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Found 296 results

  1. pshojo

    3100 Help

    I know this has been discussed before, and i really didn't pay much attention because i've not been in the situation. I have 1995 cutlass supreme 3.1 and giving my engine to a friend of mine that has 1998 buick century 3.1 that is knocking. I pulled both motors and the intakes look distinctly different and some of the sensors are different. Please help me as i'm trying not to miss anything. The EGR, Intake temp sensor, Knock sensor, exhaust manifolds, and fuel Injector harness under the intake looks like the connectors are different and will need swapped. Can i just swap the upper intakes? What else am i Missing? any other sensors, ?? Please help while the engines are out?
  2. I honestly can't tell if the Passkey 2 system in my 1998 Monte Carlo is bad and in a bypass mode if that is even possible. Or if it has been physically bypassed at a certain time in the car's life. When I pulled the cluster out to reinstall the Chg Oil Soon bulb, I noticed the security bulb had been pulled, so I swapped a bulb into its socket, and when the car is on and started, it just stays lit. Never had any issue with it starting at all. I would think if it was bypassed, the light wouldn't be on at all since the system would just be tricked into thinking the proper key WAS in the ignition. But also confused because if it was just a fault in the system, it usually strands people, and the car is unusable until repaired, or bypassed. Unless there is a rare fault that happens where it just disables the security and allows the car to start regardless if the resistance on the key pellet is correct. I only ask this as I bought 2 keys off ebay, seller says not to go off Ohm readings to figure out the key number, but that is what I did anyway, since the multimeter reading perfectly matched the design resistance of a particular numbered key. But if the system is faulty, or bypassed then reguardless of what key number I ordered, they should all work.
  3. While trying to make my oil pressure gauge in my Digi UB3 I swapped the sensor from the '91 CSC that I got the cluster from into the '92 CSC that digi is swapped into. The car will crank but not start now, even after I swapped the old sensor back in. Did I blow a fusible link or something. Which one should I use with the Digiital UB3 and is there anything else need to do so that oil pressure gauge will work? The started and ran just fine last night. BTW both cars are 3.1's. Thanks, Steve.
  4. Hi Guys, Last year I swapped a digital UB3 into my '92 3.1l CSC with the help of RobertlSaar and others on this forum and it works great! Now I need to wire the oil pressure sensor for the 3 wire plug. Can someone let me know where to run the 3rd wire so that it will work correctly on the cluster. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  5. hey i have a 2000 buick century original 3100 v6 then i swapped to 3400 v6 from impala now im going to swap a 3500 v6 Lx9 non vvt from a 2005 malibu now im nt new to engine swaps at all but my question is im nt understanding this "external crank trigger" why cant i swap in block crank sensor from my 3400 into the 3500 im talking bout the one for the coils and use my crank pully onto the 3500 n put my other crank sensor tht goes behind the pully im going to use my 3400 upper intake and coils please let me kn
  6. So looked but cant find a answer. Will a gen 2 cradle bolt in to a 95 vert? I wanna upgrade suspension and brakes and would be alot easier with the gen 2 cradle? Anyone swapped them? Whats needed? Assuming cradle, and everything attached, struts, control arms, etc? They are plentyful in the yards even the aluminum ones just wondering.
