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Found 894 results

  1. I am new to the forum, and I may have posted this in the wrong section. I am also trying to learn how to move around on the forum. Here is my question posted in the new member section. Any help please. My wife loves this car, so I am trying to fix it before it goes to the Pull-a-Part. Thanks in advance. [h=2]PLEASE, Help for 2001 Intrigue[/h] I have a 2001 Olds Intrigue. Looks like a bunch of stuff just went wrong at once. It has 215K miles on it. Is there anyone out there that has dropped the sub-frame? Are there any references or info out there on how to do this. I need to replace the water pump, valve cover gaskets, serp belt, and cross-over gaskets. I think it will be easier to drop everthing and work on it while I can easily access everything. I have access to a car lift and full auto shop, although I am not a mechanic by trade, but I have been working on cars for years. Any one, please any information. Time is a killer for me, so I would rather do things faster even if it involves something as exotic as dropping drivetrain. Thanks in advance.
  2. looking for the getrag 5 speed tranny for a 3.4 DOHC. Wanting to put one in my 95 olds cutty vert. My auto trans fading and really want a 5-speed
  3. Hey guys I was bored at work and was cruising the forums and and found in the section for the TGP a Shift kit XK1 for $30.79 is the part# listed. Now is this shift kit specific to the transmission family or is it a generic kit? That is the question that needs to be answered. also they have a really nice Rebuild kit for it, 753034 Is called a super kit $399.79 Does it have the extra clutch plate that is needed? Not sure I might have to email them and find out. I am just throwing this out there. Input on anyone that has used Rockauto for stuff like this let everyone know. I bought the Transmission Governor and it was the correct one so far so good there.
  4. No affiliation with this just came across it searching autotrader[bUICK[REG[]][]]&listingId=399816035&Log=0
  5. I bought the wrong gauge. And never got around to returning them, and now i just want to make some of my money back. It is brand new and never used This will not fit in a piller/hud pod these guages are 2 5/8 and are larger than your standard 52mm These would make a good gauge for those looking to mount them in the 97-03 center console cubby, or a vent pod setup in a 04+ Auto Meter Phantom 20psi mechanical boost/vac guage paid $80 looking to get $50 shipped Or i will deliver at the Columbus meet for $35
  6. It's been awhile since I've been here. Family, work, etc = no time. Question on my 99 Regal. How do I disable the automatic lights? I'm OK with the DRL's being on but if they vanish with disabling the auto lights then that's fine too. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Ok, It's a long story I will try to fill in the details later, but right now I am trying to fix this. I have an aftermarket CV axle I installed last weekend. It's a Cardone It's a bit too long 3/4" longer than the OEM iirc. On the test drive it was clear the vibrations were from it being too long so I parked it. I was only doing this because the boot on my OEM axle split. I have not gotten the boot replaced on the OEM and want to swap it back in. The Aftermarket CV Axle will not come out. I have bent a pry bar. The slide hammer won't budge it. I tried taking the side cover off to see if I could get to the retaining clip and couldn't. WTF do I do?
  8. I am looking for both a shifter assembly with knob, and the sliding indicator for a TGP. It don't have to have come off a TGP, but needs to be a 4 speed auto.
  9. Hi guys! Been a while since I've logged in and about 15 minutes ago someone tried to log in to my account here. The system rejected any more log in attempts and auto generated an email with the perps ip address. Just wanted to let you know in case anyone else was having trouble. I sold my 90 TGP last year. I bawled my head off but I didn't have the time or money to do the cosmetic stuff needed. It still purred like a kitten. I sold it for $1100 which I didn't think was too bad considering how trashed it was. I will own one again someday. I am sure of it. Anyhow, let me know if you want the perps ip address and track them for me. Xoxo Snip
  10. Hi all. This message is for the members in the Toronto and Durham areas. I just came back from the you-pick yard at Standard Auto Wreckers in north Toronto. There is a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix in the you-pick yard that is fairly intact. It has a 3.1 motor and a automatic in it. I took a few interior parts from it and the LH / RH door handles. Get there before the idiots get at it.
