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Found 212 results

  1. I have some parts for sale that I took off of my black 4-door 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Special Edition before junking it. I may have additional parts I will list as I come across them, but the parts I currently have ready to go are listed below (followed by pics). *There are no "dibs", as I do not hold parts for anyone. First to pay for the part gets it.* If you are serious about buying, or are looking to get more than one item, there is some room to talk on pricing, but please do not bother with lowball offers. Payment can be cash in person, or as a gift payment through PayPal in advance. I would prefer not to ship the bigger pieces, so locals will have first crack/preference on those. I live in the Naperville/East Aurora area (Illinois) and am willing to meet with someone up to the Warrenville, Lisle, West Chicago, etc. area, but no further. If you have any questions, please PM me. SPECIAL EDITION SPECIFIC PARTS Spoiler (without trunk lid) - $100 FIRM This is the same spoiler found on the 2000 Daytona 500 and 40th Anniversary Editions. Clear coat peeling badly on spoiler, but in otherwise solid shape. NO TRUNK LID! *SOLD* Special Edition roof rails/fences - $150 Again, same as found on the 2000 Daytona 500 and 40th Anniversary Editions. In pretty solid overall condition. Also fits the Monte Carlo! *SOLD* Special Edition 2-tone interior - $250 2-tone charcoal/graphite and light gray. Includes front passenger seat, both parts of back seat, all 4 door panels (sedan) and gray dash and center console trim pieces. The driver's seat was rough, so I did not keep it. The rest is in decent shape. REGULAR GP/GTP PARTS Heads-up display (HUD) - $80 Includes HUD unit, dash cover and switches; wire harnesses can be included if needed. *SOLD* Driver Info Center (DIC) - $40 Works perfectly. *SOLD* Factory 7-band EQ CD Player - $30 Some of the lights stopped working after I opened up the faceplate to swap display light bulbs, but the display works and it plays CDs without a problem. *SOLD* Front strut tower bar - $15/each *only 1 left* - These are the same bars found on the Regal GS and Monte Carlo SS, as well as the GMPP handling kit upgrade. Can be used on front or rear. There's a little bit of rust where the bolts were, but they're in decent overall shape. *SOLD* GMPP font & rear sway bar kit - $130 Only about 1000 miles on these. This upgrades the front sway bar to 34mm. The ends of the stock hollow sway bars are known for rusting out and breaking off. If you have to replace it anyway, might as well upgrade! Comes with end links and bushings. *SOLD* ZZP 3" catted bolt-in downpipe - $200 This is 100% brand new. I bought it several years ago and never installed it. It is currently $220+ shipping on ZZP's site to configure a downpipe this way, so you can save a decent chunk of change.
  2. Found a mint set of lip tails, spoiler will need to be painted, is currently red, but faded, at the jy today. Im starting to trip over these so its for sale. $100+shipping takes em. Pics upon request. Thanks.
  3. I know it's a long shot, but just in case any of you guys hitting yards happen across them, I'm looking for a 3rd gen SPO front lip. They clip in (and maybe some double sided tape), and were available on the 06-08's with the special appearance package. They all can be had new, but I figure I'd throw this out there. There's also a rear bumper one, but that's secondary, still on my list though also there's a slightly different spoiler, but that's last on the list
  4. Hey there, I own a 2002 Chevy Impala LS 3.8lt. This is my 3rd 1st was a 2001 Impala police package...bought it at a poljce auction, was a good car but had electrical issues cause before they sold it they remove all the police equipment and in the process cut a bunch of wires and for about 2 yrs it was a pain. Got rid of it thinkin no more Impala for me after about a year ki da missed my impala ended up getting a 2000 chevy impala base model. Learned the car in and out. Had it for about 2 yrs and sold it. Thought I wanted something different. Boy was I wrong. About 1 yr later I decided I was gonna get me another impala but this one had to be the full package Impala so I got the 2002 Chevy Impala LS. Black,All leather, Power Sunroof, power heated seats, Spoiler, Onstar,etc. It has right now 195,000 miles and still purrs like a kitten with a mean
  5. There is a 2003 for sale near me with a few minor problems, but the one that sticks out is the a/c. The current owner says it kills the engine when you turn it on. Is this common? A cheap and easy fix? Or a true wallet emptying pita? What would be a reasonable price for a car with this problem? 2003 pw, pdl, power seats, cd, spoiler, interior and exterior in very nice shape, automatic w/console shifter, 148k. Edited to add that it is a four door. Thanks in advance
  6. I just love going to this pla:confused:ce . Parts are always so cheap today I got a mint center armrest, grille non power antenna ,key fob and some misc plastic parts for my 91 cutlass for 10.00. I also seen a gtp with the roof rails and rear spoiler there a triple white vert and a cutlass with the stx body kit
  7. Hi folks, will someone that has installed a spoiler and had to drill holes in the trunk, tell me how you decided where the holes were to be drilled? Thanks in advance!
