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Found 3,760 results

  1. olds93

    engine swap

    I own a 1993 olds cutlass supreme sl with a 3.1 litre v6 with 403,000 kms (240,000 miles ) on it. Will a 3.8 litre supercharged v6 fit under the hood?
  2. Not much really to say... It's my build thread. Now that I have 2 cars again I can finally focus on getting the Cutlass where I want it to be without having to worry about having it good to drive when I need to go somewhere since my Camaro is now my daily driver. So far I've had the Cutlass sitting for about 2 months now since there's just a lot I need to work on that car, so without further ado this will be my build thread. Every mod and some fixes will go in here. My ultimate goal is to have a cruiser for those days when I have people with me (the Camaro barely fits 4 comfortably) while at the same time modernizing the 1G W body into what GM should had made it the first time around. This won't be a night to day transformation but it might be entertaining for people to see what can be done with these cars... Plus with Cardomain being wack now I kinda wanted a place to talk about my car. Here's some pics of the last time I washed the car in October or so. This is pretty much how she sits now.
  3. Got a 92 olds cutlass supreme convertible and a few years back the fog lights just stopped working. I notice a lot of the same cars on the road have their fog lights off so not sure if this is a normal problem or not. And yeah i know its not the sealed beams themselves because Ive changed them. Anybody got any pointers?? thank ya:thumbsup:
  4. What does GM call this part? Yes, where all the rust is right by the wheel, but not the rocker panel. Body shop 'slang' seems to call it a 'dog leg', but I haven't been able to find reference to such in the sheet metal parts lists. For some reason, Chapter 11 in my 1992 Cutlass Supreme manual only has sheet metal diagrams for the Convertible.
  5. I'm trying to find out how many miles are on my digital cluster, so I just need to know what pins i need to power up to be able to view it, or the whole cluster since I've never powered up the whole thing. Thanks
  6. I parked a 1995 Cutlass with the 3.4 dohc in November 2012 with a full tank of gas, and also added Stabil to the tank. It's a convertible that I park (unheated garage) to keep out of the winter salt. It ended up sitting longer than I had planned. In a couple of months it's going to come out of storage. I'm hoping the Stablil bought me some time as far as the gas going stale, and that I can just start driving the car, burn down some of the old gas in the tank, and dilute the remaining old gas with fresh gas. Does anyone have any experience they can share about putting a vehicle that has not been driven for a couple of years back in service?
  7. Hello y'all. I'm not sure who will read this because I am still trying to figure out how to use W-Body as I am new to the whole thing. But I'm going to ask on here if anyone knows about transmission coolers... The ones that are itty bitty and suppisably cools the tranny so hear related failure will not occur. I got a 92 Cutlass Supreme 3.1 btw. Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Hello, Long long long long time reader of the forums here. Using the information I got from here, I managed to wire in a Driver Information System into my 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme. The DIS powers on and most of the functions work, HOWEVER I cannot get the average or instant MPG to work. The DIS always says 80 average MPG which as much as I would like to believe I know it's simply not true. Fuel Range is stuck at reading about 79 miles and the fuel used function does not work. This DIS is from a late 80s Ninety-Eight. The coolant temp, tach, battery voltage, date and clock all work fine. Also the trip computer is hilariously inaccurate. Anyways does anyone have any thoughts? Can I get the MPG to work? Isn't there some sort of fancy chip that can be used to make it work? If it matters at all, I also have a DIS from a cutlass calais
  9. Hi. My 94 Cutlass Convertible didn't come with the drain tube for the storage pouch. I think I saw something on here about the drain tubes being available in a thread but I can't find it. Are these still available from GM or is someone selling them here. Please let me know.
  10. 92 Cutlass Supreme needs some rear struts, and I know KYB's are favorites around here, but they are very expensive. Can pick up two Monroe OE Spectrum(Sensatrac) struts for 28.99 each shipped. The Monroe strut mate mounting kit 902941 Napa branded for $17.00 each shipped. Two complete rear struts with all new parts for $92 to my door sounds like a good deal to me. Just have to assemble the strut mate kit, and it will be a fully assembled ready to mount strut. What you guys think? I know KYB has a good reputation, but money is talking.
  11. Been looking for a new old stock coolant reservoir for a good while now, and I am unable to find one. I can find new tanks for older cars and newer ones, but none for mine. Been searching Ebay for weeks now with no luck. I would rather have a new one, but I will buy a used one just as long as there is a good view of the coolant level. The GM part number for the tank is 10239079. That part number fits Regal 91 through 93(3.1 only not sure), Cutlass Supreme 91 through 93, Pontiac Grand Prix 91 through 93, and Chevrolet Lumina 91 through 93. If you have a used one that is in good shape, or know where I could get a new one, then please let me know. Thanks
  12. okay so im putting a new HU in my 1995 cutlass with the uq3 6 speaker sytem. i got a sony cdx-gt705dx and i got the scosche gm035 wiring harness. i got everything wired up and first i try the set up without the factory amp connected. and only the front left speakers works and not very well...then i try with the amp connected and i get front left speaker working and only low end signal with lots of background noise in the two rears. front right speaker nvr comes on. i know that these speakers are wired all weird and the ohms are way over spec for this HU is there any easy way i can get these working with out having to rewire all the speakers? also should i keep the rear speakers wired up with both sets of connections or should i unplug one. is there a way i could rewire the factory amp plug to complete the speaker circuits normally?
  13. For Sale - Best offer For FFP poly Dogbones that were installed in a 1994 Cutlass Supreme 3100. Has been sitting in my garage since 2011 when car was sold. Forgot it was still in the garage sitting in a box. I'm preparing to move in 2 weeks and would like to get it to someone for them to enjoy. Don't know what the going rate for one of these is anymore, so make me a reasonable offer and it's yours. I'm also selling an AWeb RSTB (rear strut tower brace) for a 1st gen. Thanks!
