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  1. I'm grateful for this write-up!!! The creaking coming from my rear suspension had been driving me crazy! My car only has 52,000 miles on it, but the pad was completely gone on one side and barely there on the other. I bought the hard white pads from Napa... and unfortunately It does seem like it raised the car up more in the rear than before.
  2. 95cutlass!

    Need help with Starter fuse blowing

    I hope to post a pic tomorrow.
  3. 95cutlass!

    Need help with Starter fuse blowing

    FOUND IT! FOUND IT! FOUND IT!!!! Hallelujah I found it!!! This thing has taken me FOREVER to figure out, partly because it was intermittent, and partly because the wiring diagram was a little confusing. At first glance at the diagram from the GM shop manual (same as above) it seems like circuit 806 is only a purple wire.....I couldn't find a short in the purple wire ANYWHERE and all of the components connected to it checked out fine as well. After working on it for a long time last night the problem went from intermittent to continuous blowing of the fuse, which helped in the long run. I decided to check the yellow wire running from the transmission range switch back to the starter relay even though it at first appears not to be in circuit 806 (they just didn't label it there). The yellow wire was shorting...the location turned out to be on the right side strut tower where the harness runs near the power steering line...the hard line was bent slightly out of place and rubbing the harness....I will sleep well tonight! Thanks to all who offered input.
  4. 95cutlass!

    New To Me: 92 Cutlass Convertible

    Welcome, Beautiful car.
  5. 95cutlass!

    Need help with Starter fuse blowing

    Welp.....I didn't get it. I was at my dad's today and pulled the car out of the winter storage barn to drive it for a's still blowing fuses like crazy. Granted, I replaced the transmission range switch the day before going into storage back in November, but I started it over and over back then and didn't blow one fuse. I'll start over with the diagnosis in the spring. In the mean time, shout out if you've ever experienced this problem.
  6. 95cutlass!

    Need help with Starter fuse blowing

    I really appreciate all of the input. The relay checked out fine, and after more diagnosis, I decided to replace the Transmission Range position switch. I found one at Pull-a-part out of a '95 regal. After installing it, I drove the car for a while until it warmed up, and after that, the car started every time for probably a dozen tries and did not blow the fuse. In the past It would have blown before that. I need more time to be sure, but it seems this might have fixed it. The car goes into winter storage tomorrow, so I may not know for sure until spring. The Cutlass & I thank you!
  7. 95cutlass!

    Need help with Starter fuse blowing

    Thanks for the input...that's great advice in finding the short. To be clear on which relay, from the schematic, do you mean the one marked theft deterrent relay or the one marked theft deterrent module?
  8. 95cutlass!

    Need help with Starter fuse blowing

    I'm hoping someone else has experienced and solved this. I have a 1995 Cutlass Supreme Converitble with the 3.4. I bought the car 1 1/2 years ago with 44,000 miles and it now has 50,000 miles on it. The car is stock and has no visible signs of tampering, electrical or otherwise. It's in nice shape and was a California rust anywhere. For a while I was experiencing starting issues that seemed like a weak battery...engine was very slow and labored to turn over, just like a weak/dead battery, but the battery was new and tested fine. Shortly before I replaced the starter, the car began occasionally blowing the starter fuse (5 amp located in the dash fuse panel) when starting the car with a warm engine. I eventually replaced the starter with an old-stock GM rebuilt unit I purchased off of ebay. The new starter seems perfect and solved the slow turn-over condition. I also thought it would solve the occasional blown fuse too, but it hasn't. In fact, the fuse is blowing more and more often. It rarely (if ever) blows the fuse when the car is cold, but often does it if warm. When it blew in the past, it would often blow before the starter energized. I experimented with putting the car in neutral to see if perhaps the transmission range switch was the culprit. That seemed to make some difference, but the fuse is still blowing. Now, the starter will engage and start the car, but the fuse will blow during the starting process...starter stays engaged and starts the car. I removed the transmission range switch, took it apart, cleaned the inside and but it back together. There was minor corrosion on the inside of it so I figured that it was the problem. After reinstalling it, it does the same thing. I guess it could still be a faulty range switch, but before I replace it I wanted to see if anyone else has ever experienced this problem. I have the GM shop manuals, and the only other thing in this circuit is a theft deterrent relay and a theft deterrent module. I appreciate any help or guidance.
  9. I'm just seeing this post...too bad I didn't see it sooner to tell you about that vacuum hose. I bought a '95 new and that intake hose on mine failed in the early 2000's. It's totally hidden from view and I couldn't find the source of the problem. I took it by a dealer and asked one of the tech's if he had any idea what could be causing the hard peddle. Without hesitating, he asked me to pop the hood and pointed to where the hose would be and that I would find it collapsing. The parts counter not only had it in stock, the parts manager new the part number from memory because they failed so often.
  10. 95cutlass!

    Let's talk rear struts!

    Based on the recommendations here, i just installed the KYB GR2 on my 1995 Cutlass Convertible. I am VERY pleased after a couple of initial test drives. My car only has 49,000 miles so i wasn't sure how worn out they could be....these made a HUGE difference. Obvious how worn out mine were now. Thanks for the advice.
  11. 95cutlass!

    It's sometimes a small world

    Thanks Memphis Man! I Bought a green one new just like yours in 1995.
  12. 95cutlass!

    It's sometimes a small world

    Not sure what size those wheels were...he said they made the ride a lot harsher.
  13. My white '95 has been in storage in a barn at my dads for a few months. Yesterday I went to retrieve it as there are a few projects I want to do to it and I miss driving it. As I was leaving to drive the 1 1/2 hours back towards Charlotte NC, my dad commented that I certainly wouldn't see another one like it on my trip. Imagine my surprise as I cruised up on this beauty on I77. We pulled over at a rest stop to meet. The couple were on their way from Quebec to Florida in this 215,000 mile 1994.
  14. 95cutlass!

    Someone save this 1995 triple white

    The car is dirtier than in the pictures and needs a strong cleaning, but it is in that good of condition. Front left fender is dented but could be an easy fix.