer that the ride seems a little harsh. I am pretty certain all the struts front and rear are the originals. The car currently has 117,000 miles on it. It does have FE3 with all stock components. You know how some concrete highways have tons of little bumps that send a lot of input to the suspension? Well on this sort of highway I am getting a lot of input in to the car, it's as if the suspension is not moving as freely as it should. The ride can be very bumpy riding in the car on that sort of road surface.
  7. Hello, Today I picked up parts for my 1994 Olds Cutlass 4Dr and I got excited and grabbed some upgraded stock options and I have a couple questions. I pukked a bunch of parts from a 1994 Cutlass 2dr with the same blue interior as mine!!! I have an analog climate control and I picked up the electronic climate control. Is this upgrade possible with ease? I am hearing some bad things. I also picked up a steering wheel with the radio controls, how hard is it to install and make the buttons work in my cutlass that doesn't have this option? Finally I also picked up an upgraded stock radio, Once again how does this upgrade go? I found that the cutlass in the junk yard was like my candy store! Feel free to share if you find Cutlass in junk yards fun to salvage. Also I took the dash apart in the junk Cutlass and I found it very easy to what I thought it would have been, yay 1994 model year!
  8. anyone have suggestions how to repair a roll bar light the buttons don't seem to click anywhere i could possibly get them? thanks for any help. heard somrtimes it could be corroded wire on the passenger side or ground wire to the door switch
  9. Headlights wouldn't come on one day. Had the feeling it was the switch (had been giving problems iiRC). So Iran wires from the battery to the headlights and turn them on by twisting them together! I'm sick of it and miss using the buttons behind the low/high beam switch (same switch). Therefore would need to basically cut a few wires I guess, wire up another switch to alternate between high/low. It's such a ridiculous system. I'd sooner swim through a lake of hungry gators then pull my steering wheel. 1992 Lumina 3.1
  10. Well, I finally made it to pick up my convertible. Its a 94 black on black. I have a few questions pertaining to it tho. I hope some fellow owners could shine some light in on it for me. Thanks 1. Is the owners manual the same as the 2 door model? Any one have a part number for the manual if so? 2. Does anyone know where i can watch or buy the video that GM made about the top? I believe its on a vhs tape. 3. Parts... Going to be compiling a list here shortly. But for now, anyone know where I can get the rubber buttons at for the domelight on the rool bar? Mine are completely missing. thanks again
  11. Two part question How do you change the light bulbs in the steering wheel buttons? More importantly, what all is supposed to light up in the interior? I know the steering wheel buttons are (see question above, I have 1/3 burned out). The lock/unlock button on the drivers side lights up, and the AQ9 controls, but not anything on the passenger side (window and lock buttons), nor do the window buttons on the drivers side. I don't recall if the mirror adjuster lights up or not
  12. I pulled out my steering wheel radio controls to fix the lights on them and now they won't go all the way back in. So since I have to pull the steering wheel off to fix the cruise control wires I was thinking about just buying a different steering wheel so my buttons aren't popping out and annoying me. So that got me wondering if either of these other steering wheels work in my car and retain the radio controls and air bag functionality? Current Steering Wheel Steering Wheel 1 Steering Wheel 2
  13. Ok, you know the metal/rubber plate that the windshield wipers park on? The one that the rubber shrivels up and causes the wipers to have issues parking on the "ramp"? Number 8 in the picture: (not 25) (Yea, my VIN shows, but it does not matter to me, no one wants a 4-door Olds anyways) I have been scouring the internet to try to find one but have had no luck. I was able to get a part number: PN: 10122028... but no one has them in stock. I mean these are "old" cars by todays standards, but are reliable as heck and easy to fix. Does anyone here know where to get one besides a junk yard? I did get one from a junk yard and within a year the rubber distorted again and that was with treating it with conditioners. Or perhaps someone has a source for the rubber? I see tons of the Gen 1 W-Bodys running around and some have the same issue and some do not.
