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Found 888 results

  1. I've decided that i'm going to do a junkyard thread and everytime I see something someone might be interested, i'm going to post on this. Also, feel free to put your stuff on this. I guess I figured i dont need a new thread everytime i go and find something. Thoughts? Any ways. I found Cutty International with HUD and burgandy interior. So, for those looking for HUD to match their interior, here it is. Brgandy HUD, and Switch and all brackets $40-45 plus shipping right/ passenger tail light $35 plus shipping
  2. Does any one know where I can find convertible top seals and weather stripping for a 1992 olds cutty drop? All of mine are completely worn out and cracked. These are the only parts I am having a hard time locating even on the web. Thanks in advance.
  3. looking for the getrag 5 speed tranny for a 3.4 DOHC. Wanting to put one in my 95 olds cutty vert. My auto trans fading and really want a 5-speed
  4. I looked for the post I made asking for help on this issue ,but cannot find. The '95 Cutty would 'cam' at start up, (idle would bounce up to 3000+ and down low and would stall). Cold made this worse. Once engine warmed up problem went away. My mech found a vaccuum leak under the intake/plenum. I did not see the part, it was a special grommet under the top of the motor. It took days for the part to come in (rare?) My mech considers the 3.4 a rare engine, I don't. So not sure if the grommet fixed the problem or if taking it apart and putting it back together fixed it. It is fixed thankfully. Almost $600 though... Hope this helps someone else.
  5. My olds will start good but surges at like 1500 rpms then when I get on it the surging goes away it happens ecspeciqlly on take off like surging and lack of power it also shows the tranny slip code p1870 is that causing it ?
  6. Well, I found out that one of my stock wheels are bent and I'm not a very happy camper right now as I was planning on upgrading the wheels in 2015. Anyways, looks like I have to bite the bullet and get new wheels... I personally like 5 spokes, nothing too fancy but something that gives the car a more aggessive look while looking like a factory option. With that said, I've spent a long time looking at wheels, and most wheels I like are no longer made. My personal favorite are these Nexo P5's. But they're no longer made, so I've had to keep looking; and so far I've only liked these 2... Asuka ST15... Basically a knockoff verson of the Rota GTR wheels. They're import wheels, but it seems to be similar to the Nexo's and well... IDK it might look decent enough on my Cutty. Sadly it's an import wheel so I can't find domestics with em. The other wheel I like is the Mach M5. Not sure what this is a knockoff of, but it seems to be a German car scene wheel Out of these 2, which one would look better on a 94 Cutlass Supreme Convertible? Mind you this is more or less me right now Not my acutal car, but it's the same one minus the pinstripe near the body cladding and paint that needs to be redone. All help is appreciated... I also take suggestions, as these wheels are by no means final and just ideas.
  7. hi all, does anyone know of a video showing the process to replace the intake manifold gaskets. i have a leak and want to brush up on what is required before i start. i have a manual but a video would help. thanks
  8. hey, anyone know how to disable the auto door lock 'feature' on a 96 cutty? I found a few threads about doing it but they're all 93-94 specific, and I read the manual which tells you which fuse to pull but that only stops the auto-unlock (which makes it even More annoying!) If the solution is the same for 96 (pull the chime module) does anyone know where it is? BTW, did the search feature get better with the last site upgrade?
  9. What should I look for? I know that it is a 3.1 car. Green with tan top and interior. I have never looked at a convertable. Looking for information on the problems with the convertable mostly. I know the 88-96 w-body problems already.
  10. Hey so I was this fourm way back when I had my cutty lost my account anyways here's what's up I just got this regal cheep rockers are ruff rest of her is pretty good ..... My question is does old Dex cool turn to sludge ? Rad cap was kinda gross but inside the manifold was clean I had the thermostat housing off I also am wondering if anyone has pics of lower intake failure on the dipstick my cap is looking iffy its been sitting so i was thinking its moisture but my dip stick reads high..... Can't tell if its newer oil or the beginning of lower intake failure.. The car has 156,0000,kms its not running hot or nothing memory's failing me now a days but I had blown 3100 intake gaskets before just it was more oblivious all yellow brown milk shake and Steem out the oil cap I just need some opinions trying to save cash
  11. Is this scanner worth the money? I don't know much about Tech 1 scanners as I do with Tech 2 but I apparently need one for my 94 which keeps triggering the SES when starting up (Trying to find a bigger picture here) so I might as well take the plunge. here's one I found today. The other one I've seen and heard of before is the Innova 3140. This one claims to be compatible with both OBD1 and OBD2 (which is a plus since I also have a Camaro and I usually get asked for help with other OBD2 cars), but I'm not sure if it will tell me more than a code for my Cutty or if I can see what the computer does as well. I know the advanced OBD2 scanners will tell you what the computer does and you can even tune them. Last but not least, this one is my favorite. I like it because it's cheap and they CLAIM I can use tuning software with it (although I probably wouldn't do it, it still would be a nice feature, perhaps to mess around with shift points) The only drawback here is of course that it would only be for my Cutlass and I still have to drive to Advance Auto parts everytime my OBD2 cars throw codes. Anyways, what are your experiences with scanners and which one would you recommend. I know a lot of people here use the Actron 9300 or something like that with the GM cartridge but I can't seem to find one at a logical price. All help is appreciated as always.
