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  1. walterdude

    5 speed swap

    If you had another bolt to replace it,,, as a last resort you could grind the head off,,, remove the cog,,, and chances are the rest of the bolt will be hand tight... At least you'll be able to grab it with a pipe wrench or vice-grips... Good luck,,, Tom B... An air-impact gun would be a help also...
  2. Michael at FFP also recommended 250s... He said that was about the stock rate... I wanted some more stiffness,,, SO,,, I went with 300s... I had no complaints with that...However they made a lot of banging noises on bumps... Turns out the camber was WAY out... Had to file the bottom slot in the struts longer to adjust camber... Once I got it quieted down everything was cool... Michael had never really dealt with this issue before, BUT, he had had some questions asked about noise... We figured that was what was going on with other customers who had noise and he advised them of my problem/solution... So,,, in my opinion 300s are stiffer, but good... Tom B...
  3. If you DO ditch the Mono-Jeaf setup, it is recommended to add a larger diameter Anti-Sway bar... They can be sourced from another car... Michael from Fast Forward Performance modded one for his Z34... Can't tell you what car he got it from tho... Also numerous companies make larger diameter sway bars... That should make up for any loss of rigidity from removing the mono-leaf... Tom B...
  4. Is this thread locked??? Back again... No it's posting fine for me... Tom B...
  5. WAAAAAAY back I replaced the rubber pads... Back then most things were Dealer Items... Got the Pads from my Parts Manager/Friend at the local dealer, it came as a kit... It had some kind of Real Strong epoxy,,, 2 parts I believe... Back then there were NO plastic blocks,,, to my knowledge anyway... Using it as a spacer sounds good tho... I have NEVER heard that before... Then again,,, I have NO experience with the blocks or known of anyone who used them,,, other than what I read on forums,,, 60*v6 for many years and now here.. Tom B...
  6. walterdude

    96 CS sedan brakes.

    My 99 Lumina was a NON ABS car... My friend is Parts Manager at the Local Chevy dealer and nobody there could believe that there were ANY NON ABS Luminas made in that year... As far as anyone knew if it was ABS it would say it on the brake pedal... Of course mine didn't... EVERYONE at the dealer came out and looked!!! The surest way I know of checking is to look at the front wheels/brakes... if there are wires going to the sensor at the wheel bearings,,, it's ABS... Luck,, Tom B... I still HATE ABS!!!
  7. walterdude

    96 CS sedan brakes.

    Just as long as your Ws have discs on the rear.. If you've got drums that tool is useless!!! As for "renting" a tool,,, most Auto Parts Store will charge the cost of the item and refund your $$ when you return it.. So,,, it costs nothing in the end... Good luck,,, Tom B...
  8. walterdude

    96 CS sedan brakes.

    Yeah,,, that's the sucker!!! It REALLY does make life easier,,, See,, it compresses the piston like a C-Clamp would... Plus it turns the piston in... Awhile ago did the brakes on a VW Beetle and the ONLY way we could get it done was to get one of those sets... HAY!!! This post is the first post from my new (to me) computer!!! How's it look?!?!?! Tom B...
  9. walterdude

    96 CS sedan brakes.

    If you have trouble with that stupid cube thing you can "CAREFULLY" grab the piston with a Channel Locks or a pipe wrench... Gotta be REAL careful to grab at the very end,,, being SURE not to grab it where the seal rides... MUCH better choice,,, get one of the compressors that have a crank that turns the piston AND compresses the piston... Any Auto Parts Store should have a loaner,,, OR they are pretty cheap to buy... GOD!!! I HATE those cubes!!! Tom B...
  10. walterdude

    Unusual Knock from my Cutlass

    The 3100 is a pushrod engine and uses a timing chain only... The LQ1 uses a belt AND a chain... The chain part is a standard timing chain that runs from the crankshaft to a "Dummy" camshaft which turns the oil pump... It's in the stock camshaft location,,, It's just a shaft with no lobes on it... The belt portion runs from the camshaft to the valve gear, on the top of the heads... If I'm not mistaken GM worked with I'm pretty sure Lola on the head/camshaft/24 valve design... This post is kinda pointless... It does cover some facts about the GM pushrod vs GM DOHC engines that might not be known to all... Well,,, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Tom B... If it WAS a DOHC engine,,, Yes, a timing belt would be in order...
  11. walterdude

    ALDL Data Line ECM / ABS

    In MY opinion ABS SHOULD be disabled at the VERY FIRST opportunity!!! If not sooner!!! I absolutely HATE ABS!! For me it causes WAY more (driving) problems than it's worth Just my opinion... Maybe I AM old!!! My foot seems to work SO much better than that mechanical CRAP!!! I HAD a long response ready to post... Decided to keep it to myself!!! I've read posts here from people who think it's great,,, so I'll respect their feelings... Sorry,,, i just can't agree!!! Oh Well,,, I'll go away now!!! Tom B...
  12. walterdude

    Rotational noise

    I'd suggest looking at the brakes real close... Especially the pistons, one of them sounds like it might be hanging up a bit... Could also explain the hot smell... Sniff it out to double check which wheel is the offending one,,, it would also be running hotter than the others... Good Luck,,, Tom B...
  13. walterdude

    L82 upgrade options

    I believe the TB sizes remained the same,,, 3100 vs 3400... 52 or 54 (forget what exact size was used) for 3100 and 56 for 3400... The rest is 3400 size as far as manifolds and heads Still a MAJOR upgrade!!! Always wanted to upgrade my 99 Lumina 3100 to the newer top-end... Alas,,, as with most things I never got around to it... Oh well,,, It has been quite a few years since that car... Could be wrong on the sizes of TB altho I think I've gotten it right... Tom B... Now that I think about it,,, the reason I didn't do a top swap was I was waiting for the UIM gaskets to go... They never did... The car had 250k and NEVER had a problem with the UIM... THAT MUST be some kind of record!!!
  14. walterdude

    Good replacement pillar door handles?

    My 93 Z34 had illuminated locks,,, I'm pretty sure both sides lit up.... When they worked!!! Tom B...
  15. Not really sure what the oil does... Most things I've read say to get rid of it.. On my 99 water had gotten in there and made a pretty good (BAD) mess... Since then I've always run them dry,,,, with NO ill effects... NIGHT- NIGHT,,, Tom B......