  14. ok so im doing a meet in the wisconsin dells may 16th, 17th and 18th. for those who dont know about the dells its the waterpark capital of the world. its 3 towns that make up the area. tons of things to do lots of hotels. im trying to get ideas on what people will want to do. there is a big car show going on at noah's ark which is the largest waterpark in america. there is suppose to be 1200 cars unfortunatly its only for 1989 or older cars. well im open to suggestions brandon and i were talking about finding a close racetrack to go mess around at. Automotion Car Show | Get Info About The Classic Car Show & Swap Meet and when it comes down to the last week all the people who are going it would be nice for you to post your number so we can all keep in touch if you are in please comment that you are in thanks. just want to keep track. here is the link for the hotel. Wisconsin Dells Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Resorts | Call 855.247.0210 for Reservations or Information tentative schedule courtesy of explicit spade Friday May 17th 2013: Whenever you show up- Hotel Check in at Mt. Olympus Hotel 7PM: Parking Lot Meet & Greet BBQ (Might need to make sure this is allowed before we get carried away with the idea.) 10PM: Cosmic Bowling at Knucklehead's (Close at Midnight) 12PM: Hotel Beverage Consumption and Cougar Hunting Expedition Saturday May 18th 2012 10AM: Breakfast at Paul Bunyans Cook Shanty (All you can eat breakfast buffet until noon) Noon: Car Show 3PM: Cruise the Dells 5PM: Eats 7PM: Edge O' Dells Burnout Contest 10PM: Hotel Beverage Consumption and Cougar Hunting Expedition Sunday May 19th 2012 10AM: Farewell Breakfast to those that are leaving NOON: 92 Holes of Mini-Golf 3PM: Go Karts 4PM: Cruise 6PM: Eats 7PM: Hotel Things i am personally going to be there around 6 if anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment current list of attendees Brandonl2000 explicit spade bio248 tony mendez blueguy91 btownmills odi matt5112 99pgpgt Nick walsky Colin moris nick stamper nickell redlinepontiac chris breitkreutz ralm regalgsshocker jteske88 taz magister koniig collindunn elrodd384
  15. Does anyone know if a 92 or 93 control unit will work in a 94? They look the same as far as the buttons and read out. Thanks.
  16. Have a 96 GP with steering wheel volume controls (which are disabled since i didnt buy a special adapter when i got a new head unit) and my turn signals aren't working. started not working on the left, then would work when held in a certain position as you apply the turn signal, then it stopped working all together. I've never replaced the turn signal switch in one of these cars. How difficult is it? Does it matter if I get one with steering wheel volume controls or not since mine don't work anyway? Also, horn stopped working. Don't know if that could be related but do the horn buttons themselves often go bad? dont have 12v at the horn, giving it 12v makes it go honk. havent gone digging in the wiring yet other than that.'
  17. After searching I haven't found the anwers I need. So I thought I'd ask this question. The ACC in my '92 CS vert blows hot & cold air when it wants to regardless of the temp settings. All the level position buttons seem to work as they should I just can't get hot/cold air when I want it. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks in advance!
  18. Has anyone seen ? It's got tons of info on it. It has a VIN search to find all of your vehicles features including birthdate. The only difference between mine and my friends it a body color option for the reverse light trim (his has it, mine is black). It also tells how many cars are EXACTLY like yours. Mine was born September 11, 1992 and there were 18 built exactly like mine and only 2 like my friends.
  19. Myotis1134

