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Found 554 results

  1. These were out of a 1995 Cutlass, they are for a 4 door car. They're in good shape slight wear on the drivers seat bottom. All power functions on the drivers seat work I'm asking $300 obo. Local pickup only the seats are in Glen Burnie MD Some more pictures
  2. I have some parts for sale that I took off of my black 4-door 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Special Edition before junking it. I may have additional parts I will list as I come across them, but the parts I currently have ready to go are listed below (followed by pics). *There are no "dibs", as I do not hold parts for anyone. First to pay for the part gets it.* If you are serious about buying, or are looking to get more than one item, there is some room to talk on pricing, but please do not bother with lowball offers. Payment can be cash in person, or as a gift payment through PayPal in advance. I would prefer not to ship the bigger pieces, so locals will have first crack/preference on those. I live in the Naperville/East Aurora area (Illinois) and am willing to meet with someone up to the Warrenville, Lisle, West Chicago, etc. area, but no further. If you have any questions, please PM me. SPECIAL EDITION SPECIFIC PARTS Spoiler (without trunk lid) - $100 FIRM This is the same spoiler found on the 2000 Daytona 500 and 40th Anniversary Editions. Clear coat peeling badly on spoiler, but in otherwise solid shape. NO TRUNK LID! *SOLD* Special Edition roof rails/fences - $150 Again, same as found on the 2000 Daytona 500 and 40th Anniversary Editions. In pretty solid overall condition. Also fits the Monte Carlo! *SOLD* Special Edition 2-tone interior - $250 2-tone charcoal/graphite and light gray. Includes front passenger seat, both parts of back seat, all 4 door panels (sedan) and gray dash and center console trim pieces. The driver's seat was rough, so I did not keep it. The rest is in decent shape. REGULAR GP/GTP PARTS Heads-up display (HUD) - $80 Includes HUD unit, dash cover and switches; wire harnesses can be included if needed. *SOLD* Driver Info Center (DIC) - $40 Works perfectly. *SOLD* Factory 7-band EQ CD Player - $30 Some of the lights stopped working after I opened up the faceplate to swap display light bulbs, but the display works and it plays CDs without a problem. *SOLD* Front strut tower bar - $15/each *only 1 left* - These are the same bars found on the Regal GS and Monte Carlo SS, as well as the GMPP handling kit upgrade. Can be used on front or rear. There's a little bit of rust where the bolts were, but they're in decent overall shape. *SOLD* GMPP font & rear sway bar kit - $130 Only about 1000 miles on these. This upgrades the front sway bar to 34mm. The ends of the stock hollow sway bars are known for rusting out and breaking off. If you have to replace it anyway, might as well upgrade! Comes with end links and bushings. *SOLD* ZZP 3" catted bolt-in downpipe - $200 This is 100% brand new. I bought it several years ago and never installed it. It is currently $220+ shipping on ZZP's site to configure a downpipe this way, so you can save a decent chunk of change.
  3. Hi: My 2008 LaCrosse CX came with all the power accessories on it (windows, locks, seats). My early 90s Regal did not (the locks were standard, but mine had manual windows and manual seats). I didn't want to deal with any hassles. My 84 Cutlass Supreme (RWD) had several problems with both the power windows and the power seat as it got older and I was not at all happy with that. Have the power accessories on W-bodies gotten better and more reliable? I would think so. Now even more basic cars like Chevy Cruzes and Ford Focuses come with power windows standard. Any feedback from folks with W-bodies from 1995 to 2005 as to how power accessories which you couldn't work around manually (such as windows) have been holding up? Thanks.
  4. My 1997 Cutlass Coupe has the dark gray leather seats. I found a 1993 Cutlass with what looks like the exact same color seats. Did the color change from one year to the next? My car is nowhere near the junk yard, so I can't just pull the seat and compare. The seat I found is literally perfect. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hey guys. Today I had the demand to clean the carpet under the seats and additional cleaning and lube the seat mechanic. So on the passenger side I have seen a unknown cutted wire with full voltage on. Does anybody know for what this wire is ? It is stock ? Thank´s. Johannes from germany.
  6. Want to replace my front seats in my 98 MC. Are all w-body front seats interchangeable? What about power seat connections? Also, what about back seat swaps?
  7. Don't know if anyone can help me but here goes. My 1995 Buick Riviera was recently totaled in a parking lot by a drunk driver. My work let me take the 1997 Lumina 3.1 4 door to use. I insured and registered it and it runs great. Problem is the front seats are shot and I called numerous places and no one has a pair. One junkyard told me the only difference between GM seats from those years are the way the tracks bolt to the floor. Older cars have 4 bolts and newer cars have 2 bolts in back and a front hinge that secures the seat. He told me I could use newer Impala seats and all I would have to do is unbolt the track from my seats and put them on the impala seats and they will bolt right in. He claims all GM seats , even the buckets and split bench in front can interchange tracks because all the seats have the same bolt pattern, it's just the bottom tracks that secure the seat to the floorpan that is different. Could this be true because I found a 2002 Impala with the same color split front bench in flawless condition and if all I have to do is switch tracks Ill buy them right now. Thanks for any help. Bigbad1 Sorry I had to edit this , My lumina has cloth bucket seats in the front that touch each other. Not a split bench. Sorry.
  8. Was wondering if some 2000-2005 2nd Gen Monte Carlo seats will direct swap into my 2000 Buick Century 2nd Gen? I've found a great deal on some and I want to make sure they'll fit before I press the GO button.
  9. I'm seriously thinking about making a tribute car. I have 95 Vert. So, 31st anniversary 442 didn't sound good. So, i'm thinking doing SX 25 Year anniversary tribute. I would use the 2nd Gen hood louvers and rear bucket seats, and maybe convert to manual? What thoughts do you have?
  10. Looking to swap the ugly cloth seats in my car, looking at 98 Grand prix seats, are they a direct bolt in? I'm also looking to swap the center console, what center consoles. Work in these cars?
  11. CDN