  14. For Sale - Best offer For an AWeb powder coated Rear Strut Tower Brace (RSTB) that was installed in a '94 Cutlass Supreme 4dr. Has been sitting in my garage since 2011 when car was sold. Forgot it was still in the garage. I'm preparing to move in 2 weeks and would like to get it to someone for them to enjoy. Don't know what the going rate for one of these is anymore, so make me a reasonable offer and it's yours. I'm also selling FFP Dogbones for a 3100 engine. Comes with mounting brackets that I had stored with it. Thanks!
  15. got rear ended a few weeks ago and need a taillight prefer local pickup but ill send money for shipping if i absolutely have to im located in trenton NJ
  16. These are the old summer rims off my car. They are 16x7 american Racing areo polished. I have no need for these anymore, and they are taking up space in my garage. Tires do not come with rims. No curb rash. No damage. These rims are discontinued. Asking $400 OBO. I'm located in East Texas. Heres what they looked like on the car I used the stock size, 215/60/16.
  17. COMPLETE FOR PARTS - 1993 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible $800.00 Complete Must be towed from Lancaster, PA I've owned the car since 2012, and have since put over $6,000 in parts and repairs: New Convertible Top in 2012 New Kenwood Stereo & Speakers in 2012 Trailer Hitch & Wiring in 2012 New Plugs & Wires in 2013 New Radiator, Thermostat & Hoses in 2013 New Control Module in 2014 New Michelin Tires in 2014 (30% current wear) New Battery in 2014 New Air Conditioning Compressor in 2014 New Ignition Switch & Cruise/Wiper Controls in 2014 New R/H Power Mirror in 2015 3.1 Liter V-6 runs strong and burns no oil. Transmission shifts smoothly. Car has 129k miles. A few minor dents. No rust. The car passed PA Inspection in May, 2015. An electrical short in the wiring harness initiated a contained fire at the inside fuse box, which is beyond my ability to repair. Otherwise, everything was working fine. I will provide a salvage title.
  18. I have an oldsmobile cutlass supreme 94 3.4L v6. The problem is that when I turn on the low beam headlight the voltage meter goes down almost to 8 volts but the thing is that when I switch to the hig beam the voltage goes up and turning other things also makes voltage change but sometimes it goes down. So I think that the alternator was bad and I made this test. With the car turn off I switch the lights on and nothing happend the voltage was good about 10 volts but suddenly when I change to low beam voltage drops and lights and everything almost went of. So I turn off the lights and the voltage went up again. I ve tried this several times and sometimes it happens and sometimes not. I think theres something wrong when I switch the headlamps because when they are off the voltage is good over 13 volts with the car on. I don t know what could cause such drain in the battery without blowing a fuse or something. What can I do? Thanks
  19. Hi, I need to know if any one has one of these plastic hook guides for a 1994 Olds Cutlass convertible. I need the one for the right side, ( it broke into bits ) but will take a pair if you won 't break up the pair, PM me if you can help me. Thanks
  20. It's 1986 - you've been transported to the past, and miraculously, you're on the GM-10 project, that is supposed to help revitalize GM's image, and bring them back from possible financial ruin. Knowing all you know now about how the cars have aged, what are some things you think would improve the overall quality of these cars in fifteen years? Do you think they survived the years they were meant to survive without falling apart terribly? This is with an understanding of both quality control's effect on the bottom line... it's hard to keep these things on a budget. Also I'm aware that GM did fix these things in the newer "1.5" gen W's. I'd do the following: Strengthen the brakes - less problematic rear calipers Use different materials to cover Lumina and Cutlass dashpads Design the turn signal switches differently in the square columns (I'm not an engineer, but perhaps better quality metal on the contacts) Glass headlights throughout the line, no plastic that can fade and discolor I'll think of more, but I figured it was an interesting idea to write on.
  21. Hi guys, I have a 97 cutlass supreme 3100 that cranks and starts but will not run for more than 10 seconds. The car starts up, idles high around 2k and drops off until it stalls quickly. The problem started a couple days ago when I was testing fuel pressure, to address a slight misfire, and a decent amount spilled out of the valve on the fuel rail and went on top of the cam sensor and leaked down to the 24x crank sensor. I replaced the cam sensor thinking that would solve the problem but it remains exactly the same. My understanding is the car should run but just poorly if it was the cam or 24x sensor. There are no other sensors in the area and the car ran ok before this. Could it be a problem with the pcm? If anybody has any ideas of what I should look into it would be appreciated. - John
  22. Hi: My 2008 LaCrosse CX came with all the power accessories on it (windows, locks, seats). My early 90s Regal did not (the locks were standard, but mine had manual windows and manual seats). I didn't want to deal with any hassles. My 84 Cutlass Supreme (RWD) had several problems with both the power windows and the power seat as it got older and I was not at all happy with that. Have the power accessories on W-bodies gotten better and more reliable? I would think so. Now even more basic cars like Chevy Cruzes and Ford Focuses come with power windows standard. Any feedback from folks with W-bodies from 1995 to 2005 as to how power accessories which you couldn't work around manually (such as windows) have been holding up? Thanks.
  23. MY 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass is f or sale, i am asking $4000 OBO. This vehicle has 58,519 miles. it has only had 3 owners and has been garage kept for the majority of its life time. There is 0 rust to be found on this vehicle. It is a 5 speed manual (very odd ball for this type of car) There is minor work to be done no immediate fixes: minor dent on side of passenger door, middle arm rest leather cracked, hood is rock chipped. other than that the vehicle gets great gas mileage on the high way and is a smooth riding car. I live in Piqua, Ohio and with the purchase of this car i will have it buffed, waxed, and detailed.
  24. pshojo