  8. I'm new to the forum and w body cars in general! I have 94 lumina base 3.1l v6 98k and counting on the odometer! bought it from the 2nd owner who was a family, their 18 y/o daughter was driving it for the past 3 years the father was going to keep it for 2 more years till his 14 y/o daughter was able to drive but his wife won the argument about having too many cars (he had 4 cars). The 1st owner was a elderly couple (probably got scared at the buick dealership) its my dd and project car to restore the big 25 will be upon her in 5 years and she will be a classic like her siblings the A body cars still on the road! digging the celebrity euro I've seen running around henderson rocking classic tags I've yet to see it at the local car shows/meetups! So any tips on mods and upgrades would be greatly appreciated I've got my eye on euro trunk lid complete with spoiler from my local pic a part and its rims ( mine are 14" Steelies with off brand tires) I've also went the extra step and bought the factory service manual off Ebay to make the repairs easier.
  9. Hi folks, a long time ago, someone on the forums here had the spoiler and lights for a 93 vert. Still out here? Thanks Jack
  10. so at the local junkyard there is a 93 Z34 in red and i was wondering if i could take the truck lid and spoiler and put it on my 3.4 euro?
  11. As a former owner of imports decided to purchase a 1996 grand prix se.Always like the look of it.Car was missing various items but found every thing I needed to bring back to life .Have had the car for 8 months now.The major issue was replaceing the transmission.Looking forward to custom painting it .Thinking of changing out factory chrome rims and spoiler.Will post pictures of ongoing process.
  12. After looking at multiple pics, my spoiler doesn't match any of the ones that i have seen with the stoplight mounted underneath it. Were there multiple choices or was it added later? It rubs the antenna when you raise the trunk lid.
  13. I was just referred to this site from another GM forum by a forum member here. I am the second owner of this low mile (40K) GTP with the Getrag HD284 5 speed transmission. General Motors 'Vintage Division' records show that only 84 of this model were imported into Canada in the 1992 production run. The cloth interior appears new unlike what a leather optioned vehicle would have done. While they made huge numbers of these I don't think many of this particular vintage have been preserved as this one has and the remainder of those that are still on the road are in the final stages of being beat to death and ultimately will be recycled. a few modifications where carefully done in a way as not to irreversible, the popular 70/80's BBS look-alike wheels where updated and the track was widened by 2" in the rear using billet wheel spacers, the big pipes are of course a must these days and the Mic Mouse redundant multi-button steering wheel was quickly replaced with a Grant leather edition. the original owner installed the slightly wider than what was available as an OEM rear spoiler and it definitely gives a better visual than that of the narrower GM unit which clears the power antenna when it is up, this wider after market unit does not. I love this cars looks and the ride is not the least bit harsh yet in stays flat in the corners... great car, now if it was rated @ 315 ponies instead of 215 it would be a serious contender but hey it was 1992, that is practically the Stone Age in terms of the evolution of the performace car :~) the running boards, well when you live rural you have to protect the body from the gravel no matter what........
  14. After reading Garrett Powered's Thread about "cut and buff" I figured, time to take care of the '94 GP's spoiler. When I picked the car up last fall there was no clear left on the top of the spoiler There was a very distinct line where it'd been Tuesday afternoon I pulled the spoiler off. I picked up a rattle can of clear at the local PBE store. Instructions on the can stated to use 320 grit paper to ruff the surface. I wet sanded with 400 grit and quickly realized not only was the clear gone, but most of the base coat. I went through to the primer instantly in the first spot I tried to wet sand! Very carefully I proceeded and still lightened the base coat up in spots. Here it is after four coats of clear were applied yesterday evening. Wet sanded it this afternoon with 2000 grit then 2500 grit and finished with 3000 grit. Here it is reinstalled and polished with Adam's Severe Swirl Remover on a green pad, followed by Swirl & Haze Remover on an orange pad and followed up with Fine Machine Polish on their white pad. I used the Flex XC 3401 VRG Polisher to do the work. Yea, there's more orange peel in the spoiler than the rest of the paint, but it actually came out pretty nice for a rattle can.
