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Found 470 results

  1. Since it seems that we do have people that are unsure on how to access speakers, or take apart they're dashes, I figured I would go ahead and upload these. These are the only one's that I currently have. If I am missing some, either they are not available, or I totally forgot about that certain vehicle; Just let me know, and I'll let you know . If a guide is not available, and someone would like to make a nice write up, like the ones in the link, PM me the write up, and I will add it to this. Also, these are currently loaded onto Putfile, which has a 30 day experation, meaning 30 days from the last download, they delete the file off of the system. So... If someone that has a server would be kind enough to download all of these, then upload them to their own and PM me the links, I will glady update this thread. Hopefully this can be added to the FAQ or made a sticky. 88-94 Cutlass 95-97 Cutlass No available guide 88-91 Grand Prix 92-93 Grand Prix 94-96 Grand Prix 97-99 Grand Prix 00-03 Grand Prix 00-05 Impala 98-03 Intrigue 90-94 Lumina 95-99 Lumina/Monte Carlo 88-93 Regal 94-96 Regal 97-00 Regal 95-99 Riviera
  2. This is my ride and recently toasted three speakers. Both rear and drivers door. Have replaced with Sony Xplod speakers but concerned the monsoon amp might do in this set. Any idea where the amp is located? Might bypass it and put in a new radio, my deck is loosing illumination! Mark Morgan
  3. The passenger side dash speaker in the Grand Prix (91, 2dr SE 3.1L) has built a dang house on the fritz. Sounds like someone's making digital popcorn in it whenever I leave the radio on for more than a couple minutes. I'd like to replace both the dash speakers (I'm not a car audio junkie, I'd be fine with some $40 ones from Walmart or something). Does anyone here have any experience with removing and replacing them? I didn't want to jump into it blind. If it turns out I would need to remove any big parts of the dash or something I'd pay someone to do it. Thanks guys.
  4. so, the 5.25 4-way sony units I put in the MC in 2008ish were immediately crap, enough so that I sent the majority of the volume to the rear 6X9s just so I wouldn't have to listen to the front speakers lose all of their shit whenever something sub-150Hz came their way. the factory 5.25 were actually noticeably louder than what those were, along with not sounding like they were abused for years. so, I'm looking at stuff in the $30-40 range and I'm lost. I'm not going to deal with trying to place components in this car, there isn't anywhere I could place a tweeter and not have it look so out of place and still be effective at directing sound. I kind of doubt that i'll want/need them to be amplified to have at least the same apparent volume as the rears while sitting up front, so i'll probably end up with an inline cap("bass blocker") as a high-pass filter with whatever I end up with. so, $40 or less 5.25 composite speakers that aren't going to cause more aggravation than they're worth?
  5. okay so im putting a new HU in my 1995 cutlass with the uq3 6 speaker sytem. i got a sony cdx-gt705dx and i got the scosche gm035 wiring harness. i got everything wired up and first i try the set up without the factory amp connected. and only the front left speakers works and not very well...then i try with the amp connected and i get front left speaker working and only low end signal with lots of background noise in the two rears. front right speaker nvr comes on. i know that these speakers are wired all weird and the ohms are way over spec for this HU is there any easy way i can get these working with out having to rewire all the speakers? also should i keep the rear speakers wired up with both sets of connections or should i unplug one. is there a way i could rewire the factory amp plug to complete the speaker circuits normally?
  6. COMPLETE FOR PARTS - 1993 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible $800.00 Complete Must be towed from Lancaster, PA I've owned the car since 2012, and have since put over $6,000 in parts and repairs: New Convertible Top in 2012 New Kenwood Stereo & Speakers in 2012 Trailer Hitch & Wiring in 2012 New Plugs & Wires in 2013 New Radiator, Thermostat & Hoses in 2013 New Control Module in 2014 New Michelin Tires in 2014 (30% current wear) New Battery in 2014 New Air Conditioning Compressor in 2014 New Ignition Switch & Cruise/Wiper Controls in 2014 New R/H Power Mirror in 2015 3.1 Liter V-6 runs strong and burns no oil. Transmission shifts smoothly. Car has 129k miles. A few minor dents. No rust. The car passed PA Inspection in May, 2015. An electrical short in the wiring harness initiated a contained fire at the inside fuse box, which is beyond my ability to repair. Otherwise, everything was working fine. I will provide a salvage title.
