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Found 432 results

  1. My ac fan stopped working. I disconnected the negative battery cable to check wiring under dash. Reattactched negative battery and went to start engine. The car acted possessed and all the lights started to flash on the dash and a heard a lot of clicks. After a second or two they stopped and everything seemed normal, except the engine light is on. No codes. Reset engine light and you can hear it click to reset. Light stays on. Good battery. When I turn the ket to the start position, I get one click and nothing else. The security light is not on. I've rapped on starter, I hardly think that the issue as the car dash lights and system went crazy for a couple seconds before the issue of not starting started. The car is acting normal now except a check engine light on with no codes and a single click when trying to start and wont turn over at all. And help would be amazing and very much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Booba

    Time to fix TCC...

    Hey guys, SO for a few months now I've had my TCC PWM wire (pin 78) disconnected from the PCM because I had a chugging issue going up hill. In a month an a half I'll be driving the car 2600 miles (1300 each way), so I'd like to get it fixed before then. I was pondering the idea of swapping to a lower mileage transmission (230k on the odometer), but there is only 1 GTP in my area at the JY and it's been gutted...I have no clue how the transmission is in it. Thanks to that, it looks like I'll be fixing the transmission I currently have. I'm not sure if it actually has 230k or not, it could have been replaced\rebuilt before. It shifts fantastic, and everything about it is great, other than this TCC stuff. It never ran hot (since I had it), but I put a cooler on it to keep it cool. Now it stays right at 172*F, before the cooler it would get up to 200*F. My main question is which solenoids should I replace? Just the TCC PWM (the one that is unplugged) or the PCS or something else? Maybe throw a shift kit in while I'm in there? I have the DIY kit, but I'm sure Transgo is better... Thanks for the input and help in advance!
  3. I need some expert advise on this problem. I have an 1994 olds cutlass convertible with the 3.4 dohc. Driving in town when I stop the temp gauge shoots up and just before the red it the fan comes on and reduces the temp a bit, when the fan turns off it shoots up again. While I am driving the temp goes back to normal. Recently I have starting driving to a new job on the highway for about 30 minutes each way. The temp gauge never moves, but the car is so hot. When I got home tonight, it really smells, and it was still to hot to touch after almost 2.5 hours of sitting in the laneway. It is not overly hot today, with temp in the low to mid 60's. Where it is the hottest is the metal over the radiator (painted part) and the dual overhead cams are burning hot. Letting the car run, I have observed the fan on the passengers side come on, but never seen the on the driver's side come on. Last year I had the thermostat changed when it was in the garage for a tune up. I am sure the car is overheating but he gauge may not be working right. It is way to hot after sitting for so long and it smells like it is burning. Suggestions, thoughts would be appreciated. I am leaning towards, the driver's side fan not working so not enough air is being pulled through the radiator, or the rad may be gummed up, but the rad looks to be fairly new and in good shape. The other thing I am thinking is the water pump is not working right, but I don't hear any noise or puddles under the car. It does not leak anything but a bit of oil. The coolant is good, and full. It is not dirty and it does not have oil or dirt in it.
  4. Check Engine light came on, and it read a P1870. I haven't noticed any transmission issues at all. However, it has stalled once right after starting and putting it in reverse...then another time it took a good 10 seconds before starting. Was curious if maybe they're related? Perhaps a neutral safety switch? I think I read that sometimes that will cause a P1870. Has anybody else experienced this? Car runs fantastic otherwise, and aside from those two times starts just fine, and always shifts smoothly. 125k miles.. thanks!!
  5. GP1138

