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Found 63 results

  1. WHERE: Highbanks Metropark in Columbus and lodging at Motel 6 on High Street. Park:,-83.02755,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x676a1752a0d79aac Hotel:,-83.015487,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdb852f5e8c2c84c WHEN: Saturday, June 27th around 12PM WHO: Hopefully you and a lot of other W-Body folks WHAT: BBQ and hang out -- I know there are junkyards in the area as well. WHY: Because it's awesome. HOW: Hopefully by automobile. I have booked a block of 15 rooms for Friday and Saturday night at $45.99+tax/night -- all you have to do is show up that day and pay for one of the rooms. I need to get a headcount and attempt to work out if I will need to reserve any more rooms so nobody gets left out but there is also a RRI butting up against the Motel 6 property so that makes it a little easier if we have a larger turnout. -- there's an event on FaceBook I will keep updated. Please invite people that I may have missed. I hope to get some new faces at this meet as I know there are some folks in Dayton that have W-Body events that would be likely to attend.
  2. Hey, W family. 1st & foremost...can't wait for the W-Body Nationals this year! 2ndly, my 92 3.1 is sputtering, sometimes to the point of stalling abruptly and spontaneously when hot. Some days it's perfect. Some days, it'll want to leave you stranded. My 1st thought was the new pos Airtex fuel pump is failing, because it has been whining loudly like a vacuum cleaner when hot. Now, I'm thinking FPR. It's showing 43 PSI w/key on, 37 at idle. When I pull the vacuum line to the FPR, 43 PSI again. Am I on the right track here to replace the FPR? Thanks!
  3. The fix is to click the X to close the Announcement about the W-Body Nationals! I haven't used the forum much this year but today I came on and got 2 PMs, went to reply, and it drove me absolutely mad because every time I tried submitting my reply, it would go to which is just a blank page! I tried everything, changing my Editor Settings to Basic or Standard, different web browser, nothing worked! Finally I realized the "dismissnotice" was talking about the W-Body Nationals announcement notice, and I manually clicked the little X to dismiss it, and BAM! Now everything works!! Hope this helps someone else, Josh
  4. Anyway, let's do a September meet. I'm thinking the 19th weekend would be perfect. Toledo would probably be the easiest, though I'm not opposed to going elsewhere. Maybe even just a different part of Toledo? I dunno... Anyway, let's see where this goes, I'm in as long as it's not the weekend of the 5th (wedding), thought I'd like to see it fall on the 19th.
  5. About this time last year we started hammering things out for the June meet. I guess I want to get the ball rolling on plans for 2014. Do we have any kinds of ideas for new events and/or a new location? We've had a really great thing going the past few years, Toledo has seen some of the most successful meets. I know there was some talk of possibly trying a new city this year, maybe Columbus, but it's all up in the air! Opinions, suggestions?
  6. I need to know how many rooms to reserve and get dinner reservations set up, please post how many will be joining us Al: 2 Total so far: 2
  7. First off, my contact info so anyone can join us at anytime and I can lead everyone to the group or the next stop Al Walker 4193764073 We will all be staying at the Red Roof Inn again, the reservations are set up and ready to be booked. Reservation is under W-body. Red Roof Inn 1570 South Reynolds rd Toledo, OH 43614 419-893-0292 Room rate is 64.99 per night, I tried getting it cheaper, but to no avail. Friday night plans are to get checked into the hotel and eat dinner at Jeds, Jeds is in the same parking lot so you can just walk over and join the member that have already arrived Saturday morning we will head over to Sidecut park and have lunch, we will grill up some burgers and hot dogs and have other snacks as well Sidecut Metropark 1025 West River rd Maumee, Oh 43537 Map: Saturday after the park, some people will want to go junkyarding, some will want to go to the bowling alley, some will want to play putt putt, all these options are available, I can post more on those later Saturday evening, Dinner at Shawns at 730 Shawns Irish Tavern 4400 Heatherdowns Blvd Toledo, OH 43614 Map: Saturday after the bar we will most likely come back to the hotel and hang out Sunday morning, breakfast at Bob Evans, I would like to reserve the table for 10am, this may be too early for some of our crew Bob Evans 2433 South Reynolds Rd Toledo, OH 43614 Map:
  8. VOTE For real this time. Please select ALL of the weekends that you could attend the Toledo w-body meet.
  9. Okay! Everyone is home and acclimated from June, and I think we all can agree we had a wonderful time. Now, let's start planning our next "big" meet in September! There was discussion of maybe changing venues for the September Meets. Keep the June Meets in Toledo and then possibly move around the September meet every year. These were some ideas I heard discussed: - Dayton, OH - Erie, PA - Mid Michigan? - Columbus, OH - Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH Any other ideas, suggestions? I'm pretty open to whatever. Let's discuss and get some ideas together, and we'll put it up to a vote!
  10. Briitany and I will be there total: 2
  11. Please select which date works for you. If more than one date works for you, then select as many as apply. If all work, then please select all. This poll will close 1 week from today, June 24th.
