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Found 1,067 results

  1. I was having a boost problem(which would explain no KR) and narrowed it down to the boost solenoid. Problem is I can't find anyone that sells one, except here. I'm am just not sure it is the correct on for my car.
  2. I'm building a turbo 3400 for my 96 GP. I am looking at the Milzy Motorsports stg 1 turbo cam and the WOT-Tech street/strip turbo cam. From my understanding the Milzy cam does not need different length pushrods but the WOT-Tech does. So that would make the Milzy cam cheaper by over 100$. Specs on the cam's are pretty close other then duration is a good amount more on the exhaust on the WOT-Tech cam. Anyone have any dyno numbers or 1/4 times with either of those cams? Also does anyone know what the max lift stock heads on a 3x00? Thanks, Andrew B.
  3. bkaab


    Well I am building a my 96 Grand Prix SE into a turbo 3100/3400. I have a turbo setup off a TGP that I will be running the manifolds and crossover and maybe the intercooler unless I get a bigger front mount. Whats a good turbo the replace the stock one or should I just change the mount and run a t3/t4. I am shooting to make a solid 13-14 sec car.
  4. Been reading/picking the forums for some time figured It was time to jump In and get my hands dirty. My cars? 1990 red Turbo grand prix chipped. 5spd swapped. 1998 red grand prix gt 4 door. 1995 blue grand prix se coupe. My Interests? See above. See you out there!!
  5. Hello--does anyone know of someone in San Diego who can help me with this car? I am looking for a former GM tech or somebody else who knows these cars well. I can't really afford to pay dealer prices to keep this thing running.
  6. Well my name is Paul im not sure if my 93 oldsmobile 98 is a w body but anyways im intersted in going with a supercharged motor as its n/a now.Ive got a few swaps and sleeper car /truck projects done.First and my current is a 91 lincoln mark 7 i converted to 5 speed and have done heads and cam the usual 302 stuff with 4:10 gears.I also have a 89 foxbody converted to stick just going to be my daily driver.Ive had a over a dozen 1st gen turbo mx6 and probes love the torque they have.Then i also had a v6 swapped 1994 escort gt with the ford 2.5 klde v6 motor. But yeah im intersted in putting a supercharged 3.8 series 1 motor in my oldsmobile 98 as theres a 93 ssei bonnie being parted out on craigslist near me.Oh btw the car has 211,000 miles and from what i know is the original motor and trans.
  7. So on the '02 GP.... when I'm sitting and idling in park or neutral, basically no load on the engine, I can feel the occasional hiccup in the motor. Feels like random intermittent misfires. It idles butter smooth in any driven gear, forward or reverse. I've also noticed when I'm heavy on the throttle, which is rarely, I can feel "spikes" in the power delivery, for lack of a better word. The best way to describe it would be like a turbo boosting on and off over the rev range. You can actually feel the car pull, then slack, then pull again. It does NOT misfire during these events. No CEL either. From a visual stance, the ignition components look newer, however I haven't pulled a plug to check what kind/condition the plugs are. I'm willing to bet that at 194k miles the fuel pump is original, I'm almost wondering if it just can't keep up when demand is highest. I plan on doing a fuel filter soon just because I don't know when it was done. Is there any other common issues with 3x00 engines I should look for? Dirty MAF perhaps?
  8. I was playing around with Inventor and I drew up this supercharger case for converting to turbo, and I thought I would share.. Just for fun, of course.
  9. expensive as hell but lot of choices
  10. GTP091

    Turbo Selection

    Now that my GTP front coil over project is almost finished it's time to move into turbocharging. I want to start ordering the parts I'll need. The small stuff is easy to figure out oil and fueling is straightforward enough. I've had my finger on the complete this purchase button for the turbo several times recently but need more thought put into it. My #1 choice is a twin scroll T3/T4 - TO4E with a .83 turbine and .60 compressor but I'm not quite 100% yet. the other option is a T4 - TO4B but maybe it's to big and will have more lag than I want. I'm looking for 5-8 PSI with the ability to turn it up to12 (maybe) and 350-375 hp. any suggestions on best compromise for the LQ1? and yes iam serious about this, I just bought a mig welder to build the manifolds...
  11. I have a line on a PT62-1 Turbo kit complete for only $2500. ANd I was wondering if anyone here has done a twin boost? If I do this I am going to remote mount it as it is getting tight under the hood already. LOL I will put a Turbo Boost button on the dash to close the wastegate. LOL NO not really. Just kidding. But yes I am honestly thinking of twin boosting this engine.
  12. Finally took out the DIC and replace it with something I can work with. I also decided to make the shifter a short shifter. Oh BTW if someone is interested in that Pioneer, PM me
  13. The OEM sunroof weatherstrip that goes around the glass itself has recently started to expand and release from the glass itself. After a quick inspection, the separation takes place where both ends meet in the middle, where they connect. Looks like the rubber seal has some metal strip inside that's beginning to rust after all this time. As a result, whenever I open the glass to vent or open completely, it gets stuck, but will release. I'm afraid it will get worse over time, and also worry about water leakage. Is this a DIY job, or should I take this to a glass repair shop? I would like to try this fix myself, but I don't know who would even carry a weatherstrip replacement for our Turbo GP's.
  14. I am just not impressed; underpowered with 274 hp Sonatas and 290 hp Maximas running around for under 30K. They need to drop the base motor, make the 220 bhp turbo standard, and the 255-hp version the step up. A Regal GS with less horsepower than a standard-issue Sonata is a joke given the price premium. I’m sorry but calling this a Sporty model by the dealer would indicate better 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance than my GRANDPAS 2008 Impala which it clearly can’t do with less HP and more weight and steering that is numb and disconnected (think Camry). When GM tried making Oldsmobile into a sporty import fighter we all know what the result was. I think the blue haired buyers that go to look at this car will walk away confused and the much sought after younger buyers will shop elsewhere and buy the real thing. GM needs to get serious if they want to make this a sporty model. The weak 182 Hp 2.4 needs to be shown the door. The 220 HP turbo should be the entry level engine for the 30K this car will command and the 255 HP version should be the up level option. A turbo 3.0 liter V6 with 350 plus HP is the only thing that should be showing up in a Regal with the GS badge not a 255 HP 4 banger than can barely out run an old 2000 Regal GS 3800 with a couple cheap mods.
  15. BXX

