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Found 497 results

  1. There's a bulletin for it, but I left it at my dad's shop and I won't be there until Thursday. Is there anyone that could find it and send it to me? It's for my 98 Regal.
  2. As many of you, whom have already meet me know I’m from Angola, NY. I’ve been hesitant to attempt hosting a meet, but after some positive feedback in Erie, I’m going to at least try in 2015. For those whom aren’t familiar with Angola it’s uniquely situated like an island in the middle of the E/B and W/B lanes of I-90. Aside from service vehicles it’s virtually inaccessible by road, you have to park on either side of the highway and then there’s a long pedestrian bridge on either side that’s full enclosed that you have to walk through to get to the Travel Center (the heart of Angola). Ideally we’re looking at the weekend of May 8th-10th for the meet. For simplicity and pictures. We should all meet in the Westbound parking lot. You need to go past the Travel Center, and get off at the next exit (57A Angola/Eden) and immediately get back onto the NY Thru way going in the opposite direction. Yes, this involves surrendering and then obtaining a toll card, if you do a U-Turn and do not have the appropriate card you will get charged even more tolls than you would otherwise and you will also be delayed. Everyone going through Erie (for example Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo, etc) will need to go to the meet in this manner, it may sound confusing, but you’ll get home quicker if you do things this way. There’s a Sunoco gas station on site (both sides) and once you walk across the bridges to Angola, there’s McDonalds, LavAzza, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon and McDonald’s is open 24 hours a day!! Loads of sitting room. Wifi access is limited to 30 minutes or so, and plenty of bathrooms. Entertainment: I’m used to it since I live there, but this place (I’m told) is 100% non-stop excitement if you haven’t been there before. You can visit the Eastbound parking lot and twin Sunoco, the trucks look as if they are going to crash into you on the bridges, and I’m hoping that we could have a few photographers like maybe Eric, Rich and Lizzie take some neat passing shots from the bridges with us all parading under. We’re a ways out, but I’d consider a group trip to “Gay Road†if there’s interest. Accomodations: My place is obviously a little too small for this kind of thing, and I can’t really get close to accommodating everyone. I’ve been in contact with Galen and he can rent & fuel a climate controlled trailer for about $700 a day. (Climate controlled is heated only) which is why we’d have to have the meet so early because otherwise it could get pretty hot in those things! So if there was 10 people at the meet it would be $140, there would be some outlets in the trailer, but most of the time we’d be outside partying at the picnic area or inside Angola. You’d have to bring your own air mattress and/or sleeping bag. Questions?? Everyone asks me if I can get discounts at any of the restaurants inside the travel plaza. No, I cannot, you have to actually work for those places to get the discounts, and even then, they only apply to you. Just because I live in the Travel plaza, doesn’t mean that I somehow automatically work there, I have another job that’s not fast food. Do you have to walk all of the way to the Travel Plaza on the highway median to get food?? Not really, there’s rotundas out by the parking lot and there’s vending machines there with snacks & drinks. The real advantage to getting drinks inside and walking the walk is that you can buy one cup from McDonald’s put your name on it and go back for free refills all weekend long. I guess that I’m putting this thread out there to generate ideas and for those are considering going to ask questions.
  3. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or want to be added to the attendees list, please reply in the other thread found -->HERE<--Do NOT reply in this thread, as the sole purpose of this one is to provide the official info & attendees list. Date: Saturday, March 28th Time: 6 PM - ??? Location: Fox & Hound Sports Bar Yorkshire Shopping Center 4320 E New York St Aurora, IL 60504 Description: Meet for local members, but all are welcome to attend! This is our first time at this venue, as I decided to try something a little different to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. There will be plenty of space to park our cars together in the strip mall the restaurant is located in. Each person will be able to have an individual bill for their food and drinks (see link at bottom of "Location" for menu). The "party room" we will be in will have the following games available at the following prices: Free - Darts, Foosball, giant Connect 4 & giant Jenga $1/game - Air hockey $11/hr - Pool/billiards, shuffle board & ping pong Attendees: RareGMFan (, GP40Chic ( GTPWhite ( + 2 guests BrianG (, ClubGP) rich17 ( + 2 guests George ( pshojo ( atj8 ( + 1 guest NTRCOOL ( vyper144 ( Nicole ( Stats (for future reference) Attendance throughout the day: 12 cars, 16 people User names in red strike through = Did not make it. User names in blue = Not on list prior to meet, but showed.
