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Found 4 results

  1. What center consoles are interchangeable with a 1996 Cutlass Supreme center console? I did a search at but did not get any interchange parts. I saw a couple of 1997 Cutlass Supremes at the junkyard, and was wondering if those consoles were compatible. I really only need the console lid, if that makes a difference.
  2. I have a 1995 Cutlass, 3.4 DOHC engine, 75,000 miles on it. It starts fine when the engine is cold. When hot, it sometimes will crank fine, but will not start. Sometimes extended cranking will get it to start. If I do get the hot engine started, it runs fine. Other times the hot engine will start with no problems at all. Does anyone have any troubleshooting advice they can share? I would like to diagnose the problem so I am not blindly replacing parts.
  3. I recently bought my 95 Cutlass Convertible so I don't have a history with the car, but the car has, what I would call, terrible brakes. They stop me, and they will throw you forward in your seat a little if you two foot it, but I can't even get them to lock up, even on sand covered roads. I have said that if some animal was in the road, I would hit it because I wouldn't be able to stop fast enough. I have talked to the previous owner (who had the car for 17 years) and he said the car has always had a hard pedal with weak brakes. We have checked the calipers and they are all free. The car is supposed to have ABS but even under full brakes on a sandy road they don't kick in (probably because the tires never start sliding since they don't ever lock up). I did find a vacuum leak on the intake gasket so we will be fixing that to see if that helps, but I just want to make sure that I am not expecting something better than what I am ever going to get. What I have now just doesn't seem possible to be the way they came from the factory (but apparently is the way it has been for the last 17 years). Shouldn't I be able to actually lock the brakes up under a hard pedal?
  4. Hey all, New to forum and not 100% sure how this "Posting" business works, but here goes. Does anybody know why my 95 LQ1 GP does not have a MAP sensor? May sound like a total noob question but I've seen several images of an LQ1 intake diagram and they all show MAP.
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