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Found 56 results

  1. Mel87

    Blinker relay?

    Went to Dunkin Donuts this morning and noticed the my right blinker isn't blinking. Just a solid state on. When I got home I tried to diagnose it. The hazards will blink it, but when I use the blinker lever it wont. There are no bulbs out so it brought me to the conclusion of a bad relay maybe? I remember years ago it happened to my uncles Dodge truck. Would that be what it is and if so where is the relay located? Also it won't blink even with the headlights on.
  2. Hi all, I own a chevy lumina for 4 yrs. My oldest daugheter drove it 2 years and now her sis will drive it 2 more; Work done to it: New spark plugs/wires,transmission fluid/filter,new IAC,LIM gasket,dummy plug o ring,fuel injector o rings,2 new headlights,new taillight,new alternator, big group 78 battery,new belts/hoses,and 4 new yokohama tires. Bought from inlaws w/ 96000 now has 105000. I also have a 2012 toyota highlander and a 2007 toyotoa yaris. I also have a "fun" vehicle a 1999 dodge dakota club cab R/T w/ 55000 org miles. Lot of work done to the dakota too! The toyotas have been fine. Minimal work done to them.
  3. Hi - My name is Johannes (John) I am 29 and from Germany. So, sorry for my bad spelling sometimes. Since nearly 3 years I own a beautiful 90´Regal limited - You can see some more Pics of my ride in the "Member´s Rides" Section. Before this Regal, I owned some american cars like: 78 Oldsmobile Toronado 89 Dodge Ram B250 Van 99 Dodge Ram B2500 Van My regal is here a very rare car and when Im driving it you got watched like you driving a Ferrari or anything else. greetings
  4. I just happen to pop the hood on the lumina when I had got home, and i noticed my radiator fluid was not at the Hot mark in the reservoir. I also saw that the fluid was not green as it should have been. I had the radiator fluid changed around 80,000 miles ago, and I am right now 147,000 miles. I don't notice any over heating but just has me concerned if this may be why im low on fluid (leaking) due to either my LIM's are going out since i had the LIM's replaced around 54,000 miles ago. I do know that when I had the intake manifold gaskets replaced, they were the permadries. I took a picture of what the fluid looks like which is below. What do you think, should i just flush the fluid and see if it drops and or change color or is this a definite symptom? Engine: 3100 SFI, 98 lumina
  5. Hey guys i am new to this platform. not new to building motors or building cars. but new to luminas. or W bodys. My Daily Driver is a 1994 pontiac sunbird LE 2 door with the 2.0 Liter ATX... My summer car/track car is a 1994 dodge Stealth RT TT. with to many mods to list. 6 speed MTX.. my sunbird is a total POS and i am sick of it. I have the option to buy my sisters 1992 4 door Lumina with the 3.1 V6 ATX. the lumina only has 51K original miles!!!! my sister is the second owner and barely drives it. it has brand new tires as of last month. brand new plugs and wires. new brakes and a few other little things. so anyways. it is dent free/rust free. spotless gorgeous car. and she will sell it to me for 2500$ I want to know...are these decent cars? as I put miles on it what will break first/need to be replaced. How fast are these cars. i know they are not track bound cars or fast cars. but is it going to struggle to get up to high way speeds like my sunbird? what is everyones opinion on the 4 door 1992 lumina. thanks
  6. Well some of your may recognize the name, ive been in the bonneville world for years prolly started in about 2004 or so im currently DD'ing a 96 olds cutlass supreme sl 4 door (pics below) 3100 4t60 3.33 gears Fe1 suspension with 115k, i paid 900 bucks for it and it needs plenty of tlc but nothing seriously huge or mechanically just thought i would join up here and introduce myself while i lurk for answered questions previous rides: 90 pontiac 6000 95 buick regal coupe 93 bonneville ssei 93 olds 88 royal elite 90 olds 98 touring sedan 88 dodge ram d100 95 dodge ram 1500HD 99 ford winstar lx
  7. Hello i have a 2000 dodge neon 2.0 liter SOHC, recently ive been having problems it seems to shift ok but when u start to slow down and get below 35 mph it want to shudder and almost stall, so ive been placing it in neutral when i need to slow down but i have been tryin not to drive it because i dont want to make bad matters worse, to me it feels like when your driving a manual and u leave it in gear and slow down without depressing the clutch, and when you get to a stop and try to go again the rpms go up but the car doesnt move that fast then it switchs gear and jumps foward, and does the same thing, i have already changed the filter and fluid, and now i was thinking the next step is the ttc solenoid (Lock up solenoid), i also have been hearing a weird noise coming from the tranny area, could this be from a bad solenoid, or what are your thoughts?