  4. My 90 lumina wipers are hitting each other when the wipers are on. I took the wiper arms off and it seem that when the wipers are in park the passenger side wiper goes down way to fare. If any of you guys know what could give me a few pointers on how to solve this problem I would really appreciate it! Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone! Found this site looking on yahoo for info on my '93 Bonneville's 4t60e that im gonna - I hope- swap into my 94 Park Avenue.
  6. Bought an l67 with 80,000 miles out of a 04 park avenue ultra. It sat for a year before i bought it. Supposedly it ran very well, but I see rust on valves 1,3 and 5. When i pulled the exhaust manifold. 2,4 and 6 look great. What should I do? Thanks for any insight.
  7. ok so, im not finding what i need, but i know this has prolly been an on-going topic on here. but ive been away from here for a while so i feel like a newb again. heres the situation, maybe someone can direct me to a thread or help me in general. i went to start my car earlier (2002 chevy impala with 127k miles on it) it stalled out for what ever reason, im not sure myself. it didnt feel like it fully started however, like it was barely running and i threw it in reverse being hasty and it died. well. then the ol ignition felt the need to stick in the acc spot so my power was stuck on and couldnt start the car. well after fighting with it i found it didnt fully go into park (sigh) but i got it all figured out and working, but now the car just wont start. the key fights me more than ever but its not even kicking the starter on (at least im not hearing anything coming from it when i had my girlfriend turn the key for me while i listened to what was going on) i know we have a recall on them, and i can get it swapped for a new one. but i kind of need to get it to where i can drive it there due to funds and how far away the dealership that can do the recall repair is. any advice anyone can give me? from the sounds of the things ive had going on with electronics, it sounds like it could possibly be the BCM. any thoughts on that as well? thanks in advance guys. any help is appreciated.
  8. Hello everyone, I am trying to swap my 4T60E from my '93 Bonneville to a '94 Park Avenue. The Buick's transmission housing broke just before the differential so I cannot rebuild it and I am scrapping/parting out my Bonneville. Since they both have the 3800 coupled to a 4T60E I thought it would be a straight forward bolt-in swap but the wires are different colors and the plugs are different colors, one grey and the other is light blue. So two questions I am hoping someone can help with: 1: Can I rearrange the pins in the male plug to work? or 2: Can I swap the transmissions internal wiring harness to make it work? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. i have a 2000 park avenue with a 3.8 series 2 and a 4t65e? trans..i can purchase a trans out of a pontiac montana with a 3.4..will the swap work, gear ratios and everything? please help
  10. hi everyone my name is derrick and i have a 2000 buick park avenue with a 3.8 and i guess a 4t65e transmission, will a transmission from a 97-2004 pontiac montana work for it? i know i read something about the gear ratios might be different can someone please help!! thanks in advance guys
  11. I just got home. Put the car in park and instead of idling normally. It rev'd up to 2k. I then put it in drive and it went to normal. I then moved it to park and it rev'd up to 3k. This time I just turned off the car. Any ideas?
  12. Hi guys, I am a poor father of 2. I just bought a 98 Monte Carlo z34 with 109,000 at a charity auction. One owner So Ca and it seems to have sat for 2 years. I was actually able to talk to the owner prior to buying and he said he did all the maintenance (yet 2 old open recalls were not done-steering and engine fires) so I don't really know. He also said the emergency flasher button broke and the blinkers stopped working. I took the car to chevy for the recalls and an oil change Do I do a transmission flush or a change? (I know old bmw's-they say not too as they start to slip) Do I do a coolant flush or change Issues:The car gets stuck in park and I have to pull up the console cover and push down that button. The button on the shifter seems to be working fine. I read here about unplugging the solenoid. Will that work in my case? The blinkers...Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve
  13. Hey Guys! What' up? Just joined the forum today but it gonna take me a few days to get me page/garage filled up. Im the second owner of my 2003 Monte Carlo SS which i purchased from a long time family friend a little over a year ago. I bought it with 116K on the clock and it needed some TLC. It now has 137K and still ticking. Have a few small mods to it ie: Double Din Radio, 12' infinity sub in custom fit box, 5% tint, painted factory wheels, blacked out badges, Ram Air Intake, 180 Thermo, Thrush Turbo Muffs w/ 2.5 inch chrome tips. Here a few pic of her. The day i brought it home. Monte Carlo meet @ High Point State Park, NJ fall of 2013 Cruising to the Park. Photo Cred: Montess2K Having fun in the snow!
