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Found 3,146 results

  1. Much like everything else made for w's they only make stuff for 97 and up. My question is how much different is a 97s rad support from a 96. These look pretty badass
  2. So quick question. I have a 97 3.4 Dohc with a getrag in my 87 Fiero. I found a guy who is selling a wiring harness from a 95 3.4 Dohc with a getrag out of his Fiero. My question is what differences connector wise and sensors are there between the two harnesses. He did add a map sensor to his harness already. Thanks
  3. Not even gonna bother giving a back story. Do the 4T60E trans on the 3100 interchange with the ones on the 3.4 TDC/DOHC? If not, what changes? What will be the worst that happens if I do a swap like this? I only ask because most cars in my local have the 3100. Also can a 96 trans go in a 94?
  4. My 2008 Buick LaCrosse CX with a 3800 V6 has its original battery. It is approaching 7 years as OEM. The driver information center mostly gives me a reading of 14.2 to 14.4 volts, which is good. So here's the question. After passing the 7 year mark, and even if it's giving good voltage readings, would you just replace it prior to a long distance interstate trip / possible relocation? One could argue that the long road trip will keep it charged and it shouldn't fail en route. One could also argue that it's better to just do it once you've hit 7+ years to avoid surprises. On my last car, another W body, the original battery went for about 8 years and 2 months ... and then KAPUT. What would you do? Also, would you just go to the dealership when they have a coupon or a special and get the AC-Delco battery with the most cold cranking amps for that model?
  5. ‚ÄčI'm rebuilding a "T" block and using a crane H260 cam. I've read that when others have used the 1:6 rockers with this set up that it doesn't run well, input? Also am thinking of using a northstar water pump pulley that is smaller to get more cooling.
  6. Just a hopefully dumb question here. In the morning we starting to get more dew on the windshields. I usually come out start up the car and use a windows squeegee on it. Is there something I can put on it to repel it from sticking to the windows in the morning? thxs
  7. Just another off the wall question for you guys. The bottom of the car is / looks really rusty. How would you recommend cleaning it up before I store it? Its a 94 Convertible, and I do not take it to Mikes express and get an undercoating because it leaks like crazy if I do. I have also hear of people using a vinegar agent with a hose and spraying the bottom with it. I don't know. Just trying to prevent more rust falling down on my garage floor. Thanks for any advise.
  8. Hello all, I have the opportunity to get a 1995 3100 Grand Prix with a blown motor. I also have accumulated several parts over the years to do a L67 swap in a first gen. Here is my question. A friend in Ohio has a 1995 Monty Carlo harness that was modified for a L67. If I get the 1995 Grand Prix will the wiring harness from the 1995 Monty be "plug and play"? thanks, Thomas
  9. Hey all, I apologize if this has been posted beforehand. I have my 98 Chevy Lumina 3.8L vehicle. The question is simply this: Whenever I turn the A/C on the engine makes a higher pitch whine that also changes with the speed of the engine. - It's not a squealing noise from a loose or contaminated belt. - I've checked the tensioner and it seems to be tight enough. - As stated above the whine is throughout the entire rpm range except for maybe the last 500-700rpm just before the shift, then the engine sounds more like it does when the A/C is off and accelerating. Which sounds like it may be a vacuum issue. Or possibly something else. I realize that the engine noise changes slightly because of the A/C strain on the system, but it does seem to be higher than it normally should be. If someone could help point me in the right direction in determining the source of the sound from the A/C being turned on that would be great! If more if is needed please let me know.
  10. I'm wondering if someone can tell me the sizes, lengths and thread pitches of the two alternator bolts for a 97 3.4 Dohc. I got an alternator from a junkyard but no one had it still on the car. So I'm just needing info on the bolts before I put the motor into my fiero
  11. visors on my '94 convertible are pretty ratty looking. Question is do I ATTEMPT to recover myself (and where do you get the material--my interior is graphite) or just save the aggravation and go to a professional (and what would be a fair $$ to expect)?? I'm pretty much a novice therefore limited skills if this is a "tuffy"...Opinions please!
  12. Is the bucket seat/full seat rear seat set up an option, or year specific? I think every 95 has a full seat, but I just saw a 93 on ebay with a full rear seat. Is the rear trim on the quarter panels the same regardless of seat style? So, could you change the buckets to a full rear seat just using a coupe rear seat? Thanks.
  13. I've done a search here and have not found my exact problem. Here's the story, I took car (1993 Olds Custlass Supreme Vert) in to have low coolant sensor replaced, I'd bought the part intending to do it myself, but never got around to it, so took it in. The next day I went to start car and battery was pretty dead (not totally, but close enough. Have never had problems before, but as I don't know how old it was, put charger on it, got it started, took to Advance Auto Parts store, had battery tested, dead cell, had them replace. Started car and noticed the Anti-Lock ABS light was on, figured that the computer needed to reset itself, drove around and light did not go off, took back to store and asked them what gives, they stated they could not scan a car older that a 96, stated sometimes computer needs to reset it's self. So what do you guys, who know and love these cars think? On a side note: Horn does not work, Yes, I know that the pads in the steering wheel is often the problem, here's the question, has anyone here ever run a separate horn button and if so How? Many Thanks again guys, you are simply the best. Kaye
  14. This week for my car has been a big problem, first I need to change a motor mount, next the engine started to run rough and now the high pressure power steering hose is leaking. So todays question is is there an easy way to change the high pressure power steering hose on the 3.4 dohc engine.
  15. CDN