  12. Pick a location that you would like to go to. This is also a multiple choice poll. Select as many as you want. If it doesn't matter and you will be able to attend no matter where we go, select all. (If we have a tie, we will have a vote-off). Note: This poll will expire in one week, on June 26th.
  13. Please post here and let us know if you plan on attending the June 2013 W-body Nationals Meet on June 7-9th, in Toledo, OH. Also let us know if you are definitely in or if you are a maybe. I will update the list in the original post as we get responses. 1. WhatTheFehl - Michael Fehl 2. Skitchin - John Baumann (maybe) 3. Al - Alex Walker 4. ScoobyDoo82 - Spencer 5. GOT2B GM - Matt Shantz (maybe) 6. Night Fury - Buck Wilson (maybe) 7. birdman - Camron 8. GP1138 - John Wallace & Family 9. Psych0Matt - Matt & wife (maybe) 10. runt - Jeremy D. 11. ShockTherapy - Timmy Schoeckel + Fiance (maybe) 12. Urbex - Eric B. (Maybe) 13. jake91 - Jake F. (maybe) 14. slowmontecarlo 15. Lizzie/Robertisaar 16. Monte Carlo Dude - Mike Felice (maybe) 17. BXX - Bob 18. Mach 5 - Jerek, GF and Will 19. Go4daMo - Sam 20. White93Z34 - Chris & Jill 21. blackgtp95
  14. Yes, I know it seems early, but I think if we want to change venues and try something different, we need to start planning soon. In the past at every nationals meet I've been to (though this past one was an exception) there has been problems with annoying non-members of our group. That's alright, that's just who we are as a group. Overall behavior has improved ten fold compared to the first couple meets I went to. But we are still a bunch of younger guys, some talking and joking outside after midnight is to be expected. So accepting that as a fact I think we need a change of venue. I talked it over with Camron (we are on the same page in thinking we need a move), and together we kind of came to the conclusion that this would be a fantastic solution to our problem: If you're looking at the rates and getting wide eyed at the cost to rent the place out for a weekend, keep in mind that this would be divided. The more people we have the less expensive it will be. For example: If we have 20 commitments, the price would be: $79.80 per person per night. Which personally I think is pretty reasonable. Especially considering we will be in our own little land away from where we could annoy anyone else. Now as far as accessibility, internet, if there are any rules on drinking or anything, I haven't gotten that far yet. However, basically I would like to know if this is something anyone else would be interested in pursuing? Or does anyone have any better ideas?
  15. I know i barely post on here...but figured I'd ask. The big GM nationals is (obviously) being held in Carlisle, PA in the end of June this year...Anyone from this forum going? I will be hanging with the NY Monte Carlo Club & MCF/Monte Carlo Forum, feel free to drop by & say hello:).. I'm surprised no one has mentioned anything about it for this year.
  16. Don't know if anyone else saw this but a TGP took first in it's class at the pontiac tri power nationals, the High performance pontiac cover photo for the article places the TGP almost dead center of the entire place but it is a big picture so i had to hunt it down.
  17. !This is a work in progress, likely to change! It's that time of the year again! Figure I'll try and get this going well in advance. So in a effort to make this easier on everyone here is a list of addresses and places where people will commonly be. Yes I verified all of the addresses to make sure they work in Google Maps, so I'd imagine any GPS will be fine with it as well. I'm going to TRY to put together some fliers with map cutouts and directions to places drawn out, no guarantees on that. I understand I am mostly giving people information they already know, but for those checking this out for the first time. This is a great event where some of us have forged wonderful friendships at. Is your W-body broken and have to bring a minivan/Nissan/Ford/etc? That's fine. Its almost every bit about the cars as it is the people who drive them. Usually on Friday night people trickle in throughout the day, once most have arrived we will usually go out and get a bite to eat at Jed's Since it is right across the parking lot, Hang out goto sleep. Saturday some will opt to wash their cars, detail, etc. Cookout is done at Sidecut Metropark. Donation for burgers, drinks is suggested at $5, Then different people generally split up with whomever they want to hang out with there is always a group that hits up the King of the Road Junkyard that is nearby, some goto the Shooting range nearby. Dinner will be at Shawn's Tavern that evening (Time TBD) Sunday is pack up day, usually Brunch at Bob Evans before we go our separate ways back home Just a few ground rules: At the hotel please be mindful to other guests Be responsible in drinking, it would be better that we don't get to know Toledo's men in blue. Keep it slow in parking lots and at the metro park Red Roof Inn Toledo-Maumee 1570 South Reynolds Road Maumee, OH 43537 Phone: 419-893-0292 CALL THE NUMBER AND HIT OPTION "6" FOR FRONT DESK, DON'T HIT "2" FOR RESERVATION LINE -- they don't have the reservation in their system. There is a block of rooms held for us under "WALKER" Use that when making reservations. Note: there are other Hotels in the area, feel free to stay at any of them, however RRI will be where most of the action takes place. Sidecut metropark 1000 W River road Maumee, OH 43537 King of the Road Auto parts 9414 Angola Rd Holland, OH 43528 Shawn's Irish Tavern 4400 Heatherdowns Toledo, OH 43614 Bob Evans 2433 South Reynolds Road Toledo, OH 43614 Useful links: Directions to the Park from hotel Directions to Shawn's from hotel Attendance thread (don't rely on it too much as a gauge of who's coming some people never say till they show up, some say and never show up) Open discussion thread
  18. This poll will be open for 3 weeks (until February 4th). This poll is multiple choice - pick as many or as few as would work for you. Can I get a sticky??!?