  7. Hi all. I just swapped my stock air box for the ZZP CAI. I'm not a fan of the Flexaust stuff that comes with it. I know it's decent stuff, insulated and all. I'm trying to find some green silicone tubing, or green anything tubing that I can replace the silver flexaust with. Could just be a 15* or 45* coupler I guess. Trim it down to where I need it. A company called Mishimoto has some bright-ass lime green, just not in 4" (that i can find). There's a UK based website: . Special order and expensive.... Anyone know anything within the US? Thanks!
  8. i checked on a few fb pages b4 i l26 swapped....they all said an 01 montana had 3.29 gearing. do the swap and now the cel is still lit and the incorrect ratio code is still popping up. also av rpms at a given cruise speed ar 150-200 rpms higher than my olds trans(4t65 from an 01 monte ss that i kno had 3.29s) so what ratio does it actually have? i was guessing 3.43. and btw my pcm is from a 98 monte z34(l36/4t65 w/3.29) thanks
  9. ok so, im not finding what i need, but i know this has prolly been an on-going topic on here. but ive been away from here for a while so i feel like a newb again. heres the situation, maybe someone can direct me to a thread or help me in general. i went to start my car earlier (2002 chevy impala with 127k miles on it) it stalled out for what ever reason, im not sure myself. it didnt feel like it fully started however, like it was barely running and i threw it in reverse being hasty and it died. well. then the ol ignition felt the need to stick in the acc spot so my power was stuck on and couldnt start the car. well after fighting with it i found it didnt fully go into park (sigh) but i got it all figured out and working, but now the car just wont start. the key fights me more than ever but its not even kicking the starter on (at least im not hearing anything coming from it when i had my girlfriend turn the key for me while i listened to what was going on) i know we have a recall on them, and i can get it swapped for a new one. but i kind of need to get it to where i can drive it there due to funds and how far away the dealership that can do the recall repair is. any advice anyone can give me? from the sounds of the things ive had going on with electronics, it sounds like it could possibly be the BCM. any thoughts on that as well? thanks in advance guys. any help is appreciated.
  10. So a couple weeks ago, the engine in my 94 Cutlass has had a notable but small shake at idle, as if it wanted to turn off. It disappeared as I would accelerate. I checked the spark plugs and cables, and all seemed good, so my next step was to check the vacuum lines. I noticed the brake booster vacuum hose felt frail and would make a whistle every time I pressed the brakes. I naturally looked for a hose to replace the old one, and in between that was when the shake got worse. The last time I drove the car, the SES light turned on and triggered P1405 - EGR 3. That same day, I swapped the hose but it was after the fact that it turned on the SES light. So now I'm at a loss. I thought it had to do with that vacuum line but turns out while that fixed the whistle when I pressed the brakes, I'm still having a shake on the engine, as if it were a misfire. The weird part is that it stumbles when I floor it until 2500 rpm, then the engine revs easier but still feels a bit restricted. So I'm at a loss here since searching brings up nothing except for things for Ford, which interesting enough P1405 is a common issue on Ford EGR's and it usually ends up being a "DPFE SENSOR", but nothing comes up for that code for a GM car. So with that said, where should I look, or should I replace the EGR?
  11. 1990lumi

