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  1. Hello my friend!

  2. Good to meet you!  Any friend of Manic is a friend of mine.  He's a great guy and has taught me a lot.  Congrats on the 90 CS sedan.  I just acquired my first CS sedan a little while ago, a 96 model year SL.  Been really enjoying it!

    I thought my coupe was really sad when I found her but you take the cake!  I'm a little weird in that I love finding cars in the worst conditions and then saving them, bringing them back to life, so thank you for doing the same!  My cluster quit on me last year and ironically, I just send it off last week for repair.  It's the higher end UB3 one, I hope the shop can fix it.  It's also dead, the only thing coming on is the warning lights.  My beloved International as I found her in Oklahoma in Dec of 2015.  It's now living in Iowa.


    I have a total of three W's now, I'm addicted!  I also have a 87 GMC Sierra 4x4 so it's nice to see another squarebody guy here!  Good to meet you again, and welcome!


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