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Found 39 results

  1. So, we have a vote going for the date. Now let's work on the location. I can work with the hotel in Toledo to get the same deal we've been getting the last few years, but there has been a little talk of moving it. I'd be more than happy to set it up in Dayton at a better hotel, I can think of a few right off that would be suitable near parks that would also be suitable for our group. If another location is wanted, please put it in the discussion. I'll start a poll after some discussion, because right now Toledo and Dayton are the only two I personally can think of as solid. I know there are other good cities, Columbus and even possibly Cincy are possibilities IMO. Let's get some discussion going!
  2. Let's get the June meet set up! This is the voting thread for the date, but I want to see some discussion on location as well. I have no problem setting it up in Toledo again, I'll just call our normal RRI and set up the reservation, but I'm not opposed to any other location. If I don't see consensus on one location, I'll just set it up in Toledo again. Please VOTE FOR A DATE. The weekend with the most votes will win. I'll put a week deadline on this vote -- please vote by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18. Edit: I decided to make it simple and not multiple choice so we get more of a definitive answer, I was just retarded and forgot to remove that text from the OP.
  3. I have found a location in Columbus that would be a good spot for our meet -- Highbanks Metropark on 23 and a Motel 6 down the road a piece, about 3 miles. I figure we can give this a shot for some variety, and have the second meet in Toledo as it has worked for us for a few years. Of course, this being our meet it is not my decision alone. Please vote for how you'd like this year to go. I will leave this up for a week and make this thread visible.
  4. As many of you, whom have already meet me know I’m from Angola, NY. I’ve been hesitant to attempt hosting a meet, but after some positive feedback in Erie, I’m going to at least try in 2015. For those whom aren’t familiar with Angola it’s uniquely situated like an island in the middle of the E/B and W/B lanes of I-90. Aside from service vehicles it’s virtually inaccessible by road, you have to park on either side of the highway and then there’s a long pedestrian bridge on either side that’s full enclosed that you have to walk through to get to the Travel Center (the heart of Angola). Ideally we’re looking at the weekend of May 8th-10th for the meet. For simplicity and pictures. We should all meet in the Westbound parking lot. You need to go past the Travel Center, and get off at the next exit (57A Angola/Eden) and immediately get back onto the NY Thru way going in the opposite direction. Yes, this involves surrendering and then obtaining a toll card, if you do a U-Turn and do not have the appropriate card you will get charged even more tolls than you would otherwise and you will also be delayed. Everyone going through Erie (for example Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo, etc) will need to go to the meet in this manner, it may sound confusing, but you’ll get home quicker if you do things this way. There’s a Sunoco gas station on site (both sides) and once you walk across the bridges to Angola, there’s McDonalds, LavAzza, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon and McDonald’s is open 24 hours a day!! Loads of sitting room. Wifi access is limited to 30 minutes or so, and plenty of bathrooms. Entertainment: I’m used to it since I live there, but this place (I’m told) is 100% non-stop excitement if you haven’t been there before. You can visit the Eastbound parking lot and twin Sunoco, the trucks look as if they are going to crash into you on the bridges, and I’m hoping that we could have a few photographers like maybe Eric, Rich and Lizzie take some neat passing shots from the bridges with us all parading under. We’re a ways out, but I’d consider a group trip to “Gay Road†if there’s interest. Accomodations: My place is obviously a little too small for this kind of thing, and I can’t really get close to accommodating everyone. I’ve been in contact with Galen and he can rent & fuel a climate controlled trailer for about $700 a day. (Climate controlled is heated only) which is why we’d have to have the meet so early because otherwise it could get pretty hot in those things! So if there was 10 people at the meet it would be $140, there would be some outlets in the trailer, but most of the time we’d be outside partying at the picnic area or inside Angola. You’d have to bring your own air mattress and/or sleeping bag. Questions?? Everyone asks me if I can get discounts at any of the restaurants inside the travel plaza. No, I cannot, you have to actually work for those places to get the discounts, and even then, they only apply to you. Just because I live in the Travel plaza, doesn’t mean that I somehow automatically work there, I have another job that’s not fast food. Do you have to walk all of the way to the Travel Plaza on the highway median to get food?? Not really, there’s rotundas out by the parking lot and there’s vending machines there with snacks & drinks. The real advantage to getting drinks inside and walking the walk is that you can buy one cup from McDonald’s put your name on it and go back for free refills all weekend long. I guess that I’m putting this thread out there to generate ideas and for those are considering going to ask questions.
  5. jake91

    June Toledo meet

    So is this going to happen this year we are 3 months away.
