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Found 30 results

  1. WHERE: Highbanks Metropark in Columbus and lodging at Motel 6 on High Street. Park:,-83.02755,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x676a1752a0d79aac Hotel:,-83.015487,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdb852f5e8c2c84c WHEN: Saturday, June 27th around 12PM WHO: Hopefully you and a lot of other W-Body folks WHAT: BBQ and hang out -- I know there are junkyards in the area as well. WHY: Because it's awesome. HOW: Hopefully by automobile. I have booked a block of 15 rooms for Friday and Saturday night at $45.99+tax/night -- all you have to do is show up that day and pay for one of the rooms. I need to get a headcount and attempt to work out if I will need to reserve any more rooms so nobody gets left out but there is also a RRI butting up against the Motel 6 property so that makes it a little easier if we have a larger turnout. -- there's an event on FaceBook I will keep updated. Please invite people that I may have missed. I hope to get some new faces at this meet as I know there are some folks in Dayton that have W-Body events that would be likely to attend.
  2. As we did last year . . . . or the year before we had a fundraiser. I'm selling bags of Ruffles All Dressed Chips for $5. All proceeds (not just profits) go to the forum. Again, I'm capping the fundraiser @ 20 bags and if we reach our goal, it's $100 to the Space Bobby forum. In the same way that we usually list meet attendance please put your screen name Amount of bags of chips that you want to purchase and copy the others and tally a total. Until further notice because of previous demand there's a cap of 3 bags per person. Thanks in advance for your generousity.
  3. I need to know how many rooms to reserve and get dinner reservations set up, please post how many will be joining us Al: 2 Total so far: 2
  4. First off, my contact info so anyone can join us at anytime and I can lead everyone to the group or the next stop Al Walker 4193764073 We will all be staying at the Red Roof Inn again, the reservations are set up and ready to be booked. Reservation is under W-body. Red Roof Inn 1570 South Reynolds rd Toledo, OH 43614 419-893-0292 Room rate is 64.99 per night, I tried getting it cheaper, but to no avail. Friday night plans are to get checked into the hotel and eat dinner at Jeds, Jeds is in the same parking lot so you can just walk over and join the member that have already arrived Saturday morning we will head over to Sidecut park and have lunch, we will grill up some burgers and hot dogs and have other snacks as well Sidecut Metropark 1025 West River rd Maumee, Oh 43537 Map: Saturday after the park, some people will want to go junkyarding, some will want to go to the bowling alley, some will want to play putt putt, all these options are available, I can post more on those later Saturday evening, Dinner at Shawns at 730 Shawns Irish Tavern 4400 Heatherdowns Blvd Toledo, OH 43614 Map: Saturday after the bar we will most likely come back to the hotel and hang out Sunday morning, breakfast at Bob Evans, I would like to reserve the table for 10am, this may be too early for some of our crew Bob Evans 2433 South Reynolds Rd Toledo, OH 43614 Map:
  5. Hello everybody ! In ebay germany is currently an TGP: with no reserve price ! What do you think about it, and what is such an car worth ? greetings HEMI
  6. Last spring you may recall seeing piles of bags of Ruffles chips for $3.00 each and if you didn't buy one you might regret it, because this year price gone up, maybe $5.00. Be a man!! do the right thing!! Reference to joke here: So here's the deal: All-Dressed chips can be acquired for $5.00 per bag. I'm capping this at 20 bags and 3 per person first come, first served basis. Why so expensive??? 100% of proceeds go to the forum, so if I can unload all 20 bags, the forum will get $100 in donations. On sale, these bags (after taxes) put me out roughly $2.50 each. The way I figure it, if I can fork out $2.50 per bag, you can too! Plus you actually get potato chip unobtainium. If you want to reserve a bag or two . . . or three, put your name and the number of bags reserved (if you want more than three, just put a plus symbol beside the three and we'll come back to you (first come, first served basis) if all twenty don't sell. Format similar to signing up for events: 1.) BXX Evans: 1 Bag 2.) W-space-Bobby: 2 Bags ================== Total 3 Thanking everyone in advance for helping raise some monies for the forum.