  14. Loud squeal seems to be coming from area between engine and firewall. Does it with belt off. Does it in park and changes pitch off squeal when driving in any gear. Squeal stops after trans shifts and rpm drops below 2000rpm. Any body had this problem? Ideas? It really sucks driving it like this
  15. I have just been handed an 89' Grand Prix that has in the past had over heating problems. it's still pretty cold outside where I'm at so it hasn't had the problem. we changed the thermometer twice and that wasn't it. It was also brought to my attention that there is leaking coming from under the car. it had a red-ish tint to it and it's towards the front end of the car, nothing seems to be wrong performance wise. there's just leaking and over heating in the warm weather. also noticed the battery voltage bobs up and down when the turning signal is on and when I apply the brakes, I figure it's just an alternator. and finally yesterday, happening for the first time, I had it in park and running and it sounded like it was trying to rev and my foot was no where near the gas. HELP
  16. Greetings all! My Lumina has a slight issue. About three weeks after an oil change, I started noticing oil spots on the ground where I park. Over next two weeks, the spots have grown bigger and bigger. On the inside, there is oil all over the starter. I've done some research and found a couple common issues: intake manifold gasket failure and oil sending unit failure. I grabbed a couple shots of the oil sending unit with my camera, and it seems like there is some fresh oil around it. What do you guys think? Is the sending unit the most likely culprit judging by the pictures? What other areas should I be looking in? Any advice is greatly appreciated. This is sending unit and oil filter. This shows below the sending unit. Thanks a lot guys, Turtle
  17. New member here, just got a 1998 base Lumina with the 3100 engine and not sure if a 4T60 or 4T65 tranny. Only 100k miles! Anywho it seems like whenever it gets colder it gets really difficult to move the shifting lever between any gears. It doesn't feel sticky or rough, its almost like there is a super thick liquid slowing it down. Park, neutral, and all the drive gears seem to work fine, no other problems with it. Oh, and while searching for my problem I read that "nobody starts a thread by saying their 3100 runs great," so here it is! My 3100 runs great! I got the car from an uncle who just rebuilt after it threw a rod and its pretty good now.
  18. hi it's me again, probably don't know who...but..First time I drove alone on a long trip (I did trips that were longer with my dad, including driving the whole distance with a stick shift), but anyway, I drove to KY to visit my boyfriend, and I've taken a liking for this car. Got the car inspected and the wheels balanced, alternator tested- all that for my trip because my parents didn't want me to go with a bad car- like the Grand marq, it has bad o2 sensors. So last minute trying to fix the car, my parents are like "no, you need to take the tanturd, the merc has old tires", so it's dark and cold and I'm trying to get the buickready and I'm cursing at it cause I hated it..haha So a week later I'm taking a liking to this turd and having fun, sure it has half the horses, but it also has 100k+ less miles. So I'm going to try and buy it off my parents instead of the grand-yacht PICS Some random airplane park we stumbled across in bowling green Coolest thing I've ever seen in my life also, this was in Nashville, thing is massive and will turn my turd into a pancake. It was pushed Florida to Nashville TN by a little itty bitty tugboat!! Navigated through 3 lane streets, took about 21 days, it's about 3 semi trucks wide. 10 mother screwing gallons per mile. Shame I left my DSLR at home, I could have had fun shooting. Lol IMPORTED FROM CANADA! woo!! Got a little something for my keys...heh heh heh, yeah, it's dubbin hard now. LOL my bf rolled his eyes. He doesn't mind driving it though, I've been letting him all week use it to get to work since I blocked in his car, he says for transportation it's a great car..told him I wanted a glasspack, tinted windows/tails/smoked headlights, different wheels definitely..."If you want to drive a loud car, you have a key to the loudest car in the world.." Well you're no fun haha! Well, I've had so much fun but I have to head home tomorrow because my parents are making BS excuses about me needing to be home...