    3100 Help

    I know this has been discussed before, and i really didn't pay much attention because i've not been in the situation. I have 1995 cutlass supreme 3.1 and giving my engine to a friend of mine that has 1998 buick century 3.1 that is knocking. I pulled both motors and the intakes look distinctly different and some of the sensors are different. Please help me as i'm trying not to miss anything. The EGR, Intake temp sensor, Knock sensor, exhaust manifolds, and fuel Injector harness under the intake looks like the connectors are different and will need swapped. Can i just swap the upper intakes? What else am i Missing? any other sensors, ?? Please help while the engines are out?
  25. I have a 1992 Cutlass Supreme S with the base model digital instrument cluster without the tachometer. It is flickering on and off, and some times just stays off and some times it works fine. It's going to need repair or replaced since these clusters are known to have problems. Can anybody recommend a repair facility that is able to repair the cluster? I will be able to remove the cluster myself and install it. When I bought the Cutlass , the owner told me that the cluster needed repair, and that he had bought a cluster, and tried to fix it, but it did not work. He gave me the spare cluster when I purchased the car. I just took a good look at it, and I know why it did not work. It is the international version cluster with tachometer made in Japan by Denso. I guess I can try to sell the international cluster to somebody that needs one because I don't want to go through all the hassle of rewiring and adapters.
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