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  1. Sorry for late reaponse ive been MIA from this forum. If anyone has an extra imtake hose and vacuum lines for sale id buy it !! I have a 95 vert with the 3.4 dohc car has a bad vacuum leak coming from the rubber boot and cracked plastic vacuum lines. If anyone can help me please contact me via email
  2. Good evening everyone was wondering if anyone has an extra intake hose that attaches to the throttle body that i can purchase? The local junk yards around me only have GM vehicles with the 3.8 and the 3.4 12 valve engines
  3. Thanks 4 your reply. I push the top botton and it did the job. Thumbs up
  4. Hi eveyone has anyone had this same issue trying to get the brass part of the cylinder to align with the frame? It seems like its under pressure and stuck to the piston cylinder. I took it off like an idiot last year and now im trying to put it back together for my top isnt going up without me using my own strength. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Yes i can hear alot of wind noise when driving. Thats the 1st thing i noticed when they installed the new glass
  6. Never really thought about my roof not being straight. I should look into that it could be my issue though when i had this company replace my windshield that when the leak started to occur. I have 5 more month of warranty with them so im going to see if they can take a look at it. Sucks kuz my interior is starting to get damaged from the water smh
  7. Thanks for the helpful information will try it out
  8. My 95 vert leaks pretty bad aswell. That rubber trim on the windshield came off on my car so when it down pours and im driving i get soak. The water also drains down the screws that hold my visors in place smh. Right behind my driver seat theres always a small puddle of water that i have to constantly use a wet vac to dry the floor. The rubber thats attached to the top that supposed to keep front windows sealed leaks. The part where it bends when top folds, you can see a small gap and thats a big issue too. So i feel your pain. My wife tells me i deserve a better car but she will never understand the way i love this damn car lol. I drove through 6 states to purchase mines 2 years ago.
  9. I took off the serpentine belt and lubricated the pullyley. So far no noise. Hopefully that solves the issue.
  10. Hello everyone. So over the weekend i finished swapping the timing belt and all components. I even changed the tensioner pulley that is driven by the accessory belt. Car runs good and does not over heat. However theres a strange noise coming from the belt area and i cant figure what it is. Any thought or suggestions on where to start. Thanks, Tony.
  11. WOW Great upload MemphisMan! Your video answered my questions and know i feel more confident on finishing the job. I really appreciate your help, Tony
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