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Found 62 results

  1. WHERE: Highbanks Metropark in Columbus and lodging at Motel 6 on High Street. Park:,-83.02755,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x676a1752a0d79aac Hotel:,-83.015487,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdb852f5e8c2c84c WHEN: Saturday, June 27th around 12PM WHO: Hopefully you and a lot of other W-Body folks WHAT: BBQ and hang out -- I know there are junkyards in the area as well. WHY: Because it's awesome. HOW: Hopefully by automobile. I have booked a block of 15 rooms for Friday and Saturday night at $45.99+tax/night -- all you have to do is show up that day and pay for one of the rooms. I need to get a headcount and attempt to work out if I will need to reserve any more rooms so nobody gets left out but there is also a RRI butting up against the Motel 6 property so that makes it a little easier if we have a larger turnout. -- there's an event on FaceBook I will keep updated. Please invite people that I may have missed. I hope to get some new faces at this meet as I know there are some folks in Dayton that have W-Body events that would be likely to attend.
  2. So, we have a vote going for the date. Now let's work on the location. I can work with the hotel in Toledo to get the same deal we've been getting the last few years, but there has been a little talk of moving it. I'd be more than happy to set it up in Dayton at a better hotel, I can think of a few right off that would be suitable near parks that would also be suitable for our group. If another location is wanted, please put it in the discussion. I'll start a poll after some discussion, because right now Toledo and Dayton are the only two I personally can think of as solid. I know there are other good cities, Columbus and even possibly Cincy are possibilities IMO. Let's get some discussion going!
  3. Okay! Everyone is home and acclimated from June, and I think we all can agree we had a wonderful time. Now, let's start planning our next "big" meet in September! There was discussion of maybe changing venues for the September Meets. Keep the June Meets in Toledo and then possibly move around the September meet every year. These were some ideas I heard discussed: - Dayton, OH - Erie, PA - Mid Michigan? - Columbus, OH - Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH Any other ideas, suggestions? I'm pretty open to whatever. Let's discuss and get some ideas together, and we'll put it up to a vote!
  4. I was thinking of possibly hosting a small get-together in Dayton before the end of the year, maybe an overnight thing, we can hit up a local restaurant and then chill at a nicer hotel than RRI, maybe get an indoor hotel that we can spread out a bit. Maybe hit up a bowling alley like last September or something, hit the junkyard as well. Would there be any interest in this?
  5. i have gotten several items while i am here, this is in Dayton Ohio and have gotten these booklets and there are lots more so anybody in this area who thought about it should come, it goes through tomorrow night.
  6. New to the w body from just north of Dayton, Ohio (Tipp City). Picked up a black/black/charcoal '94 3.4 Cutlass Convertible with 131,000 miles for my wife Saturday morning and we have already logged around 400 miles with it. It drives out pretty good! Worse MPG's than I would have thought...but oh well. I noticed the "low coolant" light flickering, but everything was A OK and running at normal temps (bad coolant sensor?). Has a torn drivers seat and bad rear 1/4 window swipes but other than that its a great car and the wife couldn't be happier! Heck, even the a/c works VERY my surprise. I checked the timing belt....its pretty new. Along with other gaskets and seals. New suspension pieces, all done by the previous owner. Anyway, good to be here.... -Shaun and Cathy
  7. Hi I'm from Dayton, OH and own a white '93 Grand Prix SE with the ASC body kit FE3 suspension and the 3.1 V6
  8. Ok, this has been a day from hell. Hood latch is broken on my 1994 Cutlass. How in the world do you get into the this car when it breaks? It broke inside the car and of course the wire when inside th housing so you cannot get it. Day started with the battery being dead from storage. Tried to charge it but it set off the alarm the idiot before me put in the car and I could not turn it off because the receiver for the alarm did not have enough power because the battery was dead. So pulled the battery out to charge, it does not have posts and we did not have the right connections to charge it. Put the battery back in the car, tried to jump start it but could not get enough power to get it going. Called the auto club (listened to the tow truck guy bitch because he was missing the Dayton 500) got the car started. Drive it for an hour, shut it off at my parents power at all. Called the same tow truck guy to jump start it (listened to him bitch some more), he cannot get enough power to start it. Tell me either the battery is dead or the alternator is dead or the alarm is short circuited draining the battery. Tow it back home. Get new battery, go to open the hood and latch cable snaps. Ready to give the &%#$##Q car away! I am so frustrated. So, I pull off the housing around the latch pull in the wire to be seen, so I see you can open it by fishing a wire by the headlight and trying to find the latch thing to pull. The only thing this accomplished was stratching the front of the car. Now I am really ticked off. My hubby's recommendation is to sell the piece of shit for whatever I can get for it immediately and stop spending money on it. Just what I did not need to hear after today. Long and short is the car is worth nothing not I have little choice but to pour more money into it and if I am going to do that I am going to keep it. Need suggestions on the fix for a hood latch issue???
