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Found 117 results

  1. WHERE: Highbanks Metropark in Columbus and lodging at Motel 6 on High Street. Park:,-83.02755,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x676a1752a0d79aac Hotel:,-83.015487,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdb852f5e8c2c84c WHEN: Saturday, June 27th around 12PM WHO: Hopefully you and a lot of other W-Body folks WHAT: BBQ and hang out -- I know there are junkyards in the area as well. WHY: Because it's awesome. HOW: Hopefully by automobile. I have booked a block of 15 rooms for Friday and Saturday night at $45.99+tax/night -- all you have to do is show up that day and pay for one of the rooms. I need to get a headcount and attempt to work out if I will need to reserve any more rooms so nobody gets left out but there is also a RRI butting up against the Motel 6 property so that makes it a little easier if we have a larger turnout. -- there's an event on FaceBook I will keep updated. Please invite people that I may have missed. I hope to get some new faces at this meet as I know there are some folks in Dayton that have W-Body events that would be likely to attend.
  2. MY 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass is f or sale, i am asking $4000 OBO. This vehicle has 58,519 miles. it has only had 3 owners and has been garage kept for the majority of its life time. There is 0 rust to be found on this vehicle. It is a 5 speed manual (very odd ball for this type of car) There is minor work to be done no immediate fixes: minor dent on side of passenger door, middle arm rest leather cracked, hood is rock chipped. other than that the vehicle gets great gas mileage on the high way and is a smooth riding car. I live in Piqua, Ohio and with the purchase of this car i will have it buffed, waxed, and detailed.
  3. I have already introduced myself thru the "New Members" section. By the responses have received so far with a couple of ?'s I have asked I'm really stoked about getting the wife's Buick back into shape! A little backround; She bought her Gran Sport new in 1990 from the now defunct Saeger Buick in Columbus Ohio. She drove it for 15 years and 168k well maintained miles. It was her 1st new car and was (is) very proud of it. Even though it's a 3100 and not the 3800 it was fairly sporty. We have owned large dogs and have a house with maintenance issues. When it was time to look at a new ride she wanted a bigger vehicle to accommodate dogs and builing materials. She bought a GMC Envoy in 2005. I expected that she would trade/sell the Buick. WRONG!! She had a senti-MENTAL attachment and wanted to hang on to it, So........ In 2005 was parked out by the garage under the "protection" of a car-cover. Perhaps she thought it would be an occasional use car?? Well, it was never used again. Roll forward to present day. I am into vintage VW's and have restored a couple. We have an annual car show that features a different make/model each year. The 2015 feature is the 50th anniversary of Buick Gran Sport. She would like me to clean it up an show it as an original owner survivor. I'm not as familiar with the intricacies of "modern" cars and the associated electronics but now her Regal is 25 years old and qualifies for "Historic" vehicle status here in Ohio. If you have made it this far thank you. I will post up my progress and pictures here. Thanks for all the help! As she sat On Stands ready to dig in Interior is pretty clean More to come.....
  4. Sorry about the other post, tapatalk app didn't use the screen name I had typed in, instead it just used my old email screen name. But anyway, I'm from Fairborn Ohio, and a few weeks ago I bought a 1998 Monte Carlo ls with a little over 200k miles on it from a friend for $460 as a second car. Other car being a 1991 Ford Festiva with a 1.6l swap, and a 5 speed. The Monte Carlo does have some rust issues I plan to get fixed. (Rust doesn't scare me!) Like the rear strut towers are rusted through, but my friend already offered up someone to weld them up. I got quite a few plans for this Monte, and I have a brother that knows the 3100 l82 inside and out, he's even done the 3.4 top end swap to his Malibu. First things first though, the rust needs fixed before I dump any amount of money into it. Pics coming shortly.
  5. Hello all, I have the opportunity to get a 1995 3100 Grand Prix with a blown motor. I also have accumulated several parts over the years to do a L67 swap in a first gen. Here is my question. A friend in Ohio has a 1995 Monty Carlo harness that was modified for a L67. If I get the 1995 Grand Prix will the wiring harness from the 1995 Monty be "plug and play"? thanks, Thomas
  6. I just picked up a 2004 grand prix gtp comp g and im here to learn about this thing and fix a few minor problems along the way
  7. Hello all, I purchased the 93 vert from a buddy. I will be posting questions, as I get her back on the road. Steven
  8. 1990 Cutlass Supreme SL: I've been trying to track down the part number or a website where I can buy a front license plate bracket for the front bumper - NOT a "universal" one, but one specific to this car and bumper. The car never had one and in Ohio we are required. I can't come up with a part number or anything! Any help is appreciated!
  9. hello everyone. glad to have found this site. I am sure it will help me keep my daughter's 88 cutlass on the road. don't want to replace it cause its fwd, with 110,000 miles. I don't have a car payment and I LIKE THAT IDEA. looking forward to browsing. thank you.
  10. My names Thomas and I am a new member looking to find some w-body meets in the great state of Ohio. I don't find too many of them around the Cleveland area. Thanks!
  11. i have gotten several items while i am here, this is in Dayton Ohio and have gotten these booklets and there are lots more so anybody in this area who thought about it should come, it goes through tomorrow night.
  12. there is an olds show in alliance ohio ( northern ohio) august 26th. open to all oldsmobiles from 1897-2004. it is their 29th annual......put on by the northern ohio chapter of the oldsmobile club.registration is $12.00-$15.00. just wondering if anybody on this forum is attending....or is a member of that chapter who can give us more information. gryfan 1994 olds 'vert white on red
  13. Hello Everyone! My name is Tony. I'm from Central Ohio and I have a 1993 Buick Regal Custom Sedan. Most laugh at my 60/40 bench, automatic on the column and my hood ornament but I love my Regal. The L27 never stops for anything and I get pretty darn good fuel economy for a '93 Buick of all things. It's my pride and joy. I've had it close to three years now. I look forward to seeing what other people with W-Body cars say, after they're done being disgusted by Grandpa's sedan. Tony
  14. My uncle recently bought a pretty clean 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme S sedan. The power window switch is going out: he has to press on it with a pencil to get the window to roll up. His car is equipped with power windows, locks and mirrors. He lives in rural SE Ohio, his dealer quoted him $240 for the switch assembly! His local junkyards have not been able to find a good, used switch for him. Is there something unique about the 1993 Cutlass Supreme S sedan power window switch? Or will one from any 1992-95 Cutlass Supreme sedan (or some other W-body) fit? A picture is attached. I want to hit some junkyards in my area (Detroit) to pick one up for him. OR if a new, reproduction unit is available I am interested. I tried to look up information in the GM Service parts system for it, but I could not find a part number for this switch assembly. lists the rear door power window switches, but not either front door. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  15. New to the w body from just north of Dayton, Ohio (Tipp City). Picked up a black/black/charcoal '94 3.4 Cutlass Convertible with 131,000 miles for my wife Saturday morning and we have already logged around 400 miles with it. It drives out pretty good! Worse MPG's than I would have thought...but oh well. I noticed the "low coolant" light flickering, but everything was A OK and running at normal temps (bad coolant sensor?). Has a torn drivers seat and bad rear 1/4 window swipes but other than that its a great car and the wife couldn't be happier! Heck, even the a/c works VERY my surprise. I checked the timing belt....its pretty new. Along with other gaskets and seals. New suspension pieces, all done by the previous owner. Anyway, good to be here.... -Shaun and Cathy
  16. Purchased a 1995 Vert a few months back. Had 18,800 original miles and original tires. Dark teal with tan top and interior. 3.4 DOHC. It was a 1 owner car that spent it's whole life in Georgia and it's in great shape. It's been a great spring and summer; cruising the roads a lot with it. I just replaced all 4 speakers but still needs more bass in the stereo. It's my first GM. Have always had Mopars and Fords. Mopars were performance cars mostly and fords were vans. I like it a lot.
  17. You can stay whereever your heart desires, but we have a group setup at: Red Roof Inn Toledo-Maumee 1570 South Reynolds Road Maumee, OH 43537 Phone: 419-893-0292 Available: 14 2 bed room with 2 of those rooms being smoking rooms... I was told that if you want a single bed room that they can give you that... Just make sure you ask to be with the rest of the group... Rate: 65.99 + 11.05 tax per night Dates: June 8th and June 9th (Friday and Saturday) Group Name: W Body... Make sure they add the space... We are in B2 (second building, second floor) Cookout at: Side Cut Metropark 1025 W River Rd Maumee, OH 43537 Test and Tune at: Milan Dragway 10855 Plank Road Milan, MI 48159 (734) 439-7368
  18. BXX