  7. Hey anyone have any ideas why both dash speakers would quit working rear speakers work good is there a fuse that might control this or a possible wire that fell off .....its all stock and has never been tampered with ???? t
  8. I pulled a few sets of speakers out of the Grand Prix I'm parting out. There is a pair of 6x9 Kickers, 4x6 Alpines, and 4x6 Pioneers. Picture with part numbers/ specs are below. I couldn't find much online about them; probably because they're older models. Would these be decent upgrades to the stock speakers in my Monte Carlo? I'd also let em go for cheap if someone wants to buy them as I can't imagine they're worth much. Also pulled this steering wheel control interface that I can't out anything about either. Anyone know anything about it or have any use for it?
  9. Hi guys, im new to the forums just got a 99 GTP supercharged Beautiful car needs alil work runs and drives fine just need some bodywork a motor mount and supercharger coupler. Got her stupid cheap. Would you believe the guy sold it to me for 500 bucks? Anyways, back to subject I bought the car with no head unit in it guy said wasnt working when he bought it. I put in an oem cd player from my grand am gt and radio is fine but no sound out of speakers. I noticed there were alot of speaker wires in the dash and under the carpet to the trunk area. I noticed he did have an aftermarket headunit in the and he wired the speakers individually to bypass the bose oem amp but the speakers are all connected to amp and harness to the radio is it possible the amp is bad is why i have no sound. How do i know the amp is working or on? The fuses are all good in glove box are there more i need to check?
  10. So i have a Monsoon sound system in my Regal but the rear speakers are blown out. What size speakers are they? And speakers from a non Monsoon equipped system are they same? Thanks for the help guys!
  11. I have a 1997 buick Lesabre, with a Concert sound, Radio/ cassette player. The other day I bought a new cd player, / Radio, and had it installed. The sound was very poor, no bass I think the installers installed this wrong. THey are giving me the run a round,, saying that my car speakers are 17 years old,, and thats the problem.. I have since had my old radiio put back in my car. (a different installer). THis installer said that this concert sound radio, had the power going to the speakers, from 8 to 4 ohms,, letting it have more bass , and this is why the new unit sounded like crap. Is there anything to this ?
  12. Okay so I have being searching alot through all this forum about my factory bose system I have in my car. I really havent found the right answer as to what came with it. My car is a 1991 lumina z34 and I have speakers in the dash, in the doors and in behind the back seats. I have heard that the lumina z34 that came with the bose units eliminated the dash speakers. Well besides that I have a problem with it as well. The sound that comes out of them is like if the antenna is trying to find signal but my antenna is intact and there is absolutely no bass in them whatsoever. While driving or accelerating the sound goes higher but could sound really low at times as well. Distorted and muffled and just sound like crap really. Do you guys think my HU is toast or my amp?
  13. Searched this forum but got no hits that helped. Home audio I understand. Car audio is a mystery to me. Have a single popped front speaker in my '92 Lumina Euro 3.4. No continuity through the voice coil. Original Delco AM/FM/Cassette in-dash unit. Speaker is apparently a 4 X 6 (2.5" depth) driver with whizzer cone, rated at 9.5 ohms according to the ink-stamp on the magnet assembly. I'm guessing the original Delco in-dash unit will wet it's pants when faced with a 4-ohm load. Other than grabbing another W-body speaker at the Treasure Yard, is there an aftermarket speaker pair that will: Sound at least as good as the OEM GM speaker Not blow up the OEM receiver/cassette deck Fit in the original plastic housing without hassle Preferably connects to the OEM wiring harness (I'll consider an adapter if needed.) Every aftermarket 4 x 6 speaker I see on Amazon lists 4-ohm impedance, or doesn't list the impedance, or has greater than 2.5" depth. [EDIT] The original speaker is much more shallow than 2.5 inches. More like 1.5 inches from magnet to mounting flange.[/EDIT]
  14. I was wondering if anyone had a solution for how I can change my hud to metric as I am a Canadian. I curently have it off as I am doing a dash repair and thought now would be good time to tackle it while the wires are exposed in case it involves moving one around?????? I also recomend if you go to all the trouble taking dash off change stock speakers . It is the only way to get at them.
  15. I've got a pair of 6b9s for my rear deck, and had a question. Can the speakers be replaced without pulling the deck, or does that really have to come off to get them in there? Car in sig BTW.
  16. So I have some infinity's in my car right now (5 1/4 up front) and my brother in law just gave me some brand new sony xplod 6 1/2 speakers that he hasn't been able to put in anything. Free stuff! But now I've been trying to decide what to do. I've wanted to put 6.5 in my car for a little while now but haven't had the extra money laying around. There's nothing wrong with the infinity's, they actually sound pretty sweet, but the bigger speaker would theoretically give me some more low end/ mid bass (which I like). I was hoping to get some of your guys' opinions on which ones would sound best? It's hard to decide because Sony speakers seem to get a bad rep online. Thanks!
