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  1. So excited to see another one getting saved! I just love the red color and like Manic said, looks really solid. Congrats and I think it's so cool bringing back W-Bodies from the dead. I saved two W's from definitely getting scrapped and I found them in the same situation as you. My 91 International sat in the original owner's back yard since 09. I saved it in Dec of 2015. I bought my 93 STE last year from the original owner's son. It's been sitting in his front yard in the CA desert since 2010. I saved it this past June. Nothing beats seeing W's on Uhaul trailers, LOL! I'm using way too many exclamation points but so excited to see another CS!
  2. jiggity76

    5 speeeeed

    My fav year for the coupes are 91-93, of course the GTP's! Since I've been to CA now and realize it's not a big deal to travel, I REALLY WISH I had saved a 91 GTP that was for sale on CL out there. It was a factory CD car with the LQ1/5 speed combo. White with grey cloth quad bucket seats. No rust and all complete. It got down to $900 bucks, didn't sell and then they owner scrapped it. It showed up on or a similar place like that. So sad, and it's haunting me now. Remember that one Jay?
  3. jiggity76

    5 speeeeed to admit, this is still my favorite GP front end of all time!
  4. jiggity76

    5 speeeeed

    Not trying to put this car down AT ALL but I just think the inner fogs on these cars look SO MUCH BETTER than without. Still an pretty incredible little coupe!
  5. jiggity76

    5 speeeeed

    Amen brother! That is going to be a blast to drive when you get her done!
  6. Definitely not looking for another project but parts are always on my radar!
  7. I was just curious to see more pics of it if anyone is close by. Doesn't look to have HUD, might have CD player and looking for some of these little wire holders. The LQ1's should have them and maybe other GM vehicles but having a hard time finding them. Nothing online that I've seen either.
  8. From the pic and it being a 94, it looks like dark grey or Graphite leather.
  9. Anyone close by in the Belleville, MI area?
  10. Thanks John! Very cool and so glad I got to at least see it. Looks in really good shape and that engine compartment is really clean! Not in the market for a vert but do love these cars. Good luck with the sale.
  11. I'm assuming these door speakers are specific to the STE cars. Mine are junk. Are these molding into the door skin plastic or can they be separated from the panel? I'm hoping they can be separated from the panel. They look like they can be separated. Guess I could pull the panels and see but wanted to see if anyone knows before I do. Thank you guys!
  12. OOOH, that's an awesome blue, looks like graphite cloth too. Nice and welcome!
  13. Good luck with the sale! I totally forgot to meet with you when I picked up the STE in June. I understand the whole dirt road situation. The Yucca Valley area is all sand, not even dirt!
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