    2015 Lumina?

    So I'm screwing around in the driveway a few weeks back, and I look at my Z34 which is covered with snow, and the outline the snow has made on the car looks AWESOME. These lines kinda blew my mind, because the base shape was my 94 Z, and nature smoothed it out, leaving a more streamlined shape. They pay designers tons of money to do what about 3 foot of snow and some wind did in my driveway. Fans? Critics?
  20. I seem to remember something I read on here about a VATS bypass module... I think it had something to do with remote starters or something like that..? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I think that the VATS system will take a crap on me any day now, and I really don't want to pay a dealer tons of money to replace it.. It has been coming on more and more frequently as I've been driving, and it worries me.. Thanks in advance guys! -Will
  21. 89GPSE


    What are the chance's of getting something going in WNY sometime? We have a handfull of good Junk Yards all have tons of w-body's. We should at least try. Who else is out here.
  22. Ok, I've seen tons of posts about idle issues with the 3.4 DOHC. I've done lots of fixes to it and haven't been able to resolve it yet. It's just a little low and occasionally will stall. If it's sitting in Park you can hear it sort of trip up a bit when you listen to the exhaust, which also smells a bit rich. When driving it gets too low when you stop at a light and eventually will die. Its better but not perfect if you throw in Neutral while stopped. Driving is perfect, this engine doesn't miss a beat. It's been this way since I got it back in October and here is what's been done so far. had a mechanic replace all seals and gaskets, he even pulled the engine to replace torque converter seal and rear main, all new intake and exhaust gaskets. He also did a full tune up including timing belt (but didn't adjust timing chain) new plugs and wires, newer (but not new) EGR, new TPS, new IAC valve, cleaned out the MAP sensor area but it looks new and clean so I kept the old sensor. I haven't had any engine codes come up since the seals were replaced and the EGR was replaced and I've looked for vacuum leaks but so far have not found any. ....was wondering....could it be the catalytic converter?
  23. Ok guys, i'm really thinking about building a new system. Current setup is a 12" JL W3 with a Hifonics Amp (not sure of model) and a custom box that Slick made years ago. Well, i'm thinking about moving that to my fiances Focus and building something more like i originally wanted. I will be installing this in my '05 Cobalt right now but i want to be able to easily move it to my GTP in the summer months. The only thing i KNOW i want to use is a 10" JL W6v2 . As far as amp and sub box go i'm not sure where to go. I'm thinking about going with a sealed box as i do not have time to build my own ported box and i'm honstly not trying to just make tons of racket so people can hear me blocks away. I just want some nice sounding thump to my tunes with the ability to overdo a idiot with his crap turned way up at a stop light. So, suggestions for amp would be great! Also, box suggestions would be great too but like i said, i dont have the time or patience to build my own box at this point in time. I'm also thinking i'm going to buy everything from the site i posted the link for above, but if you guys know of a place i can get better deals that would be wonderful as well. Thanks in advance!
  24. rjOlds

    Broken DIS units

    I was wondering how many broken Driver Information System Units are sitting around people's parts boxes (or in my case in the mess in my garage). As much as I want to generally try and keep as much OEM on the car as possible, it is really the case that as more time goes by, that goal is unattainable. Anyway, I was thinking that it should be possible to refurbish these units with new electronics to get them working again as long as the buttons and screen electronics are still good. Alternatively we could gather up a bunch of units and replace parts to make a few good ones. Last but not least there is the possibility of just using the case and buttons and building the guts from scratch. The only pre-requisite would be at least a DIS chassis with intact buttons for the new build idea. Keep in mind that if I do take this on, with work and kids (I am that old) my time cannot be dedicated to this so it would be a few months before anything meaningful showed up. Is anybody interested in such a project? It is something I would potentially be interested in doing (assuming I find the time of course), I am just wondering how many others would be interested in the same thing. I would expect that rebuilds of HUD electronics would also be possible but I haven't looked at mine too hard to see how realistic this is. Keep in mind I am specifically referring to the ALDL pre-OBD2 compatible stuff (which these units all are anyway). Thoughts?
  25. So I'm sitting here in class and am bored, and a thought occurred to me. Tried searching, but couldn't find anything. If I were to find a steering wheel from a Lumina LTZ with the radio controls on the wheel from a junkyard, would I be able to just put that in and have it work? Or would it need any sort of rewiring? Always been a fan of having those buttons, so it'd be nice to I'm getting annoyed with how the coloring is peeling off my wheel, it'd be nice to find a clean one. Does anyone know? Thanks! (I promise, no more questions for today...)
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