  11. Hello all, I am considering of replacing my daily drive with possibly a nicely equipped 2002 Intrigue GL. I recently found out that the GLS models actually came with a kick ass rear view mirror and I am funding if it would be a plug in and play installation. I know there is a lot of info on this mirror but I am curious if it can be installed with out the use of extra wires. [h=2]GNTX-221[/h]
  12. Im in need of the backlight bulbs that solder in for my auto temp control.
  13. I've got a 2008 base Buick LaCrosse with a 3800 Series III V6 and under 50,000 miles. I got an oil change last week. The next day, the check engine light went on. I was wondering what they might have messed with at the dealership that possibly loosened a connection or knocked out a sensor. It was purely a coincidence. I went to an auto parts store. They scanned it with the OBD II device as a courtesy and it kicked out code p0128. This means "Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature." I was thinking that, most likely, I would be replacing the ECT sensor (not an expensive sensor) or the thermostat was stuck open. Tonight, when I drove off, the checking engine light went off. And it has stayed off. When the light went on, we had had a cold snap. Today, it was about 20 degrees F warmer outside. I'm wondering if this had anything to do with it and if I can ignore the issue. What do you think? Have you had check engine lights that came off and then sort of went away? Also, have you heard of this particular issue and could it have been caused a big drop in the temperature outside?
  14. We have done a meet in years past during the North American International Auto Show. I haven't seen anyone mention it so far, so I figured I'd get things rolling. First off, we will need to set a date. I am scheduled to work both weekends so I need to know ASAP when we plan on going so that I can request it off, and I'm sure there are others who need to request off as well. Personally I would prefer the 23-25. Usually we will meet up on Saturday morning at the convention center, typically will meet somewhere for dinner outside of the city in the evening.
  15. I keep getting a p1655 code on my grand prix. EVAP Purge Solenoid Control Circuit. It comes on for a few days then goes off after a few days and all over again. Anyone know what might be the problem? At the auto parts store they said gas cap but that's what they always say on any EVAP code.
  16. 1) What is my best bet to avoid buying the specific tool I read you need to install these I read some spark plug tool fits, is it a for sure fit? I just can't get down there enough to see anymore then the connector, so much oil. Thanks for any tips there! 2) Temp Fix: Can't I just put a 1/4th NPTF pipe socket with some teflon tape properly wrapped and then obtain tool + oil pressure switch? (I think I even have some in my tool box ~_~ otherwise a hardware store is walking distance, auto store is not. I know I know terrible to bypass the oil pressure switch for a few days however I've been ill and using taxi cab has been expensive- I could save the cost of the tool if I do this hack job repair as a temp
  17. Anyone got the part number for this? I just replaced the jet engine sounding radiator fan, and now the IC pusher fan is super loud as well. looked on rock auto didnt see it.
  18. It's a 1993 cutlass supreme convertible with the auto climate controls. Now, for the story... When heat is set to 90 the passenger side blows hot and driver side luke warm. The actuators are all working properly. The climate control has no error codes and tested good. The following items are new: New water pump, Thermostat, radiator, and heater core. Knowing that all these items were new, I started looking closer at the heater box. I removed the both lower underdash panels, as well as, the lower part of the dash where the ash tray is. I then removed the lower heater box cover exposing the heat core and bottom blend door. I started checking the actuators one at a time verifying that they are work properly. The last thing I checked for was the operation of the blend door from heat to cold. This is where things get interesting. When I start adjusting the temp from 90 to 60 the blend door opens and closes. The problem is that when I set it to 90, the blend door comes down and instead of closing completely flush against the 3 x 8 opening, the blend door closes on the passenger side but closes at an angle and the drivers side has a one inch gap. Therefore, the luke warm air on the drivers side and hot on the passenger. So the question is, has anyone ever run into this problem? is the door broken or can something be bent or is something installed improperly? I know the answer is anyone of these but I wanna know if anyone has ever run into this problem before.
