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Found 383 results

  1. Hey guys I know some of you seen my Facebook posts about this but for the ones that haven't here is the video for the test drive.
  2. Hey guys I bought a set of LED headlights for my mom's '07 LaCross and they worked out very nice as far as lighting performance. I was riding around with her today while she was out for a visit, and I could hear that Dinging going on for the check gauges that cars do, and she said it was telling her that a headlight is out even though I replaced them both with the LED's. The only thing I can think of without checking the codes is that the system isn't reading the draw right since the LED's run 30watts a piece vs 50ish for halogens. I am planning on taking my code reader out to her place an see what it says but figured I would drop this here for any thoughts.
  3. It's 1986 - you've been transported to the past, and miraculously, you're on the GM-10 project, that is supposed to help revitalize GM's image, and bring them back from possible financial ruin. Knowing all you know now about how the cars have aged, what are some things you think would improve the overall quality of these cars in fifteen years? Do you think they survived the years they were meant to survive without falling apart terribly? This is with an understanding of both quality control's effect on the bottom line... it's hard to keep these things on a budget. Also I'm aware that GM did fix these things in the newer "1.5" gen W's. I'd do the following: Strengthen the brakes - less problematic rear calipers Use different materials to cover Lumina and Cutlass dashpads Design the turn signal switches differently in the square columns (I'm not an engineer, but perhaps better quality metal on the contacts) Glass headlights throughout the line, no plastic that can fade and discolor I'll think of more, but I figured it was an interesting idea to write on.
  4. My headlights were dimming with my sub (500W RMS) and the battery cables were hacked when I bought it because I think a battery had exploded previously. I changed my cables to 4 ga and added a wire from the alternator to the fuse panel. It charges well (usually around 15.1V), but it was still dimming. I changed the wires out to 1/0 gauge and added one from the alternator to the battery. The chassis ground, I ran a wire directly from the top post (I use the side posts for the other cables except the amp cable). The lights don't dim as much and it charges up to 15.3V (15.5V is the upper limit for this car from what I read), but I am now getting the Battery Save Active display on the DIC. From what I read, it's supposed to do that if the voltage is low, but that's certainly not the case. It does jump around a lot on the DIC, but reads steady 14.7V at the battery. Anyone know why this would be happening? Nothing seems to suffer.
  5. I want to wire my fog lights so that they not only come on with my headlights but can also be turned on when the headlights are off and off when the headlights are on. I'm assuming it'll require at least two relays but I'd like to only use one switch. A wiring diagram would be awesome but any help is appreciated.
  6. Mel87

    Blinker relay?

    Went to Dunkin Donuts this morning and noticed the my right blinker isn't blinking. Just a solid state on. When I got home I tried to diagnose it. The hazards will blink it, but when I use the blinker lever it wont. There are no bulbs out so it brought me to the conclusion of a bad relay maybe? I remember years ago it happened to my uncles Dodge truck. Would that be what it is and if so where is the relay located? Also it won't blink even with the headlights on.
  7. So I really like the idea of the auto headlights the car companies introduced a while back. Unfortunately, they didn't have them back in 95 on my GP SE. So my question is can I get the parts from a newer GP and put them in mine? Is it even feasible? Your thoughts?
  8. Hey, all. I plugged a brand new air compressor into my cig lighter, then later went to drive my Z34 &: my high beam & traffic signal indicators are stuck on unless in use, my instrument cluster backlights are failing, my HVAC control backlights do not dim, my phone stops charging when my headlights are turned on, my dome lights don't work, & my underhood light looks 1/5 as bright as usual. I'm sure this is a simple issue with insane side effects...but anybody have this problem? Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I own a chevy lumina for 4 yrs. My oldest daugheter drove it 2 years and now her sis will drive it 2 more; Work done to it: New spark plugs/wires,transmission fluid/filter,new IAC,LIM gasket,dummy plug o ring,fuel injector o rings,2 new headlights,new taillight,new alternator, big group 78 battery,new belts/hoses,and 4 new yokohama tires. Bought from inlaws w/ 96000 now has 105000. I also have a 2012 toyota highlander and a 2007 toyotoa yaris. I also have a "fun" vehicle a 1999 dodge dakota club cab R/T w/ 55000 org miles. Lot of work done to the dakota too! The toyotas have been fine. Minimal work done to them.