    1993 GP Blower Motor

    I searched and searched but came up empty. Anyone ever dealt with a non-blowing blower motor? I will be going out tomorrow to check it manually (jump 12v to the motor) but I checked all fuses and etc and didn't find anything blown other than the CTSY fuse keeps blowing over and over. The HVAC panel lights up and I can change fan speeds but nothing comes out of the vents. I'm guessing the motor is probably bad, but again, just wanted to check to see if there are any quick checks here.
  6. Have searched for years for a forum dealing with our little red baby - a 94 Cutlass Supreme - 3.1 ltr engine. Wow. Don't know how I missed this one but glad to be here. Have owned our '94 since 98. Just drive her in summer for the past decade or so. Just 92k on her. Will be searching the threads for good info. Have to replace one of the top hyd cylinders now.
  7. well since GMWbody forums are dead and didnt realize it until i introduced myself ill copy and paste it over here where it seems people are active. Well, I just picked up a 94 Olds cutlass supreme 4dr out of massive need for a car. I had to give up my pride and joy 97 Mercury Grand Marquis. I paid 500 bucks for it. Only got 132k on the clock. She's noisy, old and slow as hell. hah. I look forward to asking and learning alot about these W bodied GM's Im a Huge Ford fan, so this is a bit of change for me lol. This isnt my first Oldsmobile. My first car was a 79 Olds Cutlass Salon 3.8 v6 I beat the hell out of that car and im kinda sad because at the time i didnt realize how rare they where. The Olds need some work. Its got some FEAD noise, Needs hubs, feels like the left rear shock or both are frozen, the brake proportion seems off from what im used to, seems to have a ton of rear brake. The drivers door can only be opened from the outside, passengers door only from the inside, left rear opens from both, right rear does not, and the trunk wont open. lol On a side note the body is clean, only a dent or two and very minor clear coat fog. All in all im happy with the car. Sure miss my V8 though
  8. Hello everyone i hope to enjoy sharing info and tips and i look forward to uploading my many planned detailed how to's and diy's as i dump money into my regal.
  9. Hey everyone, help me solve my A/C issue quick! 92 Olds Cutlass Supreme, A/C doesn't seem to cool. I see the fan and the compressor come on, but I think possibly somehow the heated air and the cold air are blowing through the vent at the same time. I turned my (digital) a/c up to 85 and it seemed to blow the same temp (possibly even cooler) than it did at 65. I did have a good part of the top of the engine off when I replaced the crankshaft sensor to ICM wiring a month ago. Is there a door that is vacuum controlled for this? If so where do I look for connecting lines. I have part of the dash off and will take more off, but can't figure this one out. I have added a can of Freon and a can of oil, but it doesn't seem to effect it. My really basic gauge showed about 70psi before and after the cans.
  10. redgrandprix

    random dying problem

    not sure what is going on in my cars thought process but for some reason as of late its starting to die randomly, it starts while im driving and the car will hiccup or choke and the low coolant light will flash then the car is like oh no im fine... a minute later it happens again then the car dies while driving (once going 45 and once going 70) i pop it in neutral try to start it back up and nothing so i pull over pull the key pop the hood and the fan is still going without the key in the ingnition so my lightbulb went off in my head so i pulled the ecm fuse for a few seconds popped it back in and the car started right up completely fine for the rest of the day then today it did it again and the same thing fixed it except this time when i tried to start it back up before pulling the fuse it turned over but idled at 2500rpms so i had to turn it off and pull the fuse anyway, any ideas whats going on? ses light comes on when the car dies
  11. ILoveSun

    I bought one!!!

    I drove to Knoxville last night picked it up and drove it back to Charlotte - I got in at about 1:30 AM(!). A 94 white on white with black top. The story is the lady bought it new at the dealership in Michigan, then gave it to her niece as a wedding present several years later. She wasn't happy with the way it was being taken care of so she took it back and gave it to her daughter. The daughter sold it to the gentleman that I purchased it from - he owned it for less than one year. 107k, very well taken care of and with a lot of factory options. CD player (that works!), audio controls on the wheel, AND temperature and fan controls on the steering wheel as well. The original owner had a remote start installed at time of purchase which is still operable. All manuals present complete with the original salesman's card still in it, as well as the original dealership keyfob. Overall it is in great condition. I have a few things to clean up and the man that I bought it from had put Flowmaster mufflers on it (ugh!!!). I have two OEM mufflers coming Wednesday that I will have installed on Thursday. It drives and rides like a dream - I really could not be happier. As soon as I can spend a little time sprucing her up I will post some pictures.
  12. Night Fury

    A few A/C questions

    Do the compressors cycle at all in 1st gens? Does it in any way use less power with the fan speed on low rather than high?(less air flow-->less refrigerant temp increase-->less load on compressor?) It just seems obscenely intense in the 88. Like I can't even leave it on low without suffering hypothermia. Not that I'm complaining, it just seems... unusual? Lets hear all about A/C works in these cars shall we?
  13. underpressure