  7. ok so im doing a meet in the wisconsin dells may 16th, 17th and 18th. for those who dont know about the dells its the waterpark capital of the world. its 3 towns that make up the area. tons of things to do lots of hotels. im trying to get ideas on what people will want to do. there is a big car show going on at noah's ark which is the largest waterpark in america. there is suppose to be 1200 cars unfortunatly its only for 1989 or older cars. well im open to suggestions brandon and i were talking about finding a close racetrack to go mess around at. Automotion Car Show | Get Info About The Classic Car Show & Swap Meet and when it comes down to the last week all the people who are going it would be nice for you to post your number so we can all keep in touch if you are in please comment that you are in thanks. just want to keep track. here is the link for the hotel. Wisconsin Dells Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Resorts | Call 855.247.0210 for Reservations or Information tentative schedule courtesy of explicit spade Friday May 17th 2013: Whenever you show up- Hotel Check in at Mt. Olympus Hotel 7PM: Parking Lot Meet & Greet BBQ (Might need to make sure this is allowed before we get carried away with the idea.) 10PM: Cosmic Bowling at Knucklehead's (Close at Midnight) 12PM: Hotel Beverage Consumption and Cougar Hunting Expedition Saturday May 18th 2012 10AM: Breakfast at Paul Bunyans Cook Shanty (All you can eat breakfast buffet until noon) Noon: Car Show 3PM: Cruise the Dells 5PM: Eats 7PM: Edge O' Dells Burnout Contest 10PM: Hotel Beverage Consumption and Cougar Hunting Expedition Sunday May 19th 2012 10AM: Farewell Breakfast to those that are leaving NOON: 92 Holes of Mini-Golf 3PM: Go Karts 4PM: Cruise 6PM: Eats 7PM: Hotel Things i am personally going to be there around 6 if anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment current list of attendees Brandonl2000 explicit spade bio248 tony mendez blueguy91 btownmills odi matt5112 99pgpgt Nick walsky Colin moris nick stamper nickell redlinepontiac chris breitkreutz ralm regalgsshocker jteske88 taz magister koniig collindunn elrodd384
  8. My 89 TGP is up for bid on Ebay without a reserve. Starting bid is only $1500. Please check it out, good luck bidding. Dont hesitate to ask any questions. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone! I am new here and new to asking advice. I was married to a mechanic and well he usually handled all this stuff and well lets not get into all that. I recently got a donated car (paid a cheap amount, and runs pretty good and not in paid shape) BUT it is now having an issue of leaking Antifreeze pretty bad (the reserve tank runs almost empty in a couple days that's how bad), and the lower hose is hard.. Please any advice on what it would be and how much it would cost. Money is really tight at the moment, won't get into details... Just need to know if there is something I can do to hold me over til pay day, am I really screwed. Is it the Waterpump? I am pretty sure the Radiator is in good shape.... I am just not sure if I am going to be okay driving it another week.. It has not overheated yet or anything just leaking and have to put Antifreeze in every couple days and the lower hose is hard... PLEASE HELP.. Thanks, Christine
  10. Hello everyone! I am new here and new to asking advice. I was married to a mechanic and well he usually handled all this stuff and well lets not get into all that. I recently got a donated car (paid a cheap amount, and runs pretty good and not in paid shape) BUT it is now having an issue of leaking Antifreeze pretty bad (the reserve tank runs almost empty in a couple days that's how bad), and the lower hose is hard.. Please any advice on what it would be and how much it would cost. Money is really tight at the moment, won't get into details... Just need to know if there is something I can do to hold me over til pay day, am I really screwed. Is it the Waterpump? I am pretty sure the Radiator is in good shape.... I am just not sure if I am going to be okay driving it another week.. It has not overheated yet or anything just leaking and have to put Antifreeze in every couple days and the lower hose is hard... PLEASE HELP.. Thanks, Christine
  11. Good Day! The HVAC Vent Controls on my 90 Lumina V6/3.1 are inop. I just picked up the car recently and this is one of the problems it came with. The Fan control works, but only blows air through the Heater vents... I'm assuming the Heater vent is the Default vent. The Temperature control works. There is no Vent control/switching. Can anyone tell me where the Vacuum source for the HVAC controls connects up inside the engine compartment, what path it takes, and/or where the vacuum source enters the interior? Also, at idle, what number should I be getting on a Vacuum Guage for a normal reading? When I first got the car it had a Vac leak... I replaced a 3 way check valve and a hose to the reserve tank in the drivers side fender. My Haines manual doesn't have schematics for the HVAC for my car... nor much of anything else regarding the system in general. I'm assuming the vents are controlled by an electronic vac solenoid bank of sorts.
  12. I have a chance to buy some polished, 2000 TA 5 spoke wheels. I thought I read somewhere that they would work on my TGP. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Same rims in this auction.
