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Found 432 results

  1. PanamaZ34

    Help, still can't drop the sub frame!

    OK, had an hour this morning, so thought I'd have another go at changing the alternator on the Z34. Removed the fan belt (probably not the approved way, still can't see anything resembling a tensioner, but there was a useless wheel with a central bolt that I could remove before prying the wheel off and removing the belt - doesn't seem to be any way it could be used to adjust the tension, but WTF, it worked). But, I'm back to the same problem I had last week, both passenger side sub-frame bolts removed, but it still won't drop far enough to get at the alternator! Nothing visibly snagging the engine or anything, my previous idea of loosening the driver's side bolts to see if that would give the frame enough play to drop further won't fly ay least at the moment (bolts seized, no breaker bar this weekend, so can't loosen them, though I'm seeing if some WD40 will make any difference, and might be able to try again later today). Short of climbing on top and jumping on the engine, does anyone have any bright ideas?
  2. OK, I am probably being dense (and I did warn everyone when I first posted in the "member's rides" thread that I'd probably need some help), but ........... HELP!!!!!!! I thought from Slick's post that this would be reasonably straightforward (if awkward), but it is proving to be anything but (starting with the seized wheel bolt (eventually resolved with a breaker bar and socket, but only after I managed to burr the bolt fairly badly) and just getting worse LOL. I suspect that most of my concerns just relate to my unfamiliarity with the car and general ignorance, rather than anything lacking in Slick's instructions, but I certainly need some help here! The whole job is not being helped by the heat here today ...... I'm trying to do everything in 3 minute stints, broken up by returning indoors for a cold drink and 30 minutes in front of the fan with the a/c running full blast LOL Where's the belt tensioner? I'm used to cars where it is an adjustable mounting on the alternator itself, and I can't even see the alternator without lowering the front sub-frame first! Is everything connected to the engine and sub-frame or is anything connected to the body? Am I going to snap the belt by lowering the sub-frame without having removed it first? It looks like everything is on the engine (as I'd expect), but the way this job is going, as soon as I lower the sub-frame I'll discover something connected to the belt that was mounted on the body and snap the belt! If it does have to be removed first, where the **** is it, I can't see anything that looks remotely like a tensioner, letalone being able to get at it to loosen it! The electrical connections I have been able to locate look to have play in the wires, but again, teh ones I can locate, I can't see the connections properly (hidden behind the radiator bottom hose) or disconnect them with the engine in its correct position. Is anything going to break if I lower the sub-frame with all the alternator wires still connected? What's with all the bitumen soaked cardboard (or whatever it is) that I found behind the wheel? Looks like it was a pretty useless method of trying to keep the stub-axle, alternator etc clean and dry. How necessary is it? It all fell apart as soon as I looked at it, so can I get away without replacing it, or, if it is worth replacing, is there a better (plastic or something) replacement available? On an unrelated matter, I'd like to flush the radiator while I've got the front end raised, but can't see anything that looks like a drainage plug (at least in any form that I'd recognise). There is what seems to be a nut at the bottom of one end of the radiator (the opposite end from the radiator filler cap, and where I'd expect to find the drain, though it is a lot smaller than I'd expect and looks more like it is holding the radiator together than an actual drain plug), but something else covered in grease and half-obscured by some failing rubber seal, that feels to be un-bevelled (and therefore I have no idea how to release it) at the same end as the radiator filler cap. Which is the radiator drain plug (and if it is at the same end as the filler cap, how do I remove it), or is there something else that I've missed? I think the radiator is dry, but I really don't need coolant pissing everywhere if I get this wrong and there is still anything in it! Any advice gratefully received (ideally before the regular afternoon rainstorm starts and I have to leave everything until next weekend!). Thanks, Jim
  3. Bryan921SS

