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  1. Yeah,,, it was some kind of a fleet car... Some Insurance Exec drove it in Fla... I understand that most 99 and 00 models were sold as fleet cars... My Mother bought it from my friend at the dealer... It had around 10K on it... I inherited when she died with about 15k And junked it with over 250k due to rusted out frame... Never stranded me!!! Tom B...
  2. My 99 Lomina didn't come equipped with ABS... My friend is Wholesale Parts Manager at a large Chevy Dealer and said ALL Luminas came with ABS... When I showed him mine he freaked... All the mechanix were standing around the car scratching their heads saying they had never seen or heard of such a thing... Not saying that's your case... Just saying some cars were NOT so equipped... Tom B... I suppose a bad line could cause problems...
  3. I happened to remember that I "thought" that I "might" have saved a note from a post I had msde on 60deg Maybe 20 years ago... AND after all those years and PCs that there is one folder on rhis PC that I always put on a new/different machine... Here is a copy... I didn't test if the link is still active,,, it WAS a LONG time ago... Speaking of Dead Links I see is officially DEAD... That SUCKS... Besides this site 60deg was the ONLY form of social media I ever engaged in... Well,,, hope this helps... Good luck!!! Tom B... Before when this first posted they pulled on of their FAMOUS Fire Drills... I just hit submit and hit the road... I see now that the codes are not exactly the same... I didn't have any thumping going on BUT everything else sounds familiar Running the reset won''t hurt anything AND it just might do some good... I'm back!!!! Just found this link and Explains the PCM Reflash... I'd say the 2 codes in question are VERY closely related... Fix P1404.txt
  4. My 99 Limina threw that code for YEARS... (I never had any thumping)... I could never track track that one down... I tried a smoke machine and even tried chucking new parts (I think Purge Solenoid,,, new lines,, etc) at it and NEVER could find a definite problem... I found something on a forum about GM using Buggy software... The only way around it was reflashing the PCM... They also talked about a way to reset the Purge Solenoid... That would clear the code BUT,,, it would eventually always come back... I haven't owned or even worked on a W=Body in MANY years and can't really remember much about it... I remember whenever it was due for an emissions test I'd reset the Solenoid if that code was present and I'd be good untill The code showed up again... It wasn't a constant thing... Maybe every year or two... Sorry I can't be of more help,,, as I said it was many years ago... I DO remember it being annoying as HELL... I spent many years as a mechanic and I get irritated the few times I can't find something concrete that's amiss... I'd say Google the hell out of it and read everything you find... I really hope you do better than I did... I couldn't afford to go to the Dealer for a reflash that MIGHT fix it... I just ended up living with it and resetting it when the code did show up... Again sorry I can't remember too much about this,,, Good luck, Tom B...
  5. "Autonomous vehicles" THIS actually Terrifies me!!! I can't comprehend how ANYBODY considers this to be a GOOD thing... Tom B... "This is a car designed for people who can't drive." Amen!!!
  6. I've experienced all of those things with the Z34 and the old "Mouse in the air filter" restricted the air so much it destroyed the air Box... The box even had a ton of Acorns in it... The ABS was an EASY fix... I just took all of that SHIT off the car!!! I HATE ABS!!! Maybe a newer car or Mercedes or something would actually work... Older GMs always caused more trouble than it was worth... Driving in the snow (something I absolutely LOVE!!!) is the PITTS!!! when the ABS starts "stuttering" it's hard to stop or even control the car... For me it's to my advantage to have a wheel or two to lock up when I need it... I can control how much and when lockup occurs... A friend of mine is into racing and takes numerous driving clinics such as Skip Barber school and safe driving courses for his job... He got into an argument with his instructor about ABS... They had 2 identical cars,,, one with ABS one without... Even on the Wet Skid Pad he consistently made faster more controlled stops with the NON ABS car... Maybe I was born too long ago but,,, most of these "Driver's Aids" are a waste of time/money... Gordon Murray didn't want ANY dreiver's aids when he designed The Mclaren F1... Nobody can fault THAT car!!! In it's day it shattered just about every record conceived!!! 243 MPH in a Normally Aspirated car is something that is nearly impossible to achieve ,,, even today,,, nearly 30 years later... Well that's enough,,, I'm foaming at the mouth!!! I DO LOVE that car tho!!! I Think it's the best car EVER built!!! AND I still HATE ABS!!! Tom B...
  7. That "little rubber hose" is a vacuum line... When the diaphragm in the regulator goes bad it can leak gas and fill up the vacuum line... Doesn't always work that way,,, BUT,,, it is a pretty good indication of a bad FPR... I had actually forgotten about that "trick"... As I said (somewhere not too long ago) I haven't had or worked on ANY GM product in quite a few years... I haven't even had a car or driven since last Feb... Can't afford much,,, but,,, I am looking!!! I'm stuck in a rest home for now and it really sucks not being able to go anywhere!!! Tom B...