  8. Hi everyone, I just joined the W-body forum and thought I would introduce myself. I have a 1995 Chevy Z34 Monte Carlo tha just rolled over to 85K miles, a 1998 Dodge Durango that I will be selling as soon as I can talk the wife into it lol, and a 1971 El Camino that my wife and I work on together. I hope to make some new friends here and gang tons of knowledge on what I would like to do to the monte.
  9. OK, thus far I've changed TPS, MAF, ECU, most of the wiring harness, and searched vacuum hookups, no luck. My only idea left is maybe a fuel filter? I've been told injector/plugs, but even of my 99 Dodge Pickup (this is a 2000 Regal LS, 3.8L BTW) any kind of misfire, especially one this violent pops a code instantly, so I'm sure this Buick would do the same, and it pops no codes whatsoever. Here's the video: As you can see, it'll keep it up almost indefinitely if I don't give it more gas (about 20 seconds in and until I "push through" with more throttle that's probably about 30-40% throttle, steadily held). But I can give it more throttle and seemingly force the car to go on. Ideas? TIA.
  10. Hey guys I got a problem with the 98 lumina. I understand that 3100 are notorious for having light piston slap when you first start them. I recently have picked up some type of rattle, or tick of some sort. I had already replaced the spark plugs, wires, air filter, pcv, serpentine belt right at around 85,000. The car has ran great, but little after a couple of days I start hearing this noise when I give it light throttle. I have no check engine light, and double checked with a scanner. I have made a video of it. It's weird because I can't reproduce it when I have the car in neutral and just slowly raise the rpm's. It only seems to do it when I am at a stop and gradually accelerate. It seems when the car is under load it will do it 9 times out of 10. The car drives fine, has power, but I can't tell if this is piston slap, or lifters, to remedy it before it gets bad. This can't be normal:
  11. Well friday afternoon its been raining all day and on my way home i rearended someone in a Black 06-09 Dodge Magnum.. All i saw was a sudden stop with brake lights and when i braked my tires locked up and i slid into him at about 15 MPH.. all i heard was crunch.. We pull over to the side and check it all out and with our cars being black any paint trading you really cant tell.. So he asked me for 50 buck i told him i have no cash.. he then asked me to fill his tank and so i did went to the gas station and put 35 bucks in to top his tank off.. After that we both went our ways.. Never see each other again.. After i think about it i think its wierd but maybe not.. who knows.. So today i went to the junkyard today and pullled the bumper cover and brace behind it to use on my car.. When i got home i decided to take a closer look at my car and sure enough the metal bumper support was bent like crazy.. i didnt even know.. it showed no signs since it was behind the cover.. i pulled the cover off and it was worse than ever.. everything was all bent up.. so i straightened out the bumper extensions and put the new bumper support on.. I also cleaned up both covers to use the one in best shape but they both have the same amount of flaws.. I have pictures to show the damage.. Tomorrow i will finish it up.. Just unbolting the cover.. cant really see much paint flaws from the hit.. Cover off You can see the Bent Bumper support Passenger side extension Driver side extension Overall view The new straight bumper support kinda bolted onto the bent extensions to show how bad the damage is.. Extensions straightened out and new support put on.. While looking things over i found the hood latch is bent where the center brace goes for the front bumoers.. so a little straightening out there to be done.. And the cover that was on the car when hit.. The new cover is black also.. i will get pics of that up tomorrow before i get it on the car or what i decide to do.. Iam also installing my HIDS when the new cover goes on..
  12. So I'm only getting 15 MPG city, 89 octane gas, and it's been that way for as long as I've owned it. My 1984 Dodge longbed 318 gets 16 city with the original engine so I'm not really thrilled about this. Today I decided to flush the cooling system before winter and did an ECT at the same time. My new ECT and old ECT both read correctly on my Ohm meter, and my IAT is alright too. This spring my fans weren't coming on and I bypassed the relays so I was sure the ECT was the winner. As far as I know it's not holding onto any codes and the MIL is off. Any thoughts?