    Radiator Fan

    I have been looking around and I can't find the answer to my sorry if it has been addressed before. Does anyone know when the Radiator Fans are supposed to kick on? What temp/under what conditions....Thanks Edit: 1996 2 Door Cutlass Supreme 3100 V6
  4. Having replaced my tool kit and picked up a battery, I hope to be able to get the new alternator, radiator top hose and everything I need for an engine service (plugs, filters, fan belt, fresh oil and coolant) next week, with a view to trying to start the Z34 the following weekend. At this point, all I want to do is get the engine running, after that, I'll worry about the brakes, cooling system, electrics etc while I'm saving up for a new set of tyres and windscreen. It did occur to me that having been sat for 4 years with no fuel filler cap, there could be all sorts of crap at the bottom of the tank, so this weekend, I planned on disconnecting the filter (and maybe the fuel lines as well if necessary) and flushing the tank out (probably replace the fuel filter as well, once its had a chance to dry out). If the engine management system is shot or there are other expensive problems, I'll find them soon enough, I just don't want to be mucking about all weekend because I forgot to check something as simple as the fuel line. Can anyone suggest anything else I should be thinking about at this stage? Would 4 years of inactivity cause any specific problems with the 3.4 V6? The fuel tank only just occurred to me today, so it is quite possible that I'm forgetting other basic precautions/checks that would maximise my chances of getting it running.
  5. Crimson Fury Z

    3400 spitting coolant under the hood

    noticed it a few minutes ago. the serpentine belt is flicking it all all over. the only concentration of coolant i can see right now is under the ac compressor(which doesn't work btw). the belt seems to be dry, and the "flick point" is where the serp belt diagram sticker is. theres a nice line on my hood pad above the belt and alot of it is going on the passenger side of the fan and radiator. i'll charge the digi cam battery for a couple of minutes and get a pic or 2. this angers me.............
  6. boymeetspavement

    Ima new guy!

    Hows it goin? My names Jay. I just picked up ( literally today) a 92 gp se. So far Im loving it! Shes a little rough but I have all summer to clean it up, Im liking the better gearing though. I was a big a-body fan ( cutlass ciera s 3.3l with a few mods, custom paint blah blah blah) but it had a 3t40 which sucked! I already have plans for a top swap...mmm
  7. Night Fury

    Weird buzzing coming from dash...

    So this weird buzzing noise is coming from the dash. With key on, without engine running, or radio, or fan. It still does it with any combo of the above being on, you just can't hear it as well. It is a variable buzzing too, fairly loud. eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kinda like that, but buzzing. lol.
  8. SrMichi

    <--(-_-)--$ Little help please

    Well i have a 94 lumina and recently i put in a manual control switch for the fan. so here's my problem when i turn on my fan it feels like someone is sucking the electricity from my car. for example i would turn it on and the rpms drop,everything dims and the voltmeter drops. all of that happens like in one sec. i notice this happening last year during the summer. i would be driving and i would turn my ac on and somethings the car would turn off of just stumble and recover. other times i would drive a bit and when i would get to a red light and start going again the car would stumble (without using ac). another time it really hot outside and i was going up hill and the fan turned on and the car backfired. then winter came and everything was okay since it was cold. but now after putting in that switch in the secondary fan (by accident meant to put it in the primary) and nothing happening but turning on the fan,i know problem is in my primary fan
  9. jman093

    Burning oil through PCV

    I've had to add a quart of oil every thousand miles to this car and it doesn't leak a drop of anything, so I figured it was burning it (plus I do see a small amount of blue smoke every once in a while). No big deal I thought, most high-mileage OHC engines are oil burners and the car runs fantastic. But tonight I took off the upper intake manifold to change the plugs (they appearred to be the stockers yet!) and oil was dripping out of the bottom of upper manifold and also a good amount of oil was flowing back out of the PCV valve and elbow hose which were still connected to the back of the manifold. It was a lot of oil in there and the lower intake was very saturated with oil as well. The spark plug tube valve cover gaskets were also leaking, but this appears to be 90% of the problem. PCV's usually always suck a little oil, but the only time I've seen this at work is when the crankcase fresh air hose is somehow blocked or pinched, or the air filter is clogged, which I have neither of those problems. PCV is oily as hell, but rattles fine and had no carbon on it. Gonna replace it anyways it's like 4 bucks. You LQ1 guys running into this problem?
  10. Addicted To Boost

    FIXED! Primary Cooling Fan

    My primary cooling fan isn't working. I put a paper clip in my diagnostic port, and my secondary fan turns on, but the primary doesn't. The relays are good, I can swap relays between the two fans, and the secondary will work with both relays. They ohmed out good as well. I tried swapping in a fan from a 93 GP with 68k on it today, and that fan doesn't turn on either. I checked voltage at the relays on the passenger fender, and I'm getting 12.7 volts at the terminals for the secondary, and nothing at the terminals for the primary. All underhood fuses are good and the car works fine otherwise. Any ideas guys?
  11. AWeb80

    Need a small electric fan.

