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Found 158 results

  1. These are 4th gen f-body weatherstrips in nice shape, cut and trimmed to length, clips removed and ready to drill and install on your 1992-1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible. An excellent replacement for the oem weatherstrip that cracks and deteriorates over time. Here are some pics after drilling and riveting them on my 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible. With trim reinstalled Here's a set I installed on my black 1994 vert. $60 including shipping anywhere in Canada or the lower 48 states. Payment accepted by paypal at: HOW TO: 91-95 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible quarter window weatherstrip replacement 1) You will need to remove the B pillar trim. It's about 6 screws. 2) Have junk in the trunk? Remove it. 3) To remove the piece of trim below the weather stripping, you will need to go in the trunk. There are three 9mm nuts that attach it to the car. The last one is a stretch. There is also one phillips screw on the front of each trim piece by the door handles. 4) Once that is off you have a much better look at what your dealing with. 5) You will need to drill out those rivets. Roll down the window! You do not want to let the drill bit hit the glass. Use a rag in between the window and rivet. Remove the old weatherstripping. 6) Drill out the holes to accommodate your new rivets 7) Measure twice and drill once for the 4 rivet holes. Make sure they're in the right spot. 8) Time for the pop rivet gun! 9) Then pop in your new rivets. Now it's time to put the B pillar and trim back on. 10) Enjoy your new clean weather stripping. It looks a lot better than the old stuff.
  2. Ok question. I am going to be upgrading to 42# injectors, they have the older style clips. I got a set of clips and a known good set of older 97-03 L67 injectors. I soldered and heat shrunk the clips on and put in the older style injectors into my 04 comp g. Now even using the 97-03 injector flow rate table or the 04 injector table I still see 10 to 1 afr on my wideband under quarter throttle. Any higher and it just pegs out super rich. My question is has anyone else ever done this and got it to run good? And what should my injector table look like to make these work?
  3. Hi . My 94 olds convertible needs new window rubbers for the rear quarter windows. The ones one there now are disintegrating, and need changing. I was told that you can use the window rubbers from a generation 4 Camaro. Is this correct or is there someone who sells NOS rubbers. Thanks .
  4. Some where during a late night rendezvous the wheel well moulding fell off (was previously double sided taped due to broken clips). Anyway Im going to the jy this weekend and hopefully the black 95 is still there. If not does anyone have one lying around as back up? And how do the clips come off I dont want to break the two remaining ones.
  5. ok,seems like I am never going to stop working on this 92 the gas guage isn't reading right. It says a quarter of a tank of gas but it is empty...any ideas? I know that it's either the guage or the sending unit...I replaced the fuel pump last year and everything looked fine on that end...When I fill it up it goes way past the full .mark...thqks in advance...
  6. I have a 1993 Cutlass Supreme convertible with the 3.4 DOHC engine. I change oil religiously every 3,000 miles. Upon a cold start, the oil pressure needle is about a 1/4 inch above the second hash mark. When I say second hash mark. If you could pretend that the oil gauge was the fuel gauge it would show a quarter inch more than a quarter tank left upon startup and stays on the quarter mark when idling hot. I know its acceptable for these engines to have 15psi when idling hot. Well, my question is, the gauge is not numbered so you really don't know the true oil pressure unless you put a mechanical gauge on it. Does anyone have an idea of how much oil pressure is when its at the quarter mark?
  7. There is holey rust at the bottom of these panels on each side, between the doors and the rear wheels, and it makes sense to replace the full piece of metal and make the top join under the chrome strip. Are these chrome strips glued on or fixed with clips? I'm familiar with the small rectangular type of clip which sits on the panel (held in place by a plastic expansion pin pushed into a hole in the clip) allowing the strip to be fixed simply by putting it in place over the clips and tapping it sharply at the clip points with the side of a fist. Any tips most welcome!