  6. Anyway, let's do a September meet. I'm thinking the 19th weekend would be perfect. Toledo would probably be the easiest, though I'm not opposed to going elsewhere. Maybe even just a different part of Toledo? I dunno... Anyway, let's see where this goes, I'm in as long as it's not the weekend of the 5th (wedding), thought I'd like to see it fall on the 19th.
  7. Everyone always complains that Shawn's doesn't have enough tables reserved for us. Please, please, please!! Put your name down and be counted for Saturday dinner, you and any boyfriends, girlfriends, friends who will be attending: (Copy the list and continue with you name) - Thanks! 1.) Breakdown.
  8. About this time last year we started hammering things out for the June meet. I guess I want to get the ball rolling on plans for 2014. Do we have any kinds of ideas for new events and/or a new location? We've had a really great thing going the past few years, Toledo has seen some of the most successful meets. I know there was some talk of possibly trying a new city this year, maybe Columbus, but it's all up in the air! Opinions, suggestions?
  9. As we did last year . . . . or the year before we had a fundraiser. I'm selling bags of Ruffles All Dressed Chips for $5. All proceeds (not just profits) go to the forum. Again, I'm capping the fundraiser @ 20 bags and if we reach our goal, it's $100 to the Space Bobby forum. In the same way that we usually list meet attendance please put your screen name Amount of bags of chips that you want to purchase and copy the others and tally a total. Until further notice because of previous demand there's a cap of 3 bags per person. Thanks in advance for your generousity.
  10. VOTE For real this time. Please select ALL of the weekends that you could attend the Toledo w-body meet.
  11. Gang, No formal agenda yet. May depend on who's going, and where everyone is from. In the last couple of years Nunzi has come up through Canada to enjoy our relatively toll-free shortcut access to the Autoshow, if you are from the US-side and want to consider coming up, please PM and I'll advise if I can accomodate you for a night or two. In the past Fehl has gone the long way and staged himself out of Toledo. Where: Cobo Convention Center, we will try and arrive around 10:00am on Saturday. If you haven't been before, it's hard on your body, but consider leaving the coat in the car, it's warm in there and it's a bitch to lug the thing around. Be prepared to pay through the nose for food once there. Bottled water = expensive, bring it in with you! If you have keys to a Hyundai, bring those as well. Consider carpooling, parking is expensive and in addition there's more of you to remember where you parked the car. Bags are inspected, water is premitted, but I don't think that food/pop is. After the show we've done Steak 'n Shake or whatever, if someone has suggestions on convinient eats, willing to consider them. Preferably in a place far away from Cobo.
  12. So, at some point this fall/winter, I'm planning on doing the front suspension on the GTP, along with a few other misc items. Figured I'd see if there was any interest in doing a mini-meetup in Columbus or Toledo and who would be interested in coming. I'm thinking mid-November/early-December? I'll be saving up some cash in the meanwhile, and figuring out where parts will come from. I figure Columbus would be Parts Galore, and Toledo would be the KRAP yard or some other yard that Al might know of.. Anyway, just reply if you're possibly interested in coming and enjoying some beer and wrenching. You're welcome to come and just hang out, I'll do all the work.
  13. Okay! Everyone is home and acclimated from June, and I think we all can agree we had a wonderful time. Now, let's start planning our next "big" meet in September! There was discussion of maybe changing venues for the September Meets. Keep the June Meets in Toledo and then possibly move around the September meet every year. These were some ideas I heard discussed: - Dayton, OH - Erie, PA - Mid Michigan? - Columbus, OH - Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH Any other ideas, suggestions? I'm pretty open to whatever. Let's discuss and get some ideas together, and we'll put it up to a vote!