    BXX Bash v3.0

    Time for another bash! Mattchew wants sweet new tires and a nice alignment, so would make for nice meet. Thinking if a date somewhere in late March or April. Weather permitting. Location is Lorain, Ohio for anyone new interested. Any suggestions or good dates? Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk
  19. Saw this and thought someone here might be interested at the right price...
  20. ok so Im coming to Ohio to buy a tgp from stockgp leaving friday night Dec 16th. trip for me is 1000miles round trip so figure I would stay for the weekend. Anyone wanna meet up?? I dont know the area so if possible maybe we can find an area close to where Im staying. Also if there are any recommendations for stay please let me know I dont want to be staying in a bad area. -Jarek
  21. I just replaced the blower motor relays, and the blower motor works, you can hear it run. the head was just replaced with the controls on it, but for some reason none of the vents put anything out(defrost, dash vents, rear defrost)...anyone have an idea what would be wrong? im getting my heater core replaced tomorrow. i need some help asap, as winter here in ohio is approaching fast. text me as well, if anyone has any ideas. 614-678-9783
  22. he guys just thought id drop a line im from ohio just got into a 96 gtp doing some rebuilding and a l67 swap could use advice on rear and front suspetion swap and mod for the 38 let me hear your suggestions
  23. Hello, Obviously I am a newbie... I am from NE Ohio and myself and my friends (Poor Mens Passion) race in the "Car Warz" series. We run the Compact Enduro race which is a 100 lap 100 car race. Both my friends run Lexus IS300s and I just got a Monte Z34 to run. It has a DOHC 3.4L. The car was in good shape till it got hit in the rear passenger side... Its kind of sad because according to (a vin/rpo database) the car is pretty rare... There was only 1 other monte made with the same rpo options and only 4 made with more options in 1997! Pretty cool. I have a bunch of pictures of it on my FaceBook group which is - (I think that link should work). If anyone is interested I can post some pictures up here. I have some youtube videos of the races too. I do have a couple questions, for some reason, even at WOT the car shifts out of first at like 4k rpm. I have been debating manually running the shift solonoids because I am not going to be able to get it to the top of 2nd gear until i get her to the track. I dont want it upshifting to 3rd. I may need it tached out in 2nd and never hit third. Thanks guys.
  24. I just joined to get advice on how to repair my parents lumina, and my user name was suppose to be acta non verba but i didnt catch my mistake so ( lol any yep my story
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