    When I get my trans fixed and put back in, i'm not going to hook up my trans cooler through the radiator and my external cooler. i'm just going to use the after market external cooler. i want a small 5" or so electric fan i can mount on on the front of the cooler for more cooling. as i do most of the driving with the gp in the summer. and auto-xing gets it hot too. Where is a good place to get a small fan like that. i'll hook it up to my own remote switch.
  12. Okay, so there I am sitting in my car the other day playing with the auto climate control and trying to figure out how to switch the temp display from celcius to farenheit, it turns out if you depress both the temp control and fan control buttons for a couple of seconds it brings up some sort of diagnostic mode on the climate control display. The initial display shows 23 parameters that you can cyle through with the temp control knob, and by moving the fan control knob you can access the values for the selected parameter. Pretty cool...a bit primative compared to the display in my Toronado, but cool none the less. So, after learning this I took the car for a drive and the only obvious parameter I could pick out was number 13, which appears to be the vehicle's speed. Is there a list somewhere of what the other parameter's represent? Can codes be pulled in this fassion?
  13. AL

    Cooling fans

    I had a guy call me wanting to buy the cooling fans from me off my 93 GP (3.4L)... His car is a 96 CS (3.4L) and for some reason I thought the fans would be different, Are they? I dont wanna sell them to him and have them not work
  14. Can anyone please tell me how to change a light bulb on a instument panel on a 94 lumina. after putting in a manual fan switch and re wiring my fog lights i just found out there is a dark spot between my rpm and gas gauge.
  15. I got a 99 lumina LTZ... Last monday i got the front struts done, and an alignment done. All was well... Until friday when i was driving and the ball joint broke, therefor braking the axel.... Well i got all the old stuff out, and am in the process of putting it all back together and i went to put the new ball joint into place and it does not line up straight at all. the bolt on the ball joint is bent as far as it can go towards the engine, and it is not even through the hole all the way. I have no idea what is wrong, but my one thought is that when they did the alignment they adjusted the tie rod out too far, putting strain on the ball joint causing it to brake. Correct me if i am wrong but i thought the tie rod is what he adjusted to get it all aligned. If that is true, i now need to now how to un adjust it to make it shorter and try and get everything to line up. I just dont understand why a place would be dumb enough to do that. Anyways, any input would be fantastic on either of the two questions.
  16. dodgethis

    Water Pump question

    Hey I was thinking down the road about my water pump possibly failing. I am curious as to what is it that makes them go out? I mean all it is is just a pulley that is hooked in with the fan belt that just turns the water flow while the car is idle or accelerated. I don't understand what makes them go out? I know the fins that pushes the water around can't go bad because its metal and it just spins as fast as the belt pulls it. Is it more of the gasket around the water pump fails and causes a problem with loosing coolant all over the place? Rob
  17. J

    oil specials?

    Anyone have any info on sales at the autp aprts stores? I have amsoil in my truck and in the 5.3 i'm not a huge fan of it. I'd rather have Royal Purple or Mobil 1, i know sometimes autozone, pep boys, advanced has some sort of sale on 5 qts and a filter for $XX.xx, if you know of any sales please let me know, i have to change the oil this weekend.
  18. GPX

    My stupid doors again

    I'm not at all a fan of sedans, but right about now, I'm wishing I had those short, solid doors. Last winter I had so much trouble with both the doors and windows of my CS. I spent time this summer replacing the passenger side handle (a cheap aftermarket assembly that had me grinding flanges on my door and cast parts on the assembly just to get it to half-assed fit. It did fit and worked--until it got cold. then I had to push on the top of the escutcheon and pull the handle to get it to work. I also spent time making sure the driver's side was properly adjusted. Then the other nite after work (we'd had a lot of mixed precip) I went to open the door and broke the driver's side handle and the passenger's side was so frozen, it got to sit there all nite. The next day a 5-gallon pail of hot water thawed it out. I'm so pissed! It's sitting in my garage now, waiting for a game plan... Yeah, I'm just whining...but one question: does anyone know of a GOOD aftermarket handle or are they all junk?
  19. BXX

