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  1. sure sounds like a tcc going in and out the shift from 4-3 would be fairly violent compared to the tcc going in and out .If youre sure it was a gear shift pull it into third from overdrive and nothing should happen unless it is still in fourth
  2. 100% right on Galaxie mine packs it in at about 160 on the scan tool like clock work .Sorry haven't got the sonax part numbers on hand haven't repaired mine yet either .She needs lots of tlc over the winter
  3. thought I should update the root cause ended up being excessive runout on the tires face not sure if sitting for years was a contributing factor or not
  4. I have been looking into a repair valve for this condition on my transmission it rides in a different portion of the bore that is not as badly worn. Sonax makes several kits
  5. galaxy is right on the money mine does the same thing I have to get into heavy traffic for it to fail. transmissions don't cool as fast as engines they used to teach us in the gm classrooms that the cooler is actually a heater for the trans in the winter time as the coolant in the radiator heats up much more quickly that a transmission does, with the exception of doing a brake torque where trans temps sky rocket in no time
  6. Does anyone know if 93 and 94 radio's will interchange in the olds cutlass these are both cars with steering wheel controls swapped them now I have no program control only the volume control works when installed in the 93 car .Maybe both 20 something year old have some ailments?
  7. I suppose I will have to contact the manufacturer if its too big due to going under the seat you would think it would be trim to fit?
  8. been looking for some replacement carpeting for my 93 vert .Nobody sells a carpet for these what is the difference between a 2 dr coupe and a convertible carpet can it be made to work and if so where is the best place to buy
  9. was the power master 3 not pretty much standard issue for a well optioned w car? It was the set up with the hand grenade looking pressure reservoir wasn't it ?
  10. seized alternator can give you that same issue
  11. I would put a fuel pressure gauge on it check for a major vacuum leak or stuck egr valve
  12. sorry I hadn't seen the comment for the pics don't have any on hand and she is no prize it needs a lot of work
  13. Is there no parts I can just buy and install to cure this?
  14. If there is a fuel leak there the fuel will be drawn into to engine and it will really affect idle quality .If you have acces to a hand vacuum pump when you have the fuel pressure gauge on it you should see about a 5 psi difference in pressure from top to bottom . There were some recalls for leaking regulators but I believe only some 3.8 liters were involved and I think maybe later nineties
  15. I just remembered some of those 3100 engines with multec injector were bad for poor spray patterns. It was one of the few cases where gm allowed us to perform an injector flush under warranty .If you can find a shop with a motorvac injector flushing system they work wonders better than the stuff gm offered
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