  8. My drivers side rear quarter window isn't going up or down without fighting it and it always jams because there is so much play that I can literally pull the window back. It even ripped the guides that are secured to the front window, but the window is in the guides. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I am having some body issues with this 94. Was wondering about the following: How can I replace the weather stripping around the exterior windshield and where could I get a replacement? Behind the Wheel where the bumper meets the rear quarter panel, what can I do (I am not a body guy), to some what fix or hide the damage from the rust? I also have this on the other side as well. Other than that, I have a fast top that goes down but closing the roof takes awhile. I have read that I just need to fill it with AT fluid while the top is down, then leave the cap off, cycle it a few times (gets the air out), then tighten the lid cap, cycle it a few times more, and I should be good to go. Thanks for any help! Much Appreciated!
  10. Is the bucket seat/full seat rear seat set up an option, or year specific? I think every 95 has a full seat, but I just saw a 93 on ebay with a full rear seat. Is the rear trim on the quarter panels the same regardless of seat style? So, could you change the buckets to a full rear seat just using a coupe rear seat? Thanks.
  11. So I know there are multiple threads on here about the inoperable rear quarter windows on these convertibles - clicks - banging with a socket extension - etc. I have the factory service manual and went through the flow chart step by step and ultimately found that the Master Switch needed to be replaced. Fortunately for me, I've owned this car for almost 20 years and I had bought a new Master Switch back when Oldsmobile was still around. So I installed the new Switch and still no rear quarter windows. In desperation I tried the tapping with an extension trick and left rear went down using the AWAD feature. won't come back up. I just figured maybe there is still someone out there that can lend some "oh yeah...that EXACT thing happened to me" advice. Thanks
  12. After 10 years in mothballs, a fresh battery and a little tire air, she started right up and made it to the back of the ramp truck. Now begins the fun - including front and rear windshields, quarter window weatherstripping, new tires, and a few electrical gremlins. Anyone know why my previously-working factory radio would display as "on" but won't operate or respond to any control inputs either via the steering wheel controls or the radio controls themselves?
  13. darkwolf45


    So, I was driving my Cutlass last friday. Went to work, no issues. Ran a quick errand after work, nothing out of the ordinary. Headed over to the gym, perfect as always. Left the gym, turned the key, and the engine stuttered heavily for about 3 seconds and that was it. She would't turn over anymore. I had to tow it up to a mechanic I can trust, which was a colossal pain- took an hour to check out the dolly I had reserved the night before, and as luck would have it, the cable puller was justa few inches too short to hook up to the dolly and the car... With some help I finally got it loaded and started my trek out of the cities to get it looked at. Got there, and unloading it off the dolly the underside of the front bumper was scraped up pretty bad. In any event, we disengaged the starter motor and tried to manually turn the crankshaft, which would only go a quarter each direction... At this point, my best hope is that the timing chain broke. I don't have the know how to fix it myself, but more importantly I don't have the equipment to do it, so with the mechanic is stays while he takes it apart. If it's a timing chain, that's not a big deal, I can work with that, but if it's something worse, like a broken rod or something... Jebus.. Mechanic wants over $4k for a rebuilt engine, maybe $2300 for a used one. That is a bit out of my price range. I love this car to death, and have poured my blood sweat and tears into making it live again, but I don't know that I can put that kind of money into it.
  14. Had the idea of using 97-02 gp two door door jams, quarter windows, inner doors, 00-05 monte seats and making a two door regal. Anyone kno if a regal windshield is the same angle as a gp?
  15. Doing some electrical investigating and in the course of this I had to remove a lot of the trim from the back seat area. Took both parts of the rear seat and rear deck out as well and discovered the deck was in horrible shape. Years ago a branch took out the rear window and the fiberglass? particle board?(probably) took most of the hit. At the time it wasn't my car yet and the previous owner didn't get it fixed right, they or the shop hired to do it only taped the deck back together, plus the fabric on it is so bad you can touch it and it turned to dust. So the plan is to tear off all the old, somehow reinforce the deck with???? (still determining), thinking about rubber in a can, then a layer of bondo for paint, then black paint(will incorporate some sort of something to add to detail, Oldsmobile or W-body design, also painting the grey plastic trim to match exterior color. So far I have the deck stripped of fabric, broke the two speaker mounting surrounds in the process so will have to fab up something, and started to painting process. Still had some glass slivers that were hiding in the fabric, found those with my thumb, then had to find them again to get them out. Also found a really good pair of needle nose pliers, $3.25 in quarter(beer money:D) and another .38 bullet that must have come from the revolver I found inside the door trim years ago. Teaser pic
  16. Hello all- Had a '93 Cutlass Supreme years ago and was on a W-body email list...learned about many mods back then. Recently added a new Oldsmobile to the stable: A '94 Cutlass Supreme Convertible, black over red, 116K 3.4L. She's a little rough around the edges but for a Wisconsin car it's immaculate underneath. Plus, I got her cheap enough. When I bought her I knew I'd have to replace the oil drive o-ring...just didn't know it was such a PITA on a 3.4. FWIW, I've already put about 800 miles on it and I really love the 3.4. I've already sourced a few parts from people on the site: new dome light switches & rear quarter window weather strips. Everyone here is a great resource. Thanks in advance for all your help. Scott White '94 Cutlass Supreme Convertible '86 Cutlass Supreme Brougham '70 Cutlass Supreme Hardtop '55 "Super" 88
  17. anybody replaced the rear quarter window wiper seals? getting tired of the puddles in the back seat.
