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  1. yea I already tried that and its still the same its jammed so I'll just have to remove the column to access behind the bowl and go from there cause there's no other way to get behind the the cylinder from the outside the bowl and there's no working room.
  2. the key lock cylinder is stuck in the on/start position and have a limited view and accessibility behind the bowl to do anything.. is it possible to reset the key lock cylinder manually from the top of the column without removing the entire steering column?
  3. good day... has anyone ever had to reset their key lock cylinder back to the off lock position by only removing the steering wheel and turn signal assembly and cam and the two pivot pins securing the metal cover that fits over the top of the column centered over the steering shaft...without removing the entire steering column?..I'm replacing the ignition switch on my 93 gp le with tilt steering and forgot to pin the switch from far left one detent to the right before installing the actuator rod and after the job was done I tested my work and inserted the key into the cylinder and turned it forward and now the key is stuck in the start position... so I'm trying to correct my mistake and having no luck..thanks!
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