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  1. and that's the largest that came on the first gen W's, brother?
  2. Did you put both the front and rears in your Vert or just the rear and what mm are the swaybars?
  3. Hi, and hope everyone is blessed. I recently bought my dream car which is a 1992 Cutlass Supreme Convertible and I'm looking for a few things for it: I'm looking for some Cutlass International rims, a good and running and preferably pre-modified and under 120k 3800 Series 2 supercharged motor that I can swap into it along with a 4t65e-HD trans a modified Gen 1.5 Lumina/Monte Carlo wiring harness ready to be used in a 3800-to-gen-1 W-body swap some aftermarket headers a full convertible top assembly (including top latches, convertible top with window, convertible top frame if possible, convertible top cable, hydraulic pump and motor, etc.) some aftermarket W-Body suspension stuff and there's more but I can't think of it right now. Please let me know, and thanks.
  4. I think I forgot how to change my profile signature on here....

  5. Isaiah Brown

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I need those rims, taillights, and that spoiler for my 1992 Cutlass Vert
  6. Isaiah Brown

    FS: 1990 Turbo STE 5 speed for parts - $800, Ann Arbor

    Nevermind... I just re-read the post.. so so sorry about your car brother..
  7. Isaiah Brown

    FS: 1990 Turbo STE 5 speed for parts - $800, Ann Arbor

    Does it drive? I have a 92 Cutlass Vert most of that good golden stuff can go into until I get my money right to L67 swap it..
  8. Slight update to this post: I bought my Impala 9c1 on 5/6/16 but I decided not to go with the tribute car build until next summer 2017 sometime. But I encourage you all to follow my Impala Build Thread which needs a new title by the way. link to it is right here,
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome. My name is Isaiah, "Zay" for short and I'm 19 years old. Although I'm from Lansing, Michigan, I'm currently residing in Pennsylvania for school (I go to Lincoln University and am studying Criminal Justice). A few years back when I was in high school and driving a '93 Cutlass Supreme, that belonged to my mother, I had an account on here that I had used primarily for research about swapping Getrag 5 or 6 Speeds and motors bigger than the 3.1, namely DOHC 3.4's and Souped-up and supercharged 3.8's into cars like my Cutlass, Luminas and really anything w-body for that matter. This in a way comes full circle for me as my family growing up has owned nothing but GM FWD cars until my mom broke the tradition back in 2010 and bought a Durango (It's not a bad truck at all, too bad it got repo'd back in November). I had decided to rejoin the forum to not only find out more about the W-Body platform [current future DD is a 2010 Impala Police Interceptor, 3.9L v6, beefy as all get out, 163,115 miles; getting work done hopefully at semester's conclusion in April] but if my finances are right, this summer I want to build a '92-95 Cutlass Supreme coupe, kinda like the one my mother and I used to own and document the build ups of that and of my Impala here on this site. Not only was I born in the backseat of my old Cutlass, and not only did I drive it through high school, but it was also the reason why I'm so hooked on cars today, namely GM FWD ones. Currently, her old car sits in a junkyard outside of Lansing rusting away badly but that's besides the point. If I were to build a Cutlass, I would want to install a Getrag 284 (because it's slightly stronger than the 282) and either put in a Turbo 3.4 or a Supercharged 3.8 and make sure it's reliable. That, and put in an aftermarket sunroof. Hers had one put in, I forgot the name of the company that did it. But, I'm highly thankful that there is a forum dedicated to the improvement and enrichment of some of the best cars to ever be produced by General Motors. I think that this site holds vast and knowledgeable information regarding 5 speed swaps and engine swaps into older W-Body cars for not only me to enjoy, but for future W-Body enthusiasts to come. Thank you. -Isaiah Anthony Brown. P.S. Wondering, is it at all possible to swap Northstar engines and the Oldsmobile 4.0L V8 into Cutlasses and Grand Prix's? I think the Northstar engine came standard into some later model GXP's but I am not too sure. If I don't build a 5 Speed Cutlass this summer i'll probably build an Aurora instead so, jw. Thank you again.