    Hello W body fans

    Hello all , Thank you for welcoming me to you FINE WEB SITE. Really looking forewad to talking , txting & learning about the GM supercharged W Body cars, Although this is my first, a 99 Regal GS, I have really always DUG these rides, I will get some pictures op on the site soon. I have turned wrenches all my life, & have had some cool cars in my 54 yrs, BUT, I gotta tell ya all......Im looking foreward to contacting you folks & leaning about these cool little rides. I got to give a thums up to the general (GM) for being bold enough to make these cars. Looking foreward ........underpressure
  14. Chris2012

    1992 3.1 Lumina dual engine fans

    1 doesn't spin. I haven't looked at it yet, but assuming I need a replacement, will 1 of those 12" universals Isee on ebay fit the bill? I'll do what's necessary to mount it. I imagine having something is better thrn driving around, in this weather, with only 1 fan, but I'm planning on taking an extended trip (1300 miles). I'm even thinking of leaving the hood ajar, though reinforcing it, the length of the trip to provide additional cooling. 189,000 miles.
  15. When sitting in traffic for too long, the engine heats up to about 240ish and the idle drops to about 500 then comes back up to 900 repeatedly, at about 1 second intervals. The car feels like its about to stall. It only does this when the engine gets hot. When I am moving, the temp gauge stays right at 210. Once I get out of traffic and drive for a while allowing the engine to cool I have no problems. I decided to do a little self diagnosis on the issue. I opened the hood and let the car idle in park for a good 6 minutes or so, letting the engine heat up. Only one radiator fan came on at around the 240 mark, and the engine did not cool down. No matter how hot it gets, I can only get one fan to turn on. Im sure if I let it idle at a standstill for longer, it would overheat and stall. I tried powering each one individually with a 12v power supply, they both spun. Next, I checked the relays. I swapped them around, and they both work fine. Using my power supply to bridge the relay contacts, I discovered one relay plug activated the the driver side fan, and the other one activated both. Are there any other fuses I could check anywhere? I know the fans turning on can be related to AC, and my car does not have a compressor.
  16. redgrandprix

    need help

    Im having problems with the tgp, I took it to get 2 tires put on andwhen I got it back it wouldn't start, finally got it started and its idling around 2k RPMs, the Speedo stopped working, transmission gauge stopped working and the vacuum is around 11 probably because its idling high,radiator fan turns on when I turn on the car even if its cold, transmission has a hard downshift when coming to a stop, the dealership thought maybe a vacuum leak but carb cleaner didn't show anything so that leaves me wondering if the battery in my emulator died and the car is no longer recieving the proper tune I apologize for the long read but im trying to cover everything thanks
  17. Yes, I know it seems early, but I think if we want to change venues and try something different, we need to start planning soon. In the past at every nationals meet I've been to (though this past one was an exception) there has been problems with annoying non-members of our group. That's alright, that's just who we are as a group. Overall behavior has improved ten fold compared to the first couple meets I went to. But we are still a bunch of younger guys, some talking and joking outside after midnight is to be expected. So accepting that as a fact I think we need a change of venue. I talked it over with Camron (we are on the same page in thinking we need a move), and together we kind of came to the conclusion that this would be a fantastic solution to our problem: If you're looking at the rates and getting wide eyed at the cost to rent the place out for a weekend, keep in mind that this would be divided. The more people we have the less expensive it will be. For example: If we have 20 commitments, the price would be: $79.80 per person per night. Which personally I think is pretty reasonable. Especially considering we will be in our own little land away from where we could annoy anyone else. Now as far as accessibility, internet, if there are any rules on drinking or anything, I haven't gotten that far yet. However, basically I would like to know if this is something anyone else would be interested in pursuing? Or does anyone have any better ideas?
  18. Reride

    Cooling fan questions.