  13. Well first off, this style GP is my favorite by far (91-93 and 94-96) and want one for my next car. This car is my brother's old '91 GTP. I'm not sure how many miles are on it, but it's in decent shape. He said the motor ran good sometimes, and then ran like shit sometimes. He told me what it was, but I don't remember. Said when he replaced the part, it kept on blowing fuses and might be in the wiring. It is an original 5-speed car, but the tranny needs work. He said the power seats worked and the HUD worked as well. I'd kinda like to get it and restore it, but not sure it's worth it, and not sure how much work it needs. I'm selling my Dodge Neon and whatever I get for it (won't go any lower than $7,500) will go into the car, if I decide to buy it. Here's some pics: He said the guy would let it go for $300, but I was gonna offer him $200. Think this is a worthy restoration project, or am I better off finding a nice GP?
  14. Hello everyone I am new. I want to first say i love this forum. It has a lot of great info on w-body cars. I have learned alot from it. Well here I go about my question. I have the RKE "brain" under the kick panel of my 1998 lumina. I do not have the AU0 number on my VIN number and I am trying very hard to get it working so that i can get some keyless sweetness from the car. The Brain has been hooked up already and has power going to it but since i do not have the reprogram wire in the trunk what can i do to get the brain to "wake up" and start accepting Fob's? I have included pictures to show how the wiring is. It was done im sure when GM had built the car. Slick I hope your reading this, man i loved your write up on the keyless entry. Guys thanks for the help in advanced. Pictures:
  15. I have parked my car on front of the house on the street. We just moved in the 2nd of February. I'm pretty sure that the one that hit it is the neighbor across street, they have a tall dodge ram and I'm sure that's what hit my car, it's pretty obvious. Here are some nice pics
  17. This isn't for my car. does pertain to audio and I almost had this setup in my car but gave it to the G/F instead. Here is the hardware involved: 2001 Dodge Intrepid Pioneer DEH-P6600 XMD1000 (XM Direct Unit) XMDPIO100 (Unit from XM Direct to HU) So over the last few months more and more stations have been dropping off. For no real reason either. At first I figured that my G/F was just not knowing what buttons to push or whatever but I quickly found she wasn't making anything up. For about 4 months, the unit would only start on the XM Preview channel (Ch. 1) and we only got like channels 11, 16, 21,22, 23 and maybe a few up in the 100's. The past few days...only channels 1 and 130 work. Now, when it rains we get more stations. Not sure why. I thought since it worked better in the rain that it would be the antenna. So I picked up a new XMicro2 off of ebay thinking that would do the trick. Well, when I hook it up to the system all I get on the Pioneer is "ANTENNA" and no sound, not even preview. I thought about resending the signal but with the error I figured it would be a waste of time. It should be noted, I have tried to move the antenna, I have moved the location of the XMD1000 in the car. I have checked ALL connections MANY times. I'm totally lost here!! Overall, we are pretty happy with the XM but I will not keep paying for a suscription if it is going to be like this. Any help that anyone could give would be great!
  18. Hey all, as you have read in previous posts, my coolant is disappearing into my exhaust, the engine is overheating, and there is a new WP, Thermostat and no puddles under the car. It died today, multiple times. I wasn't able to get very far. It would start extremely harsh, and it was bad. My girlfriend was there too, she knows nothing about cars, and she thought it sounded bad. SO, after a lot of googling and reading here on the forums, I think I've narrowed it down to the LIM. Which is a pain from what I've heard, but cheaper than anything else serious. I was browsing on autozone to find the price of these gaskets, and I think I found the, but I need to know for sure. LIM Gasket If those are the right ones, awesome! Anyway, I was looking for a complete and thorough walkthrough for replacing these. I'm very insecure about doing things without good instructions, but I can't afford for someone else to do it. Please help me, this is the last resort, because I plan on selling the car if the gaskets fix it, and getting a 1998 Dodge that has full backing of my parents if it breaks. Thanks! My email address is if you have something to add! Thanks so much in advance!
  19. I got this off a Dodge Lancer. Looks like it will work good. Haven't figured out where I want to mount it on the boost pipe yet. Project is coming along fine so far.