  10. So I just picked up a set of retrofit headlights today, and I think I should upgrade my fogs also. so here is what I've narrowed it down to im torn as to which to get as I want the pilot due to the fact they look like the limited edition factory blue fogs, but at the same time I feel obligated to match projectors with more projectors help lol
  11. So, I got a new W-body five months ago. A 2008 Grand Prix. Now the headlights won't turn on, but the brights will work. I believe the third brake light isn't lighting up either. I just seemed to notice this the other day. Any ideas to fix this? Also, is it bad form to drive at night using the brights?
  12. Okay so a few days ago I installed my new LED fog light bulbs. Everything worked great. Today I got my new switchback LED's for the front parking lights. Before I touched them, they worked fine. Installed the new LED's and now the parking lights, blinkers and fog lights don't work at all. Doesn't matter if key is on, headlight switch pulled out. The emergency flasher works fine still. Also when I put the parking lights on, the rear lights work fine. Was checking the lights and noticed one of the parking light sockets was hot. turned power off and pulled out the bulb. The plastic for the base started to melt. These are 3157 leds so they are the right socket. Only one of them did this. Tried eye balling the underhood fuse for parking lights and it looks good. Tried putting the regular bulbs back in and still nothing in the front works. Only thing in front working is the headlights. Also, now with LED or regular bulbs, the blinkers don't work at all. Nothing even on the dash when I turn them on. What the hell could be going on here?? Any help would be appreciated and me being able to fix by tomorrow would be perfect Thanks ahead of time! This is on a 98 Regal GS
  13. YAY hidden rust i finally decided to check out why my trunk always had water in it after it rained i pulled the carpet back and i see water trails coming down from the seam filler so i pull it off with my knife and YAY hidden rust the sealer from the outside must have cracked and let the metal rust between the inside and outside seam filler so i had some fun today fiberglassing above both tail lights to cover the seams and i got some new seam filler from autozone and redid the inside seams to seal it up it should be a good test this week for it because its suppose to rain 4 days straight
  14. So i went to my local JY and they happen to have a set of 95 BMW 325i headlights laying around so i picked up the passenger side for now (only 35$) and have started doing the swap and i can say its more then i thought it would be but its not difficult and it looks sexy
  15. I just got my w-body and am looking for performance parts and body styling. If any one can help its appreciated. Also like to know what BMW mra32 got his headlights from.
  16. Does anyone know if the wiper and headlights controls from an 88/89 GP are interchangeable and will work with a 90 GP?
  17. I don't have access to any wiring diagrams so I'm hoping someone here does. On my 2007 I'm looking for a fuse that goes OFF when the key goes off. Since everything is so BCM controlled I'm tied into the headlight sensor circuit so I can control some accessories (Sirius radio hooked up externally). For the time being I'm ok with switching on the headlights so power on the circuit so my sirius comes on but I'd like to find something more permanent. I'm doing with using an add-a-fuse so I'm not splicing wires and I've also found out that the 12v plugs in the car don't shut off at key off/door open. Anyone?
  18. hi it's me again, probably don't know who...but..First time I drove alone on a long trip (I did trips that were longer with my dad, including driving the whole distance with a stick shift), but anyway, I drove to KY to visit my boyfriend, and I've taken a liking for this car. Got the car inspected and the wheels balanced, alternator tested- all that for my trip because my parents didn't want me to go with a bad car- like the Grand marq, it has bad o2 sensors. So last minute trying to fix the car, my parents are like "no, you need to take the tanturd, the merc has old tires", so it's dark and cold and I'm trying to get the buickready and I'm cursing at it cause I hated it..haha So a week later I'm taking a liking to this turd and having fun, sure it has half the horses, but it also has 100k+ less miles. So I'm going to try and buy it off my parents instead of the grand-yacht PICS Some random airplane park we stumbled across in bowling green Coolest thing I've ever seen in my life also, this was in Nashville, thing is massive and will turn my turd into a pancake. It was pushed Florida to Nashville TN by a little itty bitty tugboat!! Navigated through 3 lane streets, took about 21 days, it's about 3 semi trucks wide. 10 mother screwing gallons per mile. Shame I left my DSLR at home, I could have had fun shooting. Lol IMPORTED FROM CANADA! woo!! Got a little something for my keys...heh heh heh, yeah, it's dubbin hard now. LOL my bf rolled his eyes. He doesn't mind driving it though, I've been letting him all week use it to get to work since I blocked in his car, he says for transportation it's a great car..told him I wanted a glasspack, tinted windows/tails/smoked headlights, different wheels definitely..."If you want to drive a loud car, you have a key to the loudest car in the world.." Well you're no fun haha! Well, I've had so much fun but I have to head home tomorrow because my parents are making BS excuses about me needing to be home...
