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Found 3,760 results

  1. Guest

    Im at a loss?!?!??!?!!??!

    sigh. My cutlass is dead for now. The fuel pump took a crap on me [come to find out the filter was letting stuff into the pump clogging it up and ended up causing it to fry]. Well, i replaced the fuel pump and then it would run for a few seconds, then die. I thought maybe a clogged line. So i checked the fuel pressure when the car was running, the fuel pressure was normal. Thought maybe the ECM needed reset, did that. Thought it was a bad ECM, Replaced the ECM. Now here comes the weird part: After replacing the ECM, It still ran crappy. Something told me to check the Throttle Position Sensor, but since the only test that can be done on it is a polarity test, i did that and it was bad. I replaced it, the car ran fine for about a day. Then it died about 25 miles away so i had to have it towed home. Well, to make this short: It keeps blowing throttle position sensors like candy. Ive put at LEAST 7 new ones in, and they all pop after about a day, if that. Now, what im wondering is if there is an electrical short. As far as i could tell all the wires were fine and not pinched, except theres one section where it runs under the plenum [which i dont want to remove cause its a pain in the @$$]. If need be i can, im just wondering what you guys think could be wrong. This is my daily driver and its been down for about 2 months now ;/
  2. I have a 95' olds cutlass supreme with an automatic on the column...this winter i planned on converting the tranny to an automatic on the floor, but then i got to thinkin' and heres the question i got....would a manual transmission out of a lumina z34 fit into my car with some modifications?
  3. Mac


    After doing some reading of some of the threads, I have come to see why my car shakes as it does on braking. So now I have seen the problem, now I am onto the research to fix it. Now I am not all that familiar with brands of parts and places to get them and stuff (being as my last car was a metro...the ACDelco parts were good for me). But I was reading one of the threads and someone had mentioned when it came to rotors and calipers, not to go cheap as they just wear down faster and will need to be replaced sooner anyway. Now I have a '90 Cutlass Supreme...I have also read about going possibly to the '94 or newer parts to help with the problem. So how would I go about that? Also, which brands are going to be the ones to go for and the ones to avoid? Price will probably be an issue when I get ready to go ahead and fix this, but I will cross that road when I get to it. I will probably not be able to afford top of the line stuff...but will definitely want quality parts. Thanks for any help...
  4. Guest

    Code 13

    Hey people, how are things? It has been a while ( 4 months I believe since I posted on the other board). I have a question that maybe somebody can clarify . My 89 Cutlass is spitting out a code 13 at least 3 times a day. I changed the oxygen sensor but code still appears. My brother in law gave me his hand held diagnostics tool to analyze all the sensor data as I am driving around. Let me tell you that this tool is great!. But anyway I know that the sensor is good and did a few more of the test in the factory shop manual and the only things that are left is the computer or an open in the circuit somewhere. Has anyone else had this much trouble with a code 13? I think it may be a computer, any suggestions? I am tired of my car running like crap, exhaust fumes getting me sick, and car running rich! Thanks for any advice. Brian
  5. Hey I wanna see some cultass supreme pics so i can get some apperance ideas and heres pics of my supercharged cutlass Thanks Justin
  6. The Rear Strut Mounts ============== Anyone have an idea how much work is involved changing these? Right now I'm getting all kinds of racket from the rear. The struts themselves are fine but I'm guessing the mounts are almost gone. Oxygen Sensor ========== How to access? Do I have to remove the Alternator to reach it? Or is there an easier way to get at the exhaust manifold back there? Thanks.
  7. Guest

    Steering Column

    How difficult is it to change a steering column with an airbag? I have a'96 Cutlass with Leather Tan interior, and I would like to change it to the grey, or possibly blue Leather. The only two things that really concern me are the Headliner and the Steering Column. The headliner I will likely do in Vinyl. But, the steering Column still concerns me. Can I do it without triggering the airbag, or worse?
  8. Hello all, I have a 1991 Olds Cutlass Supreme with the radio/HVAC controlls on the steering wheel. The pad is busted up pretty bad and GM wants $500 for a new one!! I was wondering if any of you knew of a place I could get one cheaper, the interior color is light grey. Thanks in advance. Jason
  9. JPaganel

    Buick strut bar

    I found a strut bar on eBay that is a dead ringer for the Cutlass convertible one. It is a square tubular design. The part number (12456148) is different from the one on Shawn's page and the auction listing says it is for 2000 and up W-body. A little googling tells me it's a Buick part. Is it really different from the earlier one? They look the same...
  10. is there any way to lower the rear end of a 95 olds cutlass supreme other than the kit that RSM sells?
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