    284 Questions.

    Alright, got a few questions. First question, on the slave cylinder, WTF is that diaphram looking thing? I have it circled in red. If its not 100% needed, which I hope its not cause it looks retarded and takes up space, I wanna just run stainless braided hose from the master cylinder to the slave directly. Second, the bushings on the shift cables are shot, well pretty much not there anymore. I remember people modding them with metal bushings but can't find the info on it. Little help por favor?? And IIRC Jarek was able to get a LSD unit for the 284 but I can't remember. Anyone actually get one and have any issues with it? Where was one able to be sourced and cost. And is it really worth it? I know with my 282 in my 89 GP and it always did a 2 wheel peel somehow. And last (I think ) onward to clutches. Obviously it's going behind a turbo LX9, should be anywhere from 350-450hp (depending on how much boost I end up running) so I know im left with Spec clutches, but can't decided which one would be adaquately suited to agressive street driving with that power level. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  16. I bought 1991 Grand Prix STE 3.4 DOHC n 284 getrag n it isnt running, bring the car to home n parking it for a year. Finally I bring it in garage to take motor aparts to see what is wrong with the motor. Tough luck for me, motor is shot. Couldnt save it as I was hoping for. I am not sure if I should looking for used motor 3.4 DOHC from manul tranny car or rebuilt the motor. If I am going to rebuilt the motor, I would like to know how much do I have to spend? I want to add turbo on this car in future, so I might want forged pistion, crankshaft,rod, everything. I want to hear ur recommend, and where to find for upgrade rebuilt motor etc.. Help will be appericated, thanks!
  17. Hello. I am Chris from Georgia. I have a '91 Cutlass Supreme Convertible with a 3.1 turbo motor from a '89 TGP. I was looking for information on tuning and parts for my car and found this forum. I have already found loads of information.
  18. Just bought 2004 GTP and have a few quick questions. It has straightpipes on it right now, which are way too loud for my tastes. I was looking at some Magnaflow XL Turbo mufflers, any feedback on those? Also need to get the tint off the rear window, any suggestions there? Clean car otherwise, only 55,000 miles. Thanks!
  19. Ok so I havent been on here in FOREVER..lost my old 89 TGP in a flood but now have a 90 TGP with 50k miles. It IS perfect and an absolute time capsule..was for sale on ebay last year. Anyway, it does need a few things..mainly a tune-up cause it's been driven so LITTLE in its But also the cat is plugged and shot and I need to cut that off and it's wet outside so can anyone give me the original diameter exhaust tubing GM used? Just need to know what size of pipe to get, just deleting it out for now till I can afford custom exhaust. The other main thing is I forget what type of K&N cone I got for the last worked great though and it was smaller and had to be special ordered. Stuck right to the turbo, what kind of K&N cones are you guys using? Part numbers? Not looking for others, only K&N. Will most definitely upload pics if we ever get a few days without rain in PA..
  20. hey all, great to be part of this site. im new as of today. most people call me s.c(short for sanchez). Im a mechanic for the army and plater in my civilian life. im a decent mechanic and always up to new ideas for my cars.i let go a twin turbo honda prelude for my gtp im new to the 3800 scene but im in love with my 2000 gtp, so far i removed the maf screen, added slp ram air hood and fiter box, daytona wing, full tune up and light 16in alum rims with falken tires. open to all suggestion and comments..
  21. I recently came across an 89 turbo grand prix and the turbo went out. Im trying to find a replacement turbo or rebuild kit does anyone know where i can find one???
  22. according to my research i can put a 2.25 turn lock-to-lock rack and pinion in my cutlass convertable,the same one that the turbo gr prix uses anybody done this and how did it go?
  23. i'm in the process of gathering parts for a turbo system for my 91 DOHC GTP . My next purchase will be the waste gate. what size would be good for this setup? 50mm 40mm 35mm?? i imagine that the larger diameter allows better response from the turbo system but is to large a back pressure problem with the drop that would happen when the waste gate opens?? I can't seem to find much discussion about this. any insight is appreciated>. I will be using a T04E .85/3 turbine 60 trim in a twin scroll (maybe a B but not likely)- HKS blowoff valve - intercooler - catch can - and FMU. thanks,
  24. Going to be picking up a 1995 GTP Very soon, I i have sold the gto, and have a shit ton of plans. and a pretty damn go chunk of change to put into it. This is it, its staying here. L67 swap will be getting ready for it. First step strip it. motor and transmission will be junked/sold L67 swap. Im trying to decide to go fucking insane with the motor.. or not. Might be a turbo setup. But none of that is important. right now. Lexus silver.. Or white? you decide. tell me your opinions.
  25. I want to install this HUD unit I picked up from Ken not too long ago soon.. I cant seem to find the wiring diagrams on here or anywhere else so I can wire this in and I dont have the Turbo Supplement so that doenst help at all. If anyone has a link or a download.. just something that would be helpful please share:) Thanks -Jarek
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