  19. Hi- I have a problem with my 2004 GTP Comp G. It has an absolutely obnoxious vibration. I have been to 4 different shops and thrown plenty of money at it to accomplish nothing. Here's what I know: It doesn't matter if the car is in gear, it even does it when starting the car and idling in park. I've had the engine and tranny mounts replaced, a couple of them twice. This did absolutely nothing to abate the problem. The problem began last summer. I had the cat replaced in June and then found out the head gaskets were shot, so I had those done about a month later. After the head gaskets were done, I noticed a very minor vibration only when launching the car from a stop. As time went on, it became much more noticeable and present all the time. The vibration can be felt throughout the entire car. I was underneath last week while it was running, you can feel it in the motor, the exhaust, the body. The more torque I'm pushing, the worse it gets. Heavy acceleration gives my wife motion sickness with an almost cyclical feel to the vibration. It's not the blower. With the belt off the vibration is still there. One mechanic said it's possible that the pre-cat portion of the exhaust was somehow knocked out of alignment (he blamed the head gasket job) relative to the the rest of the exhaust so it is more or less in direct contact with the motor attached section of the exhaust, causing the whole body to vibrate by making the length of the system shake along with the engine. That's the only thing anyone has come up with beyond mounts and theories about a bad blower. I'll be honest and admit I don't know enough about the design of the car to say if that's even physically possible. I'm at the point where I'm going to have to get rid of the car if I can't figure it out, it's an uncomfortable ride and the wife complains entirely too much about it. Anyone have any more ideas? Thanks -D
  20. I'm wondering what would be the best setup buying parts individually and build my own coil-overs. Looking for about 2" as that's about where my rear sagged to during our big ice storm in april. I plan on changing the leaf rears to coil-overs eventually but for now I think the leaf should hold up. Just trying to get opinions for the best setup for that drop (preferably with links) and a ball park estimate on how much it would be cost wise for fronts and converting rears. And if anyone has a dumbed down write-up on installing fronts and/or converting rears that'd be great because I went into bodywork for a reason, lol I don't know shit about mechanical/suspension, just how to make the outside look pretty and align tires/aim headlamps lol. Thanks in advance, Richie RALM Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II
  21. When I start up my 93 Cutlass Convertible, I heard a Loud clank/Clunk noise every 2 to 3 seconds. It's not a rapid noise, and it only does this while in park. I can reverse smoothly, the car drives fast & smooth on the road and the transmission Shifts with no issues and never misses. Sound comes from under the vehicle and I can feel it sort of under the drivers seat. Engine is quiet and smooth so I know it isn't that. Any Ideas what this could be?
  22. When sitting in traffic for too long, the engine heats up to about 240ish and the idle drops to about 500 then comes back up to 900 repeatedly, at about 1 second intervals. The car feels like its about to stall. It only does this when the engine gets hot. When I am moving, the temp gauge stays right at 210. Once I get out of traffic and drive for a while allowing the engine to cool I have no problems. I decided to do a little self diagnosis on the issue. I opened the hood and let the car idle in park for a good 6 minutes or so, letting the engine heat up. Only one radiator fan came on at around the 240 mark, and the engine did not cool down. No matter how hot it gets, I can only get one fan to turn on. Im sure if I let it idle at a standstill for longer, it would overheat and stall. I tried powering each one individually with a 12v power supply, they both spun. Next, I checked the relays. I swapped them around, and they both work fine. Using my power supply to bridge the relay contacts, I discovered one relay plug activated the the driver side fan, and the other one activated both. Are there any other fuses I could check anywhere? I know the fans turning on can be related to AC, and my car does not have a compressor.
  23. Andre, here's some inspiration. Ok, so I went to a car show this weekend with my father. As I was getting ready to leave I saw a car come in that I wanted to check out. while I waited for them to park, I ended up standing next to this car. After looking over my shoulder and doing a double take trying to figure out who would enter a 1993 regal into a car show, I went ot look it over. Details: 1993 Regal GS 2 door AQ9 bucket leather seats with rear buckets Series 2 L67 Getrag 284 Grand prix console with DIC Grand prix crosslaces painted black Z34 hood vents GSX badge on the front. This is what I would want to do if I could build my own (minus the boost gauge and the stuff on the DIC.)
  24. Ok, so today I was on my way to the Olds homecoming car show and out of the blue my turn signals quit working. I've replaced the rear turn signal bulbs in the taillights which didn't need to be replace because the filament was still intact, checked the fuses and no signs of a problem and front park/turn bulbs were fine too. My hazards do work though. When I signal I get no blinking light on the gauges, no sound nothing. Could my turn signal lever that has cruise, wiper mode have gone out? Any ideas or suggestions would be great.
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