    My primary cooling fan (pass. side of car) will not come on. The secondary cooling fan (drivers side of car) will come on when the A/C is turned on but still no primary fan. The car is a '92 CS w/3.1L. I have swapped the fan and relay, sometimes when swapping relays with the motor running it will come on for 30 seconds or so and shut off and not come on again. My questions are: 1) At what temperture should the fan turn on? 2) Where is the temperture semsor located?
  19. project 92z

    Rear Licsence Plate

    First off, I'm kinda new to this communitybut I've been kinda checking it out for a while. I own a white 92 Lumina Z34, my second onein about 8 years. I'm a BIGGGGGGGGG fan of the W bodies and the Z34 in particular. the styling of them is soo not the norm, especially compared to what's out now. That said, Howdie. My Z34 is my daily driver but still my baby. I've been looking for a part though for a while. Like I said, this is my second Z34 plus the base model I had turned into a clone. All of them had the same issue, the rear licsence plate assembly. For those not familiar, the Z34 has an assembly that mounts between the tail lights, instead of being molded into the bumper. Whether it's because the plastic is just brittle, people are just careless, or they destroy them trying to deal with a plate, I've never seen one not damaged. Is there anyone out there that has a connection or direction for me to check out?
  20. COFrank

    1999 GP Will Not Crank

    Hello Everybody! I have this issue that hopefully someone here can help me with. When I insert the key in the ignition all is good (dash lights on and accessories work). But from there, NOTHING except for an ever so slight "click". According to my wife, there was nothing strange when starting the car prior to this issue. This is what I have verified up to this point: The battery seems fine (New in October, but put it on the charger overnight just to be sure) Checked fuses in under-the-hood fuse box Ignition Main 1 Ignition Main 2 Ignition Module [*]security system and applied "reset" procedures (key in ACC position for 15 min) [*]Moved the shifter in various positions while turning the key (best I know how to do to see if it might be the neutral safety switch) However, I am not sure how to verify the Ignition Module Relay that also resides in the under-the-hood fuse box. But, since it is the same part number as the cooling fan relay, I swapped them (and then swapped them back when there was no change), I assume it is good. My gut instinct tells me it's the starter or starter solenoid, but I am still not convinced it's not something else - like maybe the neutral safety switch OR SOMETHING ELSE. Any ideas? P.S. Since my wife parked on my VERY slanted driveway, getting it into my garage is not an option. Nor is just taking the starter out and having it tested since I can't get to it. So if it IS the starter, I guess I will have no other option but to take it to a shop. My fear is that it will NOT be the starter and I will pay out the nose to fix whatever else it ends up being on top of them replacing the starter.
  21. Hello there, I just finally got the courage to sign up here and I am a fan of the 88-97 Olds Cutlasses. I currently drive a 94 Cutlass 4 door and I love it. Questions or comments welcome. Her ABS doesn't work and I would like to find out why.
  22. ricklovin93

    cooling fan problem

    One fan works the other does not, pulled the non working fan and connected to a spare battery and it does work, so im guessing its the relay for the one of them but my question is which relay is for which fan the fan that does not work is the one on the passanger side so im guessing its considered fan 2 when it comes to the relay, anyone know this for sure? Also off topic a bit, theres a real nice regal coupe with 70,000 miles near my house, green,column shift, trailing arm mounts look perfect, paint is pretty good, and the interior is nice but needs a cleaning, have yet totalk to the owner but if everything runs good what price range should i be looking at?
  23. heres the deal.. My 88 Cutlass 2.8 witrh barely 100,000 gently driven miles, starts and runs smooth as silk when cold, after it reaches about the 5th lightbar on the temp gauge(before the cooling fan switches on) the engine hesitates and dies. It will not restart until the engine is all the way cold again. We have checked the fuel pressure, its where its supposed to be, the fuel pump is working. We have replaced the TPS, because thats what the code reader told us to do. I have changed the coil packs with NEW ones, and the ECM board they attach to. Same problem.. Im not sure whats going on, The mechanic doesnt really have all thos fancy hi end diagnostic machines, just a snap on reader and theres NO codes showing up.. I have had a few guys tell me that the coolant sensor could be the problem, sending a bad signal to the computer once it reaches normal temp, but shuts off the engine.. not sure yet if thats it. Both the mechanic and myself are frustrated as hell... any ideas?? The engine is getting spark, its getting fuel, its getting Air.. all three components...HELP please..
  24. Johnnystats

    Problem with fan blower/vents

    Hey everyone - Have a question. When I put on the A/C - nothing comes out of the vents - only the floor area and the defroster area. No matter what button I press, it will not come out of the front vents. Any ideas what that could be? This is for a 91 GP. Thanks!
  25. imhottt1971

    electric cooling fans

    can someone help me with diagnostics my passenger side fan is not on just drivers side it is 107 degrees in las vegas a/c on only drivers side fan spins thank you