    Door Lock Frozen

    Oh, this is fantastic, really fantastic. Happened yesterday when I got home, couldnt open my door.. Why you ask? Heres why My outside door handle broke last week. Ive been reaching in from the passenger side to open it from the inside Guess what, not it wont open from the inside. Fricken lock linkage has frozen and is bound up too.. Cant open from the inside, cant open from the outside. Im 6'1" and 250 lbs.. Me vs my center console,not a good thing, something is gonna break, and it wont be me The key does go in and turn from the outside, but not all the way to unlock which tells me its prolly a linkage issue or what happened last week, the actual lock/latch froze solid. Warming it up worked last time. I have her running outside. Its 0 degrees F. My car started somehow. Frozen batteries still start amazingly Good ol 5 year old Napa piece of crap refuses to die. I figure, I will let her warm up for about and hour and go retry. Should be warm enough on the inside to unfreeze the linkage or whatever. If not, im gonna have to destroy the door panel
  20. Regal_GS_1989

    Blower Resistor and Hi speed Relay?

    So, I had a fantastic fucking weekend!!! Not only is the hi speed relay stuck, but now the blower resistor pack took a shit. When i bought the car, speeds 1 and 2 never worked, and I always thought that it was something with the control, but after a little research, It looks as if it was always a resistor problem. Anyways, All I would like to know is the location of both of these items, and P/N if possible. I will be trying to locate parts and hopefully fixing it all tomorrow. To top everything off, I'm having issues starting my Z71, so so much for my back up vehicle. It looks as if there is a bad connection somewhere, because it barely charges at idle, and I had to crawl underneith and play around with the starter for it to finally crank over. Only happened after i took it out and played in the snow, so i'll have to check all that out too. TIA
  21. patgizz

    95 cutlass - decent deal?

    found this one the other day, got a reply from the seller. he said it was running rough so he parked it 2 years ago, the hood has small blisters on the edge(whose doesnt up here?) and he said a small surface rust spot by the back wheel - if it's a blister or bubble i don't want to deal with it. i'm a 3.4 fan, you guys who have been around for a while know i've had a couple and am capable of making them run well and doing the maintenance. the mixed 16mpg of the crown vic is killing me - it's a cool car but they get crap for mileage relative to a fullsize GM let alone a 30mpg highway w body. so if the car is clean otherwise, i was thinking of making a $350-400 offer. thoughts? i have a feeling the surface rust spot by the rear wheel is rust-out from the inside waiting to explode like my z34 did in which case i'm running the other way.
  22. Pretty much what the title says. When I turn on the AC, I get a VERY loud rattling/vibration. It sounds like a peice of stiff plastic vibrating on fan blades making a r-r-r--r-r-r-r-r--r-r-r. Any ideas what it is? Not sure if it's related, the bearings on the alternator decided to blow its guts out over the weekend a few days before this same vibration started, so I replaced it. After replacing the alt the noise went away for a bit. But driving today, I noticed that it came back! Any ideas? My dad says this same thing happened before, and it turned out to be some bearing (in the AC compressor perhaps?)
  23. 94LuminaZ34

    HVAC Panel Problem? UPDATE

    I just bought a 1994 Lumina Z34 with a 3.4L engine and Im in the process of getting it road ready but it has some problems so I hope someone can help me. It has a push button hvac panel and when I turn the ignition on the fan starts and keeps running but only blows from the defrost and bottom vents, if I push the off button the button will light up and the motor will stop untill I remove my finger then the fan starts again? All of the buttons work this way, they only work as long as I have my finger on them? It will blow air from the vents but again only when I have my finger on the vent button, also when I remove my finger I hear a hiss for about a split second. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be the panel or a vacuum leak?
  24. 94LuminaZ34

    Fan Overide Switch SES Light Comes On?

    I wired up my secondary fan to a switch and now when I turn on the switch my Service Engine Soon light comes on? All I did was hook the wire to the 86 terminal of the relay so that the switch will control the ground path. Has anyone else had this problem? Did I wire it wrong? 1994 Lumina Z34 3.4L
  25. 94LuminaZ34

    Overheating and Fan Problem UPDATE

    I just got my 94 z34 3.4L registered and insured and it got hot. I tested the fans and I can get the passenger side to come on when i jump the relay but not the drivers side, I have power all the way down to the fan and I even wired the fan up to a battery and nothing so I'm thinking a dead motor? I need to know which fan is the primary #1 fan,is it the driver or passenger? Wll the fan motors out of a 3.1 lumina fit mine? There are no 3.4s in the wrecking yard. Is there anyway to test fan motors with a ohm meter? Would it be alright if I just remove the relay and wire jump the fan that works untill I get the other fixed?