    Seat questions

    My lumina is in need of a driver seat replacement, had a nice big tear in it when I got her and the foam is pretty shot as well. From what I have been reading, it is possible to use a passenger seat in place of the driver's seat. My first question is in a 99 Lumina, is it a simple matter of unbolt old driver's seat and drop in a passenger's seat? If not, do I have to swap the hardware under the seats or something? I know this has been asked before but I just want to make sure that I'm reading things right. If it's as simple as it sounds, not counting a stubborn nut or something, might be a easy enough project to take care of when I have some downtime. Thanks ~Ryan
  16. Was pokin round ebay and came accross fwd 3800 headers new for $160 shipped. I know theyre inferior quality and need some welding before use. I figure at $160 its worth messing with. My question is for anyone running them on a 1g, any tips for fitment etc etc? Thanks
  17. Quick question, i just need to know what size oil filter goes to my 96 GP SE? Oh and how many quarts of oil should I put in when changing it?
  18. Dumb question, can someone guide me to the fuse box. I wanna check them all but I do need to change some of them in my cabin area. The lights in the auto console don't turn on at night. I am guessing it's the fuse. thanks guys.
  19. I have plowed through a couple of hours of searches but have yet to find the most basic answer to my question: can I repair my door handle on my 94 CS convert by getting in the access panel on the inside of the door edge? Must I take the door upholstery off, and disassemble the door to effect a repair on the handle? I have removed the access panel behind the door handle and removed all screws, but I can't see how to get the whole thing apart. Is there a sticky on door handle repair? I don't see one.
  20. I'm slowly getting back to my Cutlass L67 swap, I've got one (million) thing(s) holding me up... All of the guides say to use an L36 high pressure power steering line, and that it should be installed before the engine because it's difficult to do it after. And that's as much detail as any of them go into about it and don't mention it ever again. I was originally going to make my own, or have one made from a place I know where I can get a good price on SS-braided lines, but not knowing the actual shape and routing I will need in the end makes that very difficult to do from the start. Then I decided I was just going to finish the swap cheaply, and maybe in the future I'll do a proper rebuild with custom parts and mods but for now I just want to get it running. So in looking for that hose, I found that nearly every L36-equipped car I've looked at has a slightly different hose shape and routing. So which one do I need? I did find one thread where it was said that they used a Z34 hose (I believe they specified 1998), but looking up that hose on RockAuto returned two different types, one 5 foot long hose and one 33 inch hose using different routings. I'm not sure which one I need, or maybe both of them will fit, or maybe any L36 hose will fit. I've got a new 2.25-turn rack installed and that hose is the next step that I'd like to get sorted out before dropping in the engine (or moving on to the next question). Anybody have more specifics on exactly which hose(s) will fit? Thanks!
  21. 1990lumi

    94 grand prix

    just a quick question is it a good deal for a 94 grand prix coupe with 106k original miles seams clean in the pics for 900$?....sorry didnt know where else to put this
  22. I haven't even noticed this until a few hours ago about the connection on the front of the 4T60-E. My manual has different sub-models listed and of course mine is the only one with this unique shaped connector than the other listed models. My connectors differences show at the "F" pin Lo discrete switch and "G" pin 4th CL discrete switch. All other sub-models show these two pins as being the High and Low Temp sensor pins and the cross section has the harness of my trans going about midway while the other harness connects a bit further back. My question would be if I cannot find a suitable donor transmission how would I go about making one with different female connection work? I have found nothing about this anywhere else on the internet.
  23. Ok I did some digging online the past couple days and found '94 GTP in junkyard not that far from me online they listed they had a hood so naturally i was pumped there was one i could finally get my hands but tragically it was gone, but anyway it has the hud and dash intact so i was checking it out but it was different from all the other huds i've seen it had the top hud part and the headlight/fog/hud switch but nothing in the empty pods like an se, it hasn't been touched so im kinda confused. Also they want $125, good deal yay or nay? My dumbass didn't take a picture of it just the car.
  24. Everytime I do a burnout it tears chunks outta the road, why. Didnt do it with the 3400. Same tires/rims btw thanks
  25. Just a quick question what is the best and safest gas to put in a 3.1L the cutlass? I find with supreme gas gas mileage is noticeably better but I hear it's dangerous for the car.
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