  9. Whos up for it? I know theres a handful of members in my general area, and a few from not too far away. I want to organize something simple, kinda like the Kensington meets back in the day, and then they turned into Dayton (which is great, don't get me wrong). I just kinda want to do something somewhat local, and maybe make connections that are more than once or twice a year. Im thinking we can find a park or something and just get together for a cookout, maybe a JY run, and just kind of make a day out of it. Who's in? Here's my list of tentative attendees -Me -Eric (Urbex) -Tim? (Timm) -Spencer (ScoobyDoo) -Nate (94oldsvert) theres been an influx of new members as well -BrianK82 I thought there was 1 or 2 more? Anyways, anyone would be welcome to come, W or not! but if everyone seems interested enough I'll start on planning something out Going to put the list of who's bringing what in the attendance thread
  10. There has been some talk about moving this meet to Toledo area, do you guys want me to do some research on things to do and places to stay or should we just have it in Dayton again?
  11. I just posted a few photos I took Friday evening after most of us got to Dayton. I hope they turned out alright, thanks again to those who went. It was an awesome experience and great to meet all you guys. Can't wait for September!
  12. Everyone, I've made the decision that I'm going to host a photography competition for this meet, with a small (nominal) prize being awarded at the end. The rules are as follows: 1.) All entries must be POSTED to this thread. 2.) All entries must be added to this thread by 10:00am Est. on Septembuary 11th and no later for consideration. 3.) Entries cannot be photo edited, cropping is permitted. 4.) Pictures must have taken place between 12:00pm Sept. 9th, 2011 and the contest deadline of Sept. 11th 10:00am 5.) All common photo formats are eligible including animated gifs. 6.) Subject of photos must be one of the following: Nunzi-palm, Nunzi-palming, or Extreme Nunzi-palms. The winner's photo, once edited will be immortalized as a smiley for the forum as :Nunzipalm2: Please contribute to this very worthy cause as Nunzi is currently not happy with the photo that being used on the forum, we can do better people!! Thanks!! WINNER TO BE ANNOUNCED AT BXX EVANS on the morning/early afternoon of Septembuary 11th, 2011.
  13. Okay, the time is upon us again. Canada meet. Location: Kitchener Ontario. Approx: 170 miles from Detroit or 120 miles from Port Huron or Buffalo. You need to have one of the following to cross the border: Passport (card or book) - EDL (Enhanced Driver's Lisence). There's been a decent amount of discussion around trying to avoid the Dayton Nationals on both sides (we traditionally do a meet in June and another in September), my proposal is to have the meet in late July. I'm willing to host a few people at my house, I'm not sure if there are others in the area that may be able to do the same. I live in a friendly neighbourhood and would rather not have noise complaints, etc. So like last year this needs to be a dry meet, if you need to come up to Canada to legally get blitzed because your underaged, don't have anything better to do, etc. Don't bother, and you're invited at my discretion. Last time, three people spent the night, I'm thinking that I can accomodate about 5 singles or couples, tops relatively comfortably. There's loads of parking on my street. If we can work together I don't mind saving a buck or two by having an afternoon BBQ at my place - weather permitting. I have a big back deck. What to do?? I'm rather indifferent: -There's tracks, all three are about 80 minutes away. -All of the usual fun staples are around: Waterpark, Bowling, Lazer Tag, Golf, mini-golf, driving range. -I don't mind the idea of just hanging out in town, doing some stuff like bowling and spending the afternoon snapping pics of the cars, and BBQing before getting some wings later on at night. -I love Whirlyball, but it's $225 an hour. If there's ten of us that's $22.50 for an hour of insanity (look it up if you haven't played before). -I would consider taking the Friday off (again weather permitting) and doing Canada's Wonderland, it's not really worth it on a Saturday, lines will be far too long. -If you have energy to burn, there's 5 tennis courts, basketball courts, a football/soccer field and a track all at the highschool near my house. There's also a playground there for Buck. I'm just trying to do a feeler, who's interested, who's interested in doing what. If going to the track is a deal breaker for you, please advise in this thread. I've noticed of late that just hanging out, rain or shine seems to be enough for many here. If that's not the case, it doesn't mean that you're rude, but please let us all know. Nothing's worse than going to play golf when absolutely no one wants to do it, and you're just trying to be polite to everyone else.
