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Found 465 results

  1. I've decided that i'm going to do a junkyard thread and everytime I see something someone might be interested, i'm going to post on this. Also, feel free to put your stuff on this. I guess I figured i dont need a new thread everytime i go and find something. Thoughts? Any ways. I found Cutty International with HUD and burgandy interior. So, for those looking for HUD to match their interior, here it is. Brgandy HUD, and Switch and all brackets $40-45 plus shipping right/ passenger tail light $35 plus shipping
  2. The BLUE connector is C1. Wire A = a RED wire. Connect it to an ORANGE wire that is HOT ALL OF THE TIME. (I connected mine to the ORANGE wire that gives power to the cigarette lighter, but it is recommended that you connect it to the ELEC. Fuse #2 constant +12V (top row, middle fuse).) Wire B = PINK/BLACK. Connect it to a wire that is HOT IN RUN. (I connected mine to one of the PINK/BLACK wire in my dash, but it is recommended that you connect it to CLUST. Fuse #9 switched +12V (3rd row, far right).) Wire C = BROWN. Connect it to the light on input. In my car I have a YELLOW wire in slot C10 but I think that that is exclusive to the digi-dash. I want to soy that there should be a YELLOW wire coming out of the headlight switch that should work. I know that on my dash, when the lights are on, and the display is at MAX, then it has no power in the wire, but when I adjust the lever down, the wire becomes hot, and dims steadily. I use a tester that is just a screwdriver looking thing that has a point at one end, and an alligator clip that you hook up to ground. Wire D = GREY. Connect this to one of the grey wire for illumination. I hooked mine up to the GREY wire that lights up the bulb for the cigarette lighter light. Wire E = BLACK/WHITE. This is a ground. Wire F = BLACK/GREY. This wire is not used. Wire G = YELLOW. Connect this wire to the LITE BLUE wire in the dash (You may not have this wire). This is your English/metric wire. In my car, I push a button on the dash to change it from English (MPH) to metric (KPH). When this wire is hooked up, it automatically changes the DIC display from one to the other when the E/M button is pushed on the dash. This is a wire that is not necessary for the DIC to function, so if you do not have the wire, then just leave it unconnected. Wire H = BLACK. This is a ground. I hooked this up to the BLACK wire connected to the cigarette lighter light. The BLACK connector is C2. Wire A is ORANGE. Connect this to the ORANGE wire coming out of the ALDL connector under your dash. This is your SERIAL DATA INPUT where the DIC will get the info for your gauges button. Wire B = DARK GREEN. Connect this to the DARK GREEN wire in the dash. This is your Vehicle Speed Input. In my car it is wire number D15. Wire C = PINK. Connect this one to the PURPLE wire in the dash. This is your vehicle Fuel sender wire. In my car it is wire number D13. Wire D = BLACK/GREEN. This is another GROUND. It is not used in the 91 model. Driver Info System was not available 92+. You will not find a new cutlass with one. If you put one in your car, then it will go where the storage cubbyhole is under the ashtray. The screw-holes for the 98 Regency’s DIC is identical the Cutlasses, so it will go there with no problem. If you get the DIC out of a Cutlass, then be sure to get the storage pocket as well. IF (OR WHEN) you get the HUD, then the control switch will go where the storage is. 89-90 cars got a little pocket in the empty space. HUD control panel was mounted above the headlight switch (below the dash pad). 91 cars got a little pocket if they didn't have HUD. Cars with HUD got the control panel instead of the pocket. Is your headlight switch up high next to the speedometer with the foglight switch next to the air vent? If so, then the HUD switch goes in the pocket. My car headlight switch is located next to the vent, with the foglight switch next to the speedo. (INT'L models also had the BASS BOOST switch as well as the foglight switch) But I will still put the HUD switch next to the DIC.
  3. I have a question, if you know the origin of the photos of the 1988 pacecar in a museum, the ones where the car is behind a velvet barricade, and with an engine on display. Basically, where was this photo taken?????? who took it? I visited (finally!) the Indianapolis Motor speedway...... and went to look at the photo archives for 1988. so far..... here's what I learned: 1988 pace car replica convertibles were used as parade cars. 1988 coupes were also used as parade cars... and at least some of these had sunroofs! calais coupes were also used as parade cars in 88, painted in the 88 pacecar scheme, and not the 86 paint. JIM DAVIS rode in the 49 pace car. In the prior pictures I have seen, I have isolated only two real pace cars. 1 with race lighting, with HUD, with removal rollbar, with leather interior, WITH HOOD VENTS! with Quad 4 1 withOUT race lighting, withOUT HUD, with removal rollbar, with leather interior, without Hood vents, with Quad 4. almost ALL publicity shots are of the non-race ready vert. in the publicity packet that comes with the 50 pacecars (maybe all 250, or ?) is a picture showing two verts under construction whose caption implies that they were the only two cars produced to be real pacecars. so far the cars I have seen from the photo archives are consistent with these two, However, the archives guy said that typically they have 3 ready pacecars. the archive guy showed me a picture of a prior year HURST OLDS pacecars.... with EVERY Hurst Olds pacecar (including parade replicas) in a formation on the track. If I dig... and go through a stack of proofs that would sit 6 feet tall... I am hoping to locate a similar 88 image.
