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Found 585 results

  1. I'm having a problem with the speedometer. Been talkin to norbi about this. hes been a good help and would like to see if other people have an opinion also. My speedometer is off by anywhere from 10-20 or more MPH...The faster i go, the more its off. The instrument cluster was replaced (both the old and new ones were off 3.4's and i have a 2.8 ) but i dont think the guages are the problem because i have the guage cluster with voltmeter, tach, & oil and all those work fine. just the speedo is off. Any ideas
  2. Hey I am going to Auburn University right now, about 45 min I think from Columbus. Give me info on the club. I might join. My car is not exactly in the greatest condition though, thats why I am only considering. I have a 89 Buick Regal GS, 2.8 liter, Sport Digital gauge cluster, GS ground effects, center console automatic, pimping velour interior with billion way power driver seat, and a nice dent where I was rear ended by a 98 Honda Accord. The problem is that my car looks like crap right now. The cleaar coat on the roof just flicks off with my finger nail. No good!
  3. Yea.. they just died tonight. All the 'illumination' lights.. cluster lights, ECC lights, anything that's illuminated at night.. has no light! lol There's no specific fuse for them, as I went through every one of em and didn't find a dead one. The only thing I thought it would be is something shorted out behind the radio.. which I don't understand why because I made sure they were crimped damn good, lol. Anyone got any suggestions as to where to look for the problem?
  4. Just thought I'd mention there's a bunch of 2004 Grand Prix pics here. I like the icons on the interior buttons, and I like that they've moved away from the light gray buttons, I've never cared for the light gray. Now it looks much more European or Japanese. I don't like the instrument cluster though, the silver painted bezels around the gauges looks cheap, and the pattern on the gauge faces looks even cheaper, like it's made of paper or something. Overall, the interior looks better than 97-03 IMO, but I really don't care for the exterior. I think the 97-03 looked WAY better, especially in the front. The 04 looks like it's got a friggin' bird beak for a grille. The 97-03 also looked much more bulgy and muscular, the 04 to me, just looks BLAH.
  5. If I were to purchase a new or used Cutlass Supreme Digital Dash(cluster), how would I, or could I even, change the mileage?? THANKS:o)
  6. I finally took the time to swap my base cluster digital dash for the deluxe gauge cluster dash. Things went alright, its a shame they couldnt give ya a little more wire to work with, I guess that would too much to ask. I havent swapped the switches for senders yet so the oil pressure and temp guages dont work right. Everything else works great except the tachometer. Do any of you know why it wouldnt be working? The instructions mentioned nothing about having to do anything special with the tach. Thanks for any input you may have!
  7. I have an 89 Supreme with a 2.8L engine. It has 120,000 Miles, 190,000 KM, and a lot of the time, when I'm at a stop, the Oil Pressure is only at 3 bars(on my digital cluster dash), which is only one bar above the "red area" this normal? What is all of your Oil Pressure's at? THANKS:o)
  8. This has been a problem for nearly two years: The instrument cluster has gone haywire. The LED speedometer blinks, fades, flickers, goes out, comes back on. (Not much problem for me -- I can tell my speed by the feel of the car -- but my son doesn't have that experience.) The fuel gauge needle wanders back and forth. The odometer sticks, whirs forwards, whirs backwards, works for a while, repeat. And I'm not sure that all the idiot lights work. I've taken the instrument cluster out before -- almost. There was a cable (odometer, I suppose) that I couldn't figure out how to unhook (the Haynes manual overlooked this detail). Is there some way to repair this thing, or should I haunt the parts yards for a replacement. And how do I detach that cable?
  9. Now that I've found the HUD harness, how do I get the dash pad off? I've got the gauge cluster bevel off, and I've unscrewed two screws under the glove compartment box, one screw on either side of the radio, and one to the left of the light switch... all that and the dash pad seems "stuck" at the rear... I don't want to force it off or anything...unless that's how it has to be. How do I get the dash pad off to cut it and hook up the HUD? Thanks
  10. I am looking for a larger throttle body for my 90 lumina euro 3.1, and im also wondering if anyone knows of how to exchange the base cluster for the gauges cluster. I know of many places that have the gauges cluster, and wanted to exchange it for a long time (85mph speedo isnt big enough). also, if anyone knows of a place where i can get a turbo conversion for this car, id like to know.
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