    Seat questions

    My lumina is in need of a driver seat replacement, had a nice big tear in it when I got her and the foam is pretty shot as well. From what I have been reading, it is possible to use a passenger seat in place of the driver's seat. My first question is in a 99 Lumina, is it a simple matter of unbolt old driver's seat and drop in a passenger's seat? If not, do I have to swap the hardware under the seats or something? I know this has been asked before but I just want to make sure that I'm reading things right. If it's as simple as it sounds, not counting a stubborn nut or something, might be a easy enough project to take care of when I have some downtime. Thanks ~Ryan
  12. Selling my little green baby. The head gasket is leaking and hubby says no to fixing it up. (OK, so he did buy me another car). Has 173,000 miles, the top and rear window replaced 8 1/2 years ago. I installed a rebuilt top motor 4 years ago and works perfectly and I know the transmission was rebuilt around 93,000 miles by previous owner. Car starts and runs and has less then 400 miles on it since the head gasket started leaking. New Goodyear Eagles installed Dec 2013 (479 miles ago) and the cracked leather seats were rebuilt and reupholstered in tan cloth in Nov 2013. It is dark green with a black top (originally had a tan top but went with black when I replaced it). I do have a set of 1995 Camaro rear window sweeps that will go with the car and can be modified to fit as replacements and the tie rods ends need replacing according to Goodyear (when I had the tires installed) I have a black boot cover and storage bag and an owners manual to go with the car. Car is located in Topeka, KS and I am asking $900.00. Feel free to text me at 785-608-5670.
  13. I just picked upped my 6th cutlass's a red with black hop and gray inter.was a CA car until about 4 years has a great body with the factory paint still shiny. It needs a but of work like a top and new seats and arm rest. The biggest problem is the lady who Owned it had a oil leak and let the oil get low and now the 3.1 has a knock.but it was cheap and I could big let it go to the junk yard. Now I just need to come up with the parts needed.
  14. Hey there, I own a 2002 Chevy Impala LS 3.8lt. This is my 3rd 1st was a 2001 Impala police package...bought it at a poljce auction, was a good car but had electrical issues cause before they sold it they remove all the police equipment and in the process cut a bunch of wires and for about 2 yrs it was a pain. Got rid of it thinkin no more Impala for me after about a year ki da missed my impala ended up getting a 2000 chevy impala base model. Learned the car in and out. Had it for about 2 yrs and sold it. Thought I wanted something different. Boy was I wrong. About 1 yr later I decided I was gonna get me another impala but this one had to be the full package Impala so I got the 2002 Chevy Impala LS. Black,All leather, Power Sunroof, power heated seats, Spoiler, Onstar,etc. It has right now 195,000 miles and still purrs like a kitten with a mean
  15. Okay so I have being searching alot through all this forum about my factory bose system I have in my car. I really havent found the right answer as to what came with it. My car is a 1991 lumina z34 and I have speakers in the dash, in the doors and in behind the back seats. I have heard that the lumina z34 that came with the bose units eliminated the dash speakers. Well besides that I have a problem with it as well. The sound that comes out of them is like if the antenna is trying to find signal but my antenna is intact and there is absolutely no bass in them whatsoever. While driving or accelerating the sound goes higher but could sound really low at times as well. Distorted and muffled and just sound like crap really. Do you guys think my HU is toast or my amp?
  16. I have another post going concerning identifying the wires for the power driver seat from a 1997 Grand Prix It took a bit of looking but I found the owners manual online and discovered the seat has lumbar support I have 6 wires going to the seat wiring harness 2 are larger gauge black and orange and when I put 12v to them, the "up/down/front/back" worked There are four additional small gauge wires: pink, light blue, black w/white stripe, and smaller orange If you figure lumbar support and the seat belt warning minimum, I might also have heated seats! If anyone has the wiring diagram, it would be GREATLY appreciated if you could help me figure this out Thanx in advance Paul
  17. l67ss