  4. Hi guys, it's been awhile since I posted, I have a "new" 1995 Cutty triple black, she's a beauty 143000 km which is almost new in Miles lol. I am just finishing up a HUD upgreat on my new ride, and I am looking for a HUD bezel for a 1995 - 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix. If someone has one I'd be interested in purchasing one. I have a US address if easier for you to ship to there. Thanks It's great to be back!! Kinger
  5. Wanted: HUD and/or DIC for '93 Pontiac GTP (or any year that works). Must be complete with wiring and brackets and in nice condition.
  6. Ended up with another Gen 1 (not complaining). After my asshole roommate blew up the engine in my Mark VIII a friend gave me this... 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme coupe. Clearcoat is gone on the hood and tops of the fenders and front bumper. The passenger side body kit needs to be repainted as well. There is also minor damage to the passenger side from when the previous owners hit a deer. Not going to go crazy with the mods on this one until I get the title (should be in another 2 weeks). I do have a list of planned mods (mostly stuff I had done to my previous cutlass's... HUD, ATC, cleaning it up, ETC).
  7. Ok, I am cleaning out the garage and basement, and just want these parts gone. I am open to all offers. If you make an offer, shipping will be calculated after. OEM GM 3.4L intake manifold gaskets Convertible top switch Oldsmobile alero/intrigue key cyl L67 supercharger coupler GM 6 disc ch changer magazines 2001 Grand Prix Dealer brochure LTZ/Z34 center cap 1st Gen Seat Belt Extender Headlight/HUD Switch OEM GM Z34 badges GM 10 disc changers. 1 - 97, 1 - 94. 2 door door handles inner parts PN found on them Gentex Mirror 267 Donnelly with map lights G6 mirror And for a really rare one, an Add-on On-Star attachment on a GNTX-177
  8. Must Sell Price reduced to 5500.00 OBO. Selling for what I have in it. Hi all. I am listing this to see if there is any interest. It's a 1991 Grand Prix GTP with 5 speed manual transmission. 66 Thousand miles. Blue with gray cloth interior. Sun roof, HUD, Power windows and Locks. I am in Pa. I will post pictures as soon as I can.
  9. I bought the wrong gauge. And never got around to returning them, and now i just want to make some of my money back. It is brand new and never used This will not fit in a piller/hud pod these guages are 2 5/8 and are larger than your standard 52mm These would make a good gauge for those looking to mount them in the 97-03 center console cubby, or a vent pod setup in a 04+ Auto Meter Phantom 20psi mechanical boost/vac guage paid $80 looking to get $50 shipped Or i will deliver at the Columbus meet for $35
  10. L36 heads for sale, $20/pair. If someone wants them I can run them to the Columbus meet, too heavy to bring if nobody says they want them. 130,000 miles off running engine. L67 blower, TMU, off an engine I stripped. Again too heavy unless someone claims it. $25. 2 brand new remote fobs for gen II, bought for the Bonneville and they're the wrong ones $8/ea. Left hand DIC, lightweight, it's coming regardless. $8. 3 Gauge dashtop pod $15, wanted to live where my HUD is going so I used alternate mounts. L36 fuel rail, lim, tb, make offer, not coming without some interest. Have a used uim to go as well but I wouldn't run a used one so I'm assuming nobody wants it. l26 Fuel rail, I don't know why I have an L26 fuel rail but it's pretty. L36 Valve Covers I'll probably have more odds and ends.
  11. Looking for a working HUD for a 91 GTP. Thanks !!
  12. HUD dash conversion. Last spring I found a mint non HUD dash and converted it a HUD dash. NOTE: The defroster duct is different between the two dashes. Remove HUD dash, turn upside down and with a medium straight blade screwdriver pry the plastic support / defroster duct off dash. Retain dash top for hole location reference. Turn non HUD dash upside on towels or something to protect it, pry the plastic support / defroster duct off dash. Discard non HUD defroster duct as it is not reused. Sand / grind the glue / epoxy off the back of the non HUD dash and off the HUD defroster duct. Remove staples as well, or cut them off or grind them flat (some are buried in the factory epoxy glue). Measure and cut hole for HUD (cut the plastic fiber backing the same size, but cut the vinyl part approx. 1/8" smaller than hole on all sides). Test fit the HUD defroster duct on the new dash (there is an aluminum plate that goes in the HUD hole and the vinyl will need to be trimmed more in this area). Test fit HUD in hole and trim as needed. With new dash upside down use blocks under the towel to position dash as natural as possible. Apply adhesive glue to back of non HUD dash and attach HUD defroster duct. I used Loctite construction adhesive. Still holding strong. Clamp / tape as needed to hold the two pieces together until adhesive dries. Small short screws could be used as well, as long as they don't poke through the dash, of course. Remove clamps, tape and screws, install new HUD dash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I need help instrument cluster somewhat works the Speedometer doesn't work tac doesn't work the turbo gauge doesn't work. Also the HUD is just all lit up. Need help on how to fix.
