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  1. Starting the hunt for a set of headlight assemblies. Looking for factory style and in good condition if any happens to stumble upon some.
  2. That could be a possibly. I’ll have to go threw and check that. Regardless that’s a long trip for me.
  3. That’s almost 15 hours from me. I probably won’t make it.
  4. Got mine in the mall today. Looks awesome! The overall quality of it is a lot nicer then last years!
  5. I have the biggest you can get for the 2nd gens. The front is a 1.33” solid bar. 36mm I believe? The rear is a GMPP. May not be the biggest for the rear but I know the front is. That’s a 34mm I believe.
  6. Grandprix1

    Oil leak

    Almost sounds like there is to much oil in it. Turn it off and let it sit for an hour and check the level.
  7. I’ve got BFGoodwrench. Don’t remember the model right now. I like them. Haven’t given me an issues in snow or rain. Pretty sticky in the summer time to.
  8. The ground most likely came loose it should be in the center console someplace.
  9. I feel the same about mine. It’s comfy and easy to see out of and a blast to drive. I trust that car a lot and each time I drive it or throw it into corners it amazes me each time with the level of control it’s got. I’ve only ever come close to loosing it in a corner once when it under steered and then over steered. Luckily I caught it but it scared me so much.
  10. Haha I think my driver door is starting to go. It doesn’t stay on the 2nd notch unless it’s on flat ground. Honestly irritates me.
  11. Can you find out if the weather stripping and the top door seals are in good shape? Weather stripping at minimum.
  12. It’s about impossible to find those top seals intact. You can’t get them new either. Keep going threw the junk yard maybe you’ll get lucky. Mine were both in good shape for a couple months and then they started falling apart.
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