  18. For the last couple of days I've been hearing water sloshing as I would turn. I opened the trunk and felt the vinyl compartment the top stows in and sure enough, it had water in it(!). Today I finally figured out that if I got in the back seat I could look down into that area and sure enough, about a gallon of water was back there! I took a beach towel and dried it out, but here's my question: My quarter window rubber seals are chewed up from the top, so would this be letting the water into that area, or do I have much more serious issues with my top? I was feeling around my rear window and noticed that across the top of the rear window section (the fabric area abovevthevglass) it is attached to the main top in the center and sides, but on each side at the top, there is a section about a foot across where I can actually push my hand through into the interior. Is this normal? All the edges are finished and there are no visible tears in that area. Thanks in advance, Greg
  19. Scored a pair of Firebird window sweeps in excellent condition to do the quarter windows from the junkyard...what do you guys cut them with to make the cut edges look decent?
  20. Working on the window seals, which are cracked with small pcs missing, something needs to be done, evidently these seals are not available anywhere new or used. Has anybody every tried Devcon or Rema-Goo? These are products used for repairing holes in rubber conveyor belts, they are a 2-part urethane material, black, I've got some Rema-Goo coming, going to try it. I don't know how easy it is to take the seals out, I may be able to do them in place, putting wax paper in behind the seal, masking off the car, applying the Rema-Goo to the gaps and coat the whole seal. I would trim the wax paper off and leave it to wear out. Any other ideas? Redpine
  21. I have quarter window weatherstrip . I'm trying to pull off the moulding that covers it. How do you? I have front screw out and cut the double sided tape up to quarter window where it curves. What holds rest on?
  22. Anyone have ever replaced one on the convertible? I have done a few on coupes in the past years, just wondering what extra precautions should be taken to avoid body shift or misalignment. Any links or advice would be greatly appreciated. Its the right side by the way on a 94
  23. I was wondering what power antennas are compatible with the W body (94 Cutlass Supreme Vert)? I don't seem to run into many W bodies with the quarter panel antenna, and if I do, the set up is different from the Cutlass Supreme. So now I ask.... which power antenna assembly can interchange with the Cutlass Supreme? I see a lot of Cadillacs in the yard with the power antenna, but I'm not so sure if it will be plug and play. All help is appreciated!
  24. I am need to find a piece of trim that runs along the quarter panel to the door on the passenger side. Anyone know where to find one? it covers the bottom of the top.
  25. So yesterday I rolled the driver window down on the Paperweight (92 GP coupe), and it wouldn't roll back up more than a quarter of the way. Not at all nice when it is barely above freezing, and you're driving at nearly 60MPH! Anyways, I did some searching and I think I have the answer, but I want to confirm I'm on the right track (pun not intended). It was pretty obvious that voltage was getting to the motor even though the motor was not moving, as the voltage would drop every time I hit the switch with key on, engine off. I found that if I pulled the window up firmly it would move about an inch, and then the motor would be able to raise it the rest of the way (most of the time). Based on my searches, I'm thinking that either the plastic tabs on the bottom of the window are shot, or the track itself is deformed and allowing the window to slide off. Does this sound about right? If this is the case, any hints or tips regarding disassembling the door? This would be the first time I've needed to do that in a W. Thanks everyone!
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