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  1. kennyb13126

    Need to do some fabrication...

    pretty sad that somebody would drive a convertible thru the salt and slime of winter....I'm glad the first two owners of mine took better care of it than that
  2. kennyb13126

    Sun visor stickers

    I would remove it, its a pretty stupid label anyway...
  3. kennyb13126

    My Droptop

    I had an 89 pickup, froze my butt of all the way home one day...stopped by my dads and mentioned it to him, he walked out and slapped the dash with the palm of his hand, the blend door moved and it started blowing hot air. it usually just got stuck every now and then and needed some persuation to move. the trouble was the truck had sat for a while in that one position and it froze ther...
  4. kennyb13126

    My Droptop

    what are the wheels you have on it? I would like something different on mine
  5. kennyb13126

    Top Raising.

    could you switch the lines at the pump....if i remember there is two lines for up and two for down...maybe one is clogged somehow, if you switch them you may be able to figure it out, but I woulld lean towards something machanical binding something in the top itself, inspect the top for areas of rubbing
  6. kennyb13126

    Question about top latch

    where did you find it, maybe somebody local would go get it for you and put it in the mail...thats the benefit of a group like this one
  7. I want to swap out my stock cutlass 10 hole wheels for something different, I like the five spoke wheels on the later years better, but they are hard to find....will the five spoke wheels from a nineties firebird fit? or are there any other similar options?
  8. kennyb13126

    Question about top latch

    it was called a CONVERTIBLE TOP LATCH RECEPTACLES...or check your local junkyard
  9. kennyb13126

    Question about top latch

    check ebay, i broke mine last on ebay and found another.
  10. kennyb13126

    94 Vert Top goes down but not up

    so i ended up using one from a 1994 mustang. i had to change the electrical connector, but the hydraulic lines fit perfect. Even the grommets holding it down lined up with the original..
  11. kennyb13126

    Any convertible owners repaired a top?

    mine is doing the same thing, its the thread that has gone bad...there are youtube videos out there with a stitching awl...i tried it, but it didnt work very good, so i'm looking for other alternatives...glue? anything?
  12. kennyb13126

    94 Vert Top goes down but not up

    i had the same issue...swapped out the relays, checked the fluids, and it turned out to be the motor. i swapped it out and its worked great ever since. must be the motor gets hot and trips the relay. i did take the motor apart and clean things up, but it failed soon after. cutlass motors are hard to find...i ended up using one from a mustang, they are more plentiful, so are sebring motors, and they are interchangible to a point. researched it and found a good used one on ebay for cheap and the hoses connected perfectly and it was an exact match...I've got a post here somewhere about he swap
  13. how about one of those $200 portable garages from harbor freight. You could get inside it any time to start it if you wanted, and the snow wouldnt be resting directly on it. I used one for a few years for my motorcycle and its covering a couple of old tractors. dont forget the fabric sheets inside to keep the mice away
  14. kennyb13126

    ever use the convertible in a parade

    it did work great, and it was easy, and I didn't have to worry about them ruining my top or didn't cost me anything either, I had everything in the garage.
  15. kennyb13126

    ever use the convertible in a parade