  19. This might be petty, but I don't like how my DRLs run off the low beam headlights. I don't like how short the life span of the lightbulbs are, plus if I want to run a better-than-stock bulb (Silverstars or what have you), I don't want to them to burn out so fast. I know on the '04s (and maybe '05s), the turn signal bulbs are utilized as the DRLs and I like the way that looks better anyway. Would replacing the DRL module with one from an older GP shift the DRLs from the low beams to the turn signals? Thanks to anyone with any clues.
  20. anyone with a regal coupe have any advice as far as modding the headlights/Tail lights? kinda wanna go an LED route for the tails.and for the headlights no clue yet.
  21. On the news about the China hacking thing, I briefly spotted a 2nd gen W-body Regal and noticed the Chinese ones had different taillights. Thought I'd get a closer look searching Google. I guess they've been like that since '05, but I'd never seen one before. Also have different headlights and grille. Might be fun for a Regal/Century owner to swap in the China tails for a unique look, though I guess not like anyone outside of this forum would notice.
  22. Headlights wouldn't come on one day. Had the feeling it was the switch (had been giving problems iiRC). So Iran wires from the battery to the headlights and turn them on by twisting them together! I'm sick of it and miss using the buttons behind the low/high beam switch (same switch). Therefore would need to basically cut a few wires I guess, wire up another switch to alternate between high/low. It's such a ridiculous system. I'd sooner swim through a lake of hungry gators then pull my steering wheel. 1992 Lumina 3.1
  23. Hi There, the headlights on my car suck. I cannot see at night with them, so I decided to buy some nighthawks to see if that would improve them. I get home go to put them in and it appears they are a sealed beam headlight? So why do they have replacement bulbs available and how to heck to you get your lights so you can see at night. Honestly they are so awful I can met cars with my high beams on and offend no one. I have had them professional aimed twice and they still suck. My high beams are more light low beams
  24. About 6 months back, I hit a pothole really hard and got so pissed about it that I slammed my door which messed up the switch inside that shuts the stereo off when the door is opened and the ignition is in the off position. So for the past 6 months, every time I get out of my car I have to turn the key off, lean over and pop the passenger door open to shut off the stereo and headlights, and then get out the driver's side. I'm sure people laugh when they see me doing this, and I would too. My question is, does anyone know where exactly this switch is, or how I could fix it? I've been trying to find it on google but all the results are either for power window switches or door lock switches, etc. and not actually for this switch that shuts the stereo off. I want to get it fixed because I re-pulled an old injury in my back doing this a few days ago, and I'm sick of it. Thanks guys!
  25. Alright, so ever since I got my HID's in, I've been trying to figure out how to get the DRL's to stay off. I was really excited when I heard about BBEngineer's DRL/ALC bypass harness, but unfortunately he no longer sells them and he hasn't been responding to my e-mails. So, I've been looking all over the place for another solution. I tried pulling the DRL relay from the fuse box under the hood and bending over pin 87, with absolutely no effect. Interestingly enough, I was able to find a solution posted up on another w-body website (not sure if I'm allowed to post links so I'm just going to reiterate what I found out there...)Anyways, what I found on this other website was a solution for 04/05 monte's and although it works on 99-03 Impala and Montes, it works differently. What you need to do is to remove both of the under-hood fuse blocks from their cradle. There is 3 clips on each block which hold it in, and you MUST take them both off at the same time because they're connected. So once you get them out, you'll see a small grey clip on the side of each fuse block. What you need to do is pull this clip out CAREFULLY. You don't need it pulled out all the way. Once you have that pulled out, you can now pull out the light green wire with a black stripe from where it connects to the back of the DRL relay. Be careful when you pull it out because you might rip the spade connector off the end. Once you have this green/black wire pulled out, tape it off and put the grey wire retainer clip back in. Push both fuse blocks back into place, and voila! You're done. NOW - The problem with this method on 99-03 Monte's and Impala's is that this WILL activate the "service vehicle soon" light which some people might find more annoying than having the DRL's in the first place. 04-05 models don't have this issue. I have also heard that it will turn on all the headlights since the DRL's aren't working, but I didn't have that problem. My DRL's are the only thing which were affected. From what I understand, this will also not affect the automatic head light system from working at night but I could be wrong because as I only did this mod yesterday, I haven't driven in the dark yet. If you want the link to the other forum where I found the original instructions, PM me and I'll give it to you. If I encounter any other issues, I will let you know. Also, if anyone can PM me and tell me where I can get a DRL bypass harness, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do! I would appreciate it more than you could know.
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