  13. my thought before, and again... is that you could splice the wires from a salvaged OBD2 car's connector into the wires from an obd 1.5 Data Link Connector(spliced in parrallel, so as to both availible), and be able to read the codes with a OBD 2 computer reader anywhere. Part of the reason for me wondering if this is possible is that a few times I have looked into it I have been told that an adapter was needed to link their diagnotic computer to the DLC 94 CS OBD 1.5 DLC pinout (12 pin connector) M L K J H G A B C D E F A BLK ground J DK GRN entertainment and comfort serial data K PPL Diagnotic request to diagnostic energy reserve module M TAN serial data input/output OBD2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 2 PPL 4 BLK (Chassis) Ground 5 BLK (pcm?) Ground 9 TAN Baud Data 16 ORN power source, 12+volts (Note 4,5=Ground 16=Battery+ are standard pins for the OBD-II standard thoughts and comments?
  14. If you have seen it, I have created a HUD information thread that has been transfered to FAQ. I would like to add the best pictures I can into this thread. heres that thread: (please do not post in it, Pm me if you have info to add instead),48675.0.html I also hope to compose a "features" internet page that may be incorporated into the main W-page (shawn, gnat-go-splat is welcome to the idea) to show the world about this feature of W-bodies. I hope this will be the first of serveral that I can compose. I would like the best pictures i can get of you HUDS, you HUD controls, (and E/M switches!) I also require a view of the info that your hud displays. Both of 'normal driving' and in test mode. For the test mode, which is when all the indicators light up when the HUD or KEY is turned on, I would prefer it with a black back ground. ALSO!!!! custom installation pics are welcome! Prize? You get your picture immortialized on W-body. I will select the best pics I can get. Rules? Has to be a picture that you took. No photos copyrighted by someone else. You can post them here if you choose, and/or you can submitt them to email: juggernautken(symbol at) subject: attn HUD photo What will i do with the pics? They will be inserted into the HUD thread, You will be given photo courtesy of credit and have you picture permanently displayed. I reserve the right to edit, resize, crop, and mark or watermark them. They may also be copied and hosted from an alternate site to protect them from loss. PLEASE STATE THE MODEL MAKE AND YEAR! Best photos will be copied and transposed here. 1st GEN HUD CS GP 2nd GEN HUD CS GP 3rd GEN HUD CS (prototype only) GP 4th GEN HUD GP custom installs GOOD LUCK! edit: since Regal_GS_1989 said he might have other other options to photograph, (I applaud him for the use of a tripod) and I already hinted at it... future items i will be writing up and want pictures of include SWRC, radios, DIC/DIS, instrument clusters, overhead consoles, climate control, seatbelts, and even seating options. and i think of something new every day. and last thought... i would like you to know that I am not including any photos of my own stuff. the contest is yours.
  15. As Matt mentioned in the IL meet thread, he and I went to Volo to scope out the area, and plan something out. This place kicks ass, and will be well worth the trip for anyone who's a classic/muscle car enthusiast. There's also a nice little restaurant JUST down the street to eat at afterwards. So here's the deal: They have a little spot that we can reserve for car club meets, which would be perfect. The guy in charge of organizing/scheduling that wasn't in, though. So the lady I was talking to took down my name and number, and told me someone would be in contact with me tomorrow. This means I should probably have a date picked out tomorrow, so I can just reserve it, and be done with it. We need at least a month advance so people have plenty of time to put in a notice/ask for the day off. I work on the 5th of August, so that dates out. I was thinking either July 29th, or if that's too close still, August 12th. Also, I don't THINK there is a fee to do this, but in case there is, I need to know if everyone is willing to chip in a few bucks to cover it (I'll split up the cost evenly with everyone attending). SO......please let me know as soon as you can which day is ok with you. Select a date from the poll, and then post which date you selected on here. If either one is ok, pick the one you'd prefer on the poll, and then state, "I picked xx, but either date is ok".
  16. J

    2006 niagra falls meet?

    So when we were kickin back having a few 40's we decided it would be awsome to have a Canadian meet, in Niagra falls. It would be around the same time like late July of 2006. As me a Chris (slick) found out it will take much more planning to get it done right and have more than 10 guys show up. A few of the guys have been there (i have not, but have always wanted to) and have said it is a little pricy. We could all figure out who is going and then reserve rooms and even have a bunch of members share a room, like we did this past 2005 meet. It would prolly be a 3 day meet or even a long weekend such as take off afriday or monday (we'll figure it out when the tome comes). The purpose of this thread is to see who is interested, and to let some of you who work 80 hrs a week let your boss know in advance. So i'm gonna start this poll to ask if you would be interested in going. Thanks in advance guys. Jay
  17. It's possible I might have a 94 Cutlass Supreme 4 door for a parts car for my 94 Cutlass Conv. The car with 120,000 mi is overheating and getting bubbles in the coolant tank so he might dump it cheap. I can use the tranny right away but not sure besides the obvious stuff what other parts I should make sure to grab before I call the junk yard. I figure the electronic stuff like sensors and the ECU are good to have around for troubleshooting. I am hoping there will be some swapable parts like door motors etc. I just don't want to throw away some hard to find stuff and so I can have a future parts reserve. Before I call the junk yard. Any Ideas?