  17. I hope I haven't asked about this before but im pretty sure the door speakers and dash speakers are 4x6's, if thats the case woulde these fit? Anybody who has replaced and knows the room available?
  18. I'm new here so I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not, but I have a 95 Lumina LS with 5 1/4 inch front door speakers and was wondering if I would be able to install 6 1/4 or 6 1/2 inch speakers without much trouble. Anybody know?
  19. I was browsing Crutchfield today, and that brought up a couple questions. First, the door speakers are listed as being 4x6; is that true? Second, all Alpine head units are shown as not fitting. That can't really be correct can it? From the product pictures, I don't see anything that would prevent installation. The car in question is in my sig.
  20. Hi folks, can someone please tell me the size of them and how to get to them? 93 vert. Thanks in advance! Jack
  21. 97-02??Buick regal rear speaker wire crossover to aftermarket ones. Mines a 99' You should be able to replace them with any aftermarket speaker assuming they are 4ohm speakers. Entire rear seat will have to be rmvd, pull tabs under bottom seat first and lift @same time, then rmve nuts at seatbelt bkls, 18mm socket. Then there's 2 smaller nuts,10mm deep socket, 2 ppl left back cushion straight up. Nxt step pull 3 black tabs at top of seat, be careful. Rmve plastic side panels be careful, not sure how to pull out w/o breaking heads off. Carefully pull out back carpet panel and disconnect brake light wire on passenger side. Speaker screws come out with ST20 star tip in a 1/4" socket and socket wrench. Then you'll see there's 4 speakers, the 6x9's are actually subwoofers and the other speaker is considered a midrange so wire the aftermarkets to to the midrange wire . theres a separate tweeter, there will be a crossover back there somewhere inline on the speaker wires. hook up the aftrmrkt to the wires before the crossover otherwise you will not have any highs. Midrange spkrs right side dark blue + light blue - left side brown + yellow - the wire colors for the subwoofers are right light blue/black - dark green + left light green/black - dark blue/white +
  22. I want to keep the factory cd/cassette radio with the steering wheel controls in my Cutlass Coupe. I really like the stock look, but I definately want to upgrade how the stock crappy system sounds. Obviously I want new speakers, but I want some more power too. Can an amp be mounted in the trunk, routed to the factory head unit, and work ok? I don't want to get crazy with subs, and additional speakers. I just want it to look stock inside the car, but sound a bunch better. Any thoughts on speakers?
  23. I recently installed a Bulldog remote starter system using a T-Harness to avoid cutting ignition switch wires. When finished, the system works flawlessly with the exception of an unintended issue with the stereo. The audio is not coming through the speakers. The stereo is working, and I hear sound when I turn the ignition off before removing the key. With the key in the run position or accessory the radio works, but no sound. Any Ideas?..Thanks
  24. I have an 89 Grand Prix SE with the "Performance" audio system in it, EQ, steer wheel controls... Every time I turn it on it pops and squeals through the speakers, no matter what the volume is the "pops" are always loud, the speakers are not blown out as far as I can tell, I checked all the harness connections, antenna etc. I do get some radio stations that come in as well as I hooked my iPod up and ran it through the tape player, it worked but still had the pops and squeals. Does anyone have any thoughts? I do believe it has an amplifier (factory installed) could that just be bad? I really want to keep the stock system the car is low mileage (47xxx) and super clean and original Thanks in advance
  25. Hello all-- '94 Cutlass Supreme convertible with factory radio with cd player. Previous owner replaced the rear 6.5" speakers with something unknown and "better"... They must use up more juice because it doesn't seem balanced unless I have the radio controls heavily to the rear. Even so, with the top up I need to have the volume up 3/4 of the way for it to sound adequate. The sound quality is iffy at best and the CD player doesn't work. It definately needs to go. Limitations: Based on posts I've read here, I understand the factory alternator will not tolerate more than a 500W amp. I don't intend on getting into any bass competitions and I don't need to wake up the neighbors. I just want to be able to hear the radio and have decent sound quality. It's the 3.4DOHC and I also understand that alternator replacement is not easy...I don't want to get into that right now. What I have to work with: Years ago I bought a sound system I intended on putting into another vehicle and never got around to it. It includes two 10" Pioneer subwoofers, two Rockford-Fosgate T142C 4" cones, two pioneer 6x9 TSA6980R rear speakers, a Aiwa CDC X504MP deck and a 1000W Pioneer GM5000T amp. I was thinking of using the amp and one of the subwoofers for this setup. Not sure what the front speaker size is....obviously the 6x9's won't work. Should I piece something together out of this mess? Or, can someone reccomend a respectable setup that won't break the bank (or fry my alternator)? Thanks all, Scotty
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