  19. So I really like the idea of the auto headlights the car companies introduced a while back. Unfortunately, they didn't have them back in 95 on my GP SE. So my question is can I get the parts from a newer GP and put them in mine? Is it even feasible? Your thoughts?
  20. I've gone through the wiring diagrams in the Haynes manual but have come to a dead end. I'll write a quick outline of what's going on. Ignition off and parking lights switched on: The front turn lights come on, both sides. Ignition on, parking lights off, and activating left and right turn signals: Left and right work properly. Ignition on, parking lights on, and activating left and right turn signals: The signal lights work on both sides, but never go fully off because they are lit by the parking light. It seems that something is using the turn lights to find an earth, but when I take out all the turn bulbs, I find nothing that has stopped working. Here's the dead end...... In the Haynes manual wiring diagrams, I see that there is only ONE park/turn bulb. Its function seems to be determined by either a park-turn relay or by a 'module' with diodes in it. I assume that this bulb functions as a parking light (sidelight in GB English) until the indicator is activated, when it indicator bulb. When the signal is cancelled, it goes back to being a sidelight/parking light.....I assume, still. But on our Regal, there are TWO bulbs in the plastic lamp units next to each headlamp, not just one. The four bulbs in these two units are orange. There is evidence of someone having worked on all the front lamp wiring.....plastic connectors, sticky tape and so on. I will take all this crappy re-wiring off and re-do it properly, but first I need to know: What is the original setup of the front park/turn lights system on this model? What should be happening? It's a 91 Regal Coupe Limited, 3.1 engine. Has someone possibly taken turn/parking lamp units (with dual bulbs) from a different model and tried to bypass the park/turn relay/module, and failed miserably? I can pop round to the auto electric chap if necessary and translate the English into Polish for him, but it makes sense to ask here first to get as well-prepared as possible. Cheers!
  21. Anyone use them for car parts? I didn't even realise the amount of shit they carry. They are usually about the same price as Rock Auto but with the prime membership I get stuff shipped free in 2 days. I kind of hate not supporting my local parts stores, but when I find myself getting stuff online for 40-70% off their prices, it's hard not to.
  22. hey, anyone know how to disable the auto door lock 'feature' on a 96 cutty? I found a few threads about doing it but they're all 93-94 specific, and I read the manual which tells you which fuse to pull but that only stops the auto-unlock (which makes it even More annoying!) If the solution is the same for 96 (pull the chime module) does anyone know where it is? BTW, did the search feature get better with the last site upgrade?
  23. Does anyone have any 5 speed console in grey for a lumina z34 also the shifter and clutch pedal. Of course I need a 5peed tranny if anyone has one or can I use a tranny from the Z24 Cavalier.
  24. I've done a search here and have not found my exact problem. Here's the story, I took car (1993 Olds Custlass Supreme Vert) in to have low coolant sensor replaced, I'd bought the part intending to do it myself, but never got around to it, so took it in. The next day I went to start car and battery was pretty dead (not totally, but close enough. Have never had problems before, but as I don't know how old it was, put charger on it, got it started, took to Advance Auto Parts store, had battery tested, dead cell, had them replace. Started car and noticed the Anti-Lock ABS light was on, figured that the computer needed to reset itself, drove around and light did not go off, took back to store and asked them what gives, they stated they could not scan a car older that a 96, stated sometimes computer needs to reset it's self. So what do you guys, who know and love these cars think? On a side note: Horn does not work, Yes, I know that the pads in the steering wheel is often the problem, here's the question, has anyone here ever run a separate horn button and if so How? Many Thanks again guys, you are simply the best. Kaye
  25. Dumb question, can someone guide me to the fuse box. I wanna check them all but I do need to change some of them in my cabin area. The lights in the auto console don't turn on at night. I am guessing it's the fuse. thanks guys.
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