  14. Couldn't figure how to add a poll to the planning thread so, here it is. I know I am not the only one that wants a heads up on the date to schedule time off. We know most if not the majority want it in Dayton. Vote Only in this thread. Planning for the meet, events, stuff to do, etc go here:
  15. Anyone have any tips or tricks? I've done a little google searching, but most say you have to have like 18 different tools, a friend, etc. I have no friends, so that's out. I don't need it perfect, just something close so I can drive it until I get the rear sway bar and poly control arm bushings in. I won't be driving it much at all, except to dayton and back
  16. Getting AC fixed is quickly moving up my to do list... But in the meantime, preferably before I drive 6-7 hours to Dayton this weekend, it would be real nice to get my drivers side front window to go down I am hoping it is just the switch... Can anyone tell me what wire to jump to test and see if the motor is working? FWIW, the window is stuck in the up position... The reason I think it is just a switch is because all the other switches on the panel are finicky, sometimes the windows will freeze where they are but if I open and close my door once or twice, I have control back. The locks do the same thing. Thanks
  17. Add your name if you're coming 1. Psych0matt
  18. i know dayton is going on at this time but being that i dont have the cash to make it out there. i was wondering if anyone had a idea for a illinois meet?
  19. For any of you Oldsmobile owners that are interested in this I figured I would post it now. This way anyone interested has plenty of notice. Like the title says this is for Oldsmobile Homecoming 2011 which will happen on June 18th, 2011 in Lansing, Michigan. It is hosted by the R.E. Olds Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America. As the website states it is the World's Largest One-Day Oldsmobile Car Show. I went last year and there was a huge turn-out of Oldsmobile's from the beginning to the end. I really enjoyed myself last year so I encourage anyone interested to attend. This is also the next best thing for those who can't make it to National's, which this year will be held in Reno, Nevada. Here is the link for anyone interested to find out more about Homecoming 2011 and hopefully this date won't conflict with the date of the Dayton meet for any of those interested in attending.
  20. Hey all, As some may remember, my black 92 Lumina was limped home from Dayton Meet II 2010, with the help of 9Lumina6 and his roommate, Mike. Currently, I've wrapped a full 24 hrs into this car, to no avail. Here's the scoop: Car stalled in traffic. When I turned the key - a repetitive clicking sound was all I heard. I jumped the car off my friend's it home. Since, I've: installed a new battery installed a used starter, removed from an '02 Impala 3400 load tested car for the first time...seemed fine checked grounds from battery checked power to starter...even assisted starter power with a jumper cable going from positive battery terminal directly to the starter. Still, the car barely makes an attempt to start, as if no power is getting to the starter? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! - Sam
  21. I want to help John out as much as I can, so it seems like this was the weekend that most what people were looking for since labor day was September 6th. Also I figured alot of you, like me, needed to request off asap. I actually think this is a pretty damn good date for the weekend. Let's make this a huge Meet! Btw John, Is it possible to maybe get a upper and bottom wing on that one side of the hotel? We rented most of the upper anyway Last meet and it would prevent occurances from complaining old heads.
  22. Um . . . . . I'm overwhelmed with emotion. Every year I try and bring down some small gifts for appreciation of friendship and to bring a few smiles since some are 100% useless. You guys, the ones that took the "no one left behind attitude" are excellent. Al (congrats on finally diagnosing my problem, and then probably getting your own problem diagnosed in the process.) Chris & Jill Ken Cameron John & Carri Brian & Jen. Shaun Mike Galen August Sam It's after 2:00am and I'm sure I've forgotten someone, and for that I'm sorry. I'm going into work late Monday! Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for the help and verbal support and everything else. It meant a lot to me. I just couldn't get stressed about the problems, without them I may have never made it down to Dayton, or if I did AJAM would have been badly wounded. By 2:00pm I had pretty much resolved to just have the car towed to BGA's house and lose a day of work on Monday. Al can tell you that - he was kind enough to try and invite me to stay the night. Shaun, your ICM is here BTW, I should be able to get it back to you fairly promptly. I can't image a better equipped group of guys to tackle these issues. I just wanted to tell everyone that I appreciate the ownership that many of you took with the situation, and that you kinda made me feel like one of the richest men on the planet - thanks! Now, all I need to be on the way to the perfect life is for BXX Evans to phone me about my application to work there. Thanks again - Breakdown & AJAM II.
  23. We have done these in the past and concept is simple post up something you want to sell/buy that you can bring/pickup at Dayton. And go from there. Since this is not FS section FS section rules don't really apply (prices don't HAVE to be listed) however use your head, buyer beware.
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