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Found 194 results

  1. Swapping to olds intrigue struts in the rear of my 97 monte ls. I currently have a rear sway bar from a 98 monte z34. What i wanna know is what w, 88-2012, had the stiffest factory rear bar. I dont have access to a police impala. I do have access to; 92z34, 95 monte z34, regular impalas(3.4 and 3.8), 2001 monte ss, 2006 monte lt 3.9, intrigues (3.5 and 3.8), along with the usual w jy fodder. Thanks
  2. Since it seems that we do have people that are unsure on how to access speakers, or take apart they're dashes, I figured I would go ahead and upload these. These are the only one's that I currently have. If I am missing some, either they are not available, or I totally forgot about that certain vehicle; Just let me know, and I'll let you know . If a guide is not available, and someone would like to make a nice write up, like the ones in the link, PM me the write up, and I will add it to this. Also, these are currently loaded onto Putfile, which has a 30 day experation, meaning 30 days from the last download, they delete the file off of the system. So... If someone that has a server would be kind enough to download all of these, then upload them to their own and PM me the links, I will glady update this thread. Hopefully this can be added to the FAQ or made a sticky. 88-94 Cutlass 95-97 Cutlass No available guide 88-91 Grand Prix 92-93 Grand Prix 94-96 Grand Prix 97-99 Grand Prix 00-03 Grand Prix 00-05 Impala 98-03 Intrigue 90-94 Lumina 95-99 Lumina/Monte Carlo 88-93 Regal 94-96 Regal 97-00 Regal 95-99 Riviera
  3. Hello all. New to the forums here. Also new to W Bodies. Already posted in the introductions area. Heres the situation: Im planning to swap an L67 supercharged V6 into my 2002 Olds Intrigue. Ive heard of it being done a couple of times but theres just no information out there. What I am looking for and need help finding is a Pinout diagram for the bulkhead connector on the firewall of my car. Ive tried googling to no avail and any shop manual i find is $150+. I was hoping somebody here had a wiring diagram or something that can help me out. Thank in advanced everybody!
  4. I am new to this forum, not new to these cars 2001 Lumina, Former fleet car. Very reliable. 2002 Intrigue GLS, former Florida Cadillac dealer upgrade loaner car. A somewhat odd duck, but they are nice and a lot of them were sold. 2001 Regal LS, former rental car (sold this one recently). Overall a very good car. All owned since they were about a year old with low miles when purchased. All driven regularly around the city and on long trips. Most common problems have been electrical switches and connectors as the cars have aged. Transmission issues typical with the type.
  5. I am new to the forum, and I may have posted this in the wrong section. I am also trying to learn how to move around on the forum. Here is my question posted in the new member section. Any help please. My wife loves this car, so I am trying to fix it before it goes to the Pull-a-Part. Thanks in advance. [h=2]PLEASE, Help for 2001 Intrigue[/h] I have a 2001 Olds Intrigue. Looks like a bunch of stuff just went wrong at once. It has 215K miles on it. Is there anyone out there that has dropped the sub-frame? Are there any references or info out there on how to do this. I need to replace the water pump, valve cover gaskets, serp belt, and cross-over gaskets. I think it will be easier to drop everthing and work on it while I can easily access everything. I have access to a car lift and full auto shop, although I am not a mechanic by trade, but I have been working on cars for years. Any one, please any information. Time is a killer for me, so I would rather do things faster even if it involves something as exotic as dropping drivetrain. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok, I am cleaning out the garage and basement, and just want these parts gone. I am open to all offers. If you make an offer, shipping will be calculated after. OEM GM 3.4L intake manifold gaskets Convertible top switch Oldsmobile alero/intrigue key cyl L67 supercharger coupler GM 6 disc ch changer magazines 2001 Grand Prix Dealer brochure LTZ/Z34 center cap 1st Gen Seat Belt Extender Headlight/HUD Switch OEM GM Z34 badges GM 10 disc changers. 1 - 97, 1 - 94. 2 door door handles inner parts PN found on them Gentex Mirror 267 Donnelly with map lights G6 mirror And for a really rare one, an Add-on On-Star attachment on a GNTX-177
  7. i have a 98 olds intrigue with a 3800 when the motor warms up it starts to missfire also the low coolant light comes on but the coolant is full anybody know what the problem is?
  8. Hello all, I am considering of replacing my daily drive with possibly a nicely equipped 2002 Intrigue GL. I recently found out that the GLS models actually came with a kick ass rear view mirror and I am funding if it would be a plug in and play installation. I know there is a lot of info on this mirror but I am curious if it can be installed with out the use of extra wires. [h=2]GNTX-221[/h]
  9. i need to replace the motor mounts in my 98 intrigue should i use solid or hydraulic mounts?
  10. hello,I need to replace the power steering pump on my 98 olds intrigue. is there enough room to remove the pump from the engine compartment? it looks like a tight fit. the only to remove it is up and out and i can not tell if there is enough room.thanks
  11. Hello I was on here previously as a different member with a 95 grand prix that was missing and running slow as *beep*. Well I lost me email address and I'm back with a different car. I got a 98 intrigue with 183k on it and when I leave a stop sign(foot into it or not) it kinda hesitates then accelerates like normal. It doesn't do it all the time and shifts fine all the time. I've searched and search but I got no results. Any ideas?
  12. Have a 2000 GLS intrigue with the 3.5 platform. I have been plagued with intermittent problems. The car has 70,000 miles. The following problem is at times it will miss at an idle and want to shut off, and while driving down the interstate it will loose all engine power, and I can play with the accelerator to recover. At first I thought it was the fuel pump as it had low fuel pressure, the problem continued (changed fuel pump), I thought it might be bad gas, not so. I have changed the MAP sensor, I have tried the following: a new MAF sensor, change the cam sensor, I tried a new IAC valve, checked the coil packs, checked the plugs, check the TPS with no resolve. There are no codes stored. Any sugestions? Thoughts?
  13. Hey all. Just joined up. Been around the dub bodzz for a long time. Had a couple Luminii, a Cutlass Supreme, and and Intrigue. Just unloaded the intrigue with 275,xxx around thaanksgiving. I used to hang out here a lot. But that was then. Now I drive a cobalt. But I long for a yello Z34 with the LQ1/284 combo. Good to be back.
  14. mazdamx640