  14. Please post here and let us know if you plan on attending the June 2013 W-body Nationals Meet on June 7-9th, in Toledo, OH. Also let us know if you are definitely in or if you are a maybe. I will update the list in the original post as we get responses. 1. WhatTheFehl - Michael Fehl 2. Skitchin - John Baumann (maybe) 3. Al - Alex Walker 4. ScoobyDoo82 - Spencer 5. GOT2B GM - Matt Shantz (maybe) 6. Night Fury - Buck Wilson (maybe) 7. birdman - Camron 8. GP1138 - John Wallace & Family 9. Psych0Matt - Matt & wife (maybe) 10. runt - Jeremy D. 11. ShockTherapy - Timmy Schoeckel + Fiance (maybe) 12. Urbex - Eric B. (Maybe) 13. jake91 - Jake F. (maybe) 14. slowmontecarlo 15. Lizzie/Robertisaar 16. Monte Carlo Dude - Mike Felice (maybe) 17. BXX - Bob 18. Mach 5 - Jerek, GF and Will 19. Go4daMo - Sam 20. White93Z34 - Chris & Jill 21. blackgtp95
  15. !This is a work in progress, likely to change! It's that time of the year again! Figure I'll try and get this going well in advance. So in a effort to make this easier on everyone here is a list of addresses and places where people will commonly be. Yes I verified all of the addresses to make sure they work in Google Maps, so I'd imagine any GPS will be fine with it as well. I'm going to TRY to put together some fliers with map cutouts and directions to places drawn out, no guarantees on that. I understand I am mostly giving people information they already know, but for those checking this out for the first time. This is a great event where some of us have forged wonderful friendships at. Is your W-body broken and have to bring a minivan/Nissan/Ford/etc? That's fine. Its almost every bit about the cars as it is the people who drive them. Usually on Friday night people trickle in throughout the day, once most have arrived we will usually go out and get a bite to eat at Jed's Since it is right across the parking lot, Hang out goto sleep. Saturday some will opt to wash their cars, detail, etc. Cookout is done at Sidecut Metropark. Donation for burgers, drinks is suggested at $5, Then different people generally split up with whomever they want to hang out with there is always a group that hits up the King of the Road Junkyard that is nearby, some goto the Shooting range nearby. Dinner will be at Shawn's Tavern that evening (Time TBD) Sunday is pack up day, usually Brunch at Bob Evans before we go our separate ways back home Just a few ground rules: At the hotel please be mindful to other guests Be responsible in drinking, it would be better that we don't get to know Toledo's men in blue. Keep it slow in parking lots and at the metro park Red Roof Inn Toledo-Maumee 1570 South Reynolds Road Maumee, OH 43537 Phone: 419-893-0292 CALL THE NUMBER AND HIT OPTION "6" FOR FRONT DESK, DON'T HIT "2" FOR RESERVATION LINE -- they don't have the reservation in their system. There is a block of rooms held for us under "WALKER" Use that when making reservations. Note: there are other Hotels in the area, feel free to stay at any of them, however RRI will be where most of the action takes place. Sidecut metropark 1000 W River road Maumee, OH 43537 King of the Road Auto parts 9414 Angola Rd Holland, OH 43528 Shawn's Irish Tavern 4400 Heatherdowns Toledo, OH 43614 Bob Evans 2433 South Reynolds Road Toledo, OH 43614 Useful links: Directions to the Park from hotel Directions to Shawn's from hotel Attendance thread (don't rely on it too much as a gauge of who's coming some people never say till they show up, some say and never show up) Open discussion thread
  16. Since nobody else was making this, I will. Pretty self explanatory, post if you're coming. For sure attending: -ScoobyDoo82 -AL -WhatTheFehl -birdman -GP1138 -slowmontecarlo -Shaun -Chris -Sam (Go4DaMo) Maybe: -94 olds vert -Addicted2bass -5speedz34 -Rudefyet
  17. It has been having shift problems from 1 to 2. EVERY other gear works perfect. even the down shift from 2 to 1 is perfect....just the upshift is delayed like a MOTHERFUCKER. here is a quick vid...I was at...maybe...40% throttle at the most....should have shifted at 2500 RPM....then when it did shift at 4k, it rev'd up before going to second. If I get to 15mph or so, throw it into N, then back to drive it will fall in to second or third, whatever is normal for that speed/throttle input, and work fine. If I go WOT, it will bounce off the rev limiter about 15 times before it will shift. It did this a few times before I left for Toledo this past weekend, now it's every time. Leander helped me rebuild this ~9K miles ago....I was really hoping for a trouble free trans for a long time. any ideas? [video=youtube;ilTskQ3xeI4] Just drove it again tonight.....the more I think about it, I wonder if the line going to the accumulator came off so it's not getting enough pressure to shift on time......or maybe the shim I have inside the 1-2 is blocking something...or a spring broke.... Every other shift is fine....just the 1-2 upshift is delayed. Thoughts?
  18. Sorry for the false start we had.... its time to get the ball rolling on the 2012 Nationals in Toledo, Ohio I've seen a few people express interest in helping set this up, anyone that is helping coordinate this should full well know what to expect.