  8.,2006,grand+prix,3.8l+v6+supercharged,1432257,suspension,strut,7584 With Springs... No KYBs:,2006,grand+prix,3.8l+v6+supercharged,1432257,suspension,strut+/+coil+spring+/+mount+assembly,15174 Here's a bunch of options for a Suprcharged GP... Should work on a GXP... You'll have to compress the springs to install... The KYBs don't come as a unit with springs... Not a real big problem... The price is worth the extra work.... Tom B...
  9. If they say that then they are probably full of you know what!!! They said the same thing for my first gen (93) Z34... The same struts interchanged with my 99 Base Model Lumina,,, switched them between cars many times... Front and back have different part numbers,,, possibly 9004 for one end and 9006 for the other... Those are the old KYBs,,, NOT the adjustable ones... I don't know about an 06... I'd suggest checking out Rock or some other Parts Site and seeing what is what... Somebody here might chime in and tell you what length strut your car needs... One way or another you CAN find struts for your car!!! Even if you have to match by measurements... If you don't have any luck post back and I'll see what I can find out... I just got in and am in the middle of something else... Good luck,,,, Tom B... Just noticed this thread is OLD!!! Like 5 years!!! What I said still goes... You might have more luck starting a NEW thread...
  10. Locking extensions are a BIG help also... I DO realize this is an OLD thread!!! Tom B...
  11. Not in my experience!!!! Well Maybe To SOME People !!! Tom B... I have gotten some good advice from you!!!
  12. I'm pretty sure Schurkey is a Transmission Rebuilder... So you probably can take what he says to the bank... On 60 degree V6 one of the main posters said something like "Some people would call this guy an Asshole BUT he isn't often wrong"... Schurkey LOVED that and used the quote as his "Sig"... I forget who it was that said it... Maybe Super Dave??? Or maybe even RobertISarr??? He clued me in when I blew up my 4T60E... I forget who said it,,, BUT I do pretty much remember that quote!!! He is also one of the few who still lurks around the 60 degree V6 site!!! Tom B... I like his sig on this site too!!!
  13. Some people swear by using a Propane Torch (NOT lit) to check for Vac leaks... You can get to hard to reach areas under the plenum much easier... Never used propane myself,, BUT,,, I have had lessl than desirable results with carb/brake cleaner... Just an alternate suggestion... Good luck... Tom B...
  14. With my 93 Z34 a bad FPR caused The problem you describe... When I went anywhere that I'd only be out of the car for a short time I'd have to leave the car running and lock the keys in... Of course I had a spare in my pocket!!! If the car had time to cool down it started fine... I'd start with Fuel Pressure Guage and check the fuel pressure... Get a Work Shop Manual and a Fuel Pressure Guage and follow the steps outlined in the manual... Most Auto Parts Stores will loan tools,,, you pay for them and get a full refund when you return them... Hope this helps you out... Post back with your results/progress... Good luck,,, Tom B...
  15. Welcome!!! I kinda wonder how fuel pressure is??? Any codes thrown??? If you don't have a Fuel Pressure Tester most any major Auto Parts store has loaner tools,,, you pay for them and when you return it they give you a full refund... It works for me,,, as long as I've got the money!!! Do you have any kind of Repair Manual??? Well hook up the tester (it threads into what looks like a tire valve stem and do what the Manual says... First is seeing what the pressure is... If that is within the specified range shut the engine off and keep an eye on the pressure gauge... If it drops quickly it could be a FPR (fuel pressure regulator)... It should hold pressure for a long time... When the one went on my 93 Z34 it wouldn't start warm... If I was going to be out of the car for only a short time I'd leave it running with the keys locked in... Just a quick guess on my part... you didn't mention what happens when you try to restart after it dies... A check of the fuel pressure is fast, easy AND it won't cost anything... AND you'll KNOW if the fuel system is working the way it should be... Low or NO pressure could be a fuel pump... When you turn the key "ON" but not far enough to engage the starter you should hear the fuel pump run for a couple of seconds then stop (priming)... If the fuel system checks out OK your going to have to dig a bit deeper... Possibly something when it goes into open loop when it warms up... I haven't had or worked on a 60 degree V6 in quite a few years,,, so I am a bit foggy... In my time I did have a DOHC 3.4 (Z34) and a base model 99 Lumina with a 3100,,, the upgrade from the 3.1... Well somebody is bound to chime in and call me a FOOL!!! Good luck and let us know how you make out... Tom B...
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