    F40 swap?

    I've heard that you can swap a f40 transmission into a wbody and would like to do that to my intrigue 3.8L but cant realy find out much about the swap i try'd to look it up and it wont bring anything up. has anyone done this swap what parts would i need?
  15. Hello I am new guy with a 01 Old Intrigue Low Low milage 50,000 miles I got it with 40,000. EBS Brakes, Spectre panel Filer
  16. To my knowlege this is the only Intrigue on the planet with HUD !!! I am almost done!!! [attachment deleted by admin] Removed to free up storage space.
  17. Was pulling a couple parts at the jy for a customers intrigue and noticed that the 3.5 junker had an aluminum bracket on the trans for the trans mount. Will this fit my car? Thanks
  18. Was screwing around in the jy and decided to see how far gen 2 rear struts were from fitting a gen 1.5 w, turns out theyre a bolt in swap. been wanting to swap to intrigue rear springs anyway
  19. (Connecticut) [h=2]GM W Body Parts (Cheshire)[/h] Factory Manuals 2001 Olds Intrigue Shift Kit for W Body Location: Cheshire it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Posting ID: 4194026562 Posted: a day ago email to a friend
  20. Hey guys I need the diameter of the center cap of a Olds Intrigue please:
  21. Wondering if a 4t65e from a 99 olds intrigue 3.5 will interchange with a 98 monte z34 4t65e 3.8
  22. My brakes in my 89 grand prix are getting to the point where I no longer feel safe driving on them. I have a 00 Intrigue parts car here, is it possible to do a brake swap between the two decently easily?
  23. Ok im replacing my back speakers i have the whole back seat out and the side trim off but the back panal trim wont come off. I took the 3 plastic clips off that are located behind the seat so it lifts up but will not come out. Anyone have any ideas of getting this out i dont want to brake it
  24. So I'm currently working on swaping L67 and a getrag 284 into my 98 olds intrigue and my current problem is that the ends of the axels won't fit the tranny. I'm not sure if the intrigues are any different than the gp's but I was told that 97 axles should work. any ideas?
  25. I recently installed a wired FM Modulator in my 2000 Olds Intrigue, the Audiovox FMM-100A to be exact. After completing the installation, I noticed a rather annoying rhythmic popping sound over both frequencies when the modulator is powered on. Considering I attached the included ground wire to one of the screws holding the stereo into the dash, I have, possibly ignorantly attributed this annoying noise to a poor ground. If this is in fact the cause of this static interference, can someone recommend a solid ground location in my car, preferably under the dash. If the ground isn't the issue, I'd appreciate any suggestions to help me troubleshoot it. Thanks!! : )
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