  12. hi everone just wanted to say hi and wish i would have found this site a few months ago when i found my 1993 cutty vert that i saved from the bone yard
  13. So I'm about to try to replace the steel rear brake lines on my 96 Cutty, didn't see anything about it in the FAQ's or how to's and searching 'brake lines' brings up a lot of false positives. Never tried this before so I'd be grateful for any tips you all might have! I do have a couple of questions that maybe you could help with too... first off I don't have a lift, so to get the old lines out and the new ones in I would have to cut them where they turn towards the rear of the car (leaving an inch or so to put on a new fitting) and pull the vertical part out of the engine compartment and drop the rest out the bottom...or is there a smarter way to do it? and second, as long as that's the case, and the vertical part isn't rusty or leaky, could I reuse it or is that being 'penny wise and pound foolish' (or something like that)? And third, I can see that my gas lines have some surface rust but are solid. Any reason why it would be a mistake to sand off the loose rust and coat them with POR 15 as a preventative measure? Thanks!
  14. Hav a top switch out of 95 cutty drop top FREE to good home
  15. Well, I assume all verts are the same, but if not - how hard would it be to swap out the window motor on a 94 cutty? It's the rear left (Driver's) window. I went out one day and the window decided not to go down. I assume it is the motor since I can hear clicking whenever I press either the driver's switch or the actual window switch. By that sound, I can tell that it's not the fuses, and I can almost eliminate a wiring problem. Anyways, to swap it out, how hard would it be?
  16. Found a cutlass convert in the springfield mo picknpull 1g3wt32x8sd346211 black on black on black with a 3.4 dohc couldnt find da thread so i started my own
  17. Hey guys this is my first time using this forum I need your help, I have a 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme, my engine blew, and I have found a 2000 3100 V6 with only 88,000 miles on it for 500 dollars, would it be able to work on my 95 Cutty???
  18. Hey guys, My 1997 cutty is my first car and I am trying to do some small, tasteful mods to it. First on the list, interior LED's so I can actually see inside of my car I want to wire it up to my fog light switch. The switch has a green, black, yellow, brown, and light brown/grey wires. What do I need to connect my LED's to make this work? The LED strip is just + and - wires needing 12v. I appreciate any help here!
  19. 89 Cutty, 2.8, 240k miles. So here's what I've got so far with this damn thing. Replaced the crank sensor, coils and ICM. Coils and ICM came from a 3100 so I'm certain they're not heat damaged. That was the first step and the car still showed the same symptoms. It would start most of the time and idle perfectly but as soon as I give it gas it cuts out. Other times it had trouble starting. Replaced the crank sensor[never break it for the love of the car gods!!!] and nothing changed. The fuel pressure is over 40psi at the rails and doesnt go down when the car is idling. I've taken the PCM apart and checked all the solder connections, there are no cold solder joints. The whole board looks perfect, no corrosion anywhere either. The PCM itself seems to be a dealership replacement. No idea what to do at this point. Save the bullshit and swap it?? Is there something retarded simple I'm missing??
  20. Hello everyone, I am the proud new owner of a 95 Cutlass Supreme. It has had a hard life and hopefully with some love and TLC, I can teach my kids how to fix up a car while using it to drive 90 miles every day. Once upon a time (8 yrs ago), I was the proud owner of a 1990 Turbo STE and previous to that a 1989 Cutty Int'l. I still know my way around these cars, and hope that any information I used to know will come back. Currently, I own HP Tuners and am working on starting a shop and i hope that I can convert this to a full OBD II platform and be able to utilize the knowledge I have to tune this car for good efficiency and performance. I'm sure I will ask a bunch of "stupid" questions to get back into it, but I guess that is part of learning. Corey
  21. I currently have HID lights in the small low beam sealed beams. Looks real nice, even though there's probably some glare that I'm not too aware of. Anyways, I have been thinking about upgrading my fog lights to 3500K HID bulbs as well, but I've been wondering... will the heat melt the housing? I know this is common on some cars, but is the Cutlass one of them? I know the fog light housing is made by Blazer, but IDK if it's plastic or glass. Another thing I've thought is to make the sealed beam fit down there, since it's similar in size. I know that's glass for sure. All help is appreciated. Pics if anyone has done this to their Cutty (or Grand Prix)
  22. Hey, I'm new to the site, got a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL with some problems I'm trying to get rid of, hoping some people can help me on this site
  23. I have a 93 Cutlass Supreme with an electronic climate control. when the heat is on, the passenger side blows hot and the drivers side is blowing somewhat cold. Its not the actuator motor because it switches from hot to cold. Which one of the vacuum driven module or the black round like things control the driver side. When I removed the glove box and watch the two black vacuum controlled cylinders, they both appear to fully functional. I'm a little stump. has anyone had the same issue where the drivers side blows cold and the passenger side blows hot?
  24. I just did a compression check three times on my 1994 3.4 DOHC Engine. What should the PSI be for each cylinder? Here are the readings per each test. Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Cylinder 2 205 211 211 Cylinder 4 180 190 192 Cylinder 6 205 195 205 Cylinder 1 182 188 180 Cylinder 3 182 185 183 Cylinder 5 215 198 210 Are these within spec? Are these good or fair or poor or excellent readings
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