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  1. If you want to convert to HIDs properly, there is at least one kit out there (made specifically for 93-97 Camaros, but should fit the same): It's definitely not a cheap solution, but (full disclosure) I know the owner of Blackbird Lighting, and the owner of the blue Camaro in those pictures, and the light output is outstanding. - Justin
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Justin, I was active here many many years ago when I had my '91 Lumina. Since then I've gotten married, had a few kids (2 boys who both inherited my car-guy genes), and owned a few Jeeps. I picked up an '04 Impala with a 3400 a few days ago, and heading back over here was one of my first thoughts when I started looking up sound system and headlight fixes / improvements. - Justin
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I'm waiting to hear back from someone else with specs for a t3/t4 that someone else I know has. I'll let you know when I hear from him. Would the turbo I posted above be good for a 3.4 car, or would that still be too big? I'm just getting into the whole turbo idea, so I'm still not sure exactly what to look for. - Justin
  4. I have a line on someone who may have a few turbos lying around that he'd sell cheap. For the price, I'm thinking of picking one up in case I decide to do a turbo project. t04e stage 3, .63 ar hot side, t3 hotside, t4 coldside t04e stage 3 57 trim .50 ar - Brand new. How would something like that work on a 3.1? - Justin
  5. I run 38 on all four corners, and it seems to work well. - Justin
  6. No, the 98-02 (LS1 years) have a much improved front brake system. - Justin
  7. Cool, thanks! Just post up and let me know, and we'll work something out. - Justin[br]Posted on: May 03, 2006, 05:03:55 PM_________________________________________________Have you gotten a chance to check yet? - Justin
  8. Thanks man.... Now I'll have to see if anyone have a set of those brackets and bushings laying around that I could grab. - Justin
  9. Hey, Does anyone have pictures of how the stock rear sway bar mounts to the knuckle/hub assembly in a 1st gen? I grabbed one out of a '92 GP to put in my '91 Lumina (for $6, I figured it may make a little difference). I have the two mounts and brackets in the center of the bar, but there didn't appear to be any mounts on the ends. The rear was already partially disassembled, and at the time I didn't think to just find another W in the yard with a rear sway to see how it mounted. Thanks for any help you guys can give me! - Justin
  10. Every F-Body (1967-2002) uses a 4.75" BP, so the stock F-body rotors won't fit on a stock W-body hub. - Justin
  11. I was thinking the same thing.... If you are interested, go ahead and try it, but practice doing it well before redline (shift at 5,500 or so) that way if you miss a gear you won't have to worry about reving the engine to the moon. As long as you do it right, it won't damage the trans. - Justin
  12. Click on Catalog in the menu on the left, then scroll down till you get to 91-94 Lumina Z34. Click on that link, and it will show you the parts that they offer. Supposedly anything they offer in 'glass, they also sell in CF. The extended nose and hood won't work for you, but maybe the rear bumper and trunk lid would. - Justin
  13. Good tips, I've been thinking about this swap as well since the 3 speed is finally starting to show signs of weakness with almost 190k miles on it. - Justin
  14. Don't forget the TH125 - little 3 speed workhorse trans. - Justin
  15. Play with front tire pressure to get the best traction. Don't take regular street radial tires any lower than ~25psi, or you will end up hurting traction. Air the rears up to 50-60 psi when you get to the track. This will help your rollout a lot. Make sure you remember to air them down before you leave. Take as much weight out of the car as you can. It will allow for faster times, and it will be less stressful on parts. Keep your hood up between runs to get the engine as cool as possible. Use a bag of ice if you want. If you are racing on street tires: if you can avoid the waterbox, do so. If you can't, drive through as slow as you can so that water won't splash into your tread or up in the wheel wells. Once you are past that, just hit the gas hard enough to spin the tires over 2 or 3 times. You aren't looking to get any heat into them, just need to clean debris off of them. Have fun! - Justin
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