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  1. I live in south central Wisconsin and the selection of convertible top replacement shops is very limited. Does anyone have any advise for reasonably priced shop that does quality work? Thanks.
  2. I need instructions for adjusting the quarter windows on my 1993 convertible. I've replaced the quarter window weatherstrips, which by the way thanks all for the guide to do that, but now I see that one side fits rather snug but the other side has a large gap between the weatherstrip and the glass. When I look down the side of the car I see that both the quarter window and the small triangle window connected to the convertible top are crooked and need to be adjusted outward. The same quarter window doesn't retract all the way down. I'm unable to find any adjustment info on-line so can anyone here please help, or should I just talk to a body shop. FYI, my rear seat and interior side panels are still out so all is accessible. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies so far. Is there any chance that a same year Pontiac Sunbird convertible would have similar parts? maybe some to cut and paste together? Nas, have you contacted some place like Metro to tell them you have parts to copy/remake?
  4. I'm a newby and I've read a lot of the various websites, plus I know these have probably been asked a thousand times but... Are there any new leads on convertible weather stripping replacement parts? Is there any way to adapt at least some of the weather stripping (in particular for the top rail) from another, more available car? Are there there any companies considering reproducing these parts? Is there a group started to approach a company to reproduce these parts?
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