  18. ^^for the link search vehicals and 1990-1990 chevrolet lumina^^^ I emailed the guy for some pictures, maby he will have some. He's in Beverly Hills, CA, so I can't go see it. I'm stuck in PA with the hicks. So what do you think?
  19. This is the rim for a 2000-2005 Impala or Monte Carlo. It has the same 5x115 lug pattern as the gen 1 wheels and a similiar offset... Does anyone know if these will fit on a 1992 lumina? example: This is a similiar rim, but I'm not interested in these. The impala type seems to have the entire wheel center being more recessed and the rim lip protrudes out by comparison. which is to ask... will they clear the calipers and not rub the struts... thanks -ken. P.S. I run Olds 98 rims on my CS, I filed the caliper bracket for the 11 rotors slightly to fit. and thats fine by me
  20. Evolution Performance, Inc. 3606 Market St. Aston, PA 19014 (2 Minutes Off I-95) 610-485-3596 Evolution Performance 3-Day Summer Sizzler Monster Truck Bigfoot - Thursday, July 14th - Saturday, July 16th We will be having Monster Truck Bigfoot on display Thursday, July 14th - Saturday, July 16th. - Come See Bigfoot Crush Cars Live and In Person - Free Food and Drinks - $2000 Worth Of Giveaways Dyno Day & Custom Car, Truck, and Bike Show - Saturday, July 16th We will be having a Custom Car, Truck, and Bike Show Saturday, July 16th at 10:00am If you would like to show your vehicle, please call us at (610) 485-3596 or e-mail us at so we can reserve you a spot! Dyno Day - Saturday, July 16th: 10:00am - Midnight Mustang Dyno MD-1100 Two Power Pulls and One 1/4 Mile Simulation Run with RPM Hook Up, Print Outs of your Power Pulls, and 1/4 Mile Run for $50.00. Each additional Power Pull or 1/4 Mile Run is $10.00 **DYNO Day Specials** Nitrous Filling: $3.00lb. Special Pricing: All Members will get special pricing on Performance Parts, Accessories, Wheels & Tires, Safety Equipment, Etc. Every $1000.00 you spend in the Speed Shop, you will receive One Free Dyno Pull! Custom Tuning We offer custom tuning for all types of Cars and Trucks. Including Diesel, Gas, Carbureted, and Fuel-Injected applications! For more info, please call 610-485-3596 for more info! Private Dyno Sessions We are also taking appointments for Private Dyno Testing with Air/Fuel Readings at your convenience. Call 610-485-3596 for prices! Car Clubs & Forums If you would like to schedule a Dyno Day exclusively for your Car Club or Forum, please e-mail us at for availability! Evolution Performance, Inc. 3606 Market St. Aston, PA 19014 Please reply to this thread if you plan on attending so we can start a head count!
  21. Just to let ya'll know it's creeping up on us here pretty soon, let everyone you talk to know (from the w board) and reserve your room! That means you Chris, Davis, Tony ETC ETC Its gonna be a fun time guys. later Jay pm me 4 my #
  22. I was looking on ebay and i found this: The good thing is that it only has 100k miles on it and its in my city. The bad news is that there is a reserve on it so i didn't bid. But what i did is i e-mailed the seller telling them that if the price doesn't reach the reserve i would like to comeby and take a look at the car and perhaps make a deal. I'm sure they are desperate to sell it because they are moving down under. I still haven't gotten a response after 1.5 days. Good plan?
  23. So my low coolant light came on and i check my rad. and my reserve and they were both fine. Is there a sensor that could be going bad?Oh this is on my 94 gp se. Any ideas?
  24. Well...seems like the 2004 W-body meet's not gonna happen as planned, so I'm gonna plan one here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'll be calling a few dyno shops this week to see what they charge and if they have group rates. I'll also call the local track and see if we can reserve the track for a day. The meet will be the second weekend of August. Either Thursday the 5th through Sunday the 8th, or Friday the 6th through that same Sunday. Please look at your schedules now and let me know how many of you will be able to make it to Lincoln that weekend for a meet. There are adequeate hotels here of all prices.
  25. Many of you remember my thread about the two W's being down I won't bump it back to the top. Well I finally put a new radiatior on the Loomie. I warmed her up to check for leaks, and noticed that the fan on the drivers side cut on, but the passengers side did not. I don't want to drive it if it will run hot due to the aluminum engine. Does anyone know if they they run in tandem or if one comes on to cool and the other acts as a reserve to cover heavy cooling needs? Thanks!!
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