  19. Real simple: need everyone who is coming to post up in here and I'll add your name to the list. Be sure to add if you are: Definitely Coming or Hopefully Coming. If you do NOT intend on coming don't post. Definitely Coming: White93z34 +Jill DigitalOutsider +Bre +Eric Breakdown LuminaPower92 +Jenny AWeb80 AL WhatTheFehl GP1138 jreed10 Crazy K Go4DaMo birdman bkaab -Andrew Baumea RobertISaar Addicted2bass Urbex ScoobyDoo82 Psych0matt skitchin tornado_735 +Alyssa 9lumina6 Slick Hopefully Coming: 94 olds vert
  20. You can stay whereever your heart desires, but we have a group setup at: Red Roof Inn Toledo-Maumee 1570 South Reynolds Road Maumee, OH 43537 Phone: 419-893-0292 Available: 14 2 bed room with 2 of those rooms being smoking rooms... I was told that if you want a single bed room that they can give you that... Just make sure you ask to be with the rest of the group... Rate: 65.99 + 11.05 tax per night Dates: June 8th and June 9th (Friday and Saturday) Group Name: W Body... Make sure they add the space... We are in B2 (second building, second floor) Cookout at: Side Cut Metropark 1025 W River Rd Maumee, OH 43537 Test and Tune at: Milan Dragway 10855 Plank Road Milan, MI 48159 (734) 439-7368
  21. W-Body Meet Info Facebook Page Toledo/Oregon, OHIO Location:,+Oregon,+OH&hl=en&ll=41.635624,-83.473402&spn=0.002009,0.005284&sll=37.062883,-95.677915&sspn=0.008578,0.021136&vpsrc=6&hq=Yeehas+Bucket+Bar+%26+Grill,&hnear=Oregon,+Lucas,+Ohio&t=h&z=18 Main corridor of highways leading in 75 for North and South routes and it is connecting to the Ohio turnpike to go to West to IL or East to PA Hotel info They have allot already filling up so, room rates would be $84.95 a night.... now before everyone gets pissed about the price let me tell you what we would get 1. OUR OWN PARKING LOT (that meaning a seperate parking lot that no one else would be in but us) the parking lot directly behind the hotel is owned by the hotel she said on the phone that that is where the put car clubs when they stay. 2. Rooms facing the said parking lot with our cars in it and we could see them from our rooms all day and night 3. Full FREE hot breakfast including pancakes and sausage 4. Attached to the parking lot is bar and grill this is a great bar with good food and lots of fun (prices for everyone) this deal is usually good 5. Attached to the parking lot is a State Liqueur Agency 6. Maumee Bay State Park (15 mins away) - This is not your average park it sits on Lake Erie and is absolutely perfect for this type of get together, They have HUGE parking lots that would be suitable for parking our cars however we want for pictures and what have you, they also have the typical things like small picnic shelters on the beach, grills ... etc 7. Many other great picture opportunities around Toledo with city scape 8. There are also many other things within minutes of the area including more bars and restaurants, bowling, comedy clubs, wal-mart...etc 9. Junk yards are great and easy to get to and they actually let you walk the yard and pull it yourself (if you want a list of yards just ask I will throw it up here) and many of them have allot of 1st gens 10. Toledo is very central to "Most" members Tony Packos! Milan or Norwalk Drag strips are within 45 minutes and Like Baseball? Mud Hens games are always fun Like Dog Races? Toledo Raceway Park ARCA/Toledo Raceway Park Funny Bone Comedy Club I will continue to update the top of this thread with the most useful info PM me please if you are attending and require a hotel room
  22. There has been some talk about moving this meet to Toledo area, do you guys want me to do some research on things to do and places to stay or should we just have it in Dayton again?
  23. Hey whats up everybody I came here in reply to a thread I started on the slowing dying ClubGP site and found allot of stuff going on here good to see so many people enjoying some of the older W-Bodies out there just so you know I have a Black 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L S/C Swap (yes I know the dreaded swap, but if memory serves me correct I was one of the first to do it on ClubGP about 8-9 years ago) If anyone is around Toledo, OH hit me up anytime if you need help on your car or need to borrow a tool or whatever
  24. Getting interest and ideas of dates on this. Location would be right by me in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. Right near Lorain and Elyria. There is a Quaker Steak and Lube right on I-254 which is right off I-90 and the I-80 Turnpike. I know Camron said he would be down. Hopefully some PA members since its not too far away and also decently from our Toledo area and part of Michigan members. Lemme know when might work for you and who might be interested. Since the drive might be a bit much for people coming in and leaving, then I offer my basement for room (bring air mattress??) and I have 2 couches. If need be, my GFs daughter can go to her fathers and there is her room as well. Its nothing spectacular by any means, but its cheaper than a hotel. Not to mention my garage is always open to work in it, haz a furnace in it as well for heat. We have the lake right by (literally, 5 mins up the road:lol:) for a decent photoshoot. Lemme know whos up for what and when! -BXX
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