  14. I recently replaced my Dakota I owned for 13 years with an 04 Grand Prix GTP, it has 98k on the clock. It's not my first though, before the Dakota I had a 91 grand Prix LE with the 3.1, bought with 146k in '97 and sold with 250k in '01. This one has the supercharged 3.8, but has a couple issues. When parked, it acts like air gets into the fuel line, and takes two or three cranking cycles to start. I haven't figured out how to get the HUD working. It came with a single key, what would I expect to pay for two more keys and a fob?
  15. Ok I did some digging online the past couple days and found '94 GTP in junkyard not that far from me online they listed they had a hood so naturally i was pumped there was one i could finally get my hands but tragically it was gone, but anyway it has the hud and dash intact so i was checking it out but it was different from all the other huds i've seen it had the top hud part and the headlight/fog/hud switch but nothing in the empty pods like an se, it hasn't been touched so im kinda confused. Also they want $125, good deal yay or nay? My dumbass didn't take a picture of it just the car.
  16. Hey all. A couple weeks ago, I pulled out of my drivewayand heard a hard thud, then heard or felt nothing abnormal until later that night when I heard this metal-bouncing sound. Then part of my rear sway bar snapped off and hit the road. So what are my best options? It's a 98 Monte LS; I work at a parts store and we cannot order a rear sway bar, and GM can't get me one.
  17. I can't say I've ever read about a problem like this, so I figured I'd post it up. The other day I took the car out for the first drive in months. About a mile down the road I heard a loud pop, as if someone threw a rock at the windshield very hard; it startled me. A few seconds later, smoke started pouring out of the HUD. Not like a puff of smoke like the turn signal indicator in the column, I mean it was coming out of the screen on top, out the tilt adjuster, out from around the cluster, everywhere. It lasted a good 30 seconds, I pulled over immediately and expected the car to be on fire. Eventually it stopped and I drove it home and disconnected the battery. i pulled the thing apart and expected to see an obvious char mark where a wire grounded out or something, but no such thing. I don't remember what the insides usually look like color wise, but here's a couple pics. I think that black on the cover was always there? It didn't rub off on my hands. in a related story, I need a new HUD
  18. Ok, This morning I go out to vehicle and prime the car up as usual, and try to start it. It didn't catch the first time, so I start it again. I hear a thud/pop noise under the vehicle and it starts miss firing. The RPMS ramps all the way up to 5000, to 6000 RPMs, and falls back down, and dies. I can hold the gas pedal and it will shoot all the way back up to the mentioned RPM range, and try to die again. I thought what I herd would have been maybe the PCV boot popped off, and the engine is running rough. To my surprise everything is still hooked up. Now, here he are with a sick 3100sfi. I understand the next step would be to pressure check each cylinder. I don't have one, but could I tell anything if I started to pull all spark plugs out? I don't have a check engine light, as the car won't stay running long enough. I have religiously changed the oil, and tranny fluid.
  19. I was wondering if anyone had a solution for how I can change my hud to metric as I am a Canadian. I curently have it off as I am doing a dash repair and thought now would be good time to tackle it while the wires are exposed in case it involves moving one around?????? I also recomend if you go to all the trouble taking dash off change stock speakers . It is the only way to get at them.
  20. drifty

    Ditching my Lq1

    Hey guys, I just came over from the grand prix forums, this summer I am swapping in an l67 into my 95 GTP. I am wondering if I will be able to keep my current hud and info center (tripometer, gas mileage, etc) or if I will have to swap these out from the donor car?
  21. To my knowlege this is the only Intrigue on the planet with HUD !!! I am almost done!!! [attachment deleted by admin] Removed to free up storage space.
  22. So ive been into cutlass convertibles since 1995 ive had 2 92s a 93 and 2 94s and ive been working on a 91 for the last year. Ive added hud, dic, redone the back set fronts are being done now replaced the back window.repainted the windshield moldings and cleaned It uped pretty is a rust free car from ca. Never repainted just has some minor dents in it. Still needs a new top, center caps and a motor it runs but has a knock. Im torn because I love these cars but I found something else that I want. So should I finish this and keep it or let it go now and let some one else finish it.? What would you do,?
  23. Red cellophane over the VFD in the HUD...
  24. I have always wanted an original 1988 HUD than came in the Pace Cars at Indy, but what is the actual differences between them all for each year? I know the dimmer switch was different, but only from photos. Any knowledgable members with facts out there? Thank You, Too Lazy To Google!
  25. can a hud display be installed with connector that's not in the car now?
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