  20. On my way to work today driving my 2000 Impala, the guy in front of me stopped quickly for a person making a left hand turn on a two lane road. I stopped just in time, but the person behind me couldn’t and plowed in the back of my car. I was pushed into the Dodge truck in front of me. The air bags didn’t deploy I think for the fact that his bumper was taller than mine. The back end of his truck went thru the grill and into the hood. The car behind me had little damage to his vehicle (S10) but there was a fourth person that went under his car. It was a Toyota Corolla with a women inside it, she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to her head. I call the insurance co., they said that the 4th and 3rd vehicle in the accident is probably going to have to pay for the damages to my impala. Looking at my car now I think the insurance co. will probably total the car. Tell me what you think. Anyway this was my Tuesday Morning.
  21. I am curious about this mostly cause I would love to have the extra gauges. Now I know on my older car, a 2000 dodge stratus if you swapped gauge clusters in those cars the car's computer stored the info like any idiot lights that were on and the current odometer readings before the swap. If i were to swap the LS cluster for a SS would it store the similar settings, currently my car has a CHECK ENGINE light lit (need a new O2 sensor) and the mileage is at 114K. and for the swap itself, is it simply a plug and play or will the extra gauges be disabled? I also noticed that the SS speedo goes up to 160, mine goes to 120 will that not make a difference, its not as if i plan on going over 120 in the car .
  22. I swear I have 3.29s. Every piece of GM information that I have says that my Impala has 2.93 gears....LIARS! In Car and Driver's review of a 06 SS ( they reported 3.29 gears and shift speeds (at 6k) of 49 mph, 92 mph, and 143 mph...yes, it went to 4th...and didn't stop until 154 mph. Anywho, mine shifts at the same speeds (I haven't test 3-4 yet, although the speedo stops at 140 mph...GPS anyone?).....which means they are wrong! Some of the GXPs are reporting higher shift speeds.....I think they got 2.93s. Perhaps my math is flawed....but Car and Driver and I both seem to agree. -235/50/18 tires -4T65-E... 1st...2.92 2nd...1.56 3rd...1.00 4th...0.70 6k shift points (redline) do have to manually hold second, otherwise it short shifts by 600 rpm or so. If I did have 2.93s, I wouldn't hit 3rd until 103 mph. It doesn't shift that high...even with torque converter slur. Back to top speed, recently had a guy that worked for the state dealing with drug enforcement....he went out to Conciul Bluffs behind a new Dodge Charger patrol car (no roof light bar, in the back window)....they sat at 130 or so.....apparently all the way out from Des Monies. Could be BS, but he had the transmission DTCs to back it up. Apprently you set pressure control solenoid codes...nothing wrong with it, just the PCM threw a fit because it was at near max pressure.
  23. As some of you know I work in a Salvage Yard. A Dodge Stelth came in a couple weeks ago with some Chrome wheels on it. They fit My Monte Perfect, so I bought them. They're aftermarket wheels but I have no idea what I have. All thwy say on the back of them is 17x8 and Made in Australia on them. I had to make a post first thing as soon as I came home because I've been going through withdrawls since I moved. I couldn't stand not having internet anymore. The guy finally came today after 3 weeks and hooked it up. I'll also have some more pics soon of My Monte. I have Eibach Springs and KYB Struts sitting here I'm just waiting for the rear struts to come so I can put them on. I must say It's good to be BSing Again.
  24. Hey Guys, I recently aquired a 94 GP through a trade(Gave up an 87 Dodge Shadow CSX with MANY small problems) and I need to know what the color code is so I can paint a replacement bumper and front fender flares to match, but the RPO code sticker in the spare tire cover obviously doesn't match the car{probably replaced at some point since the spoiler was leaking, but it doesn't any more!! Silicone does wonders!!!!} (many discrepancies, sticker says it has split front bench, but it has front buckets, with center console, paint codes show it should be a grey color[don't remember the name of the color] while it is a nice metalic blue< I'm thinking a saphire blue>) Any Ideas? Also, anyone near Northeast Oklahoma that knows where I could find a B4U bumper and front fender flares? (The guy who had the car before me had put larger tires on it and bottomed out on an off ramp and ripped the flares off, and the lower portion of the air dam is missing. Driver's side fog lamp also busted, but I can get an aftermarket replacement for that at AutoZone.)
  25. PCGUY112887

    5spd Swap

    How much would it run me to find someone around me to pull out my dieing auto and swap in a 5spd in my 96 GP with the 3100? I ask becuase I planned on an auto rebuild, but then I drove a 5spd today (granted it was a dodge ram, and it was a pain tryin to get it) but it was so fun and felt so boring driving home with my auto.
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