  19. i have gotten several items while i am here, this is in Dayton Ohio and have gotten these booklets and there are lots more so anybody in this area who thought about it should come, it goes through tomorrow night.
  20. I would first like to plan a weekend and also get some ideas on what we could do for the weekend... I like the idea that we rent a place away from other people (no more hotels) so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them... Some place secluded, I am thinking of a lake house on Lake Erie but I havent done any research... We have 3 months, lets get this going!!
  21. got the 1990 june high performance pontiac for 3$ has the road test they did with one, 1990 salesmen's pocket book for 15$ has all the prices and everything including tgp info, and 1990 personal driving excitement with and large picture of a red tgp on the 2nd and 3rd page, all bought at Trans am Nationals which i posted a thread for in events sorry for poor quality photo
  22. I didn't see any of you at the All GM Nationals in Carlisle, PA or the Ames Performance Tri-Power Nationals in Norwalk, OH this summer so I don't know if any of you would be interested in something like this or not, but I'm going to post it up to let you know about it. This will be our 2nd Annual Detail Clinic and Car show being held at a place most of us either only ever drive by or see on TV. We had an awesome time last year and our host, Dr. Lahar, has invited us back again. Cars came in from NY, NJ, MD, VA and of course PA. The clinic is free and it's free for spectators. If you want to show your car or just get a picture in front of the house it's only a $5.00 donation for either. The home owner has two 1969 Yenko Camaro's there for us to drool over: one bone stock and one built to drag race in a class that appears stock, but in no way is. He has several other cars and if you look through the link at the bottom of this post you'll be able to see pictures from last year of an unbelievable assortment of vehicles and the great time we had. Dylan Von Kleist (Adam's professional detailer, forum guru and master of research and development) is coming back to Central PA this Labor Day Weekend for another Detail Clinic/Car Show Sponsored by Thompson Racing, SVGTO and a host of others! If you missed last fall's, here's your chance: don't miss this one. Here's the house we'll be parked in the backyard of for the show portion of the day: Here's the garage the clinic will be held out of: Both upstairs and down! The garage now has a name and the sign was just hung a few weeks ago: Here's a few of the trophies Jason and Dr. Lahar are putting up as awards: Three deep in six classes: Old Muscle New Muscle Trucks/Jeeps/SUV Hot Rods Imports/Exotics Classics (Pre Muscle Car Era) Plus Best of Show awards by: Graystone Restorations The local Police and Fire Departments SVGTO (Susquehanna Valley GTO Club) BMC (Blue Moon Cruisers) Adam’s Premium Car Care The clinic is a rain or shine event. The show portion is a fair weather event only and has a $5.00 entry fee. I've heard a rumor that Dylan could perhaps be bringing a little Adam's goodie to pass around to all show entries to really help offset the minimal $5.00 entry fee. If you've got any questions feel free to call: (me)BRZN/Dave Eyster 717-475-5457 or Jason Korb 717-712-7866 As shown on the flyer, all proceeds benefit the Upper Allen Fire Department and the Upper Allen Police Departments SMARTS (Students Making Appropriate Responses to Tough Situations) Program. Not only will the $5.00 entry fee to the show field go to them, but if you'd like a picture taken out front of the place: and why wouldn't you? (Look how nice it makes my company car look). We're going to have a photographer (Russ Esenwine) available all day to take pictures of your ride for a $5.00 donation to also go 100% to the Fire and Police and the pictures will be printed and given to you before you leave! We've got a caterer coming in this year to purchase your lunch from: Enck’s Catering Bob Krewson, the SVGTO Club Treasurer and I refused to cook again. What a nightmare it turned out to be last year! We've got a professional DJ coming in this year: Captain Kent Productions Link to last years fun.
  23. Just an open thread for a Canada meet. Ideally looking to place somefing dead in the middle of the two W-body nationals meets. We missed out last year and it would be really nice to get something going this year. Location: Kitchener Ontario (one hour southwest of Toronto). Approx 2 hours from Buffalo/Port Huron Approx 3 hours from Detroit Thinking of doing a weekend meet. I can comfortably accomodate around 4, own rooms (some would be family room type rooms), own beds/futons in each room. No smoking (indoors), air conditioned. Looking ideally to draw in some people from Ontario and some from outside of Ontario. Looking to see who's interested and moderately interested.
  24. Anyone going? BrianG, Euro, SccrplyrGTP, and I will be going. Brian will have his 91 GP L67 car there shooting for 12s
  25. Well I was getting the TGP ready to take to Pontiac Nationals and I totally forgot about the rear camber being way positive. How can I do a quick adjustment just to get it a little better.
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