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Found 432 results

  1. 93 Grand Prix

    Help!!!!! cooling fans

    My cooling fans don't come on and it causes my engine to overheat. I have replaced the relays, and checkedthe motor. They are all good. What else could be the problem?
  2. 93 Grand Prix

    cooling fans

    What could be wrong if my cooling fans don't come on? i replaced the thermostat and water pump a few days ago! Does the cooling fans help pump coolant? Let me know so I won't blow my engine.
  3. I have a question for those of you with Oldsmobiles that have the digital ATC (mostly for those of you that the car came with it, not that you put it in yourself). DOES YOUR A/C COMPRESSOR STAY ON ALL THE TIME????? It does not matter if I have it on AUTO, DEFOG, DEFROST, BI-LEV, UPPER, LOWER, FAN ON HIGH OR LOW. My compressor does not turn off unless I turn the car off, turn the unit totally off, pull a fuse or the relay. I know that Brian P. is haveing the same problem. I was just wondering if it is suppose to do that, or if I have something messed up. Taylor
  4. 91GranSport

    HVAC Control Problem

    I have an HVAC control problem. It isn't that serious but I'd like to know what is causing it and how to fix it. I have a '91 Regal GS with dual zone climate control. Anyways, everything works except for the fan speed switch. As you may recall, my fan speed switch only has a low, med, fast and max setting. Well, low, med and fast do not work. If I switch to any of those settings the fan does not turn on. Only the max setting works. The max setting works well as it normally would but all other speeds shut the fan off completely. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  5. First off, I would like to welcome everyone to my for.. Err, no, wait, this isnt my forum is it? Damnit. Well, umm.. Hi anyway. Anyway, Im new to the whole W-Body thing.. So forgive the possible idiocy of the following questions. First, Forced Air intake. Im thinking, by removing the inside front turn signals on my 92 Lumina Euro 3.1, I could free up some space to possibly build a little Forced Air system thingy using some piping from Lowes or something. I designed my own on my old Z (240z, not z34) , Should work just fine, but I wanted to ask the guys who know the cars best. Second, aside from the moral and legal reasons NOT to do this.. Would it hurt anything to pull my exhaust and gut my Catalytic converter? I know its bad for the enviroment.. and, illegal of course.. But.. umm, hell, i cant explain myself, I just wanna and Im too broke to buy a performance one. =] Third, Yeah, was only supposed to be two, but I have an idea.. Hear me out here, how effective would this be: Build a large diameter opening using some Flex-Pipe or hosing, and mount, at its base a small electric powered high flow fan. There little guys, weight about .5 pounds, used for moving air into small areas when ya gotta paint and such, gets the fumes out, then, on the other side of the fan some more smaller diameter piping leading to ther bottom and angeling slightly, so when ya start the car, the fans come on. Effectively pulling hot air out of the engine bay and dispersing it. Would lower the engine compartment temperature i think.. Keedokee folks, thats all I wanted to ask/say. Im an amatuer mechanic.. Well, im not even worthy of that term, but anyway, Im a car enthusiast who doesnt know any better, lets just put it that way. And I was thinking of these mods. I just dunno if they would work or anything. ive only been playing in cars like a year or so now so Im a newbie to the bone.. Any old hands at this who could lemme know if its safe would be nice. If i only gain 1 damn HP, I'm happy, I just dont wanna damage my engine. Thanks for reading, later folks John. aka Mouse
  6. LukeZ34

    For all you convertible fans

    This is some closer pics of that red 94 Cutty convertible that I posted last week.. I've still got a big dream bubble above my head that's envisioning me trading the lumina off and buying this instead.. I should learn to be happy with what I have.. but what fun would that be?
  7. Well I've got a 95 Lumina LS with the series I/II (something like that) V8 conversion.. Anyway the radiator which is still lumina has a new leak I believe I peirced into it. It is on the passenger side plastic end of the radiator right where the fan bolt bolts on the side.. I think the bolt I installed wasn't the right one and well I think I punctured into it.. Anyhow any ideas on what would be the best material to patch the whole?? I was thinking JB weld but I'm not sure how it will work out on plastic or for use in a sealing application. It's not a big hole but it leaks considerably. Any input or idea is appreciated.. Thanks, Jeff