    dash cluster

    Was there a difference in dash clusters in the 90-94 luminas besides the 2 main ones one being max speed 85 the other 125 with oil temp coolant temp and tach...i am wondering because i had the first dash max speed 85 and swapped to the second style and my speed reads about 5x to fast i replaced because the chip in the old board fried out maybe when it fried it cooked my speed sensor?
  12. Where do you guys buy them? I need a quality master cylinder thats going to last. Ive found my current one is leaking, and need a new one. This is like the 3rd or 4th one since Ive swapped the car to a 5spd. For some reason this car goes through slaves and master cylinders like crazy. I dunno if its from it sitting too long or what. Any links to some quality stuff?
  13. I swapped my 2 rear struts, from stock/factory units, to a pair of KYB SR4026's (the quick-struts). Both wheels seem to exhibit the same amount of positive camber. Anyone else seen this? Is it something I should try to correct by removing the strut and filing down the hole? edit: also installed those hockey-puck-like Moog K6544 spring pads for the monoleaf. If that makes a difference (which it might).
  14. Just did a 2003 Topswap to my 1995 Monte Carlo LS 3100. To But now I've ran into something. During idle every few seconds the engine vibrates or jumps kinda hard. Any ideas what to check on that could have caused it?
  15. I swapped my the motor from a 98 Buick century into an 03 buick century, it's all bolted in but a few plugs are different on the wire harnesses. What changed in these years? Can I get color codes for the wires and splice them? If I have to change more between the cars what all should I change? Need help asap
  16. As some may know, I'm presently in the middle of doing a 5 speed swap in Sam's 93' Z34. I'm no stranger to this swap having done it in my old 93' z34 and my present 92' z34. However in my 93' I didn't know about the clutch switch wiring and just ignored it which caused the car to act derpy when I clutched in as the IAC would not hold the revs at all, cruise was busted and I constantly got a code 39 (clutch switch not working). THIS IS NOT THE SAFETY SWITCH ON THE FLOOR, but the one that rides on the clutch pedal up high. When I did my 92's swap. I got a entire wiper/cruise/clutch sw/a few other random things harness and just swapped the whole deal over to my car, but the harness was from a 92' the car is a 92' everything worked no problem. Now, I have a 92' harness but a 93' car which the only difference is the brake lamp switch, but its different enough that the wiring is switched up some. what do i need to do to make sure the clutch switch is satisfied so the computer and cruise function as normal? I'm not sure if I'll get an answer, but i have the manuals and i'll document as I find. Hopefully someone else knows whats going on though. Thanks
  17. L67 swapped my car and it ran like a beast...for a few days. Now it cuts out and spits and sputters under wot. Tried another icm(which fixed stuttering tach), swapped coils, tried another set of plugs, new plug wires. No real change. Also 8/10 of the time ir fires rite off, 2/10 time i have to crank the hell outta it. Fpr is a 96 . Fuel pump never gave any issues previously. Thanks
  18. The car is generally alright on the highway, rides good enough. However something is up. On back roads or any bump moderate to hard I get some really nasty clunking from the right front and maybe the left front to a lesser degree. Its bad enough that you can feel it through the floor if riding passenger. before we go any further... New parts: Subframe bushings, all of them Swaybar bushings balljoints tie rods tie rod ends steering rack bushing engine mounts dogbones struts My first thought is that the strut was loose in the housing but I replaced the struts last fall made sure the washer included was put on top no up and down play that I could feel by hand. I've tried to shake down the front end as good as I could and can't seem to find anything out of place. Control arm bushings feel well enough as well. The strut mounts have not been replaced... I swapped them with a different set I had, didn't seem to make any difference. I've never had one go bad though. any ideas?
  19. I have a 1990 TGP I bought in 10/2013. I have not driven it much yet. I've been fixing little things here and there. It runs decent. Kind of. It seems to idle ok, and driving it normal it does ok, but if I step on it at all, it seems to choke out, hesitates. The power is no where near what it should be. I don't know a ton of the car's history. I changed the plugs and wires, with some improvement, but not much. I swapped the crossover, again with some improvement, but not a lot. I just checked my injectors this morning, they are all showing around 12 ohms. I'm not sure what to check next. I have no codes at all. I am thinking about changing the PCV while it's apart, and while the O2 sensor looks newer, I'll change that too. I changed the TPS when I got it. The PO had just put a new one on, but snapped one of the screws off it. So I replaced the entire throttle body. Any suggestions?
  20. I'm wondering if I can put a radio from a 00 Montana van. The radio is a CD/Cass/am FM/eq unit, in where my stock cassette player is. I also have swapped a 99 Gtp HUD into my car in order to use the radio in the HUD. Just wondering if this is possible. I have the plugs for the Montana radio as well Sent from my MB886 using Tapatalk
  21. So apparently 3.1 and 3.8s have dif shaped dipstick tubes. Ever since i 4t65 swapped my car ive had a leak around the filler tube thats gotten progressively worse(used 3.8 dipstick from donor and it never fit right). My question is this, i still have the tube and dipstick from the 4t60, will it fit my 4t65? Thanks
  22. Hey guys, Just signed up thanks to a referral from L67SS, and I'm happy to be aboard! I drive a 2000 GTP with an l32 swapped in, and plenty of little upgrades here and there. I'll start a build thread once I find the right section. I also have an '89 F150 with 83k on it that I've done more than I can remember to, but that's another story, lol. Just wanted to stop in and say hello!
  23. I swapped my 3 year old Kenwood head unit with a newer model. Now the power antenna never goes up. To troubleshoot I got out my test light and everything suddenly started working correctly. The test light lights up and the antenna goes up when the radio is on and down when the radio is off. As soon as I connect the wires directly, nothing happens. Does this system require some type of resistor to create load? If so, how do I build something myself?
  24. Hi I have an 86 Iroc TPI came with 305 but suppose to have been swapped out for a 350 not exactly sure how to tell for sure on the motor. But thats the least of my worries my car drained my battery put new one in, then put new alternator in but battery was drained again. what should i look for?
  25. Just swapped in a 4t65 into my 97 monte ls using a pcm and harness from a 2000 lumina. Drives great until i stomp it then it falls on its face starts cutting out like its running out of gas. Opions? Thanks
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