    WTF GM!!!

    Well a lil over a year ago i put some seats from an 05 monte in my 97. After install i realized that the driver side didnt lean forward due to no lever from the factory. Was gonna grab one from a jy and convert. Decided to pull back the leather to see if i had to drill any holes. Know what i found? THE F-IN LEATHER. Five minutes later with a razor blade it leans forward and looks stock. Seem to me tme that it would have been cheaper justto cut it at the factory. Or just leave the lever out entirely. Wtf
  18. Long story short I'm tryna scoop this crashed jr edition from my old job my old boss sound he gonna scrap it he just wants cash to buy bullets. If I remember it was a front end hit enough to total it and it won't start so he is unsure on the motor. Tires are shot rims are nice. I need the trans want the rear suspension seats and other random shit. So what would you guys offer my guy says 400 as scrap cars don't get much.
  19. There is a 2003 for sale near me with a few minor problems, but the one that sticks out is the a/c. The current owner says it kills the engine when you turn it on. Is this common? A cheap and easy fix? Or a true wallet emptying pita? What would be a reasonable price for a car with this problem? 2003 pw, pdl, power seats, cd, spoiler, interior and exterior in very nice shape, automatic w/console shifter, 148k. Edited to add that it is a four door. Thanks in advance
  20. Had the idea of using 97-02 gp two door door jams, quarter windows, inner doors, 00-05 monte seats and making a two door regal. Anyone kno if a regal windshield is the same angle as a gp?
  21. everyone tells me that the seats are easily changed from alot of w-body cars. question=- i want to put a 98 luimna passenger front seat into the drivers front of a 1991 cutless ciera. i looked at all kinds of 1999 malibu,s etc, at the salvage yard. i do:think:n,t see them to bolt right in. Am i missing something? thanks for any advice.
  22. Does anyone have one or could anyone post one? I'd be forever in gratitude. I'm trying to explain a concept to somebody but I'm 900 miles away from mine. I'm just looking for a short video showing each of the different bladders inflating/deflating, showing the range of motion/operation.
  23. Did the first generation W-Body ever come with a power front passenger seat? I have a power front driver seat but the passenger seat is manual. I wanted to look around in junkyards but I need to know first if GM ever built one.
  24. So, I got to thinking, after a lot of late night surfing on the web... I know for a fact that the 2nd generation seat frames are different than the 1st, mostly in the fact that these seats slide into the floor in the front, and are bolted down in the back with 2 bolts, whereas the 1st gen uses 4 bolts all around, but the general size looks about the same, give or take... Would it be possible to swap a 2nd gen seat onto a 1st gen seat frame with no issues? I haven't been able to go to the junkyard to measure, but from view, the seats seem to keep their original size. The back seats seem different, but I would assume that's not a major biggie, as I'm more interested in the front seats. Anyone has done this, or thought about it?
  25. I pulled a nice set of front buckets and rear seats from a 95' GP 4dr for my 95' GP 2dr. Everything bolted up nicely except for having to swap the forward tilt adjuster hinge. Sedans dont have that feature. Something seems different with the rear seat but not quite sure exactly what it is other than the cloth material. Anyone know what differences there are between the two body styles?
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