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  1. I can at least tell you my 91 Cutlass International and 93 Grand Prix STE have the same RPO code AU0 Keyless Entry System.
  2. My International had a broken one when I got it. Little did I know that the 91-92 cars have a different dipstick compared to the 93 and up LQ1's. It was fun finding that out!
  3. Understandable. You have a nice collection for sure. I also have to do the fuel pumps on both of my W's so I know what you mean. But...I love working on them so it won't be that bad. Good luck, we all look forward in seeing your progress.
  4. Beautiful! I for one absolutely love the LQ1's so far. I have two of them and enjoying every second of working on not only the motors but the cars themselves. I hope we can change your opinion on the LQ1 but if not, no harm. Again, she's a beauty!
  5. Very cool! The brake light between the two tail lights looks like it's the light bar from the GP sedans.
  6. I can at least post the book themselves and whatever information anyone needs until we figure out how to do the Excel or PDF thing.
  7. I would absolutely be ok with doing that but I've never done it before so I will need some help please. Anyway I can help get it done, I'm all for it, let's do it! Just need to be instructed on how to do so.
  8. Yeah, I used Photobucket at first back when I came here but it's junk. Imgur is way better.
  9. I never heard or knew about these! Wow!
  10. Ok, thank you! Getting a lot of good help here. They are pretty stiff so I need to do something.
  11. If you are using your phone, I take pics and then just take them from my computer or phone files and download them to this Forum. Don't worry, it took me awhile too but now I've got it down! I'm not good with giving those kinds of directions, maybe someone here can word it better than me.
  12. I found mine on Ebay for my Cutlass and Grand Prix. I would check there. They're nice looking cars, glad you are getting some notice.
  13. I've had really good luck with my local junk yards. I also check to search for anything that might be 3 hrs or less for me to travel and get stuff I need. Craigslist is also a really good source for complete parts cars. I found this 89 CS International coupe 3 hrs from me and it's currently proving to be extremely valuable for all the things I need to fix up my 91 CS International coupe. If you can find a parts # book for the Z34, those are great too. I have one for each of my cars and you can use them to find the part #'s you need. I then call up my local GM dealer and they can use the part # to find NOS parts throughout the U.S. and Canada. I've found a lot of rare NOS stuff that way. Getting back to the parts car, I only paid $300 bucks for it if I remember and I can't tell you how much time and money it has saved me trying to track stuff down. Try to find one that's damaged or really rusty like mine is which makes them cheaper to buy and easier emotionally to part out. Depending on where you live, you might have to travel a ways to find a parts car that wasn't subjected to interior Sun damage. I'm in the Midwest so our car interiors don't suffer from that sort of thing. Interior components that cannot be swapped over from a parts car can be restored depending on what you need done thru upholstery shops and such. Some things like carpet and headliner material can still be found on the Internet. Hope this helps and please post some pics! We love the Z cars!
  14. Yeah, I'm an idiot! Parts car had one all this time and I didn't even know it. Like what Addicted To Boost said, the 3.1 cars have them on the rear plug wires. Thanks man! You saved me a lot of embarrassment and heartache. I thought they were LQ1 specific.
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