  15. I am not a pro but I got hooked after installing my first nav unit into a vehicle of mine. This is the 3rd vehicle I have done. So it isn't all pro but I am happy with it. If anyone wants any help with theirs I can answer questions. DNX6960 Nav Bluetooth XM radio module (KCA-XM100V) USB so I can play songs off my android and see titles and artist and control it with the Seek on the steering wheel Oldsmobile Startup Screen added SWI-Jack steering wheel controls I put the XM antenna in front of the rear spoiler (I need to seal between trunk spoiler it since it sticks up a little now, didn't want to crush the wire) and the nav I did double sided tape and put it on the front dash. I did a backup camera in my other two vehicles and was thinking of doing it here but no real place to put it. The Kenwood unit has a rear connection for it. Then just t-connect the reverse on the Kenwood harness to the reverse wire going into the tail lights and it would go on whenever the car was put into reverse. My son wants dvd headrests as I installed those on my other two vehicles (non-convertibles.) I'll probably do it. Whatever plays on the front dvd can be seen on the headrests. That's why I pay insurance so I can do things like put dvd headrests in a convertible Again, I'm not a pro installer just a weekend warrior installer but it gets addictive once you do it to one vehicle. And, just in case you were wondering, no amp or speaker upgrades. I'm more into the nav/video than I am audio. Just a personal preference. Plus people take up a ton of room in their trunk with those things. I would consider a speaker upgrade if it was too bad but I'm happy as is. Also, I'm a Kenwood guy. All three of my installs I have done (all on my vehicles) have been Kenwood. I'm just used to them I guess. I forgot to take pics of the bluetooth mic but it is clipped on to the driver's front pillar.
  16. I just noticed that the spoiler brake light on my GP was not working. Took the cover off and found that the bulbs and contacts were corroded to shit. In the process of cleaning one bulb, I broke it. I went to 3 parts stores here and nobody had one like it. It's 577 bulb identical to this. The parts stores DID have bulbs that looked similar. the glass is a different shape (straight and same diameter as the contacts, not bulbous in the middle) , but the contacts are the same and the overall length is the same. They had ratings of like 12.8v or 13.5v with various amps as well. would any of the these work instead of the one up top? I don't want to get the wrong one and burn wires or melt the housing......
  17. Well somehow someone dented by trunk lid, put a pretty good scratch across, and cracked my spoiler on my 96 GP. So I need a new trunk lid now. Should I look for one with no spoiler or just get one with and paint the spoiler black again (my paint scheme is black and red). Pictures of spoilerless GP's welcome This is my current look
  18. Has anyone here ever tried to put a gen 2 spoiler on their gen 1/gen1.5 vehicle? specifically looking for people with gen 1.5 grand prixs butt if anyone else could chime in that would be great!
  19. So, i just found out that the Z34 trunk lids are not as wide as the sedan trunks, but im having an issue with mounting the Z34 spoiler on my car. How have people in the past mounted the Z34 spoilers on the Sedans?
  20. Okay, im sure some will bag on this, but i need to paint my "new" trunk lid and spoiler and was having a hard time locating matching color in a spray can. I see Duplicolor has code 84 Gunmetal PT# BGM0344 Gunmetal in an 8oz can, but my car is the 87 Gunmetal. The cap looks really close to my car, but wondering if anyone has used it and if its close or exact to the stock color. If not, whats the input on this? We mix paint at the Napa i work for, but can only get the color close, not exact match. What has everyone else done for this color?
  21. Added the spoiler and now there's to much weight on the trunk lid. How do I adjust the spring to hold the extra weight of the spoiler? or do I need to get the spring from the other car?
  22. I was at a pull a part today in Cleveland, and saw what I thought was a strange convertible. I don't know any specific info on how they were equipped, but here is what I saw; 3100 engine, no "lip" tail lights or spoiler, single exhaust. It was definately a 95 because it had the newer dash. I thought all the convertibles had the 3400 motor, duals, and the lip tail lights. Just curious. By the way, if anyone needs parts for one, that particular one is really trashed, so if you need something, I wouldn't drive too far out of your way to see it.
  23. I currently own a 97 Grand Prix GTP that is very slightly modded. Ported and Polished M90 3.5" Pulley AEM 9" ebay cone filter Speed Daddy Headers Autolite 104's Special Edition Spoiler My Roommate owns a 92 Lumina Z34 its not modded..... yet.
  24. I have a 94-6 b4u spoiler waiting to go on, but one of the 'gaskets' on it is torn. Are these readily available or do I need to make one, and what from?
  25. BN

    Need spoiler help

    I'm going to look for a rear spoiler for my 96 Grand Prix 4 dr. Since I already have the third brake light mounted high in the back window I don't want a light on the spoiler. What year(s) spoiler am I looking for that wouldn't have the fixture?
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