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  1. Since you asked, here she is! My ‘90 Vert. I bought it in Oct ‘17 from an old man off Craigslist. He was a car collecter and this was part of his collection. He didn’t do anything with it. It was sitting in the back of his garage collecting dust. Last registered in ‘06. It’s still stock from the factory, except the radio. The mileage is correct in the photo, 74k! It has duel exhaust, steering wheel controls and the driver information system that still works. It has some problems,mainly from sitting, so I just putt around town in it and show it at local cruise-ins intill I can get it mechanically solid. It gets some looks. I love it. 





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    2. jiggity76


      It comes and goes for 1st gen stuff in the yards around my area.  I grab what I can when I can.  I'm keeping a look out for your weather stripping piece, I'll let you know.  A pic would be helpful too.

      Yeah, just send me your VIN and it's pretty cool to find out all the stuff that makes your car unique.  Manic is a genius when it comes to that sort of thing.  He's usually pretty quick and gracious to do it.

    3. K&R


      I'll DM the VIN for you to pass on. I need the typical window sweeps for the rear windows but im not to worried about those right now. I only drive it in fair weather. I'm having problems with the Powermaster 3 right now. The pedal doesn't return to turn the brake lights on and there isn't a spring under the dash, The abs light is on and it's leaking brake fluid. I think its just damaged from sitting. I can't find a replacement anywhere. 

    4. jiggity76


      I don't know anything about the ABS system on these cars, sorry.  There is some good information on here that can help you with this particular problem.  I know they were problematic and my 91 is a non equipped ABS car so I haven